Know on the Third Morning chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Leonardo, who had been awake for sometime, was peering down at Dee.


Blood drained quickly from his cheeks. He didn’t need to look under the covers to see his lower abdomen still connected to Dee’s erect penis. There was no longer any way to cover it up.


Biting my lip to stifle the urge to die right now, I opened my mouth fearfully.


“I.. I’m sorry, Captain.”




“I was drunk and did a terrible thing to the captain. … I will leave immediately. I’ll take my punishment in stride.”


“You don’t remember…., do you?”




When Dee asked, Leonard snorted grumpily. Dee remained still, waiting for Leonardo’s words


“I don’t mind. I’ve had my fun all morning.”


Leonardo flicked Dee’s erect penis with his fingertips. He laughed at Dee’s gasping reaction and ruffled his messy hair.


Dee gasped in shame as he moved his hips to push the rim apart from his cock.


“Someone is panting in my ear and shaking their hips, so this is what it looks like. Be my opponent, today it’s on from afternoon”


“Ah, opponent?”


“You’re going to move your ass and make me cum.”


Leonardo raised Dee’s body and sat him up on his lap. With his own weight on top of him, the penis that had almost fallen out of him, stabbed deep into him again. Dee’s eyes widened, and he clenched his teeth to stifle the sound that was threatening to escape.


Leonardo grabbed Dee’s hips and bobbed him up and down with shallow thrusts.


“Ah, gah…uh, what.. oh..?”


“I just told you now. You’re unusually upset. Let me see your face more.”


“Cap tain, ahhh!”


Leonardo, who had grabbed Dee’s butt, pulled Dee’s hips down  to the limit so as to close the gap between the two. The impact connected more deeply than when he woke up, and sparks flew behind his eyeballs


My lips opened, gasping and  searching for oxygen. But Leonardo’s lips overlapped and his thick tongue ravaged the inside of my mouth. The tongue, which had traced the dentition after much flailing, licked the lips, which were wet with the saliva of two people, before pulling away. My legs were weak, and my breath was shaky as I was tormented by the penetrating penis.


Leonardo moved my hips back and forth as if to tease me.


“Wait, wait.”


“Do you want me to tell you what I did to you yesterday? I’ll tell you if you can tell me where it feels good. If you don’t want to do that, just move your hips and remember.”


“Hmm, that kinda thing… .”


“I did it yesterday and this morning, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about now. I’ve done it so many times yesterday and this morning, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”


The fingers digging into my butt, kneaded them strongly.. I clutched at Leonardo’s shoulder as the penis inside rubbed against my intestinal wall with each stroke.


The pulsating, intense heat seemed to be melting my insides. The pleasure of being numbed to the marrow of my bones was spreading to my brain. I bit my lip and held on to the sound that escaped my lips when I tensed up a little.


“Even if you don’t remember, your body remembers, doesn’t it? When I rubbed you here, you cried out to me to stop being so mean. Please just poke me where it feels good.”


“Hi, u, ah, ah!”


“Look, don’t you remember?”


He lifted my hips and played with the front of my scrotum. It felt so good that I couldn’t help but sway my hips. But for some reason, I felt that it was not enough. My body knew of a more intense pleasure.


As Dee unwittingly wriggled his hips, the cloudy slime  that had been poured in last night trickled down on Leonardo’s penis. Leonardo bit into Dee’s neck, leaving a mark on his skin. It would disappear in a few days.


“Damn it, that bastard. He snatched my stuff.”


Leonardo’s words fell on deaf ears as Dee twitched his hips and panted.


I was afraid of my body, which had been remade overnight, of being seen panting uncomfortably, and of my hopes and fears that I might still be dreaming. was scary and if I closed my eyes, I would be called ” hey ” by Leonardo’s voice. I had no choice but  to follow his voice.


Feeling the white blink behind my eyelids, I slowly opened my eyes.


“You know who you belong to, don’t you?”


I nodded unconsciously, stopped up by the piercing gaze. Still, Leonardo’s brow furrowed in disapproval.


His hips gripped tightly and pressed against his lower abdomen, causing parts of his body that shouldn’t be open to open, his thighs twitching and his legs squirming on the sheets. Leonardo’s bite on Dee’s shoulder hastened his answer. Dee took a huffy, uncontrollable breath and struggled to squeeze out a sound.


“I am Captain’s …”


“Call me by my name. I made you call me by my name yesterday, didn’t I?”


“Hm… Leonardo san’s person …”


Leonardo smiled at Dee as they looked at each other as he said that.


To Dee’s relief, Leonardo lifted Dee’s hips upward. He pulled out his penis, dragging the entire inner wall, and immediately inserted it to the limit. As it is blamed by a violent rhythm, Dee makes the body bounce to the pleasure given while pushing and killing the voice.


In the blink of an eye, my remaining reasoning floated away as I was gouged in the back and licked on the ears and neck. As the movements became more and more violent, I felt a rush of pleasure as if my whole body was floating.


He was thrusting inside from below, handling my sloppy, pre-cum-dripping penis. The wet sound of his tongue licking my earlobe ravaged my eardrums, and I felt an unbearable ecstasy. I tried to escape unconsciously, but my hips were grabbed more tightly and moved mercilessly.


I couldn’t keep my voice down anymore. My stomach fluttered with anticipation as the sound of our skin colliding brought me to my climax.


“Ah, ah, no, ah, ah, stop,”


“I don’t care if you say “no” or “stop” with tears in your eyes, it seems like you’re just trying to stir things up.”


“No, no, ah, ah, scary, i, ya”


“It just feels good. If you’re scared, cling to me and I’ll make it easier soon.”


I did as I was told, wrapping my arms around Leonardo’s body and moaning as I cried out, my whole body now at the mercy of Leonardo’s movements. The back of my eyes flickered when Leonardo’s breath brushed against my skin. Then, the moment Leonardo’s fingers kneaded my penis’s head, I orgasmed, screaming inaudibly.


The penis that quivered in the pit of my stomach released a white cloud that poured further into the dead end. He moved it a few times to squeeze out the rest, and then pulled out. The semen spilled out of my anus, which kept twitching, still making sucking movement.


Leonardo, stroking Dee’s head, whispered, ” Don’t forget the words you just said.” Dee accepted the lips that have been superimposed as it is, as a dream vision.


I was pressed by my subordinates, but I was able to bear it with a strong will because of the kindness of Leonardo who accepted me.

Know on the Third Morning

Know on the Third Morning

Sandome no Asa ni Shiru, 三度目の朝に知る
Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Dee, who reincarnated in the game world that he was addicted to in his previous life, was satisfied just by looking at Captain Leonardo, who was his favorite, from a distance as a member. One day, he was elected as a new unit and decided to be transferred from Leonardo’s unit. The next morning when Dee was drunk with a drink that was held as a promotion celebration, Dee woke up and saw Leonardo in front of him. Or rather, there was a Leonardo’s thing in it. * This is an erot*c story.


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