Know on the Third Morning chapter 1

Chapter 1

The feeling of oppression that I had initially felt, seemed to be arising from inside of my body for some reason.


I frowned, feeling something heavier on me, more  than the dazzling morning sun, and opened my eyes while feeling the dull ache of hangover after a night of  drunkenness. The moment I realized that there was a human head at the left side of my peripheral vision, I was immediately alert and grabbed the self-defense knife that I always had at my bedside.


As I was about to punch the person lying on top of me, the light brown hair that was tickling my cheek stopped me. It was very similar to the man that I had once loved in my previous life.


“Huh”, a dumb sound escaped me. I really thought he might be still asleep. But the scar on his cheek, revealed when he moved his face, was undoubtedly that of Leonardo, my beloved captain.


“Hu ……? Huhh…..!?”


I hurriedly shut my mouth when the man groaned because of the sudden loud noise in his ear. Fortunately, Leonardo did not wake up. As he lay down covering me, he hugged me, buried his face in the exposed shoulders and sighed quietly.


I was confused, but then I noticed my skin was bare, feeling the warmth of the sheets directly. I don’t remember taking my clothes  off, but I was probably naked. And Leonardo was also naked, as I  could feel the sensation of his skin sticking to my shoulders protruding from the comforter.




I muttered in a daze at a situation I didn’t remember. The knife I was holding dropped from my hand and fell onto the sheets. The little bird chirping outside the window flew away lightly and Dee was still oblivious to the world.


I hadn’t yet noticed the bruise marks on my shoulders and neck.


Leonardo was a commoner in his early thirties who had been entrusted with the command of a special task force. He was quick to fight and had a rough personality, but his subordinates trusted him because he took good care of them. However, because of his habit of exposing injustice, he was a bit of a nuisance to the upper management.


During his childhood, his parents were murdered right in front of him by a mysterious man, and he had been searching for that mysterious man all this time. This was known only to the rival knight, and Leonardo remained unaware that the rival knight’s trusted pharmacist was the enemy he was looking for.

He was the main character of the online game “Twin Swords Chronicle,” for which Dee had been spending nearly 100,000 yen per month in his previous life. When the scars left all over his body were shown in the event stills, they caused quite a stir on Twitter. He was always in the top five in popularity polls, and was Dee’s top choice.

When he was killed by a falling steel frame, Dee was in the middle of a raid battle with Leonardo at the top of his team.


Dee, who was also born as a commoner in this life, joined the Knights because he wanted to be close to Leonardo and had been a member of Leonardo’s corps for three years. He continued to hone his fighting ability, feeding on his secret feelings, and had been entrusted with important missions from the past year. He was trusted by Leonardo as a member, and his second life was in the midst of smooth sailing.


However, his hard work came to a dead end. He was drafted into a new unit.

Dee accepted the order from his superiors and would be transferred to the new unit in the spring. And yesterday, his last day of work, the whole squad celebrated with a big party–… . Was all he remembered.


“How did this … happen?…”


Dee’s face showed an expression of sadness as he felt Leonardo’s sigh on his neck.


Because of the nagging headache, I couldn’t pull out the memory that led up to my current situation. Still, I remembered drinking heavily because I was sad due to my eminent separation from Leonardo.


What if I had snuck into Leonardo’s bed in a drunken stupor?


In fact, what if I had asked him to hold me for the last time?


My blood ran cold as I imagined one ugly  scenario after another. The reason why my usual calmness was blown away and I was so upset was because I noticed the uncomfortable feeling after I got over the shock that I was lying with Leonardo.


If I lowered my eyes slightly, the large teeth marks on my shoulders would be exposed in front of me. There was a strange feeling of pressure in my stomach. Even with my languid and dull senses, I couldn’t help but notice a dull ache in my lower back that I hadn’t experienced before, and the hole in my behind, was spreading out to its fullest extent.


With a nauseous feeling of foreboding, I groped fearfully under the covers and found a stick-like object growing in the valley between my buttocks. It was connected to Leonardo’s lower abdomen, and the short, trimmed undergrowth tickled my skin.


I knew without a doubt that it was in there.


(Oh, I’m such an asshole. I’m sure I came on to him and the captain was merciful enough to hold me. ……)


Dee’s normally almost emotionless face paled, and he stiffened all over. This resulted in his back tightening up and Leonardo let out a low “hmm ……” sound.


In spite of Dee’s inability to even catch a breath, Leonardo was basking in the morning sun with a comfortable sleeping face. Perhaps because of his gentle expression, his usual majestic expression was withdrawn, and he looked like a naughty young man. Dee instinctively stared at the sleeping face that he was seeing for the first time.


In my previous life, I had loved Leonardo as a character, but from the moment I met him in person for the first time, he was no longer “a character on the other side of the screen.”


The pain in the palms of our hands as we faced each other and clashed practice swords, the scars from the days when we fought for our lives, the taste of the food we shared in the cafeteria. As I accumulated memories, this life became more important than the previous one. In this way, I came to realize that I really loved Leonardo.


Therefore, Dee intended to bury his bones in Leonardo’s corps. The seniors of the corps were in a good mood, saying, “Is Dee finally leaving the nest?” “I’m looking forward to his success!”, But Dee wasn’t interested in his position or honor. His only goal in this life was helping Leonardo.

However, when Leonardo tapped me on my shoulder and said, “I guess there are people at the top who have eyes to discern talent. Show them your strength,” I nodded without a second thought, which was the weakness of being in love. And it’s only natural that I would be eager to not betray their expectations.


Who would have thought that the first day would turn out to be the beginning of hell?


I shoved some spit down my throat, which was parched from drunkenness and turmoil, and took a deep breath to clear my head. Leonardo has always said to me, “You are so calm that you look like an old man,” so I began to put all my mental energy into solving the current problem.


Leonardo was the type of person whose memory got cloudy when he got drunk. Even when he drank with the troopers, he sometimes could not remember what had happened in the bar,  the next morning. He had heard many stories about drunkenly spending the night with a woman and waking up to find that she had left him.


 In other words, if he could just deal with the current situation, there was a chance he could cover it up.


After taking another deep breath, I moved my hips on the sheet to slide my body up.


“Oh, ……!”


My anus, which had been sucking on Leonardo’s penis for so long, was still sucking on the familiar object and not moving a muscle. I felt a pain in my lower abdomen as if my organs were being dragged along with me, partly because the edges were dry.


I looked around for something to wet myself, and found a small bottle next to my pillow that had lost about three inches of its contents. I picked it up, trying to keep my body as still as possible, without thinking about why the bottle’s content was less.


I dipped my finger into the bottle, lubricated it, and after much determination and hesitation, I fearfully applied it to the rim with a grim face of death. The rim was still a little swollen, which told me that it hadn’t just been inserted.


Even though I tried my best not to touch Leonardo’s penis, which was embedded in the center of my body, every time my fingertip grazed it, I felt a tingle in my rear. Perhaps it was because it was morning, but it had become hard again. Ignoring my bouncing heart, I moistened the edge, hoping Leonardo would not wake up.


When the lubricant had soaked into the tightly spread rim, I gave a small sway of my hips to check the connection. There was still no sign of movement, but the pain caused due to the tugging of skin was gone.


The muscular arms hugging me with both arms made it difficult for me to move away. In the first place, if I moved too much, there was no way that Leonardo, who was sensitive to movements, would not wake up.


I wiggled my hips slightly, trying not to make a sound, and slowly loosened the joining. The dull sensation of something that had been buried deep inside of me shifting, spread in my stomach. Even though it was just rubbing, the heat of the penis mixed with the heat of the intestinal wall created a strange itchiness.

“Ha, ugh, ……,”


The voice that escaped from between my clenched teeth was sweeter and more scratchy than I had ever heard it. The pain in my throat was probably not only due to the alcohol.


The mass stuck deep into me like a nail, and it didn’t seem as if it would come out. Still, I continued to shallowly move my hips up and down, and finally there was a small space between our skin. I continued to rock my hips as hard as I could, with Leonardo’s sleeping breath tickling my neck.


The demon-like head moved away from the innermost part of my body, and there was more room for me to breathe. Finally my breathing became easier. And yet, I felt a sense of longing, as if a void had been created in me that I had never been aware of before, and I felt a tingling contraction in the back.


The tightness of Leonardo’s arms intensified, making my heart jump. He stifled his breathing for a moment in a sleepy moan. I don’t want you to wake up now. I couldn’t think of exposing my own penis, which was beginning to show signs of having been rubbed between their abdomens, not to mention being seen in their connected state.


(If I don’t hurry, ……!)


After confirming that Leonardo’s sleep has deepened, I began the shallow rhythms again. I kicked the sheets with my toes and shifted my hips upward.


I was so impatient to move faster and faster that my movements became too large.


“U, gu, uh … hu, uh!”


My sweaty feet, which had been kicking the sheets, slipped and my hips moved at once, followed by a momentary numbing shock that made me scream out.


I felt a sweet tingling in the marrow of my body as the tip of his cock twitched against my prostate, a part of me that had never been touched by anyone until yesterday. Leonardo’s lips touched my throat, and the wriggling intestinal walls wrapped around the raw shape. The pre-cum that flew from his pulsating penis stained both of their bellies.


The sweat soaked slowly and ran down their burning skin. The pulsing sensation of the penis inside of him was overwhelming. It was an irresistible heat that tormented Dee’s body as every second ticked by.


I groped again, but the lengthy penis was still not even halfway out.


Dee’s anus was selfishly picking up the pleasure, making Leonardo’s penis harder and more taut under the stimulation than before.


I regained my breath and began to move my hips again.


The sound of wetness echoed in the futon. Almost there. Leonardo’s penis was almost out.


I let out a ragged breath through my slack mouth, clutched the sheet, and endured the pleasure that enveloped my entire body. The back of my belly, which had been scratched by his cock, was burning hot. My penis was hard and taut, wetting the space between our bellies.


I was about to pull out the devil’s head that was caught on the rim, when he said, “Don’t you dare just serve yourself in the morning.”




Leonardo, who had been awake for sometime, was peering down at Dee.

Know on the Third Morning

Know on the Third Morning

Sandome no Asa ni Shiru, 三度目の朝に知る
Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Dee, who reincarnated in the game world that he was addicted to in his previous life, was satisfied just by looking at Captain Leonardo, who was his favorite, from a distance as a member. One day, he was elected as a new unit and decided to be transferred from Leonardo’s unit. The next morning when Dee was drunk with a drink that was held as a promotion celebration, Dee woke up and saw Leonardo in front of him. Or rather, there was a Leonardo’s thing in it. * This is an erot*c story.


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