Kami-sama ga Miteita chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

If, that was exist anywhere, choice that never been chosen.

History is made up from series of elected choices, but sometimes there are cases where the choice are rarely deviates.

There is no coincidence in this world, everything is inevitable. Probabilistic future prediction is possible for us, but it is still not absolute.

Even in the establishment of the decimal point, what should occur always occurs. It is impossible to predict a complete future.

Even more, it is impossible to ignore events, such as time slips from the past to the future. In the first place the reality is only the present.

The past is a record, and the future is uncertain. That’s the truth.

If you keep sleeping for a long time, you may be able to go to the future, but it is impossible to return from the present to the past that changed. Everything is just a single route carved as a record of events.

“What if you make a time machine?” you say? Such thing is decided to wander around the dimension space.

If you are lucky you may transfer to another dimension, but that is not the world the Traveler want. It is a world different from my jurisdiction.

The story was slightly off. Then if, the moment called [If] will surely happens.

It chooses before the person itself notices it, and goes to that future. It’s often to be called “the moment your life changed”? That is exactly the case.

Even now things that are called [if] are going to happen. Shall I take a look?

Let me see…….

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The world in which I had jurisdiction. Well, it is the so-called “world of sword and magic”.

That happened in a place called school in a corner of such a world.

「Why … did you not love me…」

The one who murmured that, was a girl with vertical roll blond hair.

It is a little hard at the eyes, you can say kind of selfish impression ……. No, actually it’s selfish.

Actually it’s daughter of Marquis and her name is [Anrilone].

She was now witnessing a decisive moment.

Yes, the moment that her fiance and a daughter from Baron family are hugging each other.

「Renbart-sama, you can’t! If someone see it in such place…」

「I do not mind being seen, I can not lie to my feelings anymore」

「But, for Rembalt-sama there’s your fiancée Anrilone」

「It’s just a matter that being decided between our house after all, Aria, my feelings are only for you」

Although it’s producing a quite sweet air, I am sorry for those who are watching it. Also I and Anrilone too are starting to become annoyed.

This Rembart, in fact are the second prince in this country. That handsome guy are being watched with hot eyes from many aristocratic girl.

That being the case, is it easy to understand if the Baron daughter called Aria are shooting that guy with sniping shoot furthermore it’s a critical and get his hearth?

Well, this daughter also has various behind circumstances, but let’s keep it for the time being.

Somehow you understand?  I do not want to tell you there. It is not important now.

The problem is Anrilone. There were two choices for her here.

Speaking of games, it is either [return to your room] or [to go to church]. If you choose to go back to your room, you will go to the so – called ‘Villain daughter route’.

Finally it will become [mess development].

I too thought that this possibility was the highest, but she went to the church with her tears. She was shaking in the interval between the balances of sorrow from betrayal and anger from humiliation.

And then, when she entered the church in the corner of school, she cried in front of altar.

「Why…. Why! Are you saying that all the days I have spent so far are lies! Unforgivable… That woman, absolutely unforgivable!」

While crying, she tried to entrust herself to black emotions.

There was a person who was watching the situation. Yes, it is a woman priest who was sent to this church.

To be honest, her as a priest heading to Anrilone while scratching her bothersome hair, seems to be a bad pattern..

「Oi, lose lamb, if you have trouble how about let me listen to it? If you pack it by yourself it could get rotten」

「It’s have nothing to do with you, please leave me alone!」

「Ha! Perhaps it’s story about your man get taken over by another woman right? In this school it’s often happen after all, well it’s the peak time for brats after all」

What a blunt priest.

「You hear me? Damn brat! Love is a fight whether to eat or be eaten! To survive in the nature, it’s sacred war with survival of the fittest rule to leave your seed! And you have lost that survival competition!!」

「Wha!? You, What do you understand !!」

「Ke, people who are like to cry like this is mostly a loser of love affair, I know it because I watch it many times before. This~~, Loser!!」


It was a priest with unreasonable impact.

And it’s an amazing argument.

「Your man got stolen right~? Such thing, is because you do not have an appeal right. A man you know, just  get a little close and he will be sucked by a cute girl. Man are beast that acts with lower body after all」

「L, lower body… Since you are a woman, please a little more modesty….」

「Incidentally, I am already married. If you look at it I am the winning group, there are five children already too. Are you jealous? Loser!」


I too understand what Anrilone want to say.

Even as flattery I can not imagine her as marriageable character. Who can believe that the woman who are indecisive and outrageous, far apart from the normal priest is married.

I too surprised by the cleric. Uh huh, rather is it not a priest?

「You a kid who don’t know about real love, just know to the extent of head over heels do not make a fuss about love. Love is something that much more deeper than that」

「True love……」

「That’s right, you do not know who you were falling in love with, at least you were serious enough to cry right? A damn man who doesn’t even notice such thought just abandon him from you side!」

「S, so easily broken up was…」

「You still don’t know about reality yet. In this wide world, there are many people who have a more painful feeling than you are. You are just bird in the basket who doesn’t know about the world, you can’t stay still!」

「Bird in the basket… …. Certainly, I didn’t know anything about him」

When the female priest takes tobacco from her waist pouch, she lit a fire with magic.

No, you, aren’t you a priest! What the hell are the Church doing!!

「There are only aristocrats in this school, the other are mostly merchants kids who make money as much as they can. It is impossible to know all about men just by that. Go out to the world and learn what the true man is」

「.. … True man?」

「That’s right, accept yourself as you are and search for a man who will envelop such you」

You say unreasonable things. With the momentum of the situation, this priest say all she want to say.

But, the one who choose are always yourself. How she choose her future options is left to herself.

『Thinking back on it, whenever I met with Renbart-sama, he somehow always had an unpleasant face. I haven’t noticed it until now, then that means myself had a fault.

Love is blind…. No way, I noticed it for the first time after my heart broken…. But, where is my fault?』

Anrilone, who was floating in the fever of love affair and didn’t take care of herself, began to took a calm look at herself for the first time on this day.

Well, she was the first and only daughter of Marquis family, she was always being utterly spoiled therefore she haven’t done anything to respect others.

Everything seems to have been luxurious like an idiot. A lady who can’t endure to show off.

However, she hasn’t noticed it yet, but as she came to church, her fate surely headed to a good direction.

「…..Where was my fault? 」

「N? Aren’t you too selfish? The school instructors and the noble kids are utterly insulting you so behind you back, you know? I too have seen you but as expected that’s cruel」

「I,is it that terrible!? 」

「Aa, just because you don’t like it you pouring water to that person face, breaking that person textbook and you also did other malicious harassment right? Of course you became hated. Here is not your parent house you know?」

「…..I seems to recall too many things」

「You are an arrogant and selfish person, and in addition to that you are just a human waste who does not know the pain of others! Aware just how much you troubling those guys with your own selfishness. I think it’s already good enough that they do not kill you」

She was thrusting her fingers vigorously and Anrilone was shocked.

The fact is herself believed that it was a natural thing to her, but at this time, she know the reality that is never so for others.

Rather, Like you can talk!! And then, what the hell are your parents doing!

「It’s natural for you to be dumped, you ignorant about the society. The people around you just want your parent power instead of you. So they will not say anything about it」

「S, such thing….」

「Your worth is only to that extent. You need a rough treatment. Abandon your authority and you need to become strong with your own power. Just like I said, you are human waste」

「Waste….. Useless human. Society garbage…..」

I not going to say it to that extend, but I can say that it’s better that she starting to aware.

However, this priest….. Even unreasonable pretence have a limit you know. Moreover, she continue the self-important preaching with momentum only.

Do you think that a noble daughter can live without authority?

「You became an adventurer and contribute to helping people! Clear up your sins so far, be beautiful and come back!」

「Yes! I will do my best! I will go for it and come back to become a good citizen!!」

No, you being deceived! You don’t need to go that far to become a good citizen, right?

You can obediently lower your head and just apologize!!

It’s because she never been scolded until now, so she just received it obediently!!

「It was also God’s thought that you met me here, be strong, kind and become a good woman and come back, I will be waiting!」

「Yes……. I will take a day off starting from tomorrow. And then, I will go and save a lot of people and clear up my sins」

「Umu. I look forward to it」

I, doesn’t giving a oracle you know?

Can you stop to taking me out if something happen? Because of that It’s going to make a war to happen thought?

To be honest, it is annoying … ….

Anrilone who decided on something, with determination vigorously stepped out from the church.

「……. Seriously, I just told something suitable with momentum, I wonder is it all right? Leaving the school? Seriously, if that damn kid going to disappear, before that happen let’s change to another assignments」

Oi, is that’s fine with you priest!

I am watching you know! I am going to give you a divine punishment you know, Oiiii!!!

The next day, Anrilone who’s going to carrying her own word, took the leave leave of absence notification and left the school.

And the priest is going to leave in a week after that.

After that I also did not see what she was doing for a year due to the busy work.

Looking for personal records from huge information is hard work you know? No, I am not omitting anything alright!!

It can not be helped. Because the devil revived on another continent … ….

That demon king, fallen in love with the kidnaped princess, and established a unified state for the sake of living happily together.

The holy sword have been made over a year, it has been wasted ~. What shall I do ……

I can cry right?

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Well, I do not know where Anrilone is going, so let’s see another person.

Anrilone  who go out from the [Villain daughter route]. Naturally, there are some people who are confused by it.

That’s right, the girl who stolen Anrilone fiance, Aria.

『What happen……. Without Anrilone, I can’t collect flags! The first prince Stinhart are going to lose his life with the resurrection of evil dragon. And it’s  Anrilone that summoning the evil dragon! While harassing me in this one year she collected the summoning treasures and preparing to kill me…….』

Well, it’s common transmigration.

She confusing game with reality. It’s a regrettable girl, but her obsession with desire is amazing.

『If the evil dragon doesn’t resurrect, I wouldn’t become the queen』

Evil dragon? N~~, I remember it!

Just to confirm it a little….. It’s bad, somehow it’s likely to be able to be summoned……

It’s very gross dragon, but I made this evil dragon, in fact it’s my brother…… it’s my older brother.

My Brother is an evil god. It’s at nice age where he let loose his chuunibyou.

Even if you say it’s an evil god, the essence is to keep the world balanced. Holy and evil, light and darkness. Whichever equilibrium collapses the world will perish. If you say necessary evil, you will understand.

That demon king guy also noticed it, and launched a unified state to maintain equilibrium. There seems to be no reason to be beaten by hero.

Evil dragon also similar, but that guy is on our side. Just think it as demon king is a spontaneous generation, and evil dragon is an existence that created by gods.

Thanks to the beginning of justice enforcement by Demon King, it can be said that I and my brother became surprisingly at ease. Ironically, because of it I can peep at the ground like this.

However, it is about 300 years earlier in time. The summoning treasure should have been severely sealed … ….

When it is brought out from the altar of seal, it is possible to call evil dragon just by ritual. Of course, it is necessary to prepare a lot of sacrifices for it.

『Since I can’t help it, I collected the treasures. After this, I just need to pressed it to that selfish daughter…….』

So it’s you! What the hell did you do!! What would you do if it were summoned in a different way! !

Although it was because losing in betting mahjong, I did not accept such guy.

From my acquaintance, he say something like this『There is a child I accidentally killed, please could you accept it? Because I will decrease your loan a little』 and so since he said something like that I already out of luck.

With cheat ability, high rise in physical strength and magical power, in addition possessing all attributes. If she move seriously, it will be easy to collect the treasures.

It’s no use. As to leave this holy sword to someone … …. A, there is no Hero!?

It’s too difficult to do the preparation from now!? Moreover, In this world there are no people who can defeat Ragnarok scale evil dragon…….

I think that it can be beaten if it revives for about half a year, but…… Let’s negotiate it when the time come.

Why are you so impatient? Because of it I must do my best for the cleanup you know! Since I am going to be very busy with work for a while, I want to prevent it if I can.

Evil dragon? It’s a good guy who can understand by talking about it you know?

『If Stinhart the holy sword master is gone, then Renbart will be the hero. And then I will be this country wise mother! For that reason I am giving food, taking care of the flower beds in the city and other thing that I don’t want to do do』

…… Even if you cooked and blessed the vagrant with food, it’s will only be a temporary thing right?

If you do not manage the economy right, those who do not work will relying on treatment. There’s no meaning to it without solving the fundamental problem.

Nevertheless the country budget is limited, such a tomfoolery thing can not be continued.

『The money needed for reform, let’s temporarily increase the tax yields to 80% for government and 20% to people. And activate the economy with a new business』

Wait, wait! suddenly starting a new business without warning it’s not going to turn out well!

As time goes on to reforming little by little, it will shifting in at once. Don’t confuse business with game!

Firstly, suddenly raising the tax yields, the people will be in poverty!! What Wise Mother!!

It’s hopeless, this guy…. Leaving that aside, should she summon the evil dragon…. My head hurts.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

While suffering from headaches, I continued to look at the ground. It’s because I still can’t think a good hand.

And then, finally Anrilone returned to school….. Huh?

Wait a minute! Somehow, she became very strong!?

Level, full-cast. Having all attributes with the full protection of spirit. Hello? Somehow there is a title [Dragon Slayer] though….

Ah, There are also [Saint] and [Savior] title. She stronger than an inferior hero, isn’t it?

It change too much in one year, just what happened!?

「Oi……. Who is that beauty……?」

「B, beautiful……」

「It’s an angel……. Angel were truly exist…… 」

The men’s gaze being rooted on the spot. Well, that’s not unreasonable.

Her side that never seen before, vertical roll hair has changed to long straight style.

The expression that had been making a fool of a person now is became a serene and mysterious. It’s tremendous before-after.

Oo…… [Dungeon Capturer] !? Did you seriously became an adventurers…..?

If you examine it with the [God’s Eye], all the magic is also extreme.

Moreover, her style also considerable. This is tough for men to resist.

「A, Anrilone……. Is that you Anrilone!?」

「It’s been a long time, Renbart-sama. I decided to return to school from today 」

「I, is that so……. It best that you seem healthy. Nevertheless, what are you doing until now…….」

「I abandoned being a noble and went around the continent to hone myself.I knew my own smallness.The world is full of suffering」

If it was the former Anrilone, it would have been seen on the arm of Rembart.

But now you can’t find such childish act on her. It is full of strong determination and belief.

Seriously what did you do?

「The fierce violence of the foolish people that brandish their authority, the people who are suffering without power. People who are frightened by monsters and the people suffering from poverty……..  I felt my own powerlessness」

「I don’t understand what you mean…… Anri, you are my fiancée right? You said nothing to me, why did you disappear」

「Well? But When I left home I took the story to dissolve my engagement to my father? Why I am still your fiancée?」


「I should have already said it right? I abandoned being a noble」


In other words, she became commoner.

「I am now…… a commoner, not a noble」

「W,what stupid things…… Such things should not be allowed…… 」

「That’s up to myself to decide it, even if it is royal family, it can not bind my life」

She said it clearly enough. She was completely independent.

「I don’t think that Marquis Sulozanku going to allow it. You are still just saying your own selfishness」

「No, my parents also agreed to send me out. Because I said I am a terribly selfish person, they seem quite amazed. They sent me out in tears you know?」

「Ah……  I was very convinced」

I was also convinced.

However, for his selfish daughter to changes so much, the Marquise would trying to make his daughter to go back home too.

Anyway, she became too splendid.

The [Saint] title, you can never get it unless you give salvation to populace and receive baptism at the temple. In fact, she seem work very hard in order to give salvation to populace.

It seem that she have defeated monsters, bringing down injustice and tyranny and won the trust of many people with her own power. I too could no understand it unless I saw it with [God Eye].

Her career is too amazing to speak in single word. It’s a dense one year……. She seem to have been flying around to various place with [Transfer Magic], she also super-class as swordsman and sorcerer.

…….. Even then this second prince, did you want to take both the reincarnation girl and Anrilone?

It’s a nasty guy.

「As a result, I returned to the academy as a single citizen. I hope you will be happy forever with Aria-sama」


He seem to be shocked by her farewell word, you reap what you sow you know? Blatantly flirting with the reincarnation girl….

It seem that the fish you missed was big, it was you yourself that made the choice. Everyone live by the choice themselves make.

Anrilone walked away from that place without looking back to Rembart.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The selfish daughter return and transformation spread quickly within academy.

Anrilone refused to come in contact with noble and come in contact with son and daughter in a relatively wealthy group such as a merchant. They have distance with son and daughter of noble family, a walls that can not be crossed.

Under her influence, the potential of the general students population are relatively increased, and finally threatening the results of the people from aristocratic origin.

It’s because nobility is receiving gifted education from the beginning. The general students who Inevitably get the late start in lesson about sword and magic are taught the training method to fill their gap in short time.

That’s right, the method is by level up in dungeons and self training.

Her fame has risen as the cable person in school increase, the students continue to learn with inspiration and the instructors begin to review themselves without being able to answer repeated questions.

As a result, the school rapidly transformed into a high-level educational institution.

Of course, Anrilone’s parents house the Marquis Sulozanku house came to pick her up, but to those people who came she turn them away with single word 『I am just a citizen』.

If they tried to forcefully take her back, would be having the table turned to them. And they can’t appeal to court because no one was die and just being disabled.

Although intentionally injured and trying to forcibly bring her back with those injuries as the reason, Anrilone could also use recovery magic. It does not leave a definitive evidence.

Well, It’s obvious since it’s possible to bring a letter of appreciation or gift from another country and while at it a talk about marriage at the same time.

While rejoicing at the accomplishment of daughter who he had kicked out, he at the same time could not recall the fact that he already kicked her out, he was reprimanded by the king.

Anyhow, Anrilone was obstinately refusing to return to nobility.

Of course, Renbart also received similar rebuke. The fact that he ignored his fiancée and came into another woman was finally found out.

Wel~~l I don’t care thought.

And then, there are those who think that it’s not interesting.

『Why! The protagonist is me!! Why is the villain that being pampered instead, it’s strange isn’t it!!』

The reincarnator girl Aria, who still thinking this world as a game.

This fellow was really jealous of Anrilone. She began to have unreasonable anger against her who exceed her own cheat with effort.

No matter how much cheat you get, you can never win against a cheat that keeps trying.

In one year Anrilone was taking temporary absence from school, whether it was good to have a skip system in the school, but she was to pass as a Aria classmate.

『The one who supposed to be saint was me, why is it’s the villain daughter instead that was the saint!! It’s strange, isn’t it like the development in light novel somewhere!! 』

Umu, that’s common story. I like it you know?

『I just want to be the queen……. Why did you must disturb it!! Just obediently be sacrifice ……..』

No, I am wondering why the other need to be sacrifice just for your life?

Isn’t that’s villain daughter idea? Look at the reality, this is not a game you know?

It’s not your world you know? Because it’s my world you know?

『No way, don’t tell me she a reincarnator too!? That’s possible……. In light novel there was such development too』

There is~. But, it’s no good to just decided everything as reincarnator don’t you think.

Everyone has If possibility you know? They chose the turning point in their life with their own hand, isn’t it like this?

『To begin with unless it involving a noble the thrusting down the stairs event too can’t happen, and as soon as the lesson ends she will immediately return home…….. In the first place, just where the hell she live!!』

No way, I never thought that she started an adventurer clan with her comrade and came back to her own room at that base with transfer magic~. Just how big is the magic power of present Anrilone!?

It’s already far above my expectations. Genius with effort is dreadful.

Incidentally, Aria still thinking that she still can manage the event somehow but, Anrilonne often leaves class early or absent. It’s for work’s as an adventurer.

This, are she not repeating class later? I thought so but, Anrilonne grades keep in the top grades. Sufficient enough to graduated.

There are a few real cheat, but surely there are. It’s one person outstanding talent in one thousand year?

『What’s more, I don’t feel the graduation party event will likely to happen. Because, as soon as the graduation ceremony end she will immediately go home…….』

That’s right, since you will never know what will happen in adventurer’s job.

For Anrilone who taking the initiative in helping people, party was nothing other than trouble. So she definitely will go home.

Because she understand about it, Aria can only glare at Anrilone.

「Move aside, move aside――――――――!!」

Hn? What’s happen?

『What? Is it an event!?』

The classroom door was suddenly opened during the class.

The person who did it was a small boy wearing sophisticated equipment that comes out somewhere in the hunter game.

「Anesan (sister), it’s serious!! It’s an emergency!!」

「Errr……. Giotto? Now, I am in class…….」

『That boy, is it an acquaintance of Anrilone? It’s like hunter game somewhere…….

Umu, I also thought so.

「You can do that with borrowing notes! It’s an emergency situation, those guys from[Demon wolf’s nail (魔狼の爪)] have making a blunder!!」

「[Demon wolf’s nail (魔狼の爪)]? Certainly those guys were the ones who receives the request we were going to receive right?」

「Aa…….. It was a request to investigate unidentified monsters, but that monsters was [Fuhrer Wyvern]!! Furthermore because of them one village was destroyed」

「W,what!? How, such situation…….」

Anrilone stands up vigorously with a pale face. That was an unbelievable situation.

By the way, [Fuhrer Wyvern] was a dragon variety that was close to flying dragon, it’s ferosious and have a strong territorial consciousness. It will persistently chase it’s enemy and will not stop until it’s enemy annihilates.

It’s the strongest monster among flying dragon, especially the female one is bad. It’s bigger than the male one.

「They disregarded the request and changed from investigation to hunting. Recently, doesn’t our reputation started to raise? It seems that they were often gets involved with everyone in the guild, since it seems that they have no real ability but have a uselessly high ambition…….」

「I see…….. I understand. They couldn’t win and ran away to village, as a result the village was destroyed, right? So how about my equipment?」

「I brought it. The weapons are later at carriage. I want Anesan (sister) to get ready to prepare」

「Okay. Giotto, since we don’t have time, please help me to equip my equipment!」

「No, here!? Are you going to equip it above the uniform? More than that I need to apologize to Aniki (Brother)……..」

「There is no time! Everyone is heading here, right? It’s too late to equip it after arriving at the site! ! Since we don’t know that maybe after we arrive at the site we will immediately enter the battle」

「Uu, I understand, Aniki (Brother) I am sorry……..」

While everyone attention was attracted and losing their words, Anrilone takes off her uniforms coat and wears the equipment contained in the leather bag.

Some people were about their nosebleeds to blow, but their facial expressions gradually became stiff as they saw her equipment. At any rate rare scales of dragons are used abundantly and their radiance are longing for those who are aiming to be a knight. It’s exactly a supreme article.

『What, is that. It’s like hunter somewhere!! You, not mistake it as game right!? Why the hell is the villain daughter are fully armed and trying to exterminate a Wyvern!!』

It seems to be more amazing than expected.

You can already be called hero, aren’t you? No matter how you look at it, Anrilone is the leader, right.

Just how strong are you. It’s even incomprehensible to me…….. Holy sword, I wonder is it alright to entrust it~……..

『More than that『to Aniki (Brother)』………. That bitch, she have a lover!? You breaking my happiness flag and just making yourself happy!? U, unforgivable…….』

It’s a unsightly jealousy… ….

「Oi, look at schoolyard…….」

「That, a new elite adventurer clan, [Sword of dragon destroyer (龍滅の剣)] isn’t it!? 」

「Wait! Doesn’t that mean……..」

「Anrilone-sama is a member of [Sword of dragon destroyer (龍滅の剣)]!?」

No, it’s the clan leader.

It seems that the adventurer comrade have arrived while wearing the equipment.

Well, the speed if you come to school by running and to come by carriang will be different……..

Nevertheless, the preparation is fast. Do you respond to urgent requests in advance?

「Anesan (sister), everyone seems to has arrived」

「……. Was there any meaning to bring the equipment? Even if I wait here, I feel that the results will not change……」

「Actually……. I got lost on the way」

Giotto, don’t mind!

And then, Anrilone went out.

Five days later, the streets became festival merrymaking on the topic that [Sword of dragon destroyer (龍滅の剣)] succeeded in hunting two heads of [Fuhrer Wyvern].

The pursued topic was that it seems that adventurer group led by teenage woman accomplished that feat. The fame of Anrilone has increased more and more.

Yes, I will entrusting the holy sword to her. You decided it!

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

In the hall somewhere deep underground, Aria was carrying out rituals.

Naked in black mantle, treasure in the left hand, placing other treasures around the circumference and casting spells in the middle of the magic circle drawn with blood.

It’s several month since then, even if graduation was already ahead Aria can’t collect events and the relation with her lover the second prince Rembart became cold rapidly.

Some elegance are following Anrilone making his eyes to chase after her, conversely Aria’s badness and ugliness behavior becoming visible. She don’t believe that it was her own fault.

She gradually get distanced from surrounding people and finally make her hatred to point toward Anrilone. It’s a fellow who can’t help it.

It’s more severe than the previous Anrilone. You really shouldn’t leave the memory for those who are incarnating.

Well, it was a condition that I kept her memory, so I too have the responsibility to it.

At any case since it doesn’t get found out, it would have been better to reset her personality.

U~mu, but……. Looking at the rituals in this way, it’s suspicious…….. It’s a pervert.

『Ufufu……. Please appear. Evil dragon………. To bring that woman who destroyed my happiness the end named despair…….』

……. Its’ seriously selfish. Don’t call Evil dragon for such a casual reason!

It’s a guy who serious at work and a nice guy who love alcoholic drinks you know? It’s pathetic you know!!

It’s a guy who troubled by it’s cruel appearance, it’s pitiful fellow….

Anchan (Older Brother), I begging you please make your appearance cool…….

But, since he’s a guy who serious at work. As soon as he awake he will do his best to destroy.

Because it’s his job after all. Like I said it’s necessary evil you know?

「The one……. Who summoned me……. Was it you?」

「That’s right! If it’s a world that doesn’t go as you want it, you should destroy it! !」

「Do want destruction…….?」

「Naturally! This kind of shitty game world, should be destroyed!!」

It’s cruel. This is my world you know? Why is you the one who control it’s fate?

「Then, be my sacrifice…….」

「…….. He?」

「Become one part of me and destroy the world, have you awakened me without considering the price?」

「Wa, but I haven’t heard of such thing!?」

「No matter what. After I awakened, you already decided to be a sacrifice for me. Curse your death entirely!」

「N, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!?」

She was eaten by a huge mouth that appeared from the magic circle.

A fool. Because she was always doing something with game feeling. Thus the Evil dragon appear.

「Mu, it’s been a long time. God…….」

Long time no see. How far the pretence need to going? There is also piled up story, how about go drinking as is?

「There are work to do. Can’t skip it right? As long as you see the memory of eaten guy, it’s not even a shame」

Ma~. Then, I need to move too, huh……. Ha~.

「It’s hard for both of us…….」

Trully. It can’t be helped, I will make the oracle.

「When this end, let’s go for a drink」

That’s right. Recently, the usual shop has the best liquor.

「I’m looking forward to it……. Now, shall I start the destruction activity?」

You can pull out your hands, right? At any rate, don’t use too much power alright?

Lose suitably and as soon as it ended let’s go for a cup. I will pay.

「Why do you want to drink that much. Drown one’s sorrow, huh? Ma, it’s the usual work and I will round it up appropriately」

Ha~, it’s hard to clean up……. I shouldn’t have accepted such thing such reincarnation.

Debt is somewhat better than something like this…….

「I feel pity. Well then, later…….」

Umu, please do it moderately. Since it will be serious for me too……..

Evil dragon broke the bedrock with breath and flew to the sky.

Then, let’s start working. When it end it’s Drown one’s sorrow with liquor!! I will drink until I get drunk!!

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


「Who calling me?」

There’s no time, I will give you oracle.

Evil dragon have awakened. Probably it can not be defeated with royal family’s holy sword alone.

「E, evil dragon!? That legendary [No name dragon]!?」

Indeed. Therefore I will give you holy sword.

To protect many lives, wield the holy sword and destroy the Evil dragon. That is your destiny.

「My … … destiny, then shall I dedicate myself to God for the rest of my life?」

You don’t need to particularly go to temple you know?

The saint title too, is only for convenience after all. Living as you will is good.

People are entitled to everyone’s desire for happiness. It will not change whether it is a saint or a vagrant.

「If that the case then, I will swing the holy sword to defend my happiness, I will defeat the Evil dragon. To make light of you as a God, please forgive me」

If that would be your strength, then you should do as you think.

It’s alright for you to receive the holy sword. I bless you for your future…….

Then, I send the holy sword to Anrilone. In addition I also gave her my divine protection.

Well, if it’s [Dragon Slayer], even with some trouble she can somehow win.

Considering about the cleaning up afterwards make my head hurts.

Ha~, as human being it’s a nasty prearranged performances. The feelings of guilt…….

It’s a digression but, the Evil dragon can’t die you know? Because it’s nucleus is in another dimension, so he can revive many times even if the body is destroyed.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

You can call it conclusion, the fight lasted half a year.

Anrilone fight bravely with her comrade, and perfectly defeated the Evil dragon.

She struggled with the other holy sword hero, Stinhart the first prince, to defend many people across the country’s fence.

In the following year, Anrilone married a young man who is both a friend and lover. A few years later she became a mother with three children. I also surprised.

Her husband not necessarily a handsome person, rather he’s a silent and unattractive man, running trough the continent with their friends, every member being called a heroes and kept leaving a lot of legends.

A, the children did not look like their father, they were a handsome man and beautiful girl.

It’s slightly off the story but, her companion say that their life has changed since they meet Anrilone.

But that was not not the result from her alone.

Only one choice has greatly changed the lives of those surrounding her. The opposite is also true.

The choice of many people changed her fate. It’s a future that can happen to anyone, and that opportunity is everywhere.

Of course, this is not a deep life, but there are always choices that change life a little.

The point is whether or not you can choose that choice, but even the God, me will not put out a hand.

Choose to stand at the crossroads of life, its crossroads vary greatly for individuals. The future is uncertain.

And, if there are many companion, the choices chosen will have a big undulation and influence to the history.

Like Anrilone met a priests, her companion and also encountered many encounters and chose the best option. Naturally, there also a choice that can ruin her.

But, the worst option was not chosen. As the result comes out, if is no longer relevant. Just thinking about it is useless, because it does not even exist.

There is no meaning in thinking about『If』. Since the result already out.

Those who have not only looked at the present but only saw what is convenient to them just choose easy choices for them.

Even if it’s ruin, it’s reaping what they sow.

「……. Do you understand?」

「I don’t care! Why is me the protagonist die……. Life is shitty game」

「Umu, Life is an irrevocable game you know? It’s the result of your own choice that didn’t want to see reality」

I am now, confronting the reincarnator.

Somehow, she doesn’t seem to be convinced about her own life, I am in troubled since I was blamed for it.

Even now since she still doing things with game feeling it’s a nasty guy.

「Because of that, when I will reincarnate? Naturally with cheats, right?」

「There is no such convenient story. You will be reincarnate, but there will be no cheats you know?」

「Why! I died because the God’s failure!」

A thoroughly self centered girl.

「That was, a story from when you reincarnate in this world. Besides, that’s not my fault you know? From now on, you will never have cheat ability in the future」

「Stop joking around!!」

「It’s an extremely serious story you know? You are allowed to live in my world, but other than that was your own problem. Thinking that world as game, just how many people die because of your unreasonable jealousy? Some of them were supposed to accomplish a feat you know?」

This fellow don’t understand anything.

The fact that reality is always unreasonable…….

「Stop joking around, Old man!! Return my life to me!! Let me live in luxury!!」

「Ha~, you……. Have you forgotten that I am a god?」


「Like I said right? By your unreasonable feelings and action, how many people have died? It’s a big loss in my world. I have to spent time to restoring it.」

「S,so? Isn’t it have no connection with me」

「There is a big connection with you. You, carries a work that caused many people to die, at least for seven billion years it’s impossible to reincarnate to human beings. This is the result of your own choice. And then, any number of incarnated destinations can be decided with my authority」

「I,it’s a lie right? It’s a joke right!?」

It’s not a lie.

Evil dragon was a system to maintain the world, but intentionally summoning the one who summoned will carry the work as sacrifice. If it naturally summoned then the story will be different……..

Regardless if it’s killing to live, or if it’s to fulfill your desire, being summoned with harassment is natural.

「S, say something! You’re joking right!?」

「Life is shitty game, is what you say right? So let’s start over from Amoeba」

Former transmigration young girl face became pale.

It’s too late to know the weight of this matter. This fellow once again make a mistake choice.

She should make a reflection. If that’s the case, it would have been possible to reincarnate into insect…….

No way, she thought that cheat reincarnation could be done again.

「Wait, since I will apologize…….. Give me a……. chan……. 」

I, forced the reincarnation.

It’s exist huh, such self centered soul…….

Well, since the annoying thing is gone, let’s start the next job.

Ha~…….. I, should I retire?

But, who will you choose as successor……. Tidying up my current job, can’t take a rest.

Become God is tough.

Kami-sama ga Miteita

Kami-sama ga Miteita

Score 5.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
If, that was exist anywhere, choice that never been chosen.History is made up from series of elected choices, but sometimes there are cases where the choice are rarely deviates.There is no coincidence in this world, everything is inevitable. Probabilistic future prediction is possible for us, but it is still not absolute.Even in the establishment of the decimal point, what should occur always occurs. It is impossible to predict a complete future.Even more, it is impossible to ignore events, such as time slips from the past to the future. In the first place the reality is only the present.The past is a record, and the future is uncertain. That’s the truth.If you keep sleeping for a long time, you may be able to go to the future, but it is impossible to return from the present to the past that changed. Everything is just a single route carved as a record of events.“What if you make a time machine?” you say? Such thing is decided to wander around the dimension space.If you are lucky you may transfer to another dimension, but that is not the world the Traveler want. It is a world different from my jurisdiction.The story was slightly off. Then if, the moment called [If] will surely happens.It chooses before the person itself notices it, and goes to that future. It’s often to be called “the moment your life changed”? That is exactly the case.Even now things that are called [if] are going to happen. Shall I take a look?Let me see…….


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