I’ve Heard that Dragon Eggs are Delicious chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

The Vicious Dragon and the Little Prince

I am a vicious dragon. I have sharp scales, a mighty tail, and a body as majestic as a mountain. The flames I breathe can turn the surroundings into ashes. With the beat of my wings, I can cause a typhoon upon this land.

However, I did not do so. At the very least, not right now.

It is not because I am oh-so-benevolent nor is it because I love this land oh-so-much. Who would like those humans who would always covet your treasures?

In any case, I don’t like them. I detest those insatiably greedy humans. No, the reason why I do not do so is simply because I’ve lost my powers. Otherwise, there is no doubt that I’d wreak havoc on this country’s citizens.

Every vicious dragon should take it upon themselves to harass the humans. If not, then they should snatch so-and-so country’s princess. I, on the other hand, am completely different from those shallow dragons. I do not like the little blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and fair-skinned1 princess. I like the little blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and fair-skinned princess’s older brothers.

I simply had different tastes from the other dragons, yet I was subjected to the dark witch’s retaliation. She placed a curse on me, sealing my powers and shutting me up in a castle to guard a slumbering little princess. Only when the princess obtained her true love’s kiss and woke up would I be able to regain my freedom.

Speaking of which, I feel so wronged. I merely snatched a little prince from a neighboring country. Who knew that this prince was the witch’s nephew? I had just brought him back to my cave, without a chance to properly get intimate, when the witch’s huge magic ball blew up half of my home. It was truly too unreasonable! Seriously, why was the dark witch part of the royal bloodline? It didn’t make any sense at all; it absolutely did not conform to the legends of the dragon clan!

So many dragons have snatched princesses from their country and I have never heard of the witch appearing. I merely snatched a prince. For what reason did I have to be forced to sign an unfair slave contract? This was discrimination — blatant discrimination. Dragons also have the right to choose their mate!

But the witch completely ignored my complaints, shutting me in a castle without any explanation. If it were some other dragon, being in the same room as a cute princess could be considered as a benefit in kind. However, my appreciation only amounted to “the princess is very fair and very skinny, she doesn’t seem very tasty”.

This country is located at the southern end of the continent and this castle is in the deep forest that was in the southernmost point in the country. The road to the castle is full of trials and tribulations. Within the forest are numerous peculiar insects and unusual beasts living in seclusion. In the beginning, knights and princes would come with soldiers in tow to attack the castle, yet they wouldn’t even be able to find the connecting path. When I listened to the news that the tree spirit in the mountain brought, I was almost going to die from my impatience. I wanted nothing more than to fly out there and bring them back one by one by the scruff of their necks.

But I am a dragon with a professional spirit. I can’t do that; I can only think of it.

I spent a century in boredom within the castle. No one has ever been able to cross the forest and arrive at the castle. After a century, people gradually forgot about this castle. No one ever came again armed with a sword and soldiers, charging into the forest to save the princess.

The beautiful princess and I were like a piece of forgotten history. That is why I hate humans—they are avaricious and insatiable. Moreover, they are enamored with the new and bored with the old.

I used to think I was going to be trapped here forever.

Mn. “Used to”.

“Hey Silver Dragon, do you have dragon eggs? I heard that dragon eggs are HUGE. They must be very delicious.”

No, I am a male dragon; I do not have the kind of dragon eggs that you are thinking of.

When I looked down, I was able to see the crown of the boy’s blond head. The tips of his hair swayed slightly with his movements. He was currently holding onto my tail and using it as a swing.

“They must be very delicious! If you’re going to cook it, you should find a very large pot. You can break the shell and use the egg yolk to make cake, and you can eat fried eggs, and egg soup! Such a large egg can be used for so many meals.” The boy carried on talking, and he lifted a hand to wipe his drool.

I moved my tail away. God bless me, please do not let his saliva get on me. I am a dragon who likes cleanliness.

He was very displeased that I suddenly withdrew my tail. He climbed up my tail to my back and rolled around on me, even grumbling that my scales made him uncomfortable.

I turned my head around and snorted a spark of fire from my nose. Sure enough, the little brat, who was undisciplined and out of control, was startled. He laid on his stomach on my back, not daring to make a move, gazing at me with those ocean-blue eyes pitifully.

His eyes were really good-looking. They were like pearls fished out of the depths of the ocean, and also like the stars that twinkle in the night sky—bright and clean. Through his eyes, I saw the sky that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

After a few seconds, I gave in. I retracted my dragon aura and quietly laid on my stomach. He sensed my compromise, taking advantage and hugging my neck, speaking next to my face, “I just knew you were a good dragon.”

I’m not; I didn’t do anything. Don’t come so close to me; your spit is spraying everywhere.

He continued, “When my imperial bodyguards find this place, you can come with me. In the future, I’ll be a dragon knight, and you will be my dragon.”

Don’t be stupid. Your guards won’t be able to find this place. Alas, my powers were suppressed so I couldn’t speak the language of the humans; otherwise, I would teach this brat who lacked self-awareness a lesson.

This boy is called Siyuri2. I found him a week ago. At the time, I was just about to take my afternoon nap when I heard the shouting of a young male from outside the castle. “Is there anyone here? I’m lost, may I come in to rest for a while? Hello——Is there anybody here——”

In a hundred years, someone’s finally found the castle! I was so thrilled that I flew straight out without properly listening to what he was yelling.

There were no formidable troops and horses, no dashing and mature prince, no resolute and steadfast warriors—there was only a blonde boy who looked to be 15-16 years old with a walking rapier strapped around his waist like a decoration. He was sitting on his butt on the grass and looking at me with an frightened expression, his eyes full of tears.

He looked absolutely awful, completely different from what I had expected.

Unable to control myself, I let out a (dragon) hiss. The boy’s tears finally fell. He quivered in fear, but he kept his eyes on me, “I didn’t mean to barge in here. Can you take me in?”

Perhaps I was too lonely: I let him stay. Of course, I regretted it the next day. In the several hundred years of my dragon’s life, I have never seen such a noisy human. Fortunately, not every human is as boisterous, or else our dragon clan would have exterminated them long ago.

I thought that I was truly too lonely; otherwise, I wouldn’t have felt that Siyuri’s rowdiness was so cute.

In just one week, Siyuri had climbed all over my body. He liked my tail the most. He was always hugging my tail and urging me to swing him like a swing. One time, I didn’t have a good grasp on the amount of force used and accidentally flung him out. His frail body fell from the air like a kite that would be torn to shreds at any moment. My heart instantly clenched and I flapped my gigantic wings without any hesitation, using the rest of my strength to catch him.

That time, Siyuri was terribly shaken. He curled up against my abdomen—the only place that was not scaled—and told me in a very very quiet voice that he had thought that he was going to die.

I know that humans are a fragile species. I had always destroyed them with no qualms. This was the first time that I was incomparably afraid that a specific human would die.

I couldn’t speak, but Siyuri didn’t care at all. He would answer his own questions as he chatted with me. Sometimes I would answer him by waving my tail or snorting. Sometimes he would say silly things and I would be too lazy to pay attention to him, such as now.

“Believe me, we will become the mightiest duo in the continent of Yatna. Bards will make our story widely known through generation after generation. We will leave the most glorious mark in history spanning hundreds of thousands of years.”

Siyuri’s eyes were gleaming, his voice full of zeal. I didn’t pay him any mind, so he persistently rubbed against my face. His soft locks swept across the scaly hollow of my neck. That was the most sensitive spot on my body aside from my abdomen. His rubbing provoked me. I moved sideways—causing him to fall off—and held him in place with my front foot.

Siyuri was definitely not the slightest bit afraid of me anymore. He grinned as he patted my foot to let him go.

Letting go when you tell me to? Do we dragons not need any dignity?

I bumped him with my snout3. He laughed and wrapped himself against my snout. The two dimples on his face looked extremely adorable. And so, my desire to not let him go grew.

I had previously said that I liked blond-haired, blue-eyed little princes. Now I want to correct one thing: this scope must be narrowed down. I like the blond-haired, blue-eyed Siyuri.

Mn. Yes, Siyuri is a little prince.

Siyuri said so himself. He is the littlest prince of the Kefalia Empire4. He had heard the bards say that there was a cursed castle at the southernmost point of the empire. In the castle, there was a princess with unparalleled beauty in a deep slumber. As long as one defeated the vicious dragon that guarded the castle, he could wake the princess up with the kiss of true love and marry her into his home.

Thus, Siyuri, who was full of passion, gathered his imperial bodyguards and came here. They encountered a surprise attack in the forest. In the chaos, Siyuri got separated from his imperial bodyguards and incidentally found the road that led to the castle.

What kind of luck was this? In the beginning, I thought that he was the princess’s fated one. I took him by the scruff of his neck before the princess’s crystal coffin and used my eyes to indicate what he should do. As long as he kissed her, I could regain my freedom.

But Siyuri was unwilling. “I have to marry her if I kiss her, don’t I? I don’t wanna.”

I am going to die from anger because of this brat.

“I’m going to become a dragon knight in the future. I don’t want the princess. I want you to go with me.” Siyuri descended from the platform that the crystal coffin was on, looking at me with a serious gaze.

A juvenile human’s thought process was really hard to understand. If you don’t kiss the princess, then how am I supposed to go with you?

Siyuri lived here for a week, only going to see the princess occasionally. He really was not interested in the princess at all. I was secretly happy about this. However, if Siyuri continued to not kiss the princess, then I would be unable to leave this place nor would I be able to realize his dream to be a dragon knight.

I grew more and more anxious. I was unable to sleep until late at night, and quite a significant amount of the scales on the top of my head seemed to have fallen off.

Dragons are all obstinant beings; I am no exception. Siyuri was the one who had intruded on my territory first. I was absolutely not going to let him go. Just as I made my decision to trap Siyuri in here for a lifetime, there was a twist.

The tree spirit has the most recent and thorough news. Nothing in the forest could escape his eyes. That night after Siyuri had fallen asleep, he discreetly sought me out and told me something that I had never imagined.

Siyuri had lied.

He only told me that he was the littlest prince, but he didn’t say that he was the most unfavored prince. The so-called ‘surprise attack’ was no other than the doing of the mole that his older brothers had placed by his side. The so-called ‘separation’ was actually his imperial bodyguards deliberately abandoning him, intending for him to die soundlessly in the forest.

Only the matter of Siyuri incidentally meeting me was true.

It wasn’t that I almost lost him; I was on the edge of losing him.

It was difficult for me to contain my wrath. I rushed out of the castle at once. Perhaps the tree spirit had obstructed them; the imperial bodyguards still hadn’t exited the thorny undergrowth and the forest. I searched for their location from the air and stomped on their camp.

One by one, the imperial bodyguards woke up with a start and screamed in alarm, “Dragon, there’s a dragon——”

I was very pleased with their terrified expressions. They looked worse off5 than Siyuri’s expression had been at the time. As a reward, I burned them all in one (dragon) breath. The high heat of my (dragon) breath reduced them to ashes before they had the chance to suffer.

I finally calmed down when the day arrived. I returned to the castle, praying that Siyuri wouldn’t care that I had gone out in the middle of the night.

I figured as much. God would not protect the vicious dragon.

Siyuri waited for me at the castle door with red eyes. As soon as I landed on the ground, he threw himself at me, hugging my head and bawling.

He said that he thought I had left.

I didn’t know how to console him; I could only wrap my tail around his waist. I shouldn’t have been so short-tempered and I definitely shouldn’t have suddenly left in the night. Since God wouldn’t protect me, he certainly wouldn’t be willing to witness my oath. But that didn’t matter. I used my heart to swear to Siyuri that I wouldn’t leave him ever again. I wouldn’t let any harm befall him.

Siyuri cried for a whole morning, only gradually ceasing when he was sincerely too tired and hungry from crying.

I thought that he would rebuke me, or interrogate me; however, after crying, he acted like nothing had happened. He continued to run all over the castle or sit on my front foot and ramble to me like normal. Not once did he ever mention my disappearance that night.

I knew that he had something on his mind. His insomnia was becoming more and more severe, not any better or worse than mine. Luckily, he was still not at the age that he lost hair. Otherwise, the legend would become about the bald dragon knight and his bald dragon. Sometimes Siyuri would climb up late at night. He moved very carefully, deathly afraid of rousing me. Thus, I would pretend that I was fast asleep. But I wouldn’t be able to resist stealthily peeking at him. He stood before the window with his back facing me, gazing at the endless open country in the north.

I seemed to have understood what he was thinking. That fertile soil in the north was his real home.

But so what? His imperial bodyguards wouldn’t come looking for him anymore. So what if the capital is prosperous and bustling? My castle is not lacking in comparison. Not to mention that it houses a mighty dragon, so there would no longer be anyone who sought to do him harm. I can play with him every day, whether it be hunting in the forest or flying in the sky with him on my back. I can use various kinds of little magic to entertain him. As long as he stays here, even if the princess was unable to awaken, I would think that it was a very blissful life.

Alright, it is not blissful at all. At least, Siyuri did not feel blissful.

That day, the weather was excellent. Siyuri hunted down a rabbit nearby, bringing it back joyously for me to grill the rabbit meat. I might be the dragon that is the best at using my dragon breath to cook in dragon history.

It should have been a peaceful afternoon. Siyuri sat beside me, wiping his drool as he smelled the fragrance of the rabbit meat. His shiny gold curly-haired noggin swayed about restlessly as he rambled on about his experiences of the day.

It should have been like this (a peaceful afternoon). It was all Siyuri’s fault. He abruptly asked me, “Can you take me out of the forest? I want to go home.”

The result was that the rabbit meat was grilled into a pile of coke6. I pulverized a wall with my tail, turned around, and flew to the attic. I gave Siyuri the cold shoulder for the whole afternoon.

I had to use my actions to tell him: there was no way.

Our impasse lasted until the night. The gentle moonlight shone down, covering the entire castle in a silver muslin coat. I heard a rustling7 sound behind me. It was probably Siyuri. He was always clumsy. He didn’t fall, did he?

I snuck a glance backwards. Mn, very good. Siyuri came up without a hitch. “You really are a beautiful dragon.” It seemed to be his first time seeing me under the moonlight, admiration across his face.

Why of course, we silver dragons are renowned in the dragon clan for our beauty. However, it was an extremely naive thought that I would yield with just a few words of praise. I was certainly not a shallow dragon.

I pretended not to have heard. Then Siyuri huffed and puffed as he climbed atop my back. I was so scared by his abrupt act that I didn’t dare move around. How was he a prince? He was clearly a little rascal who acted shamelessly every day.

As he wished, he hugged my neck, his face pressed up to my scales.

“Thank you. You really are a super super good dragon. When I become a dragon knight, I’ll come back for you, okay? Mn…My relationship with my older brothers aren’t very good. So I can’t take you back with me right now. Wait till I finish some things…”

Siyuri’s voice drifted away in the night wind. I couldn’t hear his later words clearly, but I could guess. I’ve seen humankind’s regime change. It was undoubtedly a disaster. Fighting tooth and nail to procure something that had no meaning, they were simply more ruthless than dragonkind.

Siyuri used a negotiating tone, gently and cautiously, “It’ll be very quick. Very quick, and I’ll come back. Is that alright?”

I couldn’t bear to see him looking so wronged.

Okay, fine.

The next day, I sent Siyuri to the border of the forest. I wasn’t able to go any further than that; I could only take him up to this point. Siyuri took off the beryl that he wore around his neck and gave it to me, “With this, you are my dragon.”

I returned to the life I had lived before. There was no boy who chatted nonstop and no need to carefully grill various kinds of meat, only a huge castle and an icy cold crystal coffin.

I had decided to never let Siyuri go, and sworn to protect him forever. I have done neither of those things. If word was to get out, I would most likely become the laughingstock of the dragon clan. Oh, no, I already was the laughingstock when I got caught by the witch.

That is so saddening (for this dragon).

Our lifespans are not equal to other species. So, in the very long lifetime of a dragon, we spend the majority of our time waiting. I had already been lonely for several hundred years. It was nothing to wait for a human.

…That was all me speaking nonsense.

I’m bored to death. If Siyuri doesn’t come back by tomorrow, he better not think about playing with my tail. Hopefully Siyuri didn’t forget about me. After all, humans tend to forget things.

Every day when I circled around above the castle and did not spot Siyuri’s figure, I would form this kind of thoughts. If it hadn’t been for the fact that the protection magic that I casted on him was still effective, I would have suspected that he had already passed away.

I stood guard in the castle, watching as the sky turned bright and dark, as the sun and moon took turns, continually, without taking a break. I felt that I had waited for another century. I was practically growing mold.

Until one day, the tree spirit urgently and anxiously ran here and told me: someone barged into the forest, and they were about to reach the castle.

I hastily flew into the air. As expected, I saw a large group of horses and men approaching with an imposing air. The youth leading the group had a head full of dazzling blonde hair, his sapphire-like pupils glistening under the sunshine. His facial features had become deeper; his figure had become taller and straighter. He held a sharp sword as he rode on his horse. He was strikingly handsome. He really looked like the hero who fought against the vicious dragon in the legends.

He spotted me in the air and smiled at me. Thus, I knew that my little prince had returned.

I landed in front of the castle to wait for him. Hurry up and come here, run over to hug me, lay on my back and act like a spoiled child. Let me hear your voice, tell me what you’ve experienced through these years.

They finally arrived at the castle. The soldiers behind him simultaneously drew their bows at me, “Put down your bows, this is my dragon.” Siyuri commanded, his tone august8.

How old was he now? Twenty? Or even older. I’m not very clear on human ages. In any case, he appeared to already be a suitable leader. Alright, he was an adult. I cannot let him hug me and act spoiled later. I have to let him keep his image.

Siyuri and his companion alighted from their horses and asked me, “Can you take us to see the princess?”

I bet that I spent at least thirty seconds pondering this problem. Mn. There was no problem. Siyuri had grown up. He was willing to kiss the princess, and marry her.

I took them to the room where the crystal coffin was located. I wasn’t unhappy. On the contrary, my heart was going to burst with joy.

I didn’t really want to see this sight. I quietly closed my eyes and laid down in the corner. However, I felt someone hug my neck. “What’s wrong?” Siyuri, who should have gone to kiss the princess, looked at me with a concerned expression. “Did I come back too late so you’re mad?”

No, I am very happy simply because you came back.

Siyuri stroked my scales like he was stroking down an animal’s fur (placating me). I really had no idea where he learned this from. He said, “Don’t be mad. I was met with some trouble over there, but it’s all handled now. You agreed to go back with me. You can’t go back on your word.”

Before he finished speaking, I felt a sort of power surge within my body and engulf me entirely——the curse had been broken, my sealed power had returned.

If Siyuri didn’t kiss the princess, then…I turned my head with a mixture of surprise and joy. The brown-haired youth who came with Siyuri straightened his body before the crystal coffin, bashful.

This human is so brilliant. I want to give him all of the treasures that I have acquired! Oh, no, everything but Siyuri.

Having regained my strength, I immediately did something that I had wanted to do for a very long time. I shifted into human form and embraced Siyuri, who sported a blank expression on his face, tightly. I was pressed up so close to him that I could even hear his thundering heartbeat.

I haven’t spoken for a hundred-something years. My voice was kind of hoarse. “Mn, I will go back with you. The almighty knight Siyuri and his dragon will become household names.”

However, Siyuri didn’t hug me back. Instead, his eyes widened, “So y-you’re a male dragon. You have such a good temper, I thought you were a female.”

This brat was truly undisciplined and out of control. Did he think I didn’t dare to spray him with my dragon breath? Forget it, I really didn’t.

We were in the middle of embracing one another and being lovey-dovey when the dark witch’s indignant voice sounded from who-knows-where, “You homo! Just how am I no match for an ugly dragon!”

I looked around us and discovered that this voice came from the princess who had just woken up. The princess—or rather, the dark witch—was still venting her dissatisfaction, “More willing to engage in male homosexual practices with a dragon than to kiss me, are you? Your taste is seriously so bad that it is infuriating.” These words were directed towards Siyuri.

Not only did she slander me, saying that I was ugly, she even wanted to bully Siyuri. I scooped Siyuri up in my arms and told that old woman in menopause whose endocrine was dysfunctional, “You’re the one with bad taste. The prince should be with the vicious dragon.”

It was unknown whether Siyuri understood or not. In any case, he obediently nodded with his arms around my neck.

Before the witch cast her magic ball, I hurriedly flew out of the castle with Siyuri. As for the witch’s wrath, we would have to trouble the brown-haired human. Who told him to kiss the princess awake.

Siyuri was super excited in the air. He wriggled in my arms restlessly. I couldn’t resist kissing the crown of his head. Who would have thought that Siyuri instantly turned his head to look at me, “Were you serious just now? About the prince being with the vicious dragon.”

Of course I was. I nodded.

Siyuri was somewhat shy. He carefully pecked my chin, “Even though you’re a little different than I thought…In short, I’m also serious.”

So he did understand earlier.

Later on, I found out that the princess I had guarded for a hundred years was indeed the dark witch. She was once a princess of the Kafali Empire. Unfortunately, she had an older sister who beat her in all respects. Even when the vicious dragons came to snatch the princesses, they only took her older sister. In a fit of anger, she went to learn black magic. From then on, she became the dark witch.

No wonder my act of snatching the prince angered her so.

As for this curse that had lasted a hundred years, that was all the fault of her ‘young maiden’s mindset’ and vanity.

Although, it was also thanks to this curse that I had a little prince who came to my doorstep.

The only problem now was Siyuri’s obsession towards dragon eggs. That day, he laid on my leg and said regretfully, “If only you were a female dragon. Then even if I can’t eat it, I can still touch the dragon egg.”

……It looks like I really ought to teach him a lesson.

And so I hauled him into the bedroom and threw him onto the bed.

And then? Well……Siyuri became a dragon knight and successfully ate dragon eggs—in various senses of these words9.


  1. Okay, the raw said “肤若凝脂” which would literally be translated as “skin akin to congealed/concentrated rouge”. It’s a way to describe the skin as white/fair and soft/delicate.
  2. 西尤里
  3. The raw said this: “我用前颚拱他,他哈哈地抱住我的前颚…[rest omitted]”. Honestly I wasn’t sure on what “前颚” was supposed to be for the dragon, so I went with my guess. I asked in our Discord server and got suggestions that it might be “maxilla/cheekbone” or “front jaw”, but I imagined it as the “snout” since that is presumably easier to nudge or bump a human with as a dragon since he has Siyuri pinned down? I don’t know.
  4. 卡法利亚帝国
  5. The raw would have translated as “more mental breakdown” or something.
  6. ”Coke” as in “processed coal used in blast furnaces”
  7. Not gonna lie, I had no idea how to translate the sound or what it was since in the raw, it was described as such: “我听到身后传来悉索声…”. Someone on the server helped, though
  8. The raw described his tone as “威严”, which means various things such as “imposing”, “dignified”, “august”, “awe-inspiring”, etc (MDBG). I went with “august” since it means “respected and impressive”.
  9. Egg, or “蛋” (dàn), is also slang for the male testes (balls). So uh yeah.

I’ve Heard that Dragon Eggs are Delicious

I’ve Heard that Dragon Eggs are Delicious

The Vicious Dragon and the Little Prince, 听说龙蛋很好吃
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
A fairy tale-style little bedtime story with western fantastical elements.Maladroit, mensao, invincible doting dragon x foodie prince who wants to be a dragon knightA short story. It’s a cookie so sweet that it’ll make you thirsty.


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