I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Villainess, but I Wonder if I Can Avoid the Death Flag if I’ll be Careful

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

I’m a villainess!?

Nice to meet you. My name is Arianne Vis. I’m the daughter of a duke. I’m six years old. I…I’m a reincarnated person! I mean, I suddenly remembered the past!

I’ve been fully exerting my status as a daughter of the Duke, and I’ve fallen in love with His Royal Highness David Roi, the first and Crown Prince of the country, and made furious continuous appeals to him. Nevertheless, His Highness David had no eyes on me. So, I roamed around and harassed the women who approached His Highness, but when I hugged him, I was struck away by him, saying 「Stop it!」. I remembered doing such disastrous things as that!

I’m familiar with this world! This world is a so-called otome game world, which was my favorite game in the past life! And I’m the villainess! I can’t believe it! But my behavior so far is exactly the evil villain Arianne Vis herself… What should I do? If this goes on, I will be executed in the future! I will also be subjected to a stake! …For the time being, let’s apologize and give up on His Highness David! And find a nice fiancee! Of course, we will thoroughly avoid doing bad things in the future and do social contribution activities!

“…Excuse me, is Miss Arianne okay?”

His Highness David came to visit us. But honestly, I don’t want to see you right now!

“P-prince David…!”

“I pushed you away and you got hurt. Sorry.”

“No, this kind of injury can be healed immediately! Don’t worry about this Your Highness David!”

When I said that, His Highness David looked at me with a strange look.

“It’s surprising. I thought you would use this chance to make yourself my fiancee.”

“Your Highness… Ah, I… I’m really sorry for the inconvenience I’ve caused this whole time!”

“Miss Arianne…?”

“From now on, I would no longer annoyingly bother His Highness! Please be with someone who is suitable for His Highness David!”

“…I’m surprised. Was your head hit wrong?”

His highness patted on my head while smiling. Why…?

“Honestly, I thought of you as an annoying and troublesome, but cute little sister who continuously follows behind me.”


“I didn’t want to make you a princess because of your behavior, but I really thought you were cute. I didn’t mean for you to get hurt today, but I just happened to be in a bad mood and that’s why I pushed you a little too hard. I’m really sorry.”

“His Highness David”

“My cute little sister. I can’t welcome you as a princess, but I would like to introduce you to a good fiance. It would be nice for you to get along. Including my part, I’m sure he’ll love you preciously as he’s a good guy.”

“Thank you very much…”

I didn’t think His Highness David thought of me that way… I’m glad my memories of the previous life were revived before it was too late.

“I will be happy with the princess who is right for me, as you say. You also should be careful of your behavior and get along with your fiance.”

“Yes, Your Highness David…”

Immediately afterwards, I was engaged by His Highness David to the son of a Duke, Didier Attashman.

My parents were introduced to the fiancee His Highness went out of his way to find. It was then known that I stopped harassing women approaching His Highness and that I started focusing on social contribution activities. I was very pleased and blessed.

“Nice to meet you, my beautiful person. I’m Didier Attashman. Let’s get along.”

“Hello, nice to meet you. I’m Arianne Vis. I also hope we can get along well.”

Then we slowly became closer and became friends.

Time has passed quickly and it has already been ten years. The year when I attend school… that is when the otome game begins. But it’s okay. I have a kind-hearted fiance, I was able to restore my relationship with His Highness David, and I apologized to those who I have been annoying until now, and I also concentrated on social contribution activities. Wow. I’m no longer a villainess!

When school started, heroine-san… Saint Arin Santo has also enrolled. Then, in an instant, she fell in love with His Highness David and got along with him. Although she’s a commoner, because she’s a saint, their engagement was recognized and they became an official couple in the school. I also sincerely congratulate the two.

“What are you thinking about, Anne?”

“Didy! I was thinking Arin-san and His Highness David are so happy.”

“Muh. I don’t like that. I only want Anne to think about me.”

“Goodness, Didy!”

I kissed the cheeks of the cutely jealous Didy.

“I only love Didy, you know?”

“Of course. I also only love Anne.”

The classmates who are also used to our flirting watched us with warm eyes. I’m sorry (for showing you our flirting). Didy is my top priority.

“I love you, Anne”

“I love you, Didy”

I was happy because I remembered the memories of my previous life and became blessed with my fiance. Hurray to memories of the previous life!

I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Villainess, but I Wonder if I Can Avoid the Death Flag if I’ll be Careful

I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Villainess, but I Wonder if I Can Avoid the Death Flag if I’ll be Careful

Gachi no Akuyaku Reijō ni Tensei shichatta ndakedo Korekara Kiotsukereba Shibō Furagu Kaihi Dekiru Node wa? Shikamo Otome Gēmude wa Tōjō Shinakatta Kokoro Yasashī Fianse ni Dekiai sa rete Shiawase ni Nare-sōdesu., ガチの悪役令嬢に転生しちゃったんだけどこれから気をつければ死亡フラグ回避できるのでは?しかも乙女ゲームでは登場しなかった心優しい婚約者に溺愛されて幸せになれそうです。
Score 5.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
A story about a villainess escaping being a villainess.


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