It Seems the Goddess wants me to Blow up Normies chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Fri, 25 Dec 2015 12:11 p.m.

The time on my smartphone screen is 19 minutes before the scheduled time………. I guess I arrived a little too early. I suppose.

But I’m 17 years old.

First!!! n

Girlfriend!!!! nu

Christmas!!! Daaaaaaate!!!!

There was no way I wouldn’t get excited about this.

Until just a month ago, I was raising the level of my spell “EXPLODED DAMN NORMIE” every day, and this time last year I was reading comments such as [I’m devastated and distressed], [It’s been a long time, haven’t seen you guys], [Christmas is canceled this year], [I’m going to work now, but something is wrong] on internet videos.

When the lights go by, the brightness of the lights made me want to scream, “My eeeeeeeeeeeeeyes”, to ward away my half-hearted feelings and not choke to death.

That’s why even if I get together with my male friends and go to a family restaurant, I can’t get excited. On the way home, through the Christmas-colored streets, I would realize that there were only guys next to me, and it was a suicidal act that deeply dug into the wound.

What changed my daily life completely was… it’s a long story, so let’s not get into it.

Anyway, uh. How many minutes left? Sixteen minutes? Ah…… the waiting feels pretty long…

I was in front of the station ticket gate and looked around at the Christmas excitement.

At the direct gate, which was 10 meters or so from the ticket gate, you could see a few limited time shops from here. The decorations are more extravagant than usual and people are walking around with Christmas-specific paper bags in their hands. Among the gorgeous and fashionable people, there was also a salaryman in a suit heading for the ticket gate in a hurry.

“Thank you for your hard work,” I said to the man in my heart, thinking “Ah. This Normie-like feeling” as I felt a slight sense of superiority again.

Today, the closing ceremony, we finished early in the morning and went home. Yuika-san’s class also finished Homeroom earlier. I got a stamp that said, [On the train! ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ] or something like that, so she’s almost here.

Ten minutes ago……… Huh……

[I’m near the ticket office in front of the ticket gate.]

I wrote my reply. Send. As I looked down at my smartphone, I felt a faint glow under my feet. There was a beautiful round circle with many patterns… was there such a mechanism at Oshiage Station……… as expected of Solam…

At that point, the light that appeared under me suddenly became stronger, and the view in front of me became pure white.

“… me … hea ……… wake up.”

I opened my eyes to the voice of someone calling out. I had fallen to the ground before I knew it, but it wasn’t the ticket gate I was at a while ago, it’s a white space. A cloud-like mist hangs over the place, so cloudy and white to the distance, making it impossible to see what’s there.

In front of me, like a figure out of mythology, is a beautiful woman with wavy blonde hair that stretched to her waist, big blue eyes, big breasts and pale white skin wrapped in just a cloth. A Goddess. It’s a visual of a real Goddess. I mean, recent games and anime characters are more gorgeous, she’s somewhat uninspiring.

“…… just now, you thought of something very rude, didn’t you?”

With a terrifying cold look, she glared at me as I was trying to get up from the ground. The woman was floating a little higher up, so it’s more of a condescending stare than a glare.

“No. Nothing…”

“Well, that’s good. I’ll get down to business now. I’ll have you go to a different world now.”


It was a situation which brought up all the templates. Am I dreaming? Naturally, I would think so, that template.

“I chose Japanese youths these days because they seem to have a deeper understanding of other world transitions and reincarnation. This is different from what I expected.”

When I looked at a woman in silence, the blond Western beauty disappointedly spoke in smooth Japanese. Even though there was no wind blowing, the woman’s clothes were fluttering, and she’s floating off the ground in this room? I don’t feel a sense of reality in the place. If it’s a dream, it’s going to happen sooner or later… okay.

“Is it other world transmigration, like in a novel or a manga or something like that? If so, I read those.”

Speaking of ‘another world reincarnation / transition’ light novels and web novels right now. Of course, I read them, and I actually like it.

“That’s good! Then you don’t need any explanation. You will come to my world and do me a favor. Do you call them ‘cheats’? Is that the word in your world? I’ll add that too!”

She said, with a cute smile…………… tte, I don’t wannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

“No! I can’t do it, so please return me back where I belong!!”

That’s right!

Yuika-san will arrive in ten minutes!!! What time is it now!?

If it’s a different world transition or something like that, I’m longing for it. An Overpowered MEEE!!!! I love that story development, and the fantasy world would be great with cheat abilities! Making a harem, using swords and magic, not having to think about studying for exams, you know, there’s a lot. A Lot. But,

Not right noooooooooooow!!!!!

Let me finally enjoy normie life!!!

I still really like her! It’s important! I’d love to be in a different world, and I want to do it… but send me back home!?!?

“It’s okay. I’ll give you cheats, and I’ll help you out as a goddess. You won’t die. If you ask me, as a reward you can take home all the abilities you’ve acquired in another world. Okay? Isn’t that nice?”

“Uh……… eh………… when I’m done, can I really come back… cheats…… and if it’s not too hard…”

The heart will waver! Because I’m a boy!!

“All right, all right ♪ I’ll get you home at the same time and place you came from.”

Mmmmm … that might be good.

If no time has passed in the original world, no matter how many years I play around in another world, when I return, a Christmas date will be waiting for me, right? Moreover, it comes with the cheat ability I can acquire as a bonus. This is……

“I’ll do it! I’m going to another world!!”

I couldn’t overcome my longing and desires. There was no choice but to go under such favorable conditions.

“I’m glad ~ ♪ well, I’ll give you a ‘cheat’ now. After that, we’ll talk about my request.”

The goddess put her hand over my head. I felt a soft, warm sensation on my forehead.

“Yes. This has increased your mana a lot. Like with physical strength, it will recover with some rest, so you can use it when you return to your world. And about your magical talent.”

Oh. This is it. I’m not sure what you mean by magic, so I’d like to know what exactly you can do with it.

“You can do the basics, but for advanced things, you need to focus on a specific field according to your talents to be able to use stronger techniques. Your specialty is fire.”

It was a surprisingly standard attribute. Novels have special abilities, but I wonder if that’s not the case here.

“Heh… fire? What can I do with my power?”

I wonder if I can easily summon scorching hell like magma because it’s a cheat.

“Let’s see. You can create a powerful explosion. Human beings, demons, and anything can be turned into dust.”

It seems to be a pretty flashy specialty.

“Like how powerful is it?”

“If you get used to it, you could probably blow away a small mountain or a city.”


It’s really cheat class. Blowing up a mountain is awesome. I’m getting excited.

“There’s no one in my world that excels in this ability like you. I’m sure the humans haven’t even developed a spell for this yet, so I’ll make it possible without chanting long spells.”

No chanting! High-level magic at high speed!!! It’s going to be even more of a cheat.

“Well…, it’ll be troubling if you use a normal everyday word and trigger it by mistake… a slightly unusual phrase……… then, how about you point at the target and say ‘Explode Damn Normie’?


I said “Eh?” for the second time today.

“Goddess-sama… do you understand what that word means …?”

“I know. It means someone who has a girlfriend… right?”

The Goddess had a very grinning smile.

“Well…Yes. Yes, but…Why?”

“It’s just so annoying to see them so happily flirting, isn’t it? I wanted you to smash them to pieces, so I called you.”

Don’t say such absurdly scary things, this goddess……… isn’t she a devil or something…?

I thought so until just a month ago, but… if I hadn’t been called out here, I might have gone KABOOM!!! That thought gave me goosebumps and made my body tingle.

The Goddess continued to speak to me with an innocent and gentle expression.

“And you’ll be separated from your girlfriend for a while, and you’re going to be single. You’ll miss her, won’t you? If there was a happy couple in front of you, I’m sure you would be jealous. ‘Why did you come here?’ You might get angry with them. With that feeling, you’ll make the lovers in front of you go BOOM!!! It’ll be so refreshing.”

Not good… this Goddess no good….

The Goddess, with a beautiful face like an actress or a painting, had a very ecstatic and happy look in her eyes. I never thought that the goddess of the transfer destination would have such a bad personality.

“Um ……… Goddess-sama… you dislike normies, so, all of them, you want me to blow them up… isn’t that right? …… like, each and every one …?”

Normies are certainly unpleasant. I think, but if there are no normies, no children will be born. Am I transitioning to destroy humanity or some other species in another world…?

“That’s true ~. If you really overdo it, they will be destroyed. So, no matter what race, I think half of them should be overlooked……… such a shame…”

With a troubled pose as she placed a finger to her mouth and tilted her head with a slightly sweet voice and cute expression. Hey, what you’re saying is not cute at all!!! This woman’s voice is amazing!!!!

“First of all, it’s cheeky to say that you seem happier than me. As the legal wife, he should love me so much, but that man…”

As I was left speechless, the Goddess was on fire, complaining about her love life with her husband, God.

From here onward, it’s extremely long, so I’ll skip it. In this mysterious space where physical matters such as sleep, diet, and excretion are not required, there was nothing to interrupt the Goddess’s long rant, and on the contrary, “Don’t you think it’s about time to leave for the other world?”, I can’t help but smile back at the goddess who doesn’t even listen to me as she endlessly retells her relationship. I want to go home…

“It’s really awful, don’t you think? That’s how he flirts every time, that guy. I wonder if all the men are like that? It seems to only be him, right?”

“Ah… hah~…… yes … right …”

“I knew it……… ah, but. Last time I saw him…”

The Goddess’s long story went on without worrying about me with my dead eyes at all, but when she was done with the vulgar talk, she quickly sent me off to a different world.

“The ones you notice, you can blast one by one. Because you are a messenger, I put my coat of arms on your palm. If you show it, anyone will remain silent, so don’t worry.”

My spirit was so drained that I couldn’t retort to the last statement I heard. I received local clothes and equipment from the Goddess, and with the money she gave me, I quickly entered the city inn in front of me and fell into bed. Good night.

The long-awaited different world!!!

I came here to enjoy a different world, like a fantasy novel, to the fullest. Encounter interesting monsters, enjoying long voyages across various big cities, small villages, forests and mountains… traveling around the world by myself. It’s a very fulfilling and interesting experience as far as I’m concerned.

After all, the more I use the Explosion magic, the more proficient it becomes, and I have grown to the point where most enemies can easily be defeated. The battles were a little dull.

Ah. However, the dragon that I defeated about 10 days ago was huge, and it was my first heated battle in a long time! I am satisfied with being able to do something like that. At the very least, it was a 30 meters long dragon, and it flew so fast that it was a bit of a challenge to chase it.

If I can see what the target is, it was within the range of my magical attack. It was boring at times to blow something up with maximum firepower from a long distance, so it was a standard to play up close.

I decided on the output of the explosion and attacked it. Surprisingly, the scales were sturdy, and it was difficult for the surface ignition and explosion damage to pass through. The explosion that I shot into its mouth the moment it opened was a critical hit.

My explosion magic generates high temperature flames and flammable gas all at once. Is it something like that? It was dangerous to activate it, and difficult to examine, so I did not know the details.

However, it can be manipulated by concentrating the firepower of the flame and the scale of the explosion, so it must be such a mechanism. That’s all I can think of. This operation is also sensory and I don’t understand it well. How do you adjust the power when you point your finger at the enemy…?

I’ve never met anyone other than me who specializes in explosions, so I praise the goddess for her skills, she seems to be good at it anyway.

Because the attack power is also high, the battles were not troublesome even if I was travelling solo without a party. I know that I will return home, so if I make more friends, I will have a sorrowful parting. I don’t have any deep friends.

I joined a guild to gather information and earn money in this world, but I like it because I’m pretty close to the guys there and they were a lot of fun.

However, my role is to blow up Normies. As for that… it’s not a very fun job…

It’s a hassle to clear up misunderstandings when I’m discovered, so from a distance, in a place where you can see a large area of a town or village, I point my finger at the normies and say, “EXPLODE DAMN NORMIE”.

Then, without really leaving a trace, only those two people will explode and disappear. Like popping a balloon, they burst in an instant with the flashy light and smoke of the explosion. Only a small amount of ashen dust falls.

If the person to whom the spell was directed is a goddess-approved explosion target, the explosion will thus occur inside the human body and they are obliterated in a special way. It comes with a convenient safety feature that does not activate for normal pairs, humble families, and elderly couples who are not targets.

I mean, did the Goddess monitor and tag all of humanity to determine whether they were annoying normies? That’s a horrible obsession…

The explosions are also light. The eardrum may be ruptured at close range, but it seems to be set as modestly as possible to avoid severe damage.

I’m not as twisted as that goddess, so it hurts my heart when a happy laughing couple disappears……… However, if I’m skipping work, the goddess will urge me to do it, so I reluctantly aim and explode from a distance, where I can’t clearly see their faces.


I can’t deny that, but the goddess brings the souls of the lovers who were blown up together back to life. It’s not just killing, so I feel a little easier, but it’s a subtle feeling.

Incidentally, in the mysterious space where I met the goddess before the transition, the normies I blew up are returned to the same world after a long sermon from the goddess to the effect of “If you come back to life, don’t flirt with each other in public”.

While walking around the village after the explosions, the Normies, whom I just blew up, are even walking around normally.

I don’t know if she’s strict or gentle. When asked which one, I’d say she was terrible. The explosions seem to be a punishment for showing off their flirting. I’m 90% sure that it’s to make the goddess feel better, though.

“Hey, hey. I want you to go to the southern village this time. It’s almost spring, so there’s a celebration festival there, but young kids these days just think of it as a pastime for lovers. I’m looking forward to it because there are a lot of gatherings over there.”

The Goddess often came to me.

Her figure seems to be invisible to the people around me, and she is floating softly as she follows me seated, legs crossed next to me.

Because such a thing is always by my side, it is clear that I can’t do anything novel-like, such as having a girlfriend or making a harem because I’m in a different world…. Isn’t that right…

Then, she specified the location of the next explosion, and said, “Blow up a lot today” “Well, you’ve only done ten couples this week. I don’t care if it’s two or three times as many,” in a sweet, loud voice, but the content isn’t cute at all. No matter how beautiful you are, I’m not happy at all to be next to you.

It’s the third winter since I came here. My physical growth seems to have stopped when I arrived, so I have been traveling with the goddess in the appearance of a 17-year-old.

“Eh. Ah. We’ve already toured the entire continent. Thank you for your hard work. Are you going home soon?”


Somehow, I remember a nostalgic exchange… But am I going home?

It has already been around three years, and I’ve traveled around most of the continent I’m on now, just like the goddess said. The Explosion magic has improved considerably thanks to blowing-up Normies every day……… on the whole, are you pretty satisfied?

When I get home, it’ll be a hassle to study. My parents are very strict. And such…. There are certainly a lot of annoying things.

But I’m a little nostalgic, and when I remember it, I want to go home a bit.

I want to see her, Yuika. I also think. Right. I can enjoy a Christmas date when I get home. My world is not the world of this goddess, so I’m sure I won’t be blown up even if I get my fill of normie life. The goddess’s eyes are strict here, and it’s also frightening to befriend the women I met in the guild or on a trip.

Then I may as well go home now.

“Well, I’m going home then. Will I really keep my abilities and everything?”

I’m worried about this. If I can really bring them home, I can become an OP protag in real life!!

“Yes. It’s okay. Don’t worry, I’ll return you back to your original place and the right time.”

It’s unusual for the goddess to give a normal, cute wink. Certainly, she has a personality, but her work ethic seems to be excellent, so I’m relieved.

Going to say goodbye to my acquaintances…. seems to be a pain, and it will be difficult to explain another world, so I decided not to go to see them.

“Huh? You won’t say goodbye to everyone? Won’t they get offended if you leave without saying goodbye.”

I was told that, but if I met them, it might stop me from leaving because I felt sorry.

“No, I’m fine. I think it’s better to go home when you want to go home.”

“Well, it’s bye-bye here. In the world over there, I don’t have much influence, and it’s a little difficult to show myself. I can at least tell you something.”

The goddess smiles and pats me on the head. I felt her supple fingers slip slowly over my head.

“Three years is a short period for a God, but it was fun. I’ll see you when we meet again.”

While feeling a little shy at this beautiful goddess, I replied, “I had fun too. Goodbye.”

By the end of the words, a magic circle was shining at my feet as I was going, and the light spread all over my eyes.

When I open my eyes, I can see the front of the ticket gate of a nostalgic station. When I looked down at my body, I saw my body in a winter coat and sneakers for the first time in three years.

In the upper left corner, there is a clock on the electronic bulletin board, and the current time is displayed.


…It was really the time when I was taken to another world. Also, enough time for the meet up….

I remember Yuika-san’s face after a long absence, and my face becomes loose. The other world was really fun, but this one is also good. And, I’ve been thinking about the things that I would have been hit with if I had heard them a month before I went to the other world.

Ah. That’s it. I want to see if I can use explosive magic. I can’t even put something flashy out here, so I lit a candle-like fire on my fingertips a little.

Staring at my fingertips, he put a little force into my fingers, remembering how to light the fire in the usual condition. Bo. It was not a dream, but the fire that had been ignited up to now really appeared.

Oooooooh!!!! It’s not a dream!!! It really wasn’t a dream!!!!

I want to go somewhere out of sight, and try some powerful blasts later. I said it all, but it would be great if I really brought back my abilities. It’s the real-life embodiment of Chuunibyou!

I was so excited that I even raised my tension here. Well, there are a lot of people being merry around Christmas. You’d be forgiven a little if you stood alone while grinning.

This Explosion magic. If you use a small scale one, you can do tricks like magic performance. Just stuffing confetti and petals in a bag and blowing them up makes it feel like a giant cracker or a cinder block.

The body bag with Christmas presents was still on my shoulders. The bag with the gift boxes was a little larger, so if I stuffed it with confetti, and if it bursts, the present inside will come out with confetti dancing around. Doesn’t it feel like a surprise? If you are willing to increase your likability, you can expect more. After that, various other stuff.

I wonder where I can prepare things like confetti. Do they sell such things at Solamachi?

I came up with something interesting, so I was more fidgety and looked at the clock before the ticket gate.


Huh? It’s past the halfway point of the rendezvous. I was so busy trying magic and thinking that I didn’t notice.

Even if I look around, I can’t find Yuika-san in front of the ticket gate. There was no delay……… umm, smartphone….

I put your my in the right pocket of the coat and take out my smartphone. The moment the screen came on, I shuddered….

Saturday, December 26, 2015 12:45 p.m.

And, about 30 incoming calls and SNS notifications have accumulated on the lock screen.


My eyes glaze over.

When I hurriedly unlocked it and looked at the notifications, they were all incoming calls and messages from Yuika-san, except for one case where my parents asked me when I was coming home.

[I’ll be there after one more stop~ =͟͟͞͞(๑•̀д•́๑=͟͟͞͞(๑•̀д•́๑=͟͟͞͞(๑•̀д•́๑)]


[I’m here!]

[Where is the ticket office?]

[Not present〜・゜・(。✖д✖。)・゜・]


Missed calls


[I’m at the Solamachi entrance in front of the ticket gate.]

[Toilet? Do you have a stomachache? (๑•_•)]


[Shun-kun, are you okay~? (° ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥)]


Missed calls


[Where~!! ٩(๑òωó๑)۶ getting mad here!]


Missed calls


Missed calls


[Intense Rage ٩(๑`^´๑)۶]


Missed calls


Missed calls


Missed………I feel like I can’t see any more.

The previous pleasant mood is extinguished instantly, and the unbearable frustration chills my back.

Why is it today the 26th?!!!!

Trembling, I turned my head to the ceiling to look for a goddess who was no longer here.

Damn! This evil Goddess!!! That’s not what you promised!!!!

I knew that I couldn’t reach her, and as I was swearing at the goddess in my heart, the voice I was talking about echoed in my head.

“I didn’t break my promise. It’s the same place. It’s the same time. I told you I’d put it back at the same time, right? The same day. I forgot to say ‘Same Day’ at the time of the promise. I’m sorry. Even as a goddess, I’m not omnipotent and omnipotent, so there are things that I can’t do. Forgive me, okay?

Goddesses can’t just recklessly involve themselves with humans. That’s why I asked you to help me. Finally, I’m satisfied with being able to do it myself. You just froze up, even though you’ve been floating around with a disheveled expression on your face. Ufufufu ♪ It was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. After all, it’s more exhilarating to see them explode with a bang, but I also found out that what you’re doing now is a bit more fun too. Thank you very much. Now that all is over, you may go home ~.”

She said unilaterally. As I continued to complain about it, I received a notification on my smartphone.

A new friend was added and a message arrived on social media. The new friend is under the name [*:✼✿The Goddess(ღ✪v✪):。✿]. The picture on the icon is of the Golden-Haired Blue-Eyed Evil Goddess, which I have seen a lot in another world.

The message said.

“I’m very busy too, so I’m going to do aftercare here in the future. I don’t accept complaints, so please be kind ♡.”

I was staring at it with my mouth open,

I was done for!!!! At the same time as I think

What should I do!!!! I thought.

From the middle of the talk, Yuika-san has been sending angry stamps and continuous missed calls…… and I’m in a complete ditching situation.

What? I’ve been trapped in a different world for three years. Isn’t it okay to make excuses?? No, I can’t. If I show off my Explosion magic, she’ll believe me then… I wonder. No, yes. If I show it, she should believe it………!! And other than that… There’s no excuse other than telling the truth…. Because I’ve been out of touch since I sent [I’m around the ticket office in front of the ticket gate] before being sent to another world. That’s right.

As Yuika-san says, if you went to the toilet with a stomach-ache, as soon as I read it, I’d reply or answer the phone! And my parents are in critical condition! I’m sorry but I have to go home, no matter what the situation. It would be normal to explain that, first, even though it’s been a whole day, me and my smartphone are left without a word……… Excuses… abducted by yakuza or kidnapped by hoodlums? It’s about half right, but…

Aahhh, okay!! I’ll prove that I went to a different world and she’ll forgive me!!! All right!!!!

I made up my mind, but here’s one thing I realized.

What can I say… to get her to meet me….

It’s not something to be proud of, but I’m a bit bad at communicating. No… I’m not communicative.

Even if I went to another world, I didn’t make friends because it was hard to part with them. That said, the truth is that I don’t have enough interpersonal skills to party with strangers from different cultures in another world.

I also had a job from a goddess, so if I join someone’s party, the destinations are different and it’s a lot of trouble, and that’s why I don’t have enough leadership and communication skills to be able to follow someone else’s party.

And, my first girlfriend has almost no circle of female friends. The fact that I have a cute girlfriend who has no idea how to deal with girls is just a coincidence, it was a miracle that used up all my luck in life!!!

When we first started dating, I thought I was as human to that extent. I don’t even have a lot of male friends, because I’m a loner….

…… Leaving that aside, what should we do from now on? That is.

……Frankly, I think it’s better to apologize first, [I’m sorry]…. SNS…… Send a message? Talk directly on the phone…… ha~, that hurdle is too high, I should send a message… as expected…….

So, I wonder if she’ll reply… the way things went yesterday, she seemed pretty pissed off……… Yeah! I’m scared, but send it anyway!!!

[I’m sorry I couldn’t go on our date yesterday.]

I sent a few messages and waited for a reply……… I stiffen up at the side of the ticket gate, holding my smartphone with both hands and staring at the screen, it was read after about three minutes. However, five minutes or more after that, I got a reply….


It’s been reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeead!!!!!!

I’ve mastered Explosion magic, which is quite strong in another world. I could also use large-scale techniques like that evil goddess said. I’ve been training my legs and feet on the journey, I’ve gained physical strength, and although my appearance hasn’t changed, I have a lot more muscle strength than before. Defense is also an important factor because I had no companion for recovery when fighting alone.

However, my interpersonal mental attitude is still tofu strength, though I should have spent three years in a different world.

After this, while thinking about what I should say, when I saw more than 30 missed calls and angry stamps that continued to fill the chat screen, my heart broke….

It’s… okay…it’s okay…it’s okay…… it’s… okay………

Because, I’m brave enough to defeat a huge dragon……… I….. I don’t know what fear is, and you know, because if you ask me, I could blow up the Sky Tree that’s standing in this train station, and tear it right down the middle, that’s just terrorisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim!!!!!!!!

I can’t use it, yes!!!!!

Explosion magic, interpersonal relationships and communication skills, I can’t use them at aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!!!!!!!

I wanted to scream my head off, but I’m in public. Many people come and go from the ticket gates of the station and from the entrances to Sky tree and Solamachi during the daytime on Saturday.

I don’t know if it’s regret, anger, frustration, sadness, or something else, but I’m gritting my teeth as I stare at my phone, slightly shivering. In a nutshell, I’m probably in despair.

Although it would not be visible to people, I was teary eyed thinking about my follow-up sentences while I endured this slew of responses.

“Um……… Actually, while I waited, I suddenly had urgent business … No, um, the goddess of another world……… she would just get angrier……… I couldn’t reply yesterday. Hmm … and the battery died… my smartphone is broken……… no, but I wasn’t at the meeting place… So……… how should I explain…”

When I was thinking about it in my head, it felt more and more like I was going in circles, and I couldn’t think of any words to reply.

Strange sweat ran down my face, my fingers were not moving at all, and I’m holding my smart phone and sweating profusely.

Let’s calm down a little. I exhale and think. I was distressed for more than 20 minutes without being calm or regaining my composure.

I would write an apology or excuse on the input screen, erase it, write it, and wonder if I should send it. I agonized over and over again.

And the sentence that I finally came up with

[I want to talk about it in detail and apologize, so I wonder if I can meet you soon…?]

That was it.

In a situation that cannot be explained by words, meeting and showing your abilities to convince her, maybe this is the best……………!!!

Press send with trembling hands and wait about 5 minutes. It has been read. My heart hurts. It hurts a lot.

[I’m free today, so today is fine.]

I got a reply.

Aaaaalll Riiiiight !!!!!

While making a guts pose in my heart, I immediately reply.

[Thank you! I’m going now. How about meeting in front of Yuika-san’s station!?]

My heart is still fluttering. Calm down. Calm down, send.

Read instantly,

[All right. Tell me when you get there.]

She replied.

[I’m going to take the train now, so I think I’ll be there in about 30 minutes.]

She must be very angry because her writing is very blunt compared to the usual.

She is kind enough to forgive me if I apologize. I think. But the reason why I couldn’t come is outrageous, so let’s apologize here with a serious and sincere face. I am sorry. I was in a different world. She might think I’m fooling around ….

First of all, let’s apologize seriously and go to a quiet place for a long explanation. Then I go to the park or a place where there are few people. There should be a park nearby, so I’ll show some small magic there. It’s no good if it looks like a magic trick, so it’ll use more firepower than the candle I just tried out. In other words……

Two people sitting on a bench. I stare at Yuika-san with a serious look.

『I’m really sorry about yesterday……… now I want you to see why I couldn’t go on the date.』

『……… See? Why?』

So I stand up and activate the magic! A fierce flame rising from the palm of my hand!!

I stare back at Yuika-san with a red glow on my face and,

『You see. I was summoned to another world and given terrifying abilities…!!!』

The CRINGE!!! Ah it huuuurts!!!! Ouch ouch ouch!!!!!

Die!! My heart will die before I clear up the misunderstanding!!!!!!

As I sat in my train seat, I was twisting and turning before I knew it.

I sure looked suspicious, writhing in small writhes and rattling noisily just sitting there. It’s painful as my heart tightened under the cold gaze of those around me, but my simulation is now more aggressive.

No … I want to show my abilities and prove that I went to another world, but something different … Um …

Two people sitting on a bench. I look down and serious.

『Actually, I… I hid something from Yuika-san……… That’s why I couldn’t come yesterday…』

『Something you hid…?』

『This is it…』

I point my finger at the plant in front of me and put my strength into it. At the same time, a part of the plant is engulfed in smoke with a small explosive sound.

『Kyah… wh, what!?』

When the smoke cleared, there was a tree where more than half disappeared without a trace,

『The goddess of another world has given me this ability … it’s dangerous … I don’t want to get you involved. let’s break up.』

Why are you breaking uuuuuuuuuuuuup!?!?!? That’s wrong!!!!

No good!! Start over!!! Even if I showed my skill, I’d be more positive!!!!

I clenched my hand with all my might. When I heard a noise and looked into my hand, the SUICA card cracked.

Charge…… 1,000 yen… I think that’s what’s left.

While damaging my wallet and heart, I don’t have much time left till I get to the destination station. I have to think about a good idea ….

Yuika-san and I are walking along a pedestrian crossing to the park.

A truck that has lost its brakes charges in! The driver turned the steering wheel! But just when you think I won’t make it in time, I was able to avoid it at the last minute by causing an explosion on the side of the truck and blowing it to the side while protecting Yuika-san!!!

『Yuika-san! Are you hurt?』

『Shu……… Shun-kun… (Tunk…)』

She’s in love, but that’s wrong!!!! We’re making progress, but it’s totally differeeeeent!!!!

No good…… I’m getting more and more terrible delusions about escapism when time is running out… Damn it, my brain.

I arrived at my destination while I was having my vapid delusions.

I’ve only come up with three ideas. Two of them are out of the question. The other one would kill me. My heart will die, but I’ll also die as a boyfriend.

I can’t think of anything anymore… I’ll have to be prepared for her to get really angry and grumpy for a long time, so let’s start with a flat apology with the reason left out, and if she calms down, I’ll try to talk about my ability and if she can believe it, I’ll try to talk about another world…….

I left the station ticket gate with a weary face. [I’ve just arrived at the station. I’m at the south exit.] Just read. She’s definitely not angry ….

It’s not so far from Yuika-san’s house, so she’ll arrive soon. But I know that a good conversation is no longer possible for me, so I look down with a pitiful face, like a dog or cat in the bath.

Cute boots came into view. When I looked up, Yuika-san, who had no smile at all, was standing there, and in a fading voice, I barely said, “… I’m sorry.”

“………… So why couldn’t you come…”

That was when Yuika-san opened her mouth.

“Is that~? Yuika-chan! It’s been a long time since yesterday!”

I heard a bright man’s voice from the crowd in front of the station. Yuika-san looked surprised, turned around, and seemed to flinch a little.

“Er, ah. In a place like this… What’s happening?”

I peeked out of the crowd and saw a very familiar face. I thrust my hand into my right pocket.

“It just by chance! I enjoyed having tea with you yesterday. Oh, why don’t we go somewhere else today?”

A handsome man, who looked half –Japanese, walks up to Yuika-san’s side and casually puts his hands on her shoulders.

“Ah, hello? Yeah, I just found……… that’s right…. Right in front of me…. a nuisance……Yes. Yes……… Please.”

The moment the call is disconnected,


From the sky, something like light fell straight onto the man, causing vibrations around him that echoed in his stomach.

The man is unharmed, but he can’t seem to move. The reason is that supple, white hands are slowly stroking his neck with their nails.

“It’s been a while. Oh, no, listen to me. Just recently, I educated a bunch of miserable and helpless lovers on the biggest continent. That’s amazing, isn’t it? I hope you’ll come and see it, not here.”

At the last minute, the nails on the neck dig into the man’s skin.

“Ah……… um …… Well, It’s……… So….. Well.”

Like goldfish and carp, the man closes and opens his mouth. I pulled Yuika-san’s hand as she was stiff with fear and surprise and quickly left the place. Don’t look, don’t look. Let’s go to Yuika-san’s favorite café and explain things. Then apologize. Anyway, let’s apologize.

“Hey~? One last thing, can you send this person off with a bang?”

I could hear the goddess’s sweet voice from a distance, so I pointed my finger at her and put a lot of effort into it.

The mysterious explosion that happened in front of the station was reported in the news as a miraculous accident with zero victims.

It Seems the Goddess wants me to Blow up Normies

It Seems the Goddess wants me to Blow up Normies

Riajū ni natta ore o megami-sama wa bakuha sa setai go yōsudesu, リア充になった俺を女神様は爆破させたいご様子です
Score 5.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
December 25 If anyone is happy with this day, drop dead! I’m sure there are some who think that. A month ago I was the latter.Now? I’m sorry, but I’m so excited, I’m in front of the station looking forward to it. Actual reality isn’t bad either!! It’s the beginning of a happy day. I did my research and a gift is prepared and ready.What? Strange illumination at my feet? That there is such a mechanism at the station, Christmas is amazing……


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