It Can’t be Helped that the Engagement is Broken chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

The tragedy happened at the graduation party in the school’s grand auditorium.

A nobleman said.

“I’m sorry, Duke’s daughter Alexa. I woke up to true love! I’m breaking up my temporary engagement with you and will have a new engagement with the Baron house’s, Cortana!”

“Prince… why?”

“It’s because I have awakened to true love.”

With a pretty confused look, Alexa said.

“Isn’t Prince Prince Cortana a bit bad?”

“What’s bad?”

“It’s that, I wonder if it will be very troublesome for you to produce an heir due to the physical problems when marrying Cortana…”

“That’s no problem!”

“Prince, I don’t want to say this, but Cortana is a man’s daughter!!”
[Man’s daughter is the literal translation of 男の娘 or otoko no musume. But this is a Japanese slang that’s used for a young man who has a feminine aesthetics, or a male who looks cute, like a girl. (JapanDict)]

“What’s wrong with that? That’s just a trivial matter.”

“No, not in this place, and there’s these formal procedures taken in getting engaged, moreover, in marrying a noble daughter in this country, there’s no problem with me since our engagement was only tentative, but if it’s with that person, it’ll become a problem because you won’t be able to have an heir.”

“If it’s only about that, then it’s fine. It makes sense to talk here.”

“No, if you talk about this here, it will lead to trust problems with the Prince and shame of the royal family…”

“I see, no problem if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“It’s not ‘no problem’! If you do this in a place like this, your right to inherit the throne will also have problems!”

“I know what you want to say. So, I want you to listen to what I’m going to say now.”

“What is it…”

“I’ll take this opportunity to reveal my secret. I am actually a woman!!”


“And you know that the Royal Family has only me and my twin brother. My younger brother, the current second prince, has a weak body and was only able to get out of bed very recently, is as everyone knows. So as to avoid being invaded by another country, I was masquerading as I waited for my brother to regain his health until the last minute.”

“I’m sorry, Prince, I’m hearing that for the first time.”

“Sorry, this was confidential only to the Royal Family, the chief servant, and my personal servant. Even my father’s younger brother, your father, doesn’t know.”

“That thing…”

“So I’m not a man. I’m a woman biologically.”

“I understand that, Prince? No, you’re not that. Quota-sama, then why is it Cortana-sama?”

“This is something I’ve only realized recently, I am a female in body, but a male in heart.”

“Excuse me, I’m a little confused with too much information…”

“Well, I’ll put it in simpler terms. Even though I’m biologically a woman, to be honest, I can’t accept being with a man. It’s better to die than to be held by such a rugged body.”

“W-well, there’s also that…”

“But I can’t just stop the blood of the Royal Family. When I was in trouble with that, I came to know about Cortana. And I fell in love at a glance. This is definitely true love!”

“Y-yes, well…”

“With that, I’m reverting back to being a woman, get married to Cortana, and give birth to a child. Everything is just fine!”

“Yes, there is no problem, huh…”

“I’m glad you’re convinced. Oh yeah, my brother said he would love to get along with you.”


“Well, there’s also this physical problem, and there’s not many I trust, and I’m most acquainted with you outside of family. With that, our temporary engagement is broken. So, I’m leaving my little brother in your hands.”


“Well, it’s a sudden story, so I know you’re confused. Well, it’s fine. Everyone, listen. I’m not the First Prince. The First Prince is the current Second Prince. I’m going to drop my rights to inherit the throne. I hope you all can support my little brother. That’s all.”

Most of the people at the venue were so overwhelmed that they couldn’t say anything and the party ended.

After that, the former First Prince descended as declared and married Cortana.

At the wedding, the Former Prince wore a tuxedo. Cortana wore a dress.

After that, they were blessed with three children and lived happily.

The mentioned Duke’s daughter married the former Second Prince (now the First Prince) and thrived in the Kingdom.

It was decided from the start.

It Can’t be Helped that the Engagement is Broken

It Can’t be Helped that the Engagement is Broken

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
It is the usual unique development. But well, in this case, it is unavoidable…Part of the 「Unusual Engagement Cancellation」 series of oneshots.


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