It Always Feels Like Someone is Trying to Steal the Consignment chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)


The last trace of sunset burned in the horizon, casting a grayness over the barren and boundless desert.

Tang Ling walked alone with the consignment of silvers. He had taken care of two people who wanted to steal the consignment and was delayed. Therefore, the road was empty except for him right now.

Tang Ling looked at his Qianji Box [weapon]. He was a bit nervous.

A group of criminals had appeared in the Longmen Desert recently. They were organized and specifically targeted people who had consignments and were alone. He heard that a lot of people were victimized recently.

Tang Ling sighed. He thought that it would be great if Lu Yan was around.

He met Lu Yan when he was looking at the scenery at the Sansheng Tree. The two got along well and normally did everything together. When they escorted consignments, Lu Yan liked concealing himself around Tang Ling. If someone mounted a sneak attack on Tang Ling, Lu Yan would suddenly appear and take the attacker by surprise. Then he would grab the consignment of silvers and give it to Tang Ling.

Lu Yan didn’t speak Mandarin well. Tang Ling thought that he would teach him some words. However, a few days ago, Lu Yan suddenly came over with a red face. He asked Tang Ling, “What do Central Plain’s people say when they want to marry a wife?”

Tang Ling looked at him in surprise: “You want to marry a wife?”

Lu Yan scratched his head: “En.”

Tang Ling was silent for a while. “…… Did she agree?”

Lu Yan smiled bashfully: “I don’t know yet.”

Tang Ling rolled his eyes: “Stupid.”

Lu Yan’s face was serious: “She is willing.”


Tang Ling thought about it: “Then you tell her, ‘I like you. Marry me [wǒ].’”

Lu Yan repeated: “I like you. Marry nest [wō].”

Tang Ling: “It’s ‘me.’ Not ‘nest.’”

Lu Yan was serious: “I like you. Marry me.”

Tang Ling looked at him: “En.”

Lu Yan’s blue eyes looked at him without blinking: “Tang Ling?”

Tang Ling pulled himself together: “Say it to her like that.”

Lu Yan slightly smiled. His eyes shone as bright as a pool of water: “Okay.”

Tang Ling looked at him. His eyes suddenly felt a bit sour. He hurriedly lowered his head and played with his Qianji Box. “Why are you standing there foolishly? Go practice it a few times. Don’t go ‘nest, nest, nest.’ She would laugh at you.”

Lu Yan obediently turned to the wall and muttered his lines.

Sometimes he said “nest” and sometimes he said “me.”

The more Tang Ling heard, the unhappier he was. An unknown resentment spread. He could only go the yard and practiced sparring with the wooden stakes.


The night was getting darker and clouds covered the moonlight. Purple clouds floated in the dark sky, like the ribs of a beast. The road through the desert was vague and hard to see. The most regrettable thing was that Tang Ling felt that there were unusual sounds around him.

He was trained in assassination, so his ears were especially sharp. The sounds he heard seemed to be muffled footsteps rustling. In addition, it wasn’t only one or two people.

Tang Ling was frightened as he walked along. He thought of Lu Yan, whom he had not seen for days. His heart was a bit sour.

He must have gone to find that girl.

An unknown fire surged in Tang Ling’s heart. He clutched his Qianji Box and looked back.

Since he couldn’t hide, he might as well fight.

But there was no one behind him.

At this time, the moon hidden behind the clouds revealed half of its face. The moonlight similar to fine snow shone over the ground and highlighted dense and deep footprints that were behind Tang Ling. These footprints were constantly moving, but when the moonlight revealed their whereabouts, they completely stopped.

Tang Ling’s heart turned cold.


At this moment, a sound broke the stillness. These footprints surrounded Tang Ling as if they received some command. Tang Ling counted. There were thirty people.

He was stunned. One person versus thirty. How could that be possible?

The footprints stopped and were revealed one by one. They were all righteous sect’s disciples wearing hats and carrying curved swords. Before Tang Ling could react, these righteous sect’s disciples all started dancing and singing.

A bright and beautiful moonlight shone throughout the desolate desert, lighting everything up for an instant. The light flashed and formed countless changes as the moved. Lu Yan suddenly appeared in the midst of this light. He lifted up the shocked and dazed Tang Ling, who was surrounded by people. He lifted him up high, as his strong arms clamped around Tang Ling’s thighs. He sat Tang Ling like a child on his shoulder.

Extreme happiness in a myriad world; a dance only for their ruler.

Tang Ling was stunned sitting on Lu Yan’s shoulder. “You did this?”

Lu Yan looked up. Magnificent and gorgeous moonlight reflected his gentle smile. “En.”

Tang Ling hit him. “You almost scared me to death!”

Lu Yan’s blue eyes looked seriously into Tang Ling’s eyes. He enunciated, “I like you. Marry nest.”

The dancing righteous sect’s disciples shouted, “Marry nest boss!”

Tang Ling was stunned silly. He wanted to cry and laugh. “It’s ‘me!’ Stupid!”

Lu Yan smiled and hugged him. “Then are you willing?”

Tang Ling wrapped his arms around his neck and whispered, “…… I’m willing.”


Didn’t I already agree that day?


The End

Author’s Note: This is a little story about a local cat tyrant bringing a singing and dancing troupe along to propose marriage…… (*ˇ*)

My passion ~ is like ~ a fire ~ burning in the Longmen Desert ~ Oh, oh, oh ~ When he sees me ~ he must marry me ~ Burning in the desert ~ (ω‘)

It Always Feels Like Someone is Trying to Steal the Consignment

It Always Feels Like Someone is Trying to Steal the Consignment

Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Chinese
A Tang Sect disciple goes into the Longmen Desert with a consignment of silvers……He finds himself surrounded by a group of righteous sect’s disciples……. _(:з」∠)_


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