Isekai Tensei no Shinjitsu ~Kami Shiten~ chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“Okay, are you fine with that as your cheat privilege then? Well then, well then, have a safe trip~”

With such words of mine, the human before me reincarnated in a different world with a satisfied face.


It appears that reincarnating in different worlds is recently popular with humans.
To be more specific, living as one pleases in a different world with the power and abilities they receive from Gods like us is in fashion.

It was several years ago I became aware of it. That day, I made a slight mistake in operating the fate and ended up letting a boy who wasn’t supposed to pass away yet die.
Honestly, no one would get angry at me, a God, for making a mistake that killed just a single human, but I was feeling a bit guilty, so I met with the boy to apologize.

“I mistakenly let you die. I’m sorry.”

When I said so, the boy replied.

“Stop kidding me. What did you do? Take responsibility.”

He kept rattling on and on.
It was an incident that hasn’t happen in several hundred years. Even though humans are supposed to prostrate in awe when a God apologizes.
Even though a God has apologized, the words like “Unforgiveable” were unexpected, so I was honestly considerably shocked.
I was shocked, but I’m an Elite, so I thought of scattering away the boy’s soul, but……

“If restoring my life is impossible, at least reincarnate me in a different world. Of course, equipped with cheats.”

He spoke of such erratic idea.
That was the opportunity I learned of the different world reincarnation.

When I asked “Different world reincarnation? Cheats?”, the boy smoothly told me about “Template”. Immediately after listening, I was flabbergasted by the ridiculousness.
However, can’t this be used for something? Having such thoughts, the result……

“The Human-Observation Teaching Materials ~Different World Volume~” I started such business.

If I were to explain in a humanly easy-to-understand manner, it’s something like a breeding kit for humans.
Nowadays, human beings are arrogant. They have no duties. Their thoughts for Gods are deteriorating.
I, who has been governing the fate of people weren’t aware of it until now, so I’m sure that other Gods aren’t aware either.
It obstructs with work. It’s necessary to observe humans again. Thinking such, I reincarnated the boy in a different world just like he wished and observed him.
Having handed over the observation diary to heaven’s top brass, I requested several samples as it’s necessary to spread the changing nature of humans.
That was “The Human-Observation Teaching Materials ~Different World Volume~”‘s beginning. It’s currently used as teaching material for young Gods and earns me a slight profit.


…… I look at the small box in my hand.
When I peep into the small hole on the side of the box, I can see one of the different worlds the humans are talking about.
It’s a different world I’ve created earlier. A world where the human from a little while ago reincarnated.
In this world, one reincarnated person raised its first baby cry.

That world’s tale will begin from now on.
The “Template” the boy spoke about will unfold one day.
From cheats to a harem, the filthy, true character of modern people will appear without a doubt.

Enjoy it to the fullest. I think such from the bottom of my heart.


Until the day where the education ends and the teaching materials are discarded.

Isekai Tensei no Shinjitsu ~Kami Shiten~

Isekai Tensei no Shinjitsu ~Kami Shiten~

The Truth of the Different World Reincarnation ~God Point of View~, 異世界転生の真実 ~神視点~
Score 6.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese
The beginning of the different world reincarnation. God who gives cheats. Have you ever wondered about the Gods who behave just like human beings?


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