Immersed in the Act chapter 4

Chapter 4

Yes, they both immersed in the act but couldn’t get out. At that moment, they didn’t want to come out. The two met again in private, no one else knew about it. Jiang Jing knocked on the door with his luggage with a little nervous feeling in his heart, and then the door was opened. Zhou Qinghe seemed more nervous. He stood at the door, glanced at him and lowered his head to look at his feet, and whispered, “Brother.”

Jiang Jing saw that look many times. Every time he looked at the figure, his heart went soft, and he wanted to see it again after several months.

“I want to indulge? Should I restrain?” Still thinking about it in his mind, he put down his luggage and stepped forward to hug the man.

“I missed you.” Zhou Qinghe’s eyes turned red all at once, and he hugged him back, leaned his chin on his shoulder, “Me too.”

That night, they cooked together, took a bath together, and slept together. Without the camera and the crowded crew, they got along very naturally, as they had done that countless times. They hugged and kissed in the dark night, silent and lingering, and the whole night was full of warmth.

Zhou Qinghe said, “Let’s not be Wu Shuwen and Jiang Jie, but can we be Zhou Qinghe and Jiang Jing?” Jiang Jing understood what he meant, and put one hand on his back and pressed him into his arms, “Okay”

Not as Wu Shuwen and Jiang Jie falling in love, but as Zhou Qinghe and Jiang Jing.

The  two were very busy, and the time they got together was very short. But when they were free they would meet secretly in private. Perhaps because of that, they didn’t see each other in person in public and felt guilty like a thief. They were afraid their relationship would be discovered when they looked at the other person in the eyes of the public.

After ‘Ordinary Love,’ was released, many people regarded them as a couple. Every time Zhou Qinghe and Jiang Jing were asked that question, they felt embarrassed, or had guilty conscience, perhaps there was so much joy in their hearts. Jiang Jing also secretly followed a lot of people who liked the two of them as couples on the Internet. When he saw any interesting comments, he showed them to Zhou Qinghe. The two would laugh at each other and feel happy, and then hug each other.

For the movie ‘Ordinary Love,’ Zhou Qinghe won the newcomer award in one fell swoop. He stood on the podium for the first time. He kept looking at Jiang Jing sitting underneath and quickly moved his gaze away. In the end Jiang Jing had to cough and lower his head to play with his fingers, so as not to provoke Zhou Qinghe or distract him.

Director Li wanted them to work together again a year later. This time it was a police movie. Director Li wanted Zhou Qinghe to play the policeman and Jiang Jing to play his opponent as the underworld leader. He originally thought that those two were okay. Who knew when one faced another, they couldn’t even make a good eye contact or even touch each other. With things like that a good violent fight would be performed like a young couple’s quarrel.

“You haven’t adjusted it yet?”

Zhou Qinghe and Jiang Jing mixed up with each other with a silly smile, and they didn’t know how to tell the ‘matchmaker’, Director Li. They laughed relatively when they got home at night.

“It’s over, maybe I won’t be able to act with you in the future. When I see you, I want to… kiss you.”

“Me too… I still can’t stop laughing.”

“Haha~” The two laughed while sitting on the sofa with their heads on their hands.

Later, many people knew that the two of them could no longer work together because of the movie, ordinary love, unless they can act as a couple again. So no one invited them together at the same time. But their respective development wasn’t bad.

On the bright side, the king didn’t see the king. But in private, they both saw each other wearing pants and pulling a beard. Such a secret relationship was maintained for many years, and the two stable people sometimes felt a little unbelievable when they thought of it.

Jiang Jing was a few years older than Zhou Qinghe. After he was in his thirties, he got up and brushed his teeth and looked at the man in the mirror. He chuckled , “I’m getting old.” Zhou Qinghe, who came to the toilet next to him, poked a head and smiled at him. “No, the older you get, the better-looking you get. It is the best age for a man, it is very flavorful.” He had gradually matured and unlike Jiang Jing’s heavy temperament, he looked tall and handsome.

Jiang Jing saw his bent eyes with a little embarrassment, and was fascinated by him. He put the toothbrush off, strode over and embraced him with an arm, and deliberately smiled, “I am getting a good smell.”

“I am getting a good smell. What smell is it? Come here, let me smell it.”

The two big men played around like little boys. Zhou Qinghe almost got off his pants. After the trouble, he was a little bit dumbfounded. Just when Jiang Jing lamented that he was getting older, he got a call again. Although the actor’s call was from his home for marriage, the family would urge him in this regard. Even Zhou Qinghe’s family urged him to get married. Jiang Jing certainly didn’t answer it for the first time. It’s just that he shrunk every time and just dragged it. However, they couldn’t always drag such a thing.

“Let’s go overseas to have a surrogate baby, okay?” Zhou Qinghe said, as he held Jiang Jing’s hand tightly. Jiang Jing felt that there was nothing to hesitate or to worry about. He nodded, then shook his hand, “It’s okay, it’s enough for me to have you.”  The two went to surrogacy one after another, each had a child, and changed from two men to two fathers.

Later. they continued to live their lives as underground lovers, but they were embarrassed to see each other or to show off in public. As they both were in bed Jiang Jing said,  “Zhou Qinghe, would you dare to take a look at me in front of the camera? “[Laughs]

“I won’t dare.” “[Laughs]



Immersed in the Act

Immersed in the Act

Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
Two people acted in a gay movie. But they both got immersed in the act and eventually became lovers.


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