Immersed in the Act chapter 3

Chapter 3

“You, don’t get too immersed in the act or you won’t be able to get out.”

Jiang Jing was taken aback. He then shook his head with a smile, “How come… Don’t worry, I have self-control.” Director Li breathed a sigh of relief and patted his chest. “That’s good, it’s good if you realize it in your own heart. You and I don’t have to worry too much. I’m afraid that Qinghe’s boy will not get out of it after the filming. You have time to talk to him about this.”

“Okay, Director Li.”  As soon as Director Li left, Jiang Jing returned to Zhou Qinghe and sat down, stared at his face exposed from the blanket in a daze. Zhou Qinghe probably slept uncomfortably. He moved a little and pulled the blanket off his body, and Jiang Jing tucked the blanket into place for him. Zhou Qinghe was awakened by his movements and opened his eyes and looked at him in a daze. Jiang Jing felt his heart move, and reached out to touch his cheek, “It’s not time yet, you can rest for a while.” Zhou Qinghe nodded again and fell asleep, with a relaxed smile on his face.  Jiang Jing looked at him and found that he didn’t know when he also smiled. That state might be really bad. Jiang Jing rubbed his hand that touched Zhou Qinghe’s face and frowned. They quickly reached the end. In that scene, Wu Shuwen won the championship in the singer audition. He couldn’t wait to find Jiang Jie to share and tell him what he achieved. But, he died in a serial car accident. Jiang Jie rushes when he hears the news and arrives at his cold body. Jiang Jie was more mature and his feelings were more restrained, but there was no doubt that they were as profound as Wu Shuwen’s. Seeing the corpse of the beloved, that mature man who had experienced setbacks finally kneeled on the ground and cried like a child. His heart got broken.

Director Li was worried that Jiang Jing, a good-tempered guy, wouldn’t be able to cry. Who knew that once the scene was set up, Jiang Jing in front of Zhou Qinghe who played dead and was covered in blood, behaved like a man who really lost his lover. His cry was very real and very infectious. The crew who watched it couldn’t help but cry along with him.

Looking at the man in the camera who kneeled next to the corpse and cried embarrassedly, there was a voice of depressed weeping in everyone.  After they filmed that scene, someone saw Jiang Jing sit in a corner as he held Zhou Qinghe’s hand, and looked at him constantly, as if he was afraid that he would die suddenly. Zhou Qinghe talked to him all the time with eyes full of worry.

After filming of that movie called ‘Ordinary Love’, Director Li took Jiang Jing and Zhou Qinghe and said to them seriously: “You should understand your state. It’s better to not meet each other for some time.”

Jiang Jing asked his assistant to pick up a TV series, and flew to the filming location in S city, far away from B city, early the next morning. Zhou Qinghe was good and progressed fast in acting. Director Li appreciated him very much and introduced him to many friends, so he also quickly picked up a movie again. He was the male lead and had to love a woman deeply.

Everyone felt that they would return to normal soon, including themselves, but things didn’t go as they thought. When Zhou Qinghe made the second film, his acting skills had improved significantly. His acting with the heroine was also very good. But when he wasn’t filming, he always thought of Jiang Jing and always felt that he was still with him, several times. Sleeping in a daze, he looked around for Jiang Jing, and it took a long time to realize that he was gone.

Zhou Qinghe had never been in love before, but he understood that he really fell in love with Jiang Jing. And Jiang Jing wasn’t much better either. He was shooting a TV series in S City, and the heroine was an actress he had always loved. But he didn’t feel any love when he saw her. He just sat and thought about Zhou Qinghe, he wondered about where he was, what he was doing, and whether he… misses him.

He couldn’t control his feelings. After acting in TV dramas for so many years, he still couldn’t get out of that feeling for the first time. Not seeing each other didn’t make him calm. On the contrary, certain feelings became stronger and stronger, which almost made him feel unbearable.  He looked at the phone several times in hope, and wanted to call Zhou Qinghe. It was okay to just listen to his voice. He stretched his hand, and in halfway he retracted it.

He couldn’t do it. If he did, Zhou Qinghe would also be confused. He couldn’t get out by himself, and wouldn’t let the clear-eyed Zhou Qinghe not get out of it too.

“Just bear it, just bear it.” He restrained his thoughts.

A sudden call broke the forbearance. That was Jiang Jing’s personal phone number. Not many people knew his phone number. But the call record didn’t exist in his phone so he didn’t know who it was. He answered the phone and said, “Hello?”

He said, “Hello, I’m Jiang Jing, you are?”

The other person was silent. Just when Jiang Jing was about to hang up, he heard a familiar voice on the phone that he seemed to have heard countless times in his dream. The voice said, “I am Wu Shuwen.”

It was Zhou Qinghe, he said, “I’m Wu Shuwen. Has Jiang Jie changed back to Jiang Jing.”

Jiang Jing’s heart jumped wildly. He was a little distressed that he couldn’t explain clearly. His throat seemed to be blocked by something, and he couldn’t talk. It took a while before he said dumbly, “Shuwen, I am Jiang Jie.”

Immersed in the Act

Immersed in the Act

Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
Two people acted in a gay movie. But they both got immersed in the act and eventually became lovers.


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