Immersed in the Act chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Jiang Jing, It’s Director Li again.” The assistant said reluctantly. Jiang Jing, who was on the sofa reading the script, sighed and answered the call.

“Director Li.”

“Jiang Jing, what do you think about it?”

“Director Li, I don’t want to reject you either. It’s just that I don’t think I can grasp the subject in it.”

“I know. It’s just that I think your temperament and appearance are the most suitable. If I can find someone, I won’t call you these many times to bother you. I am sure that this is not a big problem for you. Acting always has to be pondered over.”

Jiang Jing sighed again. He had debuted four years ago and was considered to be a lucky actor in the entertainment industry. He was active on the TV series and had many good works and many fans who liked him. Director Li was a director with a good reputation. He had won awards for several of his works. If he had asked him to act in a movie, Jiang Jing would be happy, but this time, he wanted him to act as a comrade (gay) in the film. On the Internet nowadays, people often hear the word comrade. But as a straight man, Jiang Jing couldn’t understand what other feelings could be born between two men besides brotherhood. And there was no market for same-sex movies on the mainland. The most important thing was that he felt that he couldn’t act it out. He could only refuse Director Li, but Director Li continued to persuade him, which made him helpless.

“Jiang Jing, have you read the script?”

“I’ve seen it.” Jiang Jing flipped through the script in his hand. The story was good and very touching. It was a story of two ordinary people meeting by chance and living in the same room. After experiencing all kinds of hardships in life and supporting each other, after a long time, they fall in love with each other, but are forced to separate due to the death of one of them.

The story was very simple, but the feelings were sincere, and the writing was very moving. Even if he didn’t understand the feelings of the two men, his eyes got wet.

“Oh, why don’t you think about it again?” Director Li asked again.

Jiang Jing was silent for a while and asked, “Has another actor been selected?”
Director Li immediately said, “It’s selected, a guy named Zhou Qinghe who just made his debut. You and him are from the same college. He should be your junior. If you agree to act in this, I want to take him. He is a good seedling.”

Jiang Jing grabbed a handful of his hair, hesitated for a while, and finally replied, “Okay. Let me try.” During the audition, Jiang Jing saw his partner Zhou Qinghe. He was a clear and handsome young man, just like his name, his eyes were dark and bright, like clear river water, with an indescribable aura.

“Senior Brother, I often watch you on TV. My mother likes you. I ask you to give me advice this time.” He walked over and said. His eyes were very energetic, and they fit the description of Wu Shuwen’s eyes in the script.

Jiang Jing thought of the relationship between the two in the script. He got uncomfortable for a moment, and immediately corrected his mentality. He was a brother and a senior who was a few years older than that young man. So he couldn’t be so unreliable. So Jiang Jing with his elder brother’s appearance patted Zhou Qinghe on the shoulder, “Work hard, Director Li said that you have a bright future in this industry. Maybe I will look after you in the future.”

At that time, Direct Li kept frowning. He was usually a very good-tempered and kind person, but once he entered the working state, he got extremely cold. His eyes were as sharp as a knife, and he was not muddled at all. There was no sluggish appearance which he usually had. When Jiang Jing and Zhou Qinghe were looking at each other in the camera, he finally couldn’t help but a gesture.


“Qinghe, haven’t you been in love?”

Zhou Qinghe, like a kid who had done something wrong, shook his head.

“Your eyes are out of life. It’s not like looking at your lover. You have to remember that the person you are looking at is the one you love. You love him but you can’t say it. That kind of oppressive feeling should be seen in your eyes! Go look at yourself in the mirror and try!”

Zhou Qinghe nodded repeatedly and squatted to one side to try. Director Li looked at Jiang Jing again and said, “So are you. You can treat Qinghe as your girlfriend, but you must also remember that the one standing in front of you is not a girl, he is a man, and you still love him…”

Jiang Jing knew that his state wasn’t right, but he really couldn’t regard such a big man as a person he liked. He reluctantly treats him as a girl, and he would break his merits by just reading a line.

“Think about it for yourself. Read the script thoroughly, and try to figure out this feeling.”



Another short BL. Will be of 4 chapters. Enjoi!

Immersed in the Act

Immersed in the Act

Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
Two people acted in a gay movie. But they both got immersed in the act and eventually became lovers.


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