I’m the Rival Character, so I’ll Do My Best! ~Thursday’s Frivolous-senpai~ chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)


After school, I headed to a certain data room.

That is the favorite place of the frivolous senpai capture target.

In this data room, where even teachers don’t go too close, frivolous senpai often bring in girls.

To go to that data room by yourself, is it to peep? It seems like that, but it’s not.

As we all already know, I am going there to check his parameters.

Moreover, I have already grasped frivolous’ schedule.

He shouldn’t have been invited by anyone today.

Frivolous senpai should be lounging in the data room, then I’ll invite him to kiss me and that’s when Heroine-chan will appear.

Now then, would frivolous senpai get away in a hurry?

Or would you want to continue as is?

That’s when I can measure his favorability to Heroine-chan.

With frivolous senpai as the other person, you’ll be using your body more than before, me!

Even though I still haven’t had my first kiss, for me to ask to be kissed myself…

But yeah, I believe it’s okay.

I believe in you, Heroine-chan!!

Heroine-chan’s cuteness should have already made frivolous senpai fall!

My first kiss depends on you, Heroine-chan.

From my recollections of the past life, frivolous senpai is set to never refuse what comes, and never chase what leaves.

It was also written that his principle is to never force anyone.

Moreover, when he will fall for Heroine-chan, he’ll be so pure that he can’t even hold hands with her, like a first love.

That’s why it’s alright.

I arrived at the data room and gently opened the door.

In there was another person aside from the frivolous senpai I was looking for.

There was a girl who wound her hand around frivolous senpai’s neck and tried to kiss him.

Huh? He should have been alone today… wait, isn’t this me interferring?!

“Oh, I’m sorry!”

I panicked after seeing the kiss scene.

I wish I should have just walked out of the door without them noticing, but I accidentally brought attention to myself by openly apologizing.

After noticing my presence, that frivolous senpai hurriedly pushed away that girl who was trying to kiss him and immediately came to me.

Hmm? He seemed a little hurried?

“T-that just now isn’t what it seemed. It’s a misunderstanding.”


Hmm? What is the misunderstanding??

“I have nothing to do with her… and I didn’t do anything!”


No, weren’t you just about to kiss…

But hmm? Why are you suddenly making excuses to me?

“That’s why, believe me.”

While saying that, he held my hand tightly.

With my face going red, I immediately took back my hand.

“S-sorry. I touched you suddenly. I didn’t mean to harass you. I’m really sorry.”

No, no. A person who was trying to kiss another girl just now, with just holding my hand, becomes red and repeatedly tries to apologize… are you an innocent maiden?

But, huh?

What the?

Isn’t this situation something I’ve heard about somewhere before?

Wasn’t the girl just now my role? And…

What should I do if Heroine-chan comes now?

Should I kiss you just like this? And…

For some reason, his face became red and frivolous senpai kept on looking at me with a happy face. I’m so confused.

I’m the Rival Character, so I’ll Do My Best! ~Thursday’s Frivolous-senpai~

I’m the Rival Character, so I’ll Do My Best! ~Thursday’s Frivolous-senpai~

Raibaru Kyarananode Gambarimasu!〜 Mokuyōbi no Charaotoko Senpai 〜, Rival Chara nanode Ganbarimasu! ~ Mokuyoubi no Charao-senpai ~, ライバルキャラなので頑張ります!〜木曜日のチャラ男先輩〜
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
I’m a rival character, so I’ll do my best! Extra edition. The protagonist Rival Character-chan VS Frivolous-senpai.Sequel to I’m the Rival Character, so I’ll Do My Best!


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