I’m More in Love with You chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

—A few days after that.
Of course that day was the day Yukino kissed me.
After that I went straight home from the infirmary to escape.

Then, I thought about it in bed.
Yukino loves me so much—
But my heart warmed up mysteriously when I thought about it.

However, since that day, I could no longer look directly or talk to Yukino, who was sitting in the seat next to me.
Even though she is my important bestfriend.

This, am I conscious of her?
But this was clearly different from what I felt for Shitou-sensei.
Well then, what was it that I felt for Shitou-sensei?

Like? Respect? Longing? Longing—
At this time, I was shocked as if I was struck by lightning.
That’s it, Shitou-sensei was the ideal image of prince for me.

Cool, kind, tall, stylish, beautiful voice, and gentle smile.
But that was exactly what I told Yukino about Shitou-sensei at that time.

I just liked Shitou-sensei’s appearance and didn’t know anything about him.
I didn’t deserve to talk about other people.

I was telling Yukino such a terrible thing without knowing that.
Yukino treats me like this because she loves me so much.

I looked at Yukino who was listening to class while resting her chin in one of her hand from the side.
I drew her picture in my notebook.
Long black hair flowing like the veil of darkness, pearly firm skin, her eyes with slightly long slits of hidden double eyelids, straight nose bridge, that usual impish smile on her face—.

Yukino in the notebook was smiling at me, but the real Yukino didn’t even look at me.
I glanced at Yukino who was sitting next to me.

Yukino was taking notes seriously.
She didn’t seem to be interested a while ago, did the teacher say something important?

When I tried to copy the blackboard in a hurry, Yukino grabbed my right arm.
I was surprised and shook off my arm but Yukino whispered to me.

“You drew a picture of me just now, right?”

“…What, Ah, No…”

“Do you think about me so much?”

“No, Ah… Wha… What are you talking about-!!”

I stood up with a strong vigor until my chair fell down and pointed at Yukino.
Yukino smiled meaningfully.
Then, the classroom suddenly became silent. The reason was clear.

“Sase, be quiet during class.”

“I, I’m sorry…”

I was called by the English teacher, so I picked up my chair and sat down.
How did Yukino know that I was drawing her?

No way, was she looking at me and thinking about me all the time?
I turned to the right where Yukino sits again.

Then, Yukino showed me her notebook.
It was undoubtedly the figure of me drawn in the notebook.
My hair, face, facial expression, everything looks similar to me.

“Show me yours, Tomoe.”

“Wh, Why…”

“As expected, you drew a picture of me after all.”

“Ah, no…”

Yukino laughed with a ‘fufu’ just like when Yukino kissed me the other day, it was completely different from the usual sloppy feeling.
Sadly, there was no resistance and the notebook was picked up.

Yukino looked at the notebook with interest, observing it while bringing it further and closer.
Somehow, it was embarrassing and unbearable during this time.

“It’s too beautified.”

Yukino smiled mischievously again and returned the notebook to me.

“Tomoe is surprisingly artistic, isn’t it?

Yukino said that teasingly.
During class, I saw Yukino’s smile and I couldn’t forget it.
Yukino was smiling. Yukino’s smile was only directed at me.

After that, I felt that something had fallen with a ‘thump’ in my heart.
This is it, this, I’m in love.

My chest hurts when I stare at Yukino, it became painful, and I felt miserable.
I was happy when I saw Yukino’s smile but at the same time, it was painful.

It’s not Yukino’s appearance, I’m in love with Yukino herself.
Whether it’s the usual calm behavior or desperately trying to hold down her feelings towards me, everything.

—My thoughts became firm.
During lunch break, I scribbled in my notebook and showed it to Yukino sitting at the right side.
Go to the backyard alone now.

I got up from my seat when I saw Yukino nods.
At this rate, I’m likely to miss my lunch but maybe it’s probably trivial compared to something this important.

I went to the backyard with a feeling in my heart.
For some reason, Shitou-sensei was there when I arrived at the backyard slightly earlier.

“Hi, Sase-san.”


—This is the worst. Why is Shitou-sensei here?
Did he found out that I called Yukino here?
When my head was spinning around in circles at high speed, Shitou-sensei approached me.

“Sase-san, you like teacher, right?”


“Alright, I’ll love you.”

After that, Shitou-sensei pulled my arms and pushed me down.
Fortunately, the ground was not concrete, but soil and grasses, so it didn’t hurt.

However, this situation is bad.
I don’t know what to do if Yukino misunderstands when she arrives.
I may be violated or killed.

When I was trembling with fear, Shitou-sensei put his hand on my cheek.
It was rugged and cold unlike Yukino’s hand.

I immediately brushed away his hand after feeling the terrible touch and stepped back.
Shitou-sensei moved closer with the usual refreshing smile on his face.

It’s over.
I’m being harassed by Shitou-sensei. I felt that I was being defiled.
When I thought of this, my tears came out.


I shouted as loud as I could.
As if it could reach Yukino.
It was then.

I heard the sound of footsteps running in great speed from the main building to the supplementary building, and then the passage that leads to the backyard.
No way—.


As expected, it was Yukino. She came to help me.
The remaining tears that I’ve restrained came down heavily.

“Stay away from Tomoe, you asshole!!”

While shouting that, Yukino rushed towards Shitou-sensei and punched him with a strong force.
Shitou-sensei staggered when the fist his abdomen directly and Yukino grabbed his collar without caring whether he is a teacher or not.

Shitou-sensei is breathing on her shoulder.
Yukino brushed her hair to the back with her hand while panting heavily and said

“What did you do to Tomoe.”


“Hurry up and answer!!”

Yukino approached Shitou-sensei with a menacing look that I’ve never seen before.
Then, Shitou-sensei told her the details while coughing violently.
Yukino’s face became darker.


Yukino kicked Shitou-sensei with her long leg until he flew off.
Shitou-sensei flew off until he bumped into the tree trunk nearby funnily.
Maybe he had lost consciousness.

Yukino sighed loudly and looked at me.
Then she walked towards me.
Yukino’s black and glossy hair sways slowly with the wind. I was fascinated.

“Are you injured?”

“N, No…”

“So? Why is this guy at the backyard?”

Yukino crouched beside me and pointed at Shitou-sensei.
I couldn’t even guess it.

“I don’t know… by chance, maybe my thoughts got discovered…”

“Oh. So why did you call me?”

Yukino said that with a mischievous smile while throwing stones at Shitou-sensei.
Yukino didn’t seem to treat Shitou-sensei as a human.

Yes, I came here for this.
I stood up while brushing off the dust on my uniform and straightened my back.
Then Yukino laughed with ‘fun’ with her nose as usual.

“What, suddenly being like this.”

“…Maybe you don’t know now. Maybe you’re wondering what it is now. You might think it’s a lie. You might think it’s because it’s convenient. But, but I…”

Before I realized it, I raised my head up.
I grabbed Yukino’s both hands and stared at her.
Only I am reflected in her pupils.

“I like Yukino!”

The wind blew with a slight breeze.
At that moment, it’s as if the time had completely stopped.
Whether it’s the rustling of trees, the chirping of a little bird or the talking flowers, everything.

Yukino stared at me firmly.
Maybe it looked like that because my time had stopped.

The wind blew with a slight breeze and the time began to move again.
While Yukino’s hair was swaying gently with the wind, she said

“As a friend, right?”

Yukino’s eyes were smiling happily but it looked very sad.
Yukino had never shown me this painful and distressing expression.

I couldn’t bear it and hugged Yukino.
Yukino appeared dumbfounded after this.
I continued to hug her regardless of it.

“Sorry, Yukino… The first thing you thought about was me… you were always kind to me, you even protected me from Shitou-sensei… Even though, even though I was so cherished, I didn’t notice it…!”

“Tomoe… it’s okay, after all, I did that voluntarily… Can you let me go?”

“No! I like Yukino as a girl. —I finally noticed it. I was very happy when I was talking with Yukino, seeing Yukino’s smile made me happy and it hurts when I saw Yukino’s sad face…”

I hugged Yukino’s slender body tightly.
I said that she was heavy in the infirmary but in fact, she is thin that she may break when I hugged her like this.

“That’s why I like Yukino and I still like it now! So, from now on, be my girlfriend—”

My words were interrupted halfway.
It didn’t take long to realize that it was because Yukino was kissing me.

Yukino hugged me and trembled after she released her lips.
While I was in confusion, Yukino leaked out a dry laughter.

“What was that. You already fell in love with me…”

When Yukino was laughing with ‘kukuku’ while smiling oddly on my shoulder, I also smiled oddly.
I thought to myself, it was really right.

I stared at Yukino for a long time.
She is shy, always calm and rarely opens her heart to others. But she thinks about the person she trusts thoroughly and used her body to protect me.

To this kind of Yukino, I’ve fallen in love with her since long ago.
When I realized the funny fact, I returned a kiss to Yukino.

Yukino accepted my lips without confusion and her tongue slipped in.
The intertwined tongue took my breath away.

I knew that my cheeks were flushed and I reservedly entangled my tongue with Yukino’s tongue.
Yukino hugged me tightly and didn’t let go.
I caressed Yukino’s back.
Only the rustling of the trees and the Sun were looking at us gently

I’m More in Love with You

I’m More in Love with You

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
It was you who were always there.


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