I’m Cinderella’s Sister, but I’m Reluctantly Going to Marry the Prince chapter 4

Chapter 4

Against all expectations, the invitations to me did not decrease. On the contrary, the more time passed, the more they started to increase. I thought they wouldn’t invite me again once I attended, but I was very wrong. Hah, I don’t understand these people.

“… You look tired, Karina.”

I forced myself to smile too much at the invited tea party, and my face became sore. The prince came to the detached palace and laughed at me as I collapsed with twitching cheeks.

“You’re doing well. Would you like to go to the summer villa for a week or so?”

After all, he’s willing to take me to a summer villa owned by the Royal Palace. I would be happy if I could leave here, even if only for a week.

I nodded without a second thought.

Mountain! River! Lake! Nature! At the detached palace, I finally regained my energy.

I was worried that if I came here, I’d have to worry about entertaining him or something, but fortunately, the prince set me free. Maybe he just came with me because he has a mistress over here.

Hmm, it’s a nice place to be, nonetheless.

If I successfully get a divorce, please give me this detached palace …as a consolation prize, is it too greedy? I was thinking about such luxuries as I cooked a dish of wild vegetables.

On the last night of my stay, the prince invited me to walk by the lake with him. Oh, is this finally the reveal of his mistress’ existence? I was thrilled, but the prince showed no sign of broaching the subject any time soon.

“There is a small boat. Let’s ride together.”

Oh, you’re taking us to a place where no one can overhear? As expected of a prince. He’s a tactician. The prince and I got in a small wooden boat, and we paddled out to the lake.

… It’s about the center of the lake. As expected, no one will hear us here, right? I was waiting for the prince to bring up his mistress, but for some reason, he said something completely unrelated.

“Look up.”

What in the world is this all about, I wondered, but I looked up.

I couldn’t help but squeal with delight at the sight that appeared there. The sky above me was filled with stars. Looking closely, countless stars were reflected on the surface of the lake, making it the beautiful sight I have ever seen.

“It’s a rare occasion to see such a beautiful starry sky… I’m glad I got to see it with you.”

“It’s wonderful. Thank you, Prince.”

Maybe this was the prince’s way of rewarding me for my recent exhaustion. I decided to interpret it favorably. I would be even happier if you would also tell me about your mistress if possible!

Oh, a shooting star!

Maybe it was just that kind of time of year, but several shooting stars were drifting across the night sky.

“Did you know, prince? It’s said if you make a wish three times before the shooting star disappears, your wish will come true.”

“If that’s the case … let’s hope so.”

Alimony, alimony, alimony!  Next to me, the prince stared at the shooting star and seemed to wish desperately for something. Even if there’s a potential mistress, it’s probably for the prince’s unrequited love.


Summer has passed, and autumn has come, and a happy thing has happened. The princess of a small country in the west is visiting our country to sign an alliance – Princess Priscilla. She is as small and lovely as a little bird, and there are signs of romance between her and our Prince Francis!

“Today, they went to the inspection together …”

“I’ve always thought that princess was too attached to Prince Francis!”

“She tried to dance with the prince first, leaving our princess behind … I can’t forgive her!”

The maidservants of the palace are angry at the princess for that. You got mad for me …that’s not good. I’m finally burned out. I was inwardly relieved as I quieted the girls.

Ella’s rejection must have deeply hurt the prince. Still, he is trying to move forward. It must be Princess Prisila who healed the pain of Prince Francis’s broken heart.

Oh, thank you for cleaning up my unworthy sister’s mess… and as I was basking in this sentiment, the prince who was supposed to be flirting with Princess Prisila came over.

“… Ekaterina, any changes?”

Yeah, nothing changes. As always, the prince doesn’t say my name correctly. It’s you who’s changed, isn’t it?

Today’s the day! Surely I’ll hear a report of his love affair with Princess Priscilla! I was excited at the thought, but for some reason, the prince only talks about small talk that has nothing to do with Princess Priscilla at all…Could it be that he’s being discreet for me?

No, no, no, I’m only a temporary princess to keep up appearances. If an authentic princess appears, I’ll support her with all my might.

With that thought in mind, I decided to talk to him.

“By the way, Prince, Princess Priscilla, who is currently staying here …”

The somewhat reserved prince’s eyes widened in surprise at her name.

Oh, that’s a bingo!

“… what about her?”

“Nothing, Princess Prisila is a charming person … and I understand she’s very close to Prince Francis.”

“She’s the princess of an ally. I don’t want to be disrespected.”

Yeah, I know! So, please give me a report about that …

“Did Princess Prisila come here?”

“No, I have never seen her other than at the welcome banquet..”

“Well … that’s good.”

No, this is not good. Don’t you want her as your princess?

In the end, today’s tea ended, and the prince didn’t talk to me as I had hoped.

As I was about to see the prince off as usual, for some reason, he stepped out of the room and then came back towards me.

Then he held my hand tightly and told me.

“Angelina, if anything changes, let me know immediately.

“Uh, okay……”

“…Don’t worry. I’ll never let them hurt you.”


Before I could understand, the prince turned on his heel and left.

What on earth was that all about?

Is he practicing to propose to Princess Priscilla?

He told me not to worry, but there’s nothing, in particular, to worry about…

“Good for you, my lady!”

“Yes, Prince Francis only needs our princess!”

“That’s right! You two were destined to meet!”

My conscience begins to throb in my heart and at the joyful maids… After all, I’m not supposed to be here.

I’m a substitute princess.

Prince Francis’s love, his gentle smile, and his worried words should be dedicated …to Ella, and now to Princess Priscilla.

… It’s okay. It will be over soon. The prince and the princess will be joined in true love and have an undisputed happy ending.

As a supporting character, I’m going to leave the stage in style.

— ‘Don’t worry about… I’ll never let them hurt you.”

Stop that.

It’s almost as if I’m the secondary character and hope that he’ll love me one day.

I need to be reasonable and step aside before I cling to him so pathetically.

Biting my lip tightly, I decided to do so for sure.

I’m Cinderella’s Sister, but I’m Reluctantly Going to Marry the Prince

I’m Cinderella’s Sister, but I’m Reluctantly Going to Marry the Prince

Shinderera no anedesuga, fuhon'inagara ōji to kekkon suru koto ni narimashita, シンデレラの姉ですが、不本意ながら王子と結婚することになりました
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
When the prince arrives with a glass slipper in his hand, Cinderella elopes with the wizard right in front of him! The prince couldn’t go back to the castle empty-handed and decided to take Cinderella’s not-mean step-sister and marry her.This is the story of Cinderella’s step-sister, who has neither glass slippers nor a pumpkin carriage, who reluctantly ends up marrying the prince, and how she finds her own happiness.


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