I’ll Just Take a Lick Chapter 1

Hui Bai Li Ming

“Don’t come any closer!” Hui Li struggled to get away. The Daoist robe on his back met the rough texture of the banyan tree, and the scent of the man in front of him made him shiver.

“I won’t hurt you.” Bai Ming reached out to touch the little guy on the ground. So sweet and enticing a smell, he wanted to hold him.

“Go away!” Hui Li’s eyes instantly moistened with tears, his hands flailed wildly, and his body kept trying to huddle behind the tree.

“You’re injured. You need treatment.” The other person’s calf was oozing blood, staining his light gray Daoist robe red. Bai Ming twitched his nose. He was using a lot of willpower to restrain the urge to pounce.

Hui Li’s injured leg was clamped by the man’s hand no matter how hard he struggled. His tears poured out at once.

“Don’t eat me! My cultivation isn’t high and I don’t have much meat. If you eat me you’ll knock your teeth….” Hui Li’s voice choked up with sobs. He wiped his nose and continued, “I’m very useful. I can cook, wash clothes, do chores. Please don’t eat me….”

“I don’t want to eat you. I’m just helping you take a look at the wound.” Bai Ming gazed seriously into Hui Li’s eyes, trying to convince the other person he meant no harm.

Hui Li turned his head away to avoid the man in front of him. He didn’t believe it. The cat gulped just now, he saw it.

Bai Ming carefully cut open Hui Li’s trouser leg with his fingertips. The wound wasn’t deep, but the meridian was injured so the wound was still bleeding. Bai Ming’s heart suddenly throbbed, wishing he could suffer in the other person’s place.

His fingers stroked the air over the wound, and a faint fluorescence flowed from his fingertips. The injury quickly healed, leaving only a few bright red stains.

Bai Ming bunched up his sleeve and gently dabbed at the blood.

As soon as the man let go of his hand, Hui Li couldn’t wait to draw back his still-trembling leg.

“Can, can I go now?” Hui Li lowered his head, but his eyes happened to glance at the blood-stained cuffs. The crimson against the pure white cloth was dazzling.

“Mmm….” Bai Ming backed away, and not long after came the sound of rustling fabric. When he looked up, the little Daoist figure was gone.

“Mouse, I finally found you….” The murmuring voice was broken by the wind.




Hui Li used his excellent escape skills and rushed back to the Daoist temple where he lived.


“Whew….” It wasn’t until the gate was shut that Hui Li exhaled in relief. His body slid down against the red-painted door.

It was so horrible to take a trip down the mountain only to run into his natural enemy. He’d just gained the ability to transform his shape, and judging from the other person’s healing power, he was undoubtedly a spirit who’d lived for many years. Their combat strength wasn’t on the same scale.

But why didn’t the cat demon eat him? Was it really because Hui Li didn’t have much meat?

Hui Li pinched his face and thought it felt quite fleshy. It seemed he’d have to eat less in the future.

“Is your face sore? Let me see…..”

Hui Li sprang up from the ground in an instant.

“How did you get here!” Hui Li looked around in a panic, searching for a chance to escape.

“I….” just wanted to follow you.



That day, the small Daoist temple on the mountain gained a new permanent resident. Hui Li once again lived on pins and needles, just like before his transformation.

“Let me help you with that.” Bai Ming suddenly appeared beside Hui Li.

“No need!” Hui Li hurriedly shielded the plate in his hand, his voice shrill from too much excitement.

Hui Li quickly set the food on the table, then pushed the larger bowl toward Bai Ming.

“Go ahead and eat.” Hui Li struggled to move his gaze away from the bowl of food and the glistening kernels of corn——just eat that, don’t eat me.

“Go ahead, I’m not hungry.” Bai Ming sat down across from Hui Li, pushed the food over, and looked at him with unblinking eyes.

“Are you really not hungry? Last night it was obvious you….” tried to eat me, that kind of place….

Hui Li hung his head, then stole a glance at Bai Ming.

Thinking about last night, Bai Ming’s throat moved slightly. The dilapidated Daoist temple only had one bed. He hadn’t wanted to, but after the little one fell asleep, he’d arched into his arms without delay.

Such a tempting aroma. After a while, he wasn’t able to hold back….

“You truly don’t have to be afraid of me. I don’t eat mice,” Bai Ming said very seriously. He couldn’t help it. The little guy always avoided him. Just one touch and he’d jump with fright.

“Well, do you eat corn? All I have is corn…..” Hui Li pinched the corner of his robe and continued to peek at the bowl of sweet-smelling corn on the cob.

“Okay, I’ll eat it.” Bai Ming held up the corncob and bit down. The taste was very strange, but the little guy wanted him to eat it. The little guy would stop worrying then, right?

Hui Li really breathed a sigh of relief. There was no rush to eat him then, right?

“I’ll make corn for you every day. That means you’re not allowed to bite me again.” Hui Li looked at Bai Ming expectantly. He was bitten last night and his shoulder still hurt.

“I’ll just lick.” Last night was purely because the little guy was too excited when he went in. He didn’t hold back a moment, and Bai Ming’s mouth got a little rough.

“Right, only licking is allowed….” Hui Li glared at the cat demon in front of him, blustering so soon after winning a concession.

“Can I lick right now…?” Glared at by Hui Li, Bai Ming had just eaten but already felt hungry again.

“Just lick your fingertips!”




“The food’s getting cold, that’s enough of your mouth!”


TL Notes:

spirit – 妖精 – yao jing – demon, evil spirit, goblin, elf, etc.

cat demon – 猫妖 – mao yao

on pins and needles – from 轻手轻脚 – cautiously without any noise; softly; gently

enough of your mouth – paraphrased from 松口 – relax one’s bite and release what is held

I’ll Just Take a Lick

I’ll Just Take a Lick

I'll Just Lick, 我就舔一舔
Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
Mouse Demon: “I’ll cook corn for you, will you promise not to bite me?” Cat Demon: “I won’t, I’ll just take a lick”Short sweet story about a cute mouse gong and cold cat shou


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