If It’s for My Lady chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

I can do anything.

Hello, nice to meet you. I’m Avellino Marchan. I am the exclusive escort for the daughter of the Duke, Lady Nicollette Raffinumon.

It was difficult to become Lady Nicollette’s exclusive escort. But I endured it for the sake of being Lady Nicollette’s exclusive escort, all because of her. That’s why rather than not being dissatisfied with my current life, I am rather happy with this. Well, as long as I play the role of an escort, I can be happy every day.

It was a decade ago that I met Lady Nicollette.

I was the son of a wealthy merchant, and that day, I was out in a carriage with my family. …At that time, bandits attacked us. When my father and mother were murdered cruely, I was so stunned that I couldn’t move. Lady Nicollette’s carriage happened to pass by, and Lady Nicolette ordered her dedicated escorts to help me. Lady Nicollette smiled at me with a face that seemed about to cry. 「You did your best, it’s alright now.」 she said as she hugged me, and with that tremendous sense of security I felt at that moment, I finally cried.

Even though I was the son of a wealthy merchant, I was too young to live alone, and Lady Nicollette cared for me and took me in to the Raffinumon family to serve as Lady Nicollette’s future exclusive escort.

After that, so as to not be an embarrassement as an exclusive escort for Lady Nicollette, I thoroughly learned martial arts to protect Lady Nicollette at any time. And I desperately trained because I wanted to meet that gentle Lady Nicollette again, and this time, be the one to protect her.

And then one day, I was finally able to serve as Lady Nicollette’s exclusive escort.

“I-it has been a long time! Lady Nicollette! I… uhm! I was rescued by Lady Nicollette at that time!”

“Oh, the puppy at that time, huh? I remember you. You’ve grown up so big now… Learning a lot of things was hard, no? You’ve worked hard. From now on, I look forward to you being my exclusive escort.”


Lady Nicollette smiled while stroking my head. At this time, I once again thought that I could do anything for the lady, and I made a vow in my heart.

And time passed, and Lady Nicollette came to be of age. Lady Nicollette then became more beautiful and even gentler. As her dedicated escort, I was also proud of her.

However, Lady Nicollette’s decided fiance since birth, His Highness the Crown Prince Blaise Roy, has recently became close to a Baron’s daughter, Noemi Vulgarite.

Thinking that this is also the work of an exclusive escort, I collected evidence of the flirtation of Noemi and His Highness Crown Prince Blaise, and clarified the false accusation they made to Lady Nicollette.

…I want Lady Nicollette to be happy. However, with this stupid Prince, Lady Nicollette can never be happy.

That’s why I went to the Duke directly to report Prince Blaise’s affair, together with the evidence of them falsely accusing Lady Nicollette.

“Sir! Under this condition, Lady Nicollette will be unhappy! You can now cancel the engagement under the responsibility of His Highness Prince Blaise! Please make a decision!”

“…Okay, I get it. Leave this matter to me. I too don’t want my beloved daughter to be in an unhappy marriage. Thank you for the report.”

“Yes! Then, please excuse me.”

Afterwards. The Raffinumon family decided to break the engagement with the now former Crown Prince, moreover, the Prince who lost his backing was branded as foolish and obsessed to a Baron maiden. The Crown Prince position was then succeeded by His Highness the Second Prince. The former Crown Prince entered the Baron house as son-in-law, but they seem to have had an unfortunate marriage with continuous fighting between the couple.

And then Lady Nicollette.

“Hey, Lino. Isn’t it about time you accept my proposal for you to enter our house as my husband?”

“Again with that joke… it’s such a fearful, presumptuous thing.”

For some reason, it is appealing to me. Honestly, I’m happy, but Lady Nicollette’s happiness comes first for me. I’m not strong enough.

“I’ve already said this many times, but I’m serious, you know? I think I can have a happy marriage with you who have gone this far and done many things for me.”

“My Lady…”

“And I came to love you.”

Huh? Please! And the Lady Nicollette, who tilted her small neck, is so cute. I unconsciously shook my head.

“I will not give up. Please be prepared.”

“I will never give in, My Lady”

“Is it for me too?”


“If so, please marry me. That is my happiness.”

The Lady is tough. I have to manage myself… If it’s for My Lady, I can do anything. Therefore, I’ll show you how well I can hide this love.

If It’s for My Lady

If It’s for My Lady

Ojou-sama no Tame naraba, お嬢様のためならば
Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
The story of an exclusive escort dedicated to the lady.


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