I Won’t Kiss You chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Author Note:

This is the first time I’ve written something.

“This manga is pretty interesting, huh?”

Before going to sleep, this girl was reading a manga while lying flat on her stomach. She had plump thighs and a tight butt.

Fixedly staring at that was one man. That man quickly took off the girl’s short pants and underwear, hugging those exposed thighs and butt from behind. The man enjoyed the softness with his whole body. And then, he took out his ecstatically erect member and placed it against her special place.

“This development super makes me wanna cry.”


The girl was carefreely reading the manga. Meanwhile, with a *squelch*, the man’s thing was inserted inside of her. When his thing reached all the way up to its base, the man felt an indescribable sense of satisfaction. And then, he slowly pulled it out and in repeatedly.

Having finished reading the manga, the girl took out her smartphone and began talking online with her friends. The redness of her cheeks were heightened, and she gave quiet, repeated breaths. Suddenly, the man clung to her from behind, hugging her so that her body couldn’t leave him. And in the next instant, the man began to vigorously pound that place of hers.

“Nn!! Mm!! Nnh!!”

The girl frowned, continuing to look at her smartphone amidst this discomfort. After a while, the man’s member pushed into the deepest part of that place of hers, and then ejaculated with all its strength.

*spurtle*! *spew*! *spurtle-urtle*!

The man fell asleep just like that.

Author Note:

I want to try living in such a world.

I Won’t Kiss You

I Won’t Kiss You

Kiss wa Shinai, キスはしない
Score 4.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese


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