I Will Become A Bully chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

I’m going to bully her. Who is “she”? It’s that commoner, Maribel.

She was allowed to enroll in this prestigious Etoile Noble Academy because of having high magical power, for a commoner. Commoners aren’t comparable to aristocrats! I can never forgive her for this.

I’m not wrong to complain about this.

The problem here is Maribel, who was born as a commoner. If she was going to blame anyone, it should be her parents who were also born as commoners instead of a noble like myself.

Maribel doesn’t know her place.

I’ve always been among the aristocracy. Yes, all nobles, and that includes my fiance.

So, I advised Maribel, “It’s unbecoming not to know your place among your betters, you should understand what you are here.”

And then she replied, “I’m not like you nor will I listen to you.”

It’s quite the shame, rejecting the aristocracy so confidently. I knew I couldn’t convince her in words, so I will show it to her with action.

I decided I would bully her.

When I thought of where to start, I came up with the idea of getting rid of all her textbooks. It was a good time to do so, while the grades were still in orientation.

Yes, there’s a year difference between myself and Maribel. I’m in my second year while Maribel is in her first year. So I stole all of her textbooks and replaced them with the ones I used last year.

Fufufu, now her textbooks all describe the important points in her future lessons as if they were spoilers in a mystery novel. I knew how much she was looking forward to studying.

I took that pleasure away from her. Oh, sometimes I scare myself.

I triumphantly returned to my class to think of how disappointed Maribel would be.

The teacher was angry at me because I skipped class… ugh, I sincerely regret my actions. Hence, I request you to reduce the 10,000-word requirement of my reflection paper just a bit more…!

– I have failed.

Contrary to my expectations, Maribel was even more motivated and improved her grades. What steely determination. I have to take another step.

Now, I’m considering her uniform. It’s rather old-fashioned, I’m sure it’s full of memories. I’ll take it and change it to a newer uniform.

I’ve done it.

I changed them in secret during swordsmanship lessons. I also put the gym clothes that I wear for practical training under the new uniform.

I’m going to take the old uniform and sell it to a second-hand clothes store. I’m disposing of a uniform full of memories.

Oh, sometimes I scare myself. I shuddered a little at my work.

What will you think, Maribel? I skipped back to my class.

… The teacher scolded me again. They told me to stop acting in embarrassing manners unbecoming of a lady.

… Forgive me.

– I have failed.

Maribel is bizarrely happy. The old clothes weren’t full of memories. I’m disappointed. I have to take another step.

I worried about what to do when I caught sight of her lunch box.

This school has a cafeteria but she brings her lunch with her. Well, I suppose that’s how you know she’s a poor commoner.

I wonder what she’ll do if it disappears. I hurriedly went over to Maribel and decided to take her lunch because I wanted to see it. In its stead, I put down on her desk a lunch box made by the chef of my house, the Duchy’s mansion.

Incidentally, I ate Maribel’s lunch box because it would be a waste. For some reason, I thought it was delicious.

I’m a Duke’s Daughter, I don’t want to feel that the commoner’s food is delicious.

– I have failed.

Maribel gratefully ate the lunch box I left behind. Moreover, from the next day on, she brought two lunch boxes. I wonder if I left a letter saying that it was delicious.

Thanks to all that, my lunch is a lunch box made by Maribel. I wonder why it’s so delicious even though it’s such simple fare. It’s strange…

I’m a little discouraged by all my failures. But I’m the daughter of the Duke’s family, so I will not give up here.

I suddenly came up with the idea to wait for Maribel at the school gates. Most aristocrats who attend this school arrive by horse-drawn carriage but Maribel is a commoner, so she has to walk. I’ve confirmed this in advance.

I saw her walking, I dashed to her and sprinkled enchanted water over her head.

She looks so surprised.

I quickly styled it and dried it with an enchanted wind to keep it from going back to normal.

Her hair was always straight. I’ve just toyed with it. It must be humiliating.

Oh, sometimes I scare myself.

A woman’s hair is her life. I’m trembling at my having toyed with hers.

– I have failed.

Maribel is tolerating me toying with her hair every day.

It’s strange. I wonder if commoners and aristocrats have different standards. But I won’t stop because of that.

This isn’t for fun, is it? With Maribel, the only problem is her hair is so lovely, to begin with. Can I only make cute styles when I toy with it using my hands?

I’ve decided it’s fun…

This is no good. I have to take another step.

I pushed Maribel down the stairs. She was about to step on a banana peel.

So before that, I prodded it a little. I wondered who threw it away in such a place. I’ll have to raise this issue with the student organization later.

Incidentally, I’m holding Maribel in a princess carry. I caught her in the middle of her fall. Pardon? It isn’t bullying if you don’t let her fall all the way?!

That’s terrifying… I don’t want her to bleed.

That’s why it must be this way! Oh, sometimes I scare myself. To be seen in such an embarrassing situation by a large number of people, Maribel can’t possibly hold her head high here in the future!

– I have failed.

I’m more embarrassed than Maribel.

Maribel is now called a “Saint” a year after she enrolled. She is a healing magic user, thought to be a 1 in 100,000 chance, and is particularly exceptional even among them. Alongside it, because of her honest personality and her achievements she’s gotten high praise from both aristocrats and commoners.

Incidentally, Maribel has the best scores in the school. I am second to her.

She and I are from different grades, so this is only referencing our magic, which is especially important in this school.

Is it because of that that I’m the Sage with the Saint?

All that being said, the school is very excited about us.

It’s embarrassing, it’s embarrassing…!

How has this happened?

I have failed…!

Today, there’s a social event at the school. What does it mean to be waiting for a fiance that won’t come? I can’t forgive my escort.

I decided to enter the venue alone. It’s embarrassing, but having a fiance yet coming alone is not the focus of everyone’s attention. I decided to become a wallflower while feeling sorry for myself.

It was peaceful for a time. But then there was suddenly a commotion.


It’s my fiance who calls me, the First Prince of this country. There are four other nobles beside him. They are… I’ll omit the introductions of these side characters because it’s bothersome.

I was furious at being called out by the Prince and his strange friends. “What is it?” I asked.

We’re at the center of the hall. I was called out when it was already time to dance. We are in the spotlight. The hall is quiet.

What is the prince going to do?

“Florencia, you claimed you bullied Ms. Maribel here.”

As the Prince said that, Maribel appeared between him and his strange friends.

She walks next to me in a dress that’s neither gaudy nor drab, no different from the other noble ladies, they are clothes befitting a Saint. It’s the dress I purposefully sent to her to keep her from standing out.

Even though her chance to show the dignity of the Saint has been crushed, she doesn’t seem to regret it at all. Rather, she looks relieved and pleased.

I have failed yet again. Maribel is so formidable…

Incidentally, what’s about to happen?

“I am calling off my engagement with you, Florencia!”

The Prince suddenly said something insane. Immediately after and to my further confusion, Maribel said something insane as well:

“Oh, then, in that case, I’ll take Florencia for myself.”

“What?” the Prince and his strange friends all go, stunned.

It’s only natural. I’m stunned as well as I don’t understand what she means.

“What?” Maribel asks. “Isn’t it fine if I take Florencia for myself as she’s now single?”

“Well, yes, but aren’t you and Florencia both women?” the Prince asks.

He’s right. We’re both women. So it’s fine to assume that Maribel didn’t just say that.

“Because we’re both women, we can do intimate things like taking a bath together,” Maribel says. “And if we stay at an inn, we can stay in the same room, and because we know our bodies well, I’m confident that I can satisfy Florencia.”

“Damnation,” I snorted at Maribel’s words. It’s not my fault I feel my virginity is being threatened.

“Maribel…”I whispered, suddenly looking terrifying and intimidating.

“Yes…?!” Maribel says cheerfully.

Huh? She doesn’t think I’m cute, does she? I wonder why should think such a scary girl is cute and tilt my neck in confusion.

“Maribel…?” the Prince calls after her.

“… What do you want…?” she grumbles.

Maribel, you’re being disrespectful.

“Isn’t Florencia bullying you?”

“What? What are you talking about? She hasn’t been bullying me?” Maribel asks, confused.

“I was bullying you,” I say.


Maribel, why are you looking so confused? The textbooks were stolen and replaced, as were your uniforms, and so on. I explained it to Maribel…

Oh no, everyone else is staring at me with open mouths and blank eyes.

… What’s going on?

While I wondered that, I began to hear voices from all around the venue.

“That’s cute.”

“Pfftt… that’s not bullying.”

“No, she wants to take her home instead.”

Whaaaaat…? What do they mean? Why are they calling this ‘cute’? Don’t they realize I’m a bully? It’s strange to think bullying is cute.


Maribel takes my hand. It’s petite and soft; for a commoner, her hands aren’t rough at all. These thoughts were instantly blown away by what happened next.

“I, Saint Maribel, will declare this here: I swear to the Goddess Liriel that I will make Florencia my wife, love her for the rest of my life, and support this country together with her.”

She emphasized the “Saint” part. Now no one will challenge her declaration. If you do that, you’re implying you’re unhappy with the Saint, and by association, the Goddess as well.

Everyone is upset. I am, too.

Maribel didn’t care about any of it and kissed me… I didn’t dislike it even if it was my first time. Other women aren’t so bad…

The venue was in a tizzy. Both the lords and the ladies are equally flustered and blushing.

“I… what?” the Prince sputtered, frozen as he pointed at us.

After a while, I recover my sense and try to walk away but everyone is blocking my path.

“Flo…” the Prince starts before he gurgles and faints.

“Mari…” the other lords go, before they gurgle and faint as well.

“Our congratulations, Florencia and Maribel!” everyone else says.

“Thank you…” I say. “Wait, what for?”

“Thank you!” Maribel says.

Umm… everyone… you know you’re all stepping over the Prince and his strange friends, yes? I’m wondering if you haven’t noticed.

No, it seems some people have noticed and are making certain to step on them.

“Before Maribel became the Saint, these people held up her title and threatened her halfway through the school year,” someone said.

“Ah!” I said. “So is that how it was?”

“Yes, I’m trying to protect Lady Maribel. I was so scared when I witnessed their bullying for myself. Lady Maribel even went to the castle herself and toppled the key figures to solve the problem.”

To hear that such a thing had occurred, I was very relieved to hear that Maribel had gotten out of this mess. In that case, I will also step on the Prince’s head.

“Take this!”

He gasps in pain.

Hmph. When I was engaged to him, I didn’t love him. Rather, I disliked him. He always made me feel that way, my anger always overflowing inside my heart, like this present incident where I was stood up by my escort.

This person, I was so annoyed because he remained so proud of himself, even if he’s the kind of man who grabs my buttocks and claims it was an accident. I was more embarrassed that thought I had loved such a person than I am to have bullied Maribel.

“I, am I witnessing bullying?” Maribel asked.

Maribel, don’t look too deeply into it. I’m just letting out my anger on the Prince. Although it was because of me that I awakened something in him when he said, “Please step on me more.”

I’m worried about the future of this country.

A few months later, we got married.

It was the first same-sex marriage in the kingdom and the whole country was in a tizzy at first, but it was all settled on that day. I have good memories of the parade with Maribel and myself riding a gorgeous carriage.

You should know I’m still going to try to bully Maribel. I will not hesitate, even with a saint.


–I have failed.

Maribel made a move before I could begin to make mine. Those were the eyes of a ferocious beast. If I put up resistance, I’d be killed. I could do nothing against her and became her prey. I’m exhausted… I want her to take a day off today…

I’m still not giving up. I will bully Maribel…!

I Will Become A Bully

I Will Become A Bully

Watakushi Ijimete Yarimashita no, わたくし虐めてやりましたの
Score 9.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
I will become a bully. She acts so freely despite being a commoner. I have to remind her of her place myself.


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