I Was Summoned as a Saint, but I’m Going Home Because I Have a Boyfriend chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

[Saint Summoning]

It is an abominable ritual where people from different worlds call women from Japan irresponsibly and set up festivals on their own.

And right now, a young Japanese woman who just turned 20 years old, was involved in the culmination of stupidity called the summoning of the Saint.

“What? I refuse.”

Takano Shiori, summoned as the [Saint] in a different world, replied moodily.

Going back, dozens of minutes ago ーー

Takano Shiori was on her way home from a date with her boyfriend to celebrate her 20th birthday.

“See you, Shiori.”

“Yeah, see you again.”

I kissed him lightly when he sent me to the front of my apartment, and when I saw him moving away from the apartment and opened the door with good feelings, I was summoned to another world.

I was taken to another world within seconds upon opening the front door. What was this, some kind of commercial?

There was a strange world that I had only seen in games or movies.

There was a person who seemed like a King, and there were mages who participated in the summons.

Then, he bowed to the embarrassed Shiori and said,

“Saint, please save our country”


For this reason, Shiori replied

“I refuse.”

In a flash.


All of them look like idiots with their mouths open and looks unaccepting of reality.

“I’ll be working tomorrow, so can you take me home?”

I don’t know why they are not accepting it.

Rather, why do they think a complete stranger will help them?

“N-No. Saint, please save this world filled with miasma.”

The King, who quickly returned to sanity, spoke again to the Saint, Shiori.

“I refuse.”


“I already said I refuse?”


“No, rather, why do you ask the woman whom you’ve kidnapped to save your country?”

Light novels always have opportunistic events like summoning, but I’m surprised that there actually is such a ceremony that really ignores human rights.

“Kidnapped… no, I summoned the Saint.”

I don’t get it, just what is he mumbling?[1]

“Is kidnapping legal in this world?”

Shiori goes on, ignoring what he wants to says.

I can’t be bothered to listen to every little thing he says. After all, what these people are saying is the norm in their world, and their common sense is strange.


“I don’t remember consenting to come here. Let alone saving the country that abducted me. Please return me.”

Shiori replied the obvious.

In which world is there a Buddha-like-person who saves the world, justifying the abduction of abductees, called the summoning of Saints?

That’s exactly why women in the world of light novels are called [Saint].

“Did I say something wrong?”


Everyone was silent.

“Besides, you criminals who kidnapped me, if you ask me for help, will you say it’s free of charge?”

“Mu, it’s not free. To be my son’s wife.”

“Who is going to be a stranger’s wife? A man who can’t even save his own country and instead throws the situation to a stranger from another world. I’d like you to withdraw your request.”


When Shiori replied without mincing her words, she heard a moaning sound somewhere.

Why do they think that a marriage with a prince is a reward? I don’t know if I’ll be a Queen or a Princess but after experiencing a hard time doing the work of a Saint, you want to impose more responsibility. Are you a demon?

“Well then, Your Majesty, let’s do this.”


“The people of my country are deeply afraid of those who throw weapons of destruction and viruses. So in exchange of me saving this world, Your Majesty, please save my world.”


“The saint isn’t God. As you can see, it’s a person. Did you think that a complete stranger has a social obligation to help you out free of charge? That’s why, let’s do an equivalent exchange. I save this world, and in return, please save my world, Your Majesty.”


“His Majesty, the King, is someone who didn’t dislike kidnapping people to save his world. If you think about in reverse, then he is a compassionate person who can save others for free, even if that was a world that had kidnapped him. Isn’t that right?”


“Well then, that mage over there.”


“Please send Your Majesty to my world.”


“Then I’ll think about whether I’ll save this world.”

The King and the mage were speechless at Shiori’s words.

They had conveniently believed that when they summoned the Saint, the benevolent Saint will save their world unconditionally.

However, when they actually summoned her, it was nothing but a pipe dream.

Shiori’s reasoning was so sound that they couldn’t think of a counter-argument.

“N-No, for the King himself to…”

“Then, who will go?”

The King, who said that he can’t go because of his country, couldn’t help but wonder who Shiori was.

I wonder, is it you? Though, if you look at everyoneーー


After looking around, everyone seems to have quieted.

It seems that they don’t like me.

“Oh, your world is terrible too.”

“You were hoping for the [Saint] to save your world unconditionally. In that case, if His Majesty was summoned as a [Brave], then isn’t it possible for his kind Majesty to also save unconditionally?”

Why don’t we try it? Shiori said softly with a big smile.

That’s what an unreasonable summoning is. She taught us what it would look like when the situation was reversed.

“… Return this person to her original world.”

“””Gyo[2], you mean”””

His Majesty, the King, gave a cramped smile to Shiori, and said this to the magicians who summoned Shiori.

Everyone finally understood what Shiori meant.

Shiori was summoned to a different world, and nearly an hour laterーー

She returned to modern Japan safely without incident.

And thus, the bad habit of summoning a saint, has never again happened in this world.

[1] 理解が出来ないのか、誰とは言わずブツブツ言っている。I tried, I really did. Someone help! TToTT
[2] ぎょ, honoriffic affix/prefix

I Was Summoned as a Saint, but I’m Going Home Because I Have a Boyfriend

I Was Summoned as a Saint, but I’m Going Home Because I Have a Boyfriend

Seijo Shoukan Saremashita kedo, Kareshi ga Iru node Kaerimasu, 聖女召喚されましたけど、彼氏がいるので帰ります
Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Takano Shiori was on a honeymoon with her boyfriend.If you were summoned as a [Saint] during such a sweet time, of course you’ll be pissed.What are you doing? Please return me.


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