I Was a Woman but now I’m the Main Hero. chapter 3

Chapter 3

An Adventurer who couldn’t be the Main Hero, and A Princess, who Couldn’t be a support character.(Engaged.)

TN:Starts First Person, then goes to third person.

Translator: Mamuni

“Woah! “

Deep in an S-tier dungeon, I ventured through.

Anyways, Hello. No good morning? Good evening?

I’m not sure if it’s morning, afternoon, or night right now.

Regardless, hello, I’m Kirari Tanaka an S rank adventurer, also former Secado Kingu, second prince of the Kingu Kingdom.

Currently, I’m busy going through S rank dungeons throughout the Teikok Empire in search of something valuable.

What the heck, where is it!?!

“I need to get her wedding ringgggg!”

To be exact it’s to get the jewel for the ring.

And I can’t find it! When will I find the rainbow diamond!?

How Many bodies do I need to pile!? How many Rainbow Eyes do I need to hunt!?

If this keeps up the mountain of corpses will reach the ceiling.

All this shit, because of that fuckin prince.

“She’s yours?! No, Ido-chan is my woman, aghh!”

I tightly gripped my sword as I angrily slayed down another Rainbow Eye.

I’m sorry, Rainbow Eyes for venting on you guys.

You are all so cute. With the “piki” cry, and colorful big round eyes. Plus fluttery wings.

However it’s all for the rainbow diamonds! I can’t give up now!

“That damn gross Snobbish Prince!”

I swung my blade, again and again and again. Rainbow Eyes have magical reflexes, so they can be annoying to catch.

Swing, swing swing. My greed sensor is active today.

The rainbow eyes’ loud cries chained together. It isn’t personal, yet a countless number have fallen to my sword.

I need to get that Rainbow diamond soon!

Otherwise Ido-chan will be snatched away by that prince from the Atteuma Empire.

I don’t want to lose her. Everyday day we spend together that feeling grows stronger.

At first I didn’t feel like I had to be with Ido-chan. She was a great girl to escape the Kingu Kingdom with, and I did like her. I thought perhaps later on in life, love would come. It’s been a year away from the Kingu Kingdom at this point. I don’t know when it happened but my love for her has grown past that of a friend. It can’t just be anybody, it now has to be Ido-chan.

And she can’t be allowed to give that smile to that fuckin prince. That rare smile.

“Hyaa. . .Come out!”

It all started last month. That prince came from the Atteuma Empire.

He seemed to have been a childhood friend of Ido-chan. Left his own empire to expand his horizon by touring the world. Only to come back and say that it was about time he settled down with Ido-chan at his side.

Don’t be ridiculous, you bastard.

Ido-chan is of course my woman. My anger got the best of me, and my graceful facade crumbled. He just laughed with his nose held high. “A drab broke adventurer shouldn’t get carried away” Is what he said.

After arguments and squabbles. I proclaimed I’ll bring her stuff from the dungeon more valuable than him.

With great vigor I plunged into the dungeons.

The deadline is in two days. With a new found vigor, I broke through a number of S-ranked dungeons throughout the empire. Getting a gracious amount of loot.

For example, Aracane Queen’s Silk to make a wedding dress. A ring pedestal made from pure platinum.

The only thing left is the jewel to fit the ring. It has to be a rainbow diamond, then I’ll be confident enough to return to Ido-chan.

“. . .Damn.”

I know Ido-chan isn’t really happy with this. I also know that Haughty Prince would be easy to ignore.

She is a realist, she wouldn’t understand the pride of such foolish men.

Even “I(♀)” don’t understand it. In my previous life, I’d think such a man would look like an idiot for doing something just to counter such a trivial squabble with a tawdy man. Doing a dumb marathon of dangerous S-class to protect such a flismy concept as pride.

However “I(♂)” understand it. It’s worth running around in the mud to protect that small amount of pride. A reason to swing your sword while hiding the fatigue.

“If I can’t protect Ido-chan from such a man’s hand, what kind of man am IIIIIIIII!”

Of course I know girls aren’t weak creatures that need to be protected. We’ve grown with the pain in our stomachs and shedding blood every month. I know it’s not just a beautiful flower, but they have sharp poisonous thorns.

However, However, Because I know, There are fragile parts. I know he knows, and wants to protect.

There I(♀), I (♂) will grasp her subtle petite thin body, and protect her. Despite the fact that she calls all the shots, I just let her decide things.

We will be happy together. So I just need to show off a little.

“Haah, Hahh. . .Gah.”

With force the boss room door was torn apart in two. With a dull sound the door hit the ground.

The monocular dragon looked at me through the broken gate.

SS-class boss monster, Dragon Eye.

“It’s not a rainbow eye, dang.”

I prepared my sword for the SS-class monster that should not be in this S-class dungeon. It then roared at me in a low groan. *Gulp

“For now, let’s analyze. . .”

I activated the magical eye I found as a legendary item in an S-class dungeon. An amazing status page appeared before me.

“Fufufu. . .Hahahaha!”

I couldn’t contain my laughter as I approached one step at a time. I buffed myself and put an ice affect on my sword. Dragons are weak to it.

I feel like it’s scared of me.

Ohoho, what’s wrong Dragon Eye. Isn’t it embarrassing to crawl back.

You are the boss here, why are you holding back.

Well good. Let’s defeat this boss and get the dungeon’s core.

I didn’t intend to go this far into the dungeon this time.

But I’m here now. I licked my lips in habit, and the Dragon Eye shuddered.

You’re sloppy Dragon Eye. Have more dignity.

Otherwise You’ll be eaten.

Fuuu, took a deep breath.

“Let’s do this, Yes, yes YEAHHHHHH!”

I went into my Youkai mode. I dropped my hesitation and ran towards the dragon eye as it began to flee.


In a Teikok castle, a lone girl waits for her loved one to return. Two days have passed after Kirari’s encounter with the Dragon Eye.

She looks down from the terrace towards the castle town. Her, Siete(シエーテ), Teikok. The S ranked Adventurer Kirari Tanaka calls her “Ido-chan”, But she is the seventh child to the emperor and first princess in line.

With her calm lake blue eyes, Siete, No, Ido was peacefully gazing down at the world. When an uninvited guest then appeared. It was the snobby third prince who came from the Atteuma Empire. Kamase, Atteuma.

“It looks like he isn’t on time.”

Ido ignored Kamase as he spoke happily.

Ido didn’t even flinch as he put his hand on her shoulder and said close to her ear.

“Think about it. What’s the benefit of having a man who can only clear dungeons? We have intrinsic value to our nations, more so than anything he can muster. We were born with innate value, He is nothing but an errand boy, and should be held at arm’s length.”

Ido sighed a little after hearing that. Her gaze remained over the castle town, as her hands gripped the terrace railing. She then opened her lips, and suddenly said.

“Have you ever had everything taken away from you?”


Kamase frowned down at Ido as she suddenly said. Ido continued without looking towards him.

“My lover has been deprived of everything he had. He had to start all over. They had to abandon so much of their old life, more so than I ever had to face. Still despite all the loss, he didn’t give up. He always strived to improve. Despite the fact that I used him, I lured him into only being able to rely on me. He knew it too, despite that, He still always smiled at me, Saying “Your love is heavy.””

Kamase didn’t understand half of what Ido was saying. However he got the impression. “He is just a carefree guy. A head full of straw.”

Ido laughed when he said that. She then gathered up her strength and jumped up on the railings. She didn’t pay any heed to Kamase’s restraint. Her dress fluttered in the wind as she turned around to look at him with a pleased face.

“Well, it would look foolish to somebody who knows nothing. But it is dazzling to me. They seem stronger than anything. It was ridiculous how he wasn’t knocked down by despair, but instead turned around to face the unknown future. Nothing is stronger than steadfast courage. How could you not love that? I couldn’t help but be attracted to this strength. A strength I didn’t possess. Although they may seem incapable, nobody makes my heart throb like him.”

Ido’s cheeks flushed as she spoke passionately. Kamases was confused by this never before seen expression, and then he looked at what was appearing behind her.

“Siete! Get down from there!”

“He couldn’t be the main hero. However me, a support character with a gloomy dark personality can’t be the heroine, yet he still became my hero.”

Ido kicked the railing. Kamase couldn’t grab her in time as her body began to fly in the air.

A strong wind hit her as she fell. She whispered as she fell down, not minding her blown messy hair getting in her mouth.

“Kirari-san is my own hero, it’s been firmly decided.”


The wind blew hard when suddenly powerful strong arms hugged Ido’s body.

Ido gave the usual solid cold stare at the almost crying Kirari. Flying on a golden scaled dragon, Kirari has returned.

“You’re late.”

“No, what are you doing, what the hell are you doing!? I’m coming back and I see Ido-chan flying from the terrace! You have no floating magic!! I want to live a long life with you, so don’t shorten it!”

Kirari completely ignored Ido’s accusation and shook her shoulder.

She simply irritably turned away.

“I don’t know, what about the fool that makes a stupid bet to go out and fight without asking my opinion.”

“I’m really sorry for that!”

After Kirari released his hands from Ido’s shoulder, he sat down on the golden scales of the dragon.

“So, who is this?”

“. . .I couldn’t kill the pitiful Dragon Eye, it was too scared . . .”

Once they got down, Kirari helped Ido down.

Ido stroked the golden scales. She turned away from Kirari and saw a monocular dragon with it’s head turned around. The dragon made a cute “Guru” as it simply tilted it’s head.

When Ido turned to face Kirari. he then prostrated himself onto the ground, head held low refusing to look at her.

“Dragon Eyes are SS ranked monsters, no?”

“It came out after I slaughtered Rainbow Eyes. . .It seems to be a circumstantial rare boss. . .”

“Kiari is an S rank adventure, no?”

“Yes, and I know the rule of thumb is to run away from higher level monsters. . .”

“. . .Please raise your head.”

“. . .Yes. . .”

Like a guilty dog, Kirari looked up. Looking down at his mud covered face , Ido desperately held back her desires to stroke and hug him.


“. . . .”

With a don, Ido tapped Kirian’s chest. “Eh?”. He returned it by giving her a hesitant hug. The tap then turned to a gon, and gon and gon, until it became a beating. Everytime she hit his chest, Kirari changed from “Eh?” To”Gah.” and “Ow” to “Ido-cha!?”

“I also want to live longer with you. So could you please not do something that would shorten it?”

“That hurts! Ido-chan, Ow. . .”

“This is a bear’s hug.”

“No it’s not!”

“It’s similar!”

“No it’s not.”

Ido’s grip loosened around Kiriar’s neck. As he brushed the teary Ido.

“Um, Ido-chan, I do enjoy this, but I’m covered in mud.”

“Are you injured? Here or here?”

“. . .I’m not injured.”

“That’s relieving.”

Ido stroked his mud covered cheek, while keeping her left hand around his neck.

“Well that’s all I wanted. Well, I’m assuming you protected your silly male pride.”

Kirari was asked, as he put an arm around her waist and gave a broad smile. The silly grin didn’t match the face of the main hero from an otome game. After being separated for a month they kissed.

“Spot on landing!”

“Good work.”

Though it was short lived. A busy noise came from out of nowhere. There was most likely an uproar after the sudden appearance of an SS-class monster.

“. . .Well, I was able to refill my Ido-chan energy, so we’ll have to continue this later.”

“It’s still not enough, but it can’t be helped. You do need to apologize for the chaos you caused.”

“I’m really sorry. I should have warned you about Monoko.”

“Please make you discipline your pet.”

“Understood. . .”

Kiriari gave instructions to the dragon eye named Monoko, and it soon landed on the military training ground of the castle.

He got down from the beast and soothed Monoko, the first prince Uno, and a subordinate came to meet them.

“Wahahaha! You’ve done it again, Kirarin.”

After verifying that they were both okay around the SS class monster, Uno laughed vigorously as he hit the Kirari on the back, making a loud noise each slap. Kirari apologized again saying. “I’m sorry once again.” Though it was interrupted everytime by the hits on the back.

By the way, Uno is a muscle head, he would blow away any ordinary person in one shot. However because Kirari is an S-class adventurer, he was able to endure the meaty athletic greeting.

“Don’t worry about it, Don’t worry about it. Sometimes people need to be knocked out of this peace. This kind of hectic event can be a nice break of pace. Also your escapades have been the talk of the country. And if push comes to shove we can say that in an unannounced test. Regardless, everyone will believe it was Cuatro’s new pet.”


After giving those instructions to his subordinates, Uno used his magic smartphone to take a picture of the intimate Kirari and Ido as they soothed the pet. He then posted it to the family timeline. With captions such as “Dragon Eye Live!” “Petting a dragon, Cute!””Kirari-san is safe!””Be back in forty seconds”, immediately followed by happy dancing emoticons. Ido and Kirari couldn’t help but smile as they looked at their vibrating smartphones.

By the way, the emperor Zero Murei, Teikok is actually a cheat character who was reincarnated from modern Japan, so this much cultural innovation along with his cheat powers made it possible. Reincarnated people seem to be attracted to each other.

“Okay so going through the messages. Mother seem to be was watching from a far, in addition father and our stupid brothers are coming. And sadly it seems that Atteuman’s good for nothing son will also come along. So Kirari, decide what you will do. I will be right back.”

“Yes, I will.”

Kirari politely answered, in less than 40 seconds, the emperor and his sons came along, draggin Kamase. ”Teikok-sama, please let me go.” The emperor of this empire, Zero Murei Teikok was pulling him along by his nape, Kamase was obviously displeased. With a mischievous smile on his face, Zero then shoved Kamase in front of Kirari.

“Oi, Kirarin. I’ve brought Seoten’s brat too. It’s a quarrel between men, so talk it out here, don’t worry about politics or anything like that.”

“Thank you for your concern, Zero-sama.”

“Oh please, don’t worry about it. Also you’ll soon be calling me father-in-law.”

After Zero waved his hand and smiled, Kirari glared at Kamase, who was still looking terrified by the Dragon Eye. When he caught sight of Kirari’s ire, Kamase looked back in disdain.

Kirari pulled out his item box and took out a large number of S-class items. Arachen Queen Thread, Pure Platinum, Mysterious Fruits, Rainbow flowers, Fenrir Fur, Great Beast Meat, And in it, a crystal that shone in pale golden light. The SS-class jewel, the Dragon Crystal, which was given from the Dragon Eye, named Monoko.

“Kamase Atteuman.”

Kamase was amazed by this many luxury items, for he, despite being the prince of the Atteuman Empire, had few chances to see this many S-class items all in one place. Kirari called out to the amazed Kamase.

Kamase felt his defeat internally, however he still feigned peace, and returned to his pompous tone without hesitation.

“What is this, Kirari Tanaka.”

“S-class , and SS-class drop, 32 items. I got them all in a month. With this, you will not disturb Siete-sama and my(♀) relationship.”

Kirari triumphantly declared as Kamase grinded his teeth.

“I won’t submit yet! You just showed some martial strength and money. I have shown my political force and financial power. I could use those to hire as many S-class adventurers as I want. You haven’t beaten me yet!”

Everyone in the Teikok family frowned at Kamae’s sore loser attitude. Even Ido who doesn’t show her own self unless in front of Uno or Kirari was visibly upset. Kirari gave a small sigh and readied his sword.

“Well then, fine. Should I play a match against the guys you hired this time? . . .Let’s be frank, I tolerated your vile provocation for the sake of getting an annoying idiot away from getting in between Ido-chan and I. But it seems that me just doing this isn’t enough. So how many people will it be? Whether it’s S-class or SS-class, I’m not going to lose, so bring them out. I’m getting impatient.”

The air around them trembled as Kirari glared at Kamase. Kamase yepped and stepped back from the razor sharp murder intent he was never exposed to.

“Kirari-san, please calm down.”


Ido pressed his angered face against her chest to calm him down. The warm and soft breast instantly doused Kirari’s manly rage mode, and made it to a girlish love dazed slump mode. He then put his arm around her waist slowly. She gave a small complaint, but continued saying “There, there.” Without caring about her family as well as Kamase seeing.

Zero then tapped the ignored Kamase on the shoulder.


“Well, how about you go back to the Atteuma Empire for now?”

He brushed his beard as he said in a light tone. Pointing his thumb behind him to emphasize returning.

“Hah? Eh?” Kamase still didn’t understand. So like a child, Zero made it clear.

“The Teikok Empire is a meritocracy. It doesn’t matter if you have the cleanest birth or not, you must work for your position. Think about it, our family is built upon it.”

Zero then pointed to the royal castle. To his first son, Uno, his second son, Dos, his third son, Tres.

“My loving Queen is the head of the Ultimate Army Corp, Uno trains and harnesses his muscle head, and can swing his blade for hours. Dos, is great at dark scheming, he blooms in political discussions. For some reason, Tres is very effeminate, and immediately joined the all girl club. Cuatro made a monster zoo, though he was having trouble with Mr Mutsugo after he ran away. Although the barely talkative Cinco withdrew from life and became a shut in. Seis became more of a shadow, kept to himself in the shadows, sticking to their own devices. Though Ocho looks down on all of them for lacking common sense. They all have their own goals, and missions. And besides that, what can you offer me? Can you talk to me about the girl from Final Fantasy 5 or how shocking **** death was in Final Fantasy 7, to talk to me about other nostalgic games? If you can do that and everybody not just me would need to agree, that would be 1 plus. . .Because before that could even be in the discussion. That must be a thing.”

Zero then pointed to Kirari and Ido hugging each other. Ido warmly smiled as she stroked his head.

“Could you bring out that wonderful smile from my cute daughter? My angel? A loving marriage is important. Rather than a sad life just for politics. A peasant who can smile every day may be more fortunate than a miserable noble. So far Kirari and my daughter have been selfishly spending their time together. If they get even closer, I might have to give them the talk. But what I’m trying to get across is. Isn’t it about time to admit defeat and return home?”

Zero gave a smile and an ice gaze, as Kamas began to give a cold sweat.

It was a tense air.

To further exacerbate that, a mob faced man grabbed Kamase by the back of the head.

“Wah!? Who are you?! This is unacceptable!”

“Well, I’m already used to that. I’m a man who is often forgotten, often ignored, especially by a brat like you who I’ve met many times. But still, you ought to remember the older brother of the girl you want to marry. Though in the case of Kirian, he said with a brilliant smile ”Nice to meet you Seis-sama!” A priceless face that truly recognized me. He’s always made a note to greet me.”

Kamase turned pale as he learned the man who sighed heavily. It was Ido’s twin brother, Seis. Before Kamase could apologize, he brought his lips close to his ear.

“Did you not hear what my father said? We care about a clean personality. I know why Kamase came to get my sister. You couldn’t put out the fire. There were burn marks everywhere. We don’t need that incompetence that can’t even cover that much up. Compared to that, Kirarin is ten thousand times better, from the start it was decided, right?”

Saying so Seis gave a smile as he put his hand firmer on his nape. He then continued.

“You should go back to your home soon. By that time perhaps the remaining fires of conflict will finish burning everything. Seite-sama is innocent, and desires a clean devout husband, you will only disappoint her. So you should leave soon.”

“Ha!? I-I’ll leave! Quickly! I’ll leave!”

With his hot-headedness completely gone, only a scared pale Kamase quickly responded and rushed to his subordinates. Zero and Seis gave each other high five as they saw Kamase rushing away telling his followers “Hurry” “Let’s go home”

“That was some great threatening!.”

“Yeah, It comes with being the captain of the intelligence unit, you worthless father.”

“You shouldn’t talk to your father that way.”

“Perhaps my father shouldn’t be messing around so much, eh?”

Ido was shocked to see her father and twin brother immaturely argue and pull each other’s cheeks. However despite that, when we approached the two, she gave a thumbs up and said. “Good job.” The tension between the two melted as the doting brother and father came back.

The third son, Tres, and fifth, Cinco came along. Tres called out to Ido with the arcane queen thread and rainbow flowers in hand, Cinco had the pure platinum and dragon crystal.

“Leave the wedding outfits to Onee-sama! I’ll make the best outfits that incorporate the latest trends! Ufufu, both of them will be beautiful, but I’m confused about the design. Ah, Kirari why don’t you try wearing a wedding dress?”

“C-Could I. . .Use these? I could make the strongest wedding rings for Shi-chan and Kirian. . .What kind of function would be good. Hmm, I wonder. . .Telepathy, Barrier? . . .Would you want the ability to transform with the power of love?”

“Tres-sama, As a former Maiden, I do have a longing to wear a wedding dress, but I’ll refrain for now, as I’ll prevent myself from making a spectacle of myself in public. Cinco-sama, telepathy and a barrier function I’d definitely want, but the transformation power is not necessary. I would be grateful however if you could incorporate a function that can store and give mana in case of emergency.”

Kirari gently refused Tres with a smile, and gave his wishes to Cinco in a soft tone. Ido then said to Tres, “I definitely want to see Kirari-san in a wedding dress, so if you have the spare thread please make it.” Soon after that, Cuatro immediately was jumped on by the dragon eye monoko.

“Ido-chan what are you talking about? Wait, Trois-sama don’t just say “Let’s go” !? Wait Cuatro-sama! Don’t just approach Monoko without permission! Monoko, calm down please! Monoko spit him out!”

“Alright Alright!! Hahaha! Kirarin’s dragon eye is so energetic! Does my head taste good?”

“If you could afford to laugh, then get out!”

Cuatro was laughing after being spat out of Monoko’s mouth. Kirari quickly cast healing magic on him, as he was comically in tatters.

“Uhahaha! Ugh!”

“Kirari Onii-sama, that was amazing! To get the item out of an SS-class dragon eye! To slice through that Snobby Prince’s pride! You truly are different from my foolish brother! I’m very happy that Kirari Onii-sama is marrying my sister!”

“Ocho-kun! You are stepping on Cuatro-sama!.”

“Oh, I thought it was a rag, my apologies.”

“Agagagaga. . .”

“Don’t just be rubbing your heel into him!”

The youngest brother, with an angelic face praised Kirari with glittering eyes, as he trampled over his actual brother. Kirari is unfamiliar with Ocho’s devious behavior, so he quickly reapplied the healing magic on Cuatro’s blue face.

“Wahahah! Kirari, with this that brat must be long gone. Well done!”

Uno gave his thanks to Kirari as he picked up Ocho like a stray cat as he kept stepping on Cuatro.

Suddenly held up by the back of his coat, he raised his voice saying “Wah!. . .Unhand me you muscle head!” While relentlessly kicking his legs into Uno’s right abdominal.

“Ah, Uno-. . .Ocho-kun! Don’t kick his abdominal!”

“ The bean sprout’s kicks feel like a gnat!”

“Why are you laughing, you’re being attacked?”

“So, when will the wedding be?”

“We’re just going to ignore it!?”

Uno continued to talk and ignore Kirari’s concerns. Prompted by Uno, the second son Dos began to explain the plan by projecting a calendar on a magic tablet.

When the family is hectic, the calm Ido does not get involved. She knows she has a certain amount of influence. Kirari knows he could swing that influence around, but because of his good natured personality, he plays along with the family. Which just makes her love him even more..

“By the next month, there will be a considerable shift in security, and the production speed of the ring should be done by then. Oh yeah, Kirari-kun, the empire’s guardian deity will notify you with a mission soon.”


Dos smiled gently and opened up the camera app on the tablet.

There was also a request from Empress Kisaki and others saying “ I want to see Kirari-chan propose to Shii-chan.”

“. . .Now?”


“Looking like this?”

“As is.”

Kirari pointed down at his tattered muddy clothes. Dos then replied “ My mother’s requests are absolute. Please do it quickly” As he prepared the tablet’s camera.

“Eh. . .”

“Is it not good? Please.”

Ido said to the hesitating Kirarin. “But the mood.” Kirari retorted, Ido forehead faintly creased.

“The confession in the carriage was a far cry from being romantic. Why don’t we amend it now? The build up isn’t too bad. A proposal after appearing on a golden dragon to swoop in and pick up the heroine, and then winning a bet against the rival prince, to then be proposed to on the spot. If this was an Otome Game, it would make sense for this to be the climax.”

“Well, I guess you’re right. . .Hmmm.

After mulling it over. Kirari muttered “Well, strike when the iron is hot.” and went on a knee. He took Ido’s right hand and looked into her blue lake eyes.

With the face of a man who could be the main hero of an otome game, he said.

“I will protect from everything that comes to hurt you. I swear I won’t let you cry. I’ll stand next to you, and make you happy. You shake all of my heart. I love you. Would you marry me? . . . . W-Was that cool?”

The facade “Secado Kingu” the supposed main hero of the otome game was soon distorted into the face of “Kirari Tanaka” the S-class adventurer, a woman in their past life.

“No matter the cost, I will protect. However, I may not be able to protect your beauty. I will try not to make you cry, though that may do the opposite. I couldn’t be the main hero, and I’m not confident in braggin that I could make you happy. However I will promise you this. I will spare no effort to protect your smile. If I do make you cry, I will make sure I can make you smile twice as much. I want you to stay next to me forever, to be happy together. You can call yourself a dark and moody support character, but to me, everything about you is lovely and cute. I will gladly accept how heavy your love is. You are my only heroine. I love you, Ido-chan. . .Will you marry me?”

With quiet eyes, Ido stared at Kirari’s glittering swaying eyes. She held out her right hand and pulled his arm lightly. “Please stand up first.”


“I want to be on equal footing with you. You can’t stand with me if you are kneeling.”

Wrapping Kirari’s hands with her own. She pulled him up. The warmth of their bodies connecting them.

“I want us to be equal, so I don’t just want to be protected by you. If you do unseenly things, I want to get dirty with you. The scratches we get will make me proud. I don’t know if I can make you laugh, or smile. Unlike you, a beam of sunshine, I am more of a shadow woman. However I will make an effort to heal your heart. I will do my best to keep you calm so that we can create a comfortable space when you are tired. I’m happy enough, but I’m a greedy woman. There is still more to come. Let’s build it together, our happiness. I love you Kirari-san. I will never let you return to being everyone’s hero. You’re my favorite person, that has become my own hero. I will never let you go. Of course I accept your proposal. I’m an inexperienced woman, so please treat me well. But I want to be a married couple with you.”

Waves raised up from the calm lake like eyes of Ido. It began to overflow. Kirari hugged Ido as tears spilled from the corner of his eyes. He didn’t want her lover to see his elegant demeanor be broken by the embarrassment of being confessed to for the first time.

“Ido-channnn! I-I. . . I understand, however my heart is racing! It was amazing, really amazing! Ahh! The relief is causing tears to come out! I’m sorry!”

“. . .It’s okay. Because I’m crying too, we’re even.”

Kirari’s tears tapped Ido’s back, as her tears also moistened his clothes.

“I want three children.” The two completely forgot about the art exhibition they were giving to the family.

“Wahaha! Congratulations! We’ll have a feast tonight!”

“Well with this documented, shall we have a meeting. I need to use my muscle head brother. I want to plan a security schedule.”

“As I thought, the proposal was wonderful. I wonder if Onee-sama can find a nice lover soon.”

“Uhahahaha! Then I’ll take Monoko-tan to our facility. Monko-t-an, Because Kirari and the others are busy, How about you come with me, Gyafa!?”

“. . .Tsk, brother is being squashed. . .To show that pathetic appearance in front of Shii-chan and Kirarin. . .”

“Dah! Cuatro, why did you jump on the dragon eye! This is why animals hate you!”

“Ah, Seis is going to be injured. I didn’t notice because of the atmosphere.”

“Well, I shall return to my wife. Huh, I wonder if the Main-san(Kirari’s mother) could also join my harem. She is kind of my type.”

The noisy gallery of the family took consideration for them and left them behind. After each of them left the training ground. Kirari, Ido, and Monoko, two humans and a wild animal were the only ones left. Still the two had tears as they embraced.

“Thanks to everyone I cried. Will Cuatro-sama be okay?”

“Cuatro Onii-san has a body of steel and a mind of iron, he will be okay.”

“Ah, is that so.”

Because of the noisy family interaction, the happy ending air was completely shattered.

Face to face with red eyes and smiles. The two gently stroked the curiously head tilted Monoko.

“Well, it didn’t end too gracefully.”

“Reality is often like that. It doesn’t end with an end credit like the game.”

“True, but I’m happy that I can continue after the credits.”

Kirari took Ido’s hand and started walking towards the castle. She scratched Monoko as it followed them.

“We need to first find a nest for Monoko. I wonder if Cuatro knows a place for grazing, what should I do, Ido-chan?”

“I wonder if it will be okay there. However if the other pets get scared we might have to find another place.”

“Well. . .We have a lot of things to do. . .”

“. . .I agree.”

Ido looked up at the sky like Kirari a while ago. A binary star peacefully  went across the sky. She then asked Kirari as they gazed at the sky.

“Are you interested in being the Emperor consort?”

“Uh, yeah?”

It was plainly stated. To be the husband of the highest authority. Unable to catch up to it, Kirari was flabbergasted.

“As things stand, Kirari will be the top adventurer. Actually the empire guild has already been requesting you to capture many dungeons. . .However, I want to reject it because I want to have you by my side. So to that end, I would like to aim for the highest authority. I, Ido Seite Severus Teikok. And my husband Kirari Tanaka, the first Three star SSS-class adventurer in history. We will make the strongest couple in history. Doesn’t that sound good?”

As usual, Ido’s remained expressionless. But her eyes were shining like a lake reflecting the sun. Kirari knew that Ido was serious. And when she became serious, he would do anything to aid her in her mission.

“. . .So like a coup?”

“Excuse me, I’m a pacifist. I’ll just have my brother retire comfortably. Fufu, I’m looking forward to becoming an empress, and taking Kirari with me to greet the Kingu Kingdom.”

“That doesn’t sound like a pacifist at all!”

Kirari put on put the straight man to compliment Ido’s expressionless demenoir. Ido squeezed her hand a little hard to show her conviction to him.

“Well, it’s a small goal. That is only something to do on the way to the real goal. The first goal is to sleep in the same bed until the end, being surrounded by kids and grandkids. So let’s save the happy ending until then.”

“That’s good. We can achieve it.”

Tightly holding each other’s hands, Kirari’s smile fluttered.

“Because we are the strongest couple.”


After bringing Kirari to the Teikok Empire, Ido quit her intelligence job and began her mission to become an empress.

This was the historical proposal between an adventurer named the strongest ever, and a princess eventually to become the first empress in the history of the Teikok Empire.

Their attitude of mutual respect and equality was recognized throughout the empire as the ideal couple. The proposal was broadcasted through social media nationwide, and the embarrassment of it made Kirari not leave bed for a week.

However this was the story of Kirari Tanaka the stronger three star adventurer and Ido Siete Teikok, called the wisest woman.

Few people knew about the man who couldn’t become the main hero of an otome game, and the woman who refused to become the support character.

However both of them became the main characters of their own story. They vowed, no matter mistakes or distance, danger or anxiety, tears or laughter. They would comfort each other, and always try to smile.

While smiling, they wonder, who will be the next hero or heroine in the after world.


Hi, it’s been awhile. I wish I had an excuse for why it took so long. I sorta do, not a good one. It was mainly procrastinating and lack of motivation. But I got it done. Eventually. Tbh, from the annoying love rival to the many names I didn’t care about. It bit away at my intrigue. And we didn’t even get a wedding 😦 . Ah well, at least we got a sweet ending.

With this I’m out of stories, so if you got first person genderbender, or even yuri fluff stories. Give me some tips. I won’t guarantee I’ll pick them up, but this was a recommendation, and I did enjoy the first 2 chapters a lot. I enjoyed about half of this chapter. Mainly when they were talking to each other. For now I’ll check if there is a new yuki onna chapter.

This is the finale

I Was a Woman but now I’m the Main Hero.

I Was a Woman but now I’m the Main Hero.

ヒロインも悪役令嬢も奪われたメインヒーロー様な俺(前世:女), ヒロインも悪役令嬢も奪われたメインヒーロー様に仕えるメイドな私(実は皇女), メインヒーローになれなかった冒険者とサポートキャラにならなかった皇女な二人(まだ婚約中), 前世女で今メインヒーロー様な俺
Score 8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
A short story about a hero(former girl) being reincarnated into the world of an Otome game they know well. However they then have the villainous girl and heroine stolen away from them. Only to be consoled by their best friend.


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