I Was a Woman but now I’m the Main Hero. chapter 2

Chapter 2

The Heroine and the Villainous Daughter Snatched Away from my Master, The Main Hero. The Point of view from the Maid also (The Daughter of an Emperor.)

Translator: Mamuni

Translator Note: I made some minor translation errors on the last chapter. Consider this the Canon version. Although I already went back and fixed the previous chapter. Sorry about that.


“Yes, I understand.”

My master is Secado, second child of the King of Kingu. I am his maid, Ido. He was just betrayed by his half brother, fiancee, and self proclaimed heroine at his own graduation party, to top it off he was dragged down and taken off the line of succession. So currently, he is crying in a carriage with me.

“Uuuu. . .”

“I know because I saw it on.”

Yes, I am your maid, so I was there behind you the whole time.

And I was angry.

How could you do something to such a precious girl like her and rob her of everything?

. . .No, calling her a girl is not correct.

If my master doesn’t talk honestly, he is the perfect gentleman. With long ikeman-like eyes, and a muscular body.

It’s more accurate to say “former woman”?

My master is a little special. They have their memories of their previous life.

Moreover they remember living as a woman in a world where this world was sold as an otome game.

In her words, she was “isekai’d”

The reason why I, a maid, know such a personal secret about my master was because I am also reincarnated.

They had a completely different personality from the Secado I knew, so when I pointed it out, they broke.

However I didn’t suspect that Secado-sama was a former woman, and once that was leaked, her personality began to come out. It was a little surprising at first, but now it just makes me happily smile.

“Guu uu. . .Reii, why. . .”

Cute. . . But I think I’ve already had enough shivers for now.

He looks good with a smile, but when he is troubled he has a hard time thinking.

Secado’s older brother, Fasto Kingu-sama was the one that brought this upon him, though I know it wasn’t him alone.

Secado-sama’s heart is only filled with good intentions when compared to all the people around him with black hearts.

“Secado-sama, You are crying too much.”

“I just. . .I just don’t know what to do. . .”

He took my advice and slowly wiped his tears away.

Please stop it.

It’s frustrating. Because I couldn’t save you.

However if you have your brain be clouded by your emotions, my plans will be ruined.

I took a deep breath and then spoke with a less frustrated firm voice.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Uuuuu. . .Ido-channn.”

I said my harsh words as I offered them a dry towel to replace their wet one.

Secado-sama needs to be all here to be honest.

“Ah. . .But, what should I do. . .Ido-chan, what do I do. This is serious. I’m like being chased out, the castle is full of enemies, what do I do?”

The words and the red nose face didn’t match. So I bluntly pointed out their “tone”

I’m not angry with them. I just don’t want to be overwhelmed by their happy go lucky tone, so I had to remind them of their stronger tone.

“Perhaps it’s because you are talking so femintely in a body like that, maybe that’s why Rei-sama hates you.”

“Guu. . .I don’t talk to Rei like this. I only open myself to you, the one that knows my situation.”

Secado-sama spoke with their sharp lips so nervously, it was too cute.

“Is that so?”

I am an otaku.

That was a common response from my past life, and because of that few people would call me their friends.

So very few people actually opened up to me. Like he does.

Moreover they look like a prince, they outwardly give the impression of a gentle man, but inside they are a maiden. So I can’t help but be moved by their kindness.

“Ah, this is serious. What should I really do? I guess it’s okay so far, but I could be put under house arrest like some unwanted aristocrats are, that would be awful and I’m scared of that. Hmm, I wonder if I could just become an adventure. Renouncing my birthright to feed the queen’s ego.”

Secado-sama talked while scratching the back of their head.

Before very long, my own fingers began to twitch.

I tried hard to ignore my inner turmoil from seeing them be so cute, and went back to a firmer voice.

“Well that’s easier said than done, but being an adventurer is a tough profession.”

Now my battle begins. . .

“Oh that. I have an S rank though.”

My fight. . .or at least it was supposed to be. But Secado threw a wrench into it. His big secret was revealed to me, even gave me a dog tag made of mithril as well. On it it said Kirari Tanaka S rank. Instinctually I was confused.


“Well, I kind of started thinking at first (I came to this world, So I will correct Rei’s personality! And explore the new world, Woo!) That was sort of my initial thought, but I began to long for adventure more and more, plus the guild. This body is strong, much stronger than our world, and when I went into dungeons they were really easy. Also with the knowledge I have of this world from my past life, it made things more exciting to see it in person. But that was what, three years before Ido-chan came. . . So I was around thirteen?”

When I asked, Secado-sama explained it all in one breath.

No, now that you said that, my inner spy is going to go off.

I am a spy for the Teikok empire, it’s the greatest power on the Otoge continent. I have been investigating Secado-sama to see if they were the great adventurer “Kirari Tanaka” the dungeon eater.

Kirari Tanaka was threatening to the Empire. A lone person who cleared so many dungeons after suddenly appearing was alarming. So the thought was finding that person and incorporating them into the empire.

They could also help the empire deal with the sudden appearances of dungeons. Their strength would be a giant boon for the empire.

I was wondering why the King of Kingu Kingdom wasn’t looking for Kirari Tanaka after they disappeared there. The questioning got me to be convinced that they were a part of the court. And it was clear that Secado-sama was a prime candidate.

However I began to doubt it when the king took the advice of the first prince and drove out such an excellent person.

Though now that I take into account the internal court politics, it begins to make sense. The King was most likely greased up to the idea by the queen. So Secado-sama was driven out from that court, because they grew up to be too honest and without any flaws.

Instantly my doubts were cleared as I stared at the dog tag. It had a bright silver glow to it. I looked up to see him looking at me with a curious yet charming look.

. . .Secado-sama really is the honest person. And he trusts me enough to even share this with me.

I am impressed by how much I have gained in just three years.

At that time, I firmly vowed I should educate myself to be a little more on guard. For both of us.

“What’s the origin of this false name?”

“. . .It’s my original name. . .”

When I asked them the question ringing in my head.

They nervously answered while looking away. Huh, “Kirari Tanaka”.

Should I also tell them my name from my last life?

“Secado-sama. Or should I say, Kirari-san.”


For the first time it’s a guaranteed victory for me.

Now shall we play another game?

For me it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do or die.

“Wha?! Don’t just call me by that name.”

“I have one proposal.”


I returned the dog tag to Secado-sama while using facial muscles I rarely move. I need all I have for the upcoming battle.

From now on, I will tell him most of the facts, omitting some for the sake of my pleasure and self interest.

“How about you marry me, becoming “Secado Teikok”?”

When I mentioned the name Teikok, the name of the greatest empire on the continent of Otoge, he shouted “Haaah?”

This is my once in a life challenge. My once in a lifetime chance.

It was to get Secado-sama, no, get Kirari-san.

I want to get the power for the empire, and get him for myself.

I made all these compromises just for this moment.

It was for this opportunity that I used Fasto-sama’s plan to my own benefit. I silently watched as all the pieces were put into place. I saw Secado-sama be dragged down from his position of Crown prince, and his engagement be abandoned.

I’m sure if he knew, he’d hate me. I wanted to avoid that at all cost, so I swallowed the whole truth.

“Ido-chan, are you sure?”

After hearing my proposal they thought for a little, only to ask that.

I replied with. “Yes, It’s no problem.” Feigning my true feelings.

I wanted this, I really wanted it. I wanted it so bad I was forced to leave you alone to be hurt, all to eliminate the escape routes. Just for you to have to come to me.

“With me though?”

Those words made my face twitch.

“Secado-sama, you have an otome hero’s face, with also the strength and intelligence to traverse even dangerous dungeons. You also understand women seeing as you were one in your past life. And even though you are quite a softy, you uphold yourself and carry yourself as a proper prince. But above all, I enjoy being with you. So to be clear, it would be very difficult to find a better partner.”

Before I noticed I was swept up in my emotions. The momentum of it made me talk more than I planned.

I was getting impatient, and that made me be pulled in so easily. But Secado-sama was pinching their cheek, so I suddenly returned and asked “What are you doing?”

“Um, Ido-chan, that’s.”

“Does Secado-sama hate the idea of being married to me?”

I blocked whatever he was trying to say.

“. . . .”

Secado-sama was silent.

From looking at his beautiful narrow eyes, it’s hard to tell what he was thinking. When they looked at me I wanted to turn away.

However if I look away now, I feel like all my plans, all my actions taken so far would be meaningless. So I stared back at him.

“. . .”

The silence felt like it lasted forever, only to end with Secado-sama looking away.

“No, that isn’t it.”

Those words along with Secado hiding his mouth with bright red cheeks made me convinced I won.

“I-It is really easy to spend time with Ido-chan. And you are very beautiful. You are the only person I feel like I could be myself with. I’ve enjoyed all the times we spent together. So you are the best girl I’ve ever met. And. . . I’d be happy to support you. We could have a happy married life.”

That made me the happiest I’ve ever been.

Although it was a more of a brother and sister relationship between the two. Rei was his fiancee. And I thought I was only seen as his female friend, so I knew that I wanted them to firmly look at me as a woman. And for them to now be looking at me like that is making my heart flutter.


. . .I’m pretty resentful at myself that I could only say something so distant.

When I glanced up to him, he didn’t seem offended. In fact he was reaching out his arms towards me.

“Only a little.”

And like before, I could only spit out those indifferent words, at least I was able to make some concessions and approach Secado-sama.

“Pardon me.”


The rest was extremely embarrassing so I will omit it.

I was such a sore loser unwilling to lose. Just remembering it makes my face feel like it’s on fire.

The only thing I can say is that my husband is somebody who does what he wants.

To digress, weeks later, our engagement was finalized.

When I contacted the empire, I made sure that it was not the Second Prince of the Kingu Kingdom being married to the Seventh Princess of the Empire. But instead it was a Kirari Tanaka, the adventurer being adopted into my family through marriage. This would mean that the relationship between the empire and the Kingu Kingdom will not change at all. It was when I went to receive Secado-sama and my mother in law to the safety of the empire did it get hectic.

When His Highness Fasuto and their mother heard about Secad- – -no Kirari-san marrying into the empire, their faces were gloriously shocked. The King of the Kingu Kingdom was presenting a stupid open mouth expression.

Oh yeah, the heroine was completely regretful, I thought they were crazy.

They said “Scam, Scam! Why the hell is the support character doing this?” She screamed and lunged towards me. . .Goodness, what is she saying?

Ahh that’s right. The second otome game has the heroine studying abroad in the Teikok Empire. And is there, they romance with the emperor’s sons.

But isn’t the specifications for that happening in the story is to have a good relationship with the daughter of the emperor, one of the support characters. Aka me?

Wait so, that was her goal? So even the hidden character Fasto the first prince was just a stepping stone to get to that goal? To find an emperor daughter through him?

This woman is scary.

Of course I can’t introduce such a poisonous woman to my loving brothers. So I warned them about it in writing.

My siblings have already seem to have already taken a liking to Kirari-san anyways, so I doubt that the heroine would ever be able to seduce her way in.

Well regardless of that, the storyline of studying abroad seems like it’s destroyed.

There is one other person I shouldn’t forget.

My husband’s Ex-Fiancee, Rei Joak Duke Joak’s Daughter..

Her face turned pale when she saw my husband come to protect me from heroine-sama.

I think she must be deeply regretting going along with First Prince Fasto’s scheme.

I can tell just by looking.

She was also in love with Secado-sama.

I’d have to assume that Ms.Rei was vexed for always being seen as a sister by Secado-sama.

And those thoughts were used by First Prince Fasto and the Heroine to coax her into aiding their plans to hurt him.

I know from playing Otome games. She simply wanted too much.

Regardless of being in a world filled with political marriages, she wanted them to love her back the same amount she loved them.

Despite being engaged to him. That should have satisfied her enough.

Regardless, it was thanks to her cute girly wish, that Kirari-san and I were able to connect.

So although I might give a brutally honest evaluation, I can’t be more than thankful.


On the way back from the Kingu Kingdom to the empire, I remembered how Ms.Rei was staring at me. And I couldn’t help but feel my lips curl.


I returned to my senses as my husband called my name in their wonderful voice. As if we were already married, I leaned into him.

“I was just thinking about how happy I am.”

I smiled once again as he obliged to hug me. He had a flustered red face.

I could feel his body temperature as he hugged with his solid body, vastly different from my own.

My best friend, and my dear husband.

I was finally able to catch this cute and cool person.

I won’t ever be letting go. So be ready.



I realized this in the Author notes of this chapter. Ido. Or イド was suppose to link to メイド or maid. Like how Secado is セカド aka second , as in second prince. Fasuto is ファスト or First, as in first prince. So I guess the correct translation would be Aid? Ah well. Too late now. Translating names that are just casual english words into english would be confusing.

 So I had to come up with awkward but different enough names. Or else it would be First King, First Prince of the King Kingdom. 

On another note, I didn’t realize how cut throat all the women are in this story. Especially Ido. I think she always intended to marry him, regardless of him actually being the famous adventurer. Regardless it did make her character way more interesting than what I thought. Also gave way more reasons than just “Is strong hero”. She actually loved him for a long time. 

On a side note I can’t help but feel bad for Rei, Although I guess it was thanks to her betrayal that Secado’s world was utterly destroyed.

ANYWAYS  there is that third part of the story. It’s really long and in 3rd person.

I Was a Woman but now I’m the Main Hero.

I Was a Woman but now I’m the Main Hero.

ヒロインも悪役令嬢も奪われたメインヒーロー様な俺(前世:女), ヒロインも悪役令嬢も奪われたメインヒーロー様に仕えるメイドな私(実は皇女), メインヒーローになれなかった冒険者とサポートキャラにならなかった皇女な二人(まだ婚約中), 前世女で今メインヒーロー様な俺
Score 8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
A short story about a hero(former girl) being reincarnated into the world of an Otome game they know well. However they then have the villainous girl and heroine stolen away from them. Only to be consoled by their best friend.


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