I Was a Woman but now I’m the Main Hero. chapter 1

Chapter 1

Part 1: The Heroine and the Villainous Daughter Snatched Away from the Main Hero. Me, (A former girl).:

“I Fasto Kingu, first prince of the Kingu Realm, come to notify, Secado Kingu, Second prince of the Kingu Realm, And Rei Joak Daughter of the Duke, of the cancellation of engagement between the two!”

The finger was being pointed at me, at I(♂) Secado Kingu.

It was my half brother, Fasto Kingu, who was pointing the finger at me. He was dealt a pitiful hand, despite being born before me, he was the son of the king’s concubine. Therefore not allowing him to become the king.

Well, I might say pitiful. . .

But here, at the graduation party being called out, and why does he have his hands around Rei, my arranged fiancee.

“Um, Brother. What is the meaning of this?”

I questioned.

This shouldn’t be happening.

This world certainly looks like a certain otome game. And Rei has the same appearance as the female antagonist. She often bullies the main heroine. And I am identical to the main hero of the game.

It’s a trendy thing for these otome games to have an engagement with the antagonist be abandoned. It’s a positive thing for the hero to choose to abandon the engagement, a cathartic event, and then the main hero gets together with the main heroine.

But I didn’t choose to abandon my engagement.

In fact I haven’t done any of the flags with the heroine.

I was reincarnated into this world. As a woman in my past life, I have played through this game many times. I’m pretty sure I know how all the flags are set.

So I avoided them with all my effort.

I even avoided seeing the son of a Chancellor, The young chivalrous son of a captain, and the genius magician.

However I did hear rumors that it was the heroine beginning to bully Rei, so of course I investigated it.

All those bad deeds the heroine did were prevented, and vice versa. Despite that, Those morons somehow still formed a reverse harem around her.

I did this all also because I just wanted to lead this kingdom with Rei. Yet why is she by him?

“What? Do you truly not know why? Then let me refresh your memory brother.”

My brother’s cold eyes looked towards me.

I don’t know what is going on. This feels like a fever dream. Especially to be having this happen in the party venue.

Ahh this is so confusing. This internal turmoil can’t be helped when you are suddenly told to abandon your engagement.

Despite that I endured and kept the princely appearance.

“In addition to intercepted unfaithful communication with Baron Loin Shakadan’s daughter, Secado has been bullying Duke Joak’s daughter, and using his social status over aristocratic sons to leverage favors. Surely you can’t deny that.”

“Huh? . . .Wait a minute, that’s al-”


No let me talk!

These are all false accusations.

“I also have a witness to back these claims. Baron Loin’s Daughter. Come in.”

It was then the heroine-sama of this story gracefully appeared to my brother’s call.

She had teary eyes, trying to obviously deceive us, especially my brothers and father. I don’t know how she got involved in this.

“After seeing the terrible treatment being done before my eyes, my long love has diminished. All claims brought to the light by first prince Fasto Kingu towards the second prince Secado Kingu are true.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

I unconsciously took a step towards the heroine, when suddenly the son of a captain knight popped up in front of her, quickly followed by the genius magician and the counselor’s son. All coming to protect her.

The heroine hid behind them like a frightened bunny, as my older brother pulled Rei behind him, he grinned with a smile I know well.

Huh. . .I see.

Is that how it is?

I was set up.



That’s right. In the game, the hero’s brother is actually a hidden character.

However I never knew the route well, because I died before I tried it.

But I heard that the heroine uses the crown prince as a stepping stone to get to the hidden character.

And my ambitious brother used this to further his political career.

“Rei. . .What will happen to Rei Joak, the Duke’s Daughter.”

“It doesn’t matter to you. But if you must know, with the queen’s flawless knowledge. Her majesty has advised me to engage with them.”

I see.

Seeing as there was no resistance to this decision, my father doesn’t seem to have any intention of making me the king.

This must have happened due to the queen’s influence.

It would seem the royal castle is already fully in her hands. And she isn’t my biggest fan.

“Understood. There is nothing for me to say now. I accept the cancellation of our engagement.”

I gave a graceful bow to my older brother as he revealed a satisfied smile. The heroine meanwhile gave envious eyes towards Rei.

Brother, I wonder if you could even manage her.

Rei had a pale face when she noticed how the heroine had been looking at her.

Although knowing her, if she was being forced to break the engagement then she would’ve fought back. . .However that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Perhaps her being the villainous at heart, it can’t be helped. Even when I was child she would do what she wanted. And I guess this is what she wants.

So I can’t be annoyed.

“While I am here, it will make the atmosphere tense. Therefore I shall take my leave.”

At the end I desperately gave a tight smile. To then escape the party venue.


“Guu. . .Rei, How could you. . .”

“Secado-sama, you are crying too much.”

“I just. . .I just don’t know what to do. . .”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Uuuuu. . .Ido-channn.”

We were in a carriage on route to the royal castle.

I was crying because of the shock and disappointment from being abandoned by Rei. It all hit me at once.

Accompanying me was my straight man, my maid Ido-chan.(Also Reincarnated.)

“Ah. . .But, what should I do. . .Ido-chan, what do I do. This is serious. I’m like being chased out, the castle is full of enemies, what do I do?”

I wiped my face with a wet towel as I calmed down just a little. I talked to Ido-chan as she briefly pointed out my “Tone” in an annoyed voice.

“Perhaps it’s because you are talking so femintely in a body like that, maybe that’s why Rei-sama hates you.”

“Guu. . .I don’t talk to Rei like this. I only open myself to you, the one that knows my situation.”

Only Ido-chan and I are in this carriage. Nobody could over hear us. The coach man can’t hear either as the windows are closed.

“Is that so?”

Her reaction was cold. Though regardless of how she acts, she is one of the few friends that knows about my past life.

And just like then, I(♀) was always being kept in check by my friends. But in this world I’m a crown prince, so I shouldn’t be looked down upon.

But that hardly matters with her.

“Ah, this is serious. What should I really do? I guess it’s okay so far, but I could be put under house arrest like some unwanted aristocrats are, that would be awful and I’m scared of that. Hmm, I wonder if I could just become an adventure. Renouncing my birthright to feed the queen’s ego.”

“Well that’s easier said than done, but being an adventurer is a tough profession.”

“Oh that. I have an S rank though.”

I just casually told her. Ido-chan kind of gave me a look over with a surprise looked. Saying “ Kirari Tanaka the S rank? Hahh?” That seemed to be her obvious reaction. So to clear it up more I gave her my adventurer dog tag.


“Well, I kind of started thinking at first (I came to this world, So I will correct Rei’s personality! And explore the new world, Woo!) That was sort of my initial thought, but I began to long for adventure more and more, plus the guild. This body is strong, much stronger than our world, and when I went into dungeons they were really easy. Also with the knowledge I have of this world from my past life, it made things more exciting to see it in person. But that was what, three years before Ido-chan came. . . So I was around thirteen?”

By the way, Ido-chan came a few years ago, because it also coincides with the start of the otome game.

“What’s the origin of this false name?”

“. . .It’s my original name. . “

Geeze I don’t want to bring that up.

“ . . .Secado-sama. Or should I say, Kirari-san.”

“Wha?! Don’t just call me by that name.”

“I have one proposal.”


I jokily said but then Ido-chan showed me a smile I rarely see.

“How about you marry me, becoming “Secado Teikok”?”

The name Teikok. The name comes from the Teikok Empire. The strongest power on this continent.  So of course I was flabbergasted.

After taking a deep breath I listened to her story. It seems that the emperor was having trouble with dungeons that had suddenly begun to appear throughout his empire, he then decided to send out several people to search for adventurers to come capture the dungeons.

Ido-chan is the daughter of the emperor, but the succession system there is based on a meritocracy. So she has to work for it.

She also wanted to go undercover as it became enjoyable for her.

Therefore she was tasked with investigating our country for good warriors, including to see the usefulness of Kirari Tanaka. Aka me. She was already interested because of the name.

Well, they weren’t sure where Kirari was. Because that great adventure vanished three years ago.

Ido-chan was still in disbelief though. She said she wasn’t sure that I was him when she became my maid. But I had to assure her I was.

I want to escape this kingdom. And Ido-chan wants Kirari Tanaka to come with her.

However it seems that she wants us to marry to put me under the empire’s patronage. So for both of us it’s a win-win.

Is that really okay though?

“Ido-chan, are you sure?”

Marriage is a big deal. . .

“Yes, it’s no problem”

“With me though?”

Honestly, with the cancellation of my engagement with Rei, I didn’t think I’d be engaged to somebody who didn’t want to marry me again.

“Secado-sama, you have an otome hero’s face, with also the strength and intelligence to traverse even dangerous dungeons. You also understand women seeing as you were one in your past life. And even though you are quite a softy, you uphold yourself and carry yourself as a proper prince. But above all, I enjoy being with you. So to be clear, it would be very difficult to find a better partner.”

Ido-chan gave me such solid compliments. . .

I had to pinch my blushing cheeks to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, the usual frigid gaze came back as she asked “What are you doing?”

It’s real, my cheeks hurt.

“Um, Ido-chan, that’s.”

“Does Secado-sama hate the idea of being married to me?”

“. . . .”

She is sneaky. . .

“. . .”

She remained expressionless, but her ears were turning red, you aren’t that sneaky.

“No, that isn’t it.”

I could only say that.

“I-It is really easy to spend time with Ido-chan. And you are very beautiful. You are the only person I feel like I could be myself with. I’ve enjoyed all the times we spent together. So you are the best girl I’ve ever met. And. . . I’d be happy to support you. We could have a happy married life.”


I meekly smiled as I said.

She just gave a small confirmation as she turned her face away. Her ears and cheeks were bright red.

This girl is so cute.

I really do want to hug her.

I reached out my arm and signalled her to come close. When she noticed she gave a face that said “Only a little.”

If I think about it, she is really a tsundere.

“Pardon me.”


I gave a tight but gentle hug.

Naturally it made me kind of excited. Especially after becoming a man.

She is so small, soft, and smelled wonderful.

When I was a woman, I don’t think she would feel this soft or smell this good.

Before I noticed I became enraptured by her, until I was tapped on the shoulder, she then squeaked “Too tight.” So I quickly let go.

“Oh, Sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

Her face was deep red.

Was it always so hot in here?

She then cleared her throat. Seems that she wants us to get back on the subject.

“Well then, you are okay with marrying me?”

“Uh, yeah. O-Obviously.”

She stared at me while I gave my stupid reply.

Sorry for being such a clutz.

“Then I shall tell my father.”

“Uh yeah, Please treat me well.”

Unbecoming of a prince, I awkwardly bowed my head to her.



I stood up straight and looked directly at her before she could return to normal.

“I’ll do my best from now on. I’ll make you happy. I’ll make sure we will be happy.”

“. . .”

I was serious when I spoke. Her eyes widened but soon became normal.

“I never thought you would just say “I’ll make you happy.”

“Uuh, Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“No don’t apologize, I was just a little overwhelmed.”


I was completely flustered when I saw her smile softly.

She rarely smiles, but she looks cute when she does.

“If we aren’t happy together, what is the point of marriage? So of course I want to make you happy, and you will make me happy. The point was to have both of us be happy.”

. . . Really, I have a feeling I can’t beat her. She keeps one upping me.

But as her husband, I can’t give up.



I abandoned the honorific, and hugged her waist tightly.

I put my hand on her cheek and whispered.

“Maybe we should soon add a third person to our family?”

“Secado-sama. . .”

Fufufu, she is flustered now.

“Geeze, you are so sweet.”


Both my cheeks were grabbed as my lips were pressed against her’s.

My brain was on overdrive as my first kiss was stolen. They were so soft.

Once we finished.

“This will suffice for now.”

“Y-Yeah. . .”

Conclusion. I can’t win.

A few years later.

The first female empress was made for the Teikok empire.

Empresses Ido Teikok, the seventh child of the preceding emperor with her husband, Kirari Tanaka, a famous adventurer with the nickname “Dungeon Eater.” Came to rule the kingdom into prosperity.

Kirari Tanaka became famous for going across the Teikok empire and capturing many of the dungeons that suddenly appeared throughout the Realm.

The two became a bright couple for the Teikok Empire. Both for their skills, but also loving marriage. A common sentiment heard from their children and grandchildren, was they were newlyweds until death.

The End.

I Was a Woman but now I’m the Main Hero.

I Was a Woman but now I’m the Main Hero.

ヒロインも悪役令嬢も奪われたメインヒーロー様な俺(前世:女), ヒロインも悪役令嬢も奪われたメインヒーロー様に仕えるメイドな私(実は皇女), メインヒーローになれなかった冒険者とサポートキャラにならなかった皇女な二人(まだ婚約中), 前世女で今メインヒーロー様な俺
Score 8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
A short story about a hero(former girl) being reincarnated into the world of an Otome game they know well. However they then have the villainous girl and heroine stolen away from them. Only to be consoled by their best friend.


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