I Want to Blow chapter 2

Chapter 2

An Qi hummed, “Why would I? I’m not going to cheat on my man. I love him the most! I’m not going with you.”

Fa Xiao rolled his eyes. “Fine, if you don’t want to play, then don’t, we’ll just drink. I know that you love your beloved wife.”


Tan Ding was on a night shift. He happened to be on duty at the food court. He stopped a drunk driver. He and his companions had an alcohol detector. When they saw something wrong, they let the driver get off the car and blow into it. Nearly ten offenders were caught in less than an hour.

He issued a ticket to someone, revoked his license, and arranged to send him to the police station. Suddenly he felt a presence. He turned around and saw An Qi’s flushed face looking at him with expectant eyes.

Tan frowned. When he looked across the street, he found An’s apparently lively form. He couldn’t do anything. “Drinking? Go home, sleep and wait for me. I’ll come after being done with this shift.”

An ignored him. He stared at the alcohol detector in his hand: “I want to blow!”


He moved closer. “Come on, let me blow!”

Tan took the alcohol detector away and calmly explained, “No need to blow in it, go home.”

An stared at him for a while. He smiled and took out his driver’s license from his pocket and proudly declared, “I have a driver’s license, I want to blow it!”

Tan was coming up with a headache. “You did not drive. We do not need to measure your alcohol content. Go home quickly.”

An was obviously reluctant. He staggered aside and saw a tricycle delivering food at the door of the hotel. He walked straight up without saying a word and then took a slow ride to Tan. In front of him, with one leg stomped on the ground he shouted, “I have a car! Hicc…I’m going to blow!”

The traffic policeman on duty with Tan almost fell to the ground laughing. He helped him, “Forget it, you can let him blow in it and then let him go back.”

Tan had to hand the alcohol detector device to An and urged, “Blow in it and then go home, dear.”

An stared at the alcohol detector for a while, and suddenly shook his head, “Not this…”

Tan didn’t seem to hear clearly, and asked, “What? You just said you wanted to blow in it-“

An suddenly dropped to the ground and knelt down. Tan was startled. Just as he stretched out his hand, his waistband was loosened and then with a clatter, his pants fell just below his knees…

Tan Ding’s bare buttocks shone in front of everyone, adding a charm to the dreary street.

Tan Ding: ………………………………

An knelt on the ground and buried his face under his crotch with an intoxicated face. He kept muttering, “I want to blow! I want to blow it! Blow it for me…hicc!”

Tan wiped his face calmly, held An’s head to hide as much as he could, then turned his head to his already flustered companion, “I’ll take him back… you’ll have to take care of the rest.”

The traffic policeman did not react for a long time. He was embarrassed not knowing whether he should help him to fix his pants and or give them privacy. “Alright, but then, what are you go to do? “

Tan Ding looked at An Qi and smiled lightly. “I need to let him blow it tonight.”

Traffic police: ……………………



I Want to Blow

I Want to Blow

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2012 Native Language: Chinese
A story of a couple who quarreled and reconciled every day.


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