I Rescued A Collapsed Vampire On The Way Home, And She Turned Into A Yandere chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

On my way home, I met a comatose girl.

It was 10 P.M, and a day that people call Christmas and New Year’s Day, I was returning from a drinking party with my co-workers while thinking about the holiday schedule for tomorrow.

At this time of the day, few people pass through the residential area, which is a little far away from the station. Which is why it’s kind of difficult to decide whether or not to pass through her, who is on my way blocking the path.

…Okay, I’ll just ignore her, sleeping here at this time isn’t a bad thing.

It’s bothersome to call the police because they would ask a lot of questions; thus I don’t want to step on such a visible landmine.

“Wait…don’t ignore me.”

I was about to pass her by that time, but the collapsed girl grabbed my leg.

“Let go of me, I’m not so soft-hearted that I’ll stay here to listen to your story!”

“Just listen to me for a few seconds, please? You’ll benefit from it too!”

She’s lying down on the ground and talking about some damn benefit at a time like this! She looks quite young, though, what if the police sees me and thinks I’ve done something to her?!

“This, look at this…”

A girl handed me an envelope. It’s very thick and heavy.”

“Open it and take a look.”

When I open it as I was told, I discovered a bundle of 10,000 yeni notes inside. I rub my eyes and recheck it and take out a note. All of them are real 10,000 yen notes.

“Hey, this, all of these are ten thousand yen notes…”

“If you accept my condition, I will handover this bundle to you.”

This is a fascinating conversation, but can I really take this money?

First of all, let’s listen to what she says. If it’s unreasonable or fraudulent, I can still run away and call the police.

“So, what is that condition?”

“I want you to adopt me.”

What is she really trying to say?

“You, how old are you?”

I asked her just to be sure if she’s minor or not.

“I’m 19 this year.”

She older than what I had imagined, but she’s still a minor, and she wants me to adopt her?

“I’ll call your parents, and if you don’t like it, I’ll just call the police. Tell me your parents’ contact information.”

“Wait, don’t be so impatient! We haven’t finished talking yet.”

She grabbed me by the sleeve. So I guess I’ll have to take her to the police after hearing her story.

“I am… a vampire.”

I suddenly had a headache because what’s happening right now is similar to the fantasy stories that I used to think about when I was in junior high school.

“To be honest, demons, ghosts, and youkai, which we called bakemono, have existed for a long time, and people said that there are schools to make it easier for them to blend into human society, and once they graduate from there, they have to work independently.”

“Among them, the vampires are unique, they have to drink blood instead of eating normal food.”

It’s the kind of setting you hear many times. For now, I can only see this fellow as a cringe runaway chuunibyou girl.

“So, you want me to offer my blood to you?”

“That right, you’ve understood fast! I’m saved.”

There’s no way I would do such a dangerous thing, and in the first place, she said that she was 19, but I don’t know if that’s true or not. It will be a crime if I bring this minor home just because of money.

“Please treat me well today.”

“um, thank you”

A 26 year-old man who brought in a minor for money, and that man is me.

And now, I kind of regret that action. I was pretty naive.

Before everything else, she was a minor before was a vampire. When an adult man gets money to take a juvenile home, I kind of guess that counts as a crime itself.

A black-haired girl with a slightly sleepy face stared at me.

“Your name, what’s your name?”
“Takahashi Rina, but before that, I want to drink your blood. I haven’t drunk anything but water for two days.”

A girl with a rather common name is demanding me to give her my blood, but I wonder how she will drink it?

“Hand, lend me your hand.”

When I held out my hand as I was told, Rina put my finger into her mouth and bit it with her teeth.

“Nnn, It hurts!”

After that painful bite, she sucked my finger for a few minutes.

“Umm, that’s all for today.”

“Is that all right? I thought you would suck more…”

“Don’t worry, I have a small appetite.”

Even if I look at the finger that had been bitten now, there was no scar. I don’t know whether or not she actually sucked blood out of me or not. This is, after all, the first time I saw something like this.

“Thank you for the meal. I heard that men’s blood is usually stinky, but yours was delicious.”

“Well, I hope you’re satisfied.”

After that, Rina went to sleep on my futon without my permission. Although her face was similar to the models I saw in magazines, her expression had hardly changed since I saw her today, but I felt like her face turned a little red when she was drinking blood.

“It’s cold with only one blanket…”

I slept on the sofa, thinking of buying a futon for Rina.

“Nee, wake up!”

Someone shook me. Has that girl come here again? I feel like she’s coming here more and more often these days.

“Again…stop…shaking me…Yuuko!”

“Who? I’m Rina, do you remember?”

My head is spinning. I remember that I picked up a vampire girl yesterday, not a childhood friend who’ll take care of a working adult like me.
“Good morning, is it safe for a vampire to be under the sunlight?”
“That’s just superstition, sunlight can’t do anything to me.”

The famous crucifix and garlic seem to be superstitious too, so it’s the same except drinking blood.

“But first, I’m hungry. Cook some rice for me!”

“You want to eat? Can’t you just drink my blood and be done with it?”
“Such a small amount of blood can’t replace a meal, but I slept because I was sleepy yesterday, and vampires also need a meal.”

She’s really the same as a human being. She eats and sleeps, except that she’s always expressionless, but she is still a girl, so I have to be careful from now on.

“I understand, I’ll buy what I need to make breakfast.”


And then I went to the shopping mall with Rina to buy essential things like a futon, clothes, and some daily necessities.

“If you leave me here alone, I’ll call the police.”

“Don’t read my thoughts, and don’t worry, I won’t be able to return the money you gave me, so I don’t think I’ll abandon you here.”

If Rina goes to the police now, then it’ll be me in trouble, and they will try to forcefully recover the money if she says that the money she gave me was taken away by force.

Well, I immediately reply with an ok, but with that, the situation turned into a far more massive crisis for me.

“Don’t worry, I’ll never betray you. So that why, don’t betray me, ok?”
She smiled faintly, but her smile looked very sad and lonely, so that why I.

“I understand, so I promise you that I’ll never betray you, and I’ll never abandon you.”

I don’t know about her past, but I don’t want to know about it either.

“Yeah, it’s a promise!”

Her smile, which was always expressionless, was brighter and more beautiful than before.



“Maybe I should abandon her?”

In the middle of February, after the New Year holiday was over, I had been thinking about this harsh reality. I’m completely exhausted because of her.

Because we live together, I asked her to do at least the housework, but she’s a piece of garbage.

If she cleans the house, it gets dirtier. She can’t do the laundry, can’t cook anything except for cup ramen, and if I ask her to go shop something, she ends up buying something entirely different.

“If you betray me, I’ll call the police.”

“I know, but at least learn how to do the laundry! Do you know how troublesome it is to wash your underwear…?”

Rina always wears my big shirt or jersey and wears basic pajamas, so it’s hard to tell, but she does have big breasts.

“So, by any chance, do you get aroused?”

“Baka, I’m not a lolicon. I like older women,”

That’s what I say, but I like Rina’s appearance better. I like young people, after all.

However, if I agree to that question, doesn’t that mean I’ll turn into a degenerate pervert? Isn’t it a crime when you get money to bring a minor to your home?

“Yeah, but first, give me your blood. Today is a holiday, so I will drink more than usual.”

“Yes, yes, but you said that you’re a small eater? Recently, you’ve been drinking more and more blood. The number of times you drink has also increased.”

At first, she drank it once a day, but since recently, she drinks twice a day, and in holidays, she sucks blood from me three times.

“Um, your blood is delicious, so I always end up wanting more and more.”

Well, it’s ok since I don’t have anemia, plus she really takes care of my finger.

“Don’t say something like abandoning me as a joke.”

She looks like she’s about to cry, but her expression doesn’t change that much. But this is what happens when I return a little late or when I look at her with cold eyes.

“Lie; it’s a lie, so don’t make such a tearful face. I won’t abandon you!”

I stroke Rina’s head and hugged her. If I pat her on her head, she’ll calm down, although the thought of caressing a defenseless girl made me want to do something

“It’s ok, I’m here, I’m not going away from Rina’s side so don’t worry.”

I hugged Rina, and stroked her head and whispered slowly to her ear. For some reason, she smells nice.

“Um, ehehe, we’ll always be together like this.”

Holding Rina tight this way, made me feel more stimulated than being hugged by my childhood friend or my co-worker, thus I couldn’t move for a few minutes.

In early March, when spring was approaching, I called my childhood friend Yuuko.

“Hey, do young girls kiss and hug people casually?”

“Haa? What are you talking about, it’s not like that! It’s more or less like, you know, something they do with their lovers or loved ones…”

“But you used to pat me on the head and suddenly hug me before, so that means that Yuuko likes me?”

“I-I don’t like you!! Don’t misunderstand!”

A *keen* sound effect rings close to my ear! My childhood friend’s face must be red right now! This is one of the reasons I can’t stop teasing her!

“Bad, bad, why does such a thing keep happening? I don’t really know why.”

“That is….Wait, what are you saying? What do you mean…?”

“A, the signal is getting worse , I’ll call you back later, I’m really, really sorry.”

“Ah! Wait, wait a minute.”

I hung up the phone right away, and of course, I turn it off in order to prevent her from calling again. This will allow me to avoid answering her.

“But I can’t tell her that my skinship with the minor that I live together with has become more intense…”

Yes, after that, if I stroke her head or hugging her, she would hug me and ask me to sleep on a futon with her, and on holidays, she would stick to me and leave me ‘hard’, and that’s very terrible.

It’s not because I’m unhappy, just that I’m afraid that if I keep doing this, I’ll end up putting my hands on Rina.

“I’m home.”

“Rina, I told you that it’s not good to wait outside, although it’s still warm, it will be cold at night, so let’s go inside quickly.”

Currently, she was holding my hand as usual, and her skinship with me was increasing day by day. I have to do something about this!

“Oi, don’t get too close. It’s hard walking like this.”

“I don’t want to separate. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, so I ran out of patience and made curry! it’s your favorite, right?”
“Hou, you can make even my tongue moan…”

“Yes, I made a lot of it, so eat it.”

Rina at first was a piece of junk in terms of housework, but her skill had steadily improved, and she was able to do every odd job well.

It’s good that she’s able to do it though, The dusty rooms in my house became clean, and since she was able to cook, the food expenses got reduced.

“Nee, pat me more, praise me…!”

However, the skinship was still intense; even now, she held my hand in her mouth and sucked on it while saying that she wanted me to stroke her head, which was on my lap.

“Na, naa, I’m hungry, so I want to eat curry.”

“Then praise me more, hug me more!”

It can’t be helped. When something like this happens, I have to spoil her and eat as quickly as possible.

“Good good, thank you for today. You’re always very helpful, Rina, I’m happy due to you every day.”

“Ehehe, when I’m together with you, I feel very happy. Rub my head more.”

After sucking my blood, she hugged me while rubbing her face against my chest.

“Haa, let’s hurry up and eat….”

After that, I was able to eat curry. Although by then, it had turned cold.


“Recently, you’ve been sighing so much. It makes me worry for you.”

“No, this is about something pretty serious. She’s acting like a spoiled brat almost every day, there’s something definitely wrong with that.”

I consulted my colleague at work. Although we’re in the same position, she’s a kouhai.

“I don’t know, I’m here to drink, not to hear your love story. Let’s drink hanakin today.”
“Kouhai-chan, You know that I don’t drink. It’s bad for your health.”

“Senpai has a role to fulfill though, and that is that you have to listen to my idle complaints, take care of me, and drive me back home. if you understand, then please drive me back home as soon as possible.”

As expected, it’s no good, she usually puts on a cold air, but as soon as she drinks, she starts to complain about everything. I was surprised when we went out for a drink for the first time.

“Senp-ai, do you hear me? That shitty manager owes me favors, but he looks at me with cold eyes when I need help, he’s such a meanie.”
“It’s not a favor, it’s your job, right? I remember that I’ve heard the same thing before, and before I knew it, I was in the same position as you.”

“Mou, that’s good, you should misunderstand it that way.”

After all of that, I couldn’t hear any opinions, and just as I expected, I drove her back to her house, and returned to my home.


“Welcome home. Why are you late than usual today?”
“You called me, didn’t you? I’ve eaten outside, so that’s why I’m late. And I won’t eat dinner. It’s late, so I’ll go to bed now.”
It was already 12 o’clock, but Rina was still awake.

“No, I want to sleep together with you, and also,”

Who was that woman?”

The moment I heard her speak, I got goosebumps. I just said that I was late because I went out to eat. I never said anything about being with my kouhai, so how does she know?!”

“I have a good nose, you see.”

Her eyes were fixed on me, as if she was trying to shoot me with them.

“It’s bad, very bad, you will stay together with me, my human. You have to stay with me, forever and forever!”

“Calm down! Look this way!”

I came near her and hugged her as tightly as I could.

“It’s ok, I will stay together with Rina. The person I was with today was just a co-worker.”

“More, more, love me more!”

“Um, I love you, let’s stay together forever.”

For some reason, the words came out smoothly, as if I wasn’t myself.

“Ehehe, It’s late, so why don’t we go to sleep? Because it’s your day off tomorrow, let’s be together all day.”

It was my fault that she was like this. I always gave in to her with a light heart and treated her kindly.

“Let’s be together forever from now on!”





When I first met him, I thought he was loyal to his desires.

He tried to ignore me when I was lying on the ground, but when I gave him money, his eyes changed color, and he listened to me and immediately agreed.

But I also thought that he was a kind person, because no matter how much money one was paid, they would tend to not poke their nose into a matter like this, unless they were interested in me sexually.

He wasn’t drunk, and he was really worried about me.

So I just told him that I wanted him not to betray me.

I’m the strongest among the vampires, so if I go out of control, they won’t be able to do anything about it, so I was always labeled as a monster. I was always alone.

I don’t want to be called a monster, I don’t want to be betrayed by a person I care for.

He would surely run away if he understands that I’m a monster, so I took advantage of his kindness.

But, he promised me, he hugged me, he praised me, even though it was just temporary, that is what I wanted.

I thought I wanted to be with him even though it was easier to have a relationship formed through money.

When he hugged me, I felt satisfied.

When he stroked me, I felt happy.

When he praised me, I felt like never leaving him..

I wanted to be with him, but I couldn’t take that extra step.

But one day it became intolerable and I kissed him while he was sleeping that night.

My entire body was hot. The desire to make him mine grew inside me.

I wanted to suck his blood more, connect with him more , and go closer to him.

I made a secret contract while he was sleeping; a contract that turned me into his slave.

So, even though he doesn’t realize it, I now belong to Master, I’ll do anything that Master orders me.

However, Master will not betray me because of that thing, and when I think about that little thing, I want to be together with him forever


It’s ok, Master, I will not betray you,

Because you promised, Master.

Ping pong Ping pong Ping pong

The doorbell keeps ringing from early in the morning, and when I look at the peephole, a woman stands in front of the door with an irritated expression.

“Nee, I know you’re there! It’s me!”

She had been calling Master with a harsh voice for a while. No way, is she the woman from that time?

“That person inside your house, she’s dangerous! We have to get rid of her quickly!”
The woman who trying to tear me and Master apart, the woman who was trying to look at the person who saw me for the first time, the woman who was trying to take the person who had been together with me for the first time.

My master said he loves me, and I also love him too.

So let’s stay together, forever.



I Rescued A Collapsed Vampire On The Way Home, And She Turned Into A Yandere

I Rescued A Collapsed Vampire On The Way Home, And She Turned Into A Yandere

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