I Love Her Too Much. chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

My name is Mishima Keigo.


I’m studying as an executive director and heir of the internally famous Mishima Group.

Such I, had a woman for a long time. If I say so myself, she has a pretty face, her head is also good, she’s training her body without slacking, and she also has a status. You would normally think that she’s a keeper.


While in school, we were playing suitably and spent the days happily. However, the work and studying were basically the most important, so I didn’t plan on neglecting it. The women who don’t couldn’t take that into consideration often broke up with me, but I soon got to the point where I didn’t particularly worry about it.


Now, about her.

Two years ago, the work was really busy, so I didn’t contact and neglected her for about two weeks.


Even though I didn’t mind because you said it would be like that only at first, but I didn’t think it would become like this! She snapped and wanted to break up. I didn’t like the idea at first, but I decided that it would be impossible for us if she couldn’t withstand even that and decided to break up.

Things became complicated between us after that, and I have never seen her since then.


However, my father and grandfather wanted me to quickly get married and recommended me many marriage interviews.


I’m declining with the reason of being busy at work now, but I’m fearful of the day when I can’t use this excuse anymore.


As expected, I would like to choose my marriage partner by myself.


Such I had a fateful encounter.


A lady who was obviously standing out in the work’s party. My sight was nailed at the polite lady with beautiful braided hair. She had a light make-up, but I could see her white, smooth skin overflowing with feminine charm from a distance. Her dress was also of an adorable pale pink color, but there wasn’t a bit of childishness. I could see a face that was superior to models. A new celebrity? That was my first impression of her.


She was unconcerned of the gazes of men and women gathering towards her and just stood there with her back straight.


「What an eye-catching Ojousan, isn’t she?」


I didn’t notice father coming to my side while I was staring in a daze at her.


「Y, yeah」


「You have returned」


Even though I act as a good young man in front of everyone besides my family, I was so captivated by her that I returned a dull reply and started panicking.


「The man beside her is president Akatsuki」


「President Akatsuki… that major IT enterprise?」


「Yeah, we have been in their care, so we have to go and greet them too」


「… I will go」


「I will go too. I’m interested in that Ojousan」


Glaring at Father who’s enjoying himself, I somehow recover my state and approach her.


「President Akatsuki」


「This is, Mishima Group’s… Keigo-san was it?」


「Yes. We are always under your care」


「It’s I who should be saying that. President also seems to be doing good」


「Yeah, you are accompanied by a beautiful lady today」


Father exchanges light greetings with President Akatsuki, and then President Akatsuki calls the lady over to his side.


「Let me introduce you, this is my daughter Miki」


「How do you do, I’m Akatsuki Miki」


The woman bowed with a lovely smile.

I couldn’t take off my eyes from her.


「How do you do, I’m Mishima Yuugo. And this is my son Keigo」


「How do you do?」


I was captivated, so my response was a bit slow, but I somehow acceptably covered for it.


She’s a beautiful child even in close proximity, isn’t she…


「Keigo-kun is contributing the company with his many new ideas as an executive director」


「I don’t have such great achievements yet. I’m still just a fledgling」


Hearing President Akatsuki’s words, she returned me a gaze of respect, but it was not the carnivorous gaze women were giving me until now, but a simple, comfortable gaze of respect.


「That’s amazing, isn’t it?」




I thought so too before but her voice is cute… hearing her is pleasant, making me want to hear more.


「Is Miki-san a student?」


「Yes. I became a senior high school student this year」


「Hoo, which school do you attend?」


「Aya-kyo academy」


「Hoo, to have such beautiful and excellent daughter, I’m envious President Akatsuki」


Hearing father’s words, she became bashful, and President Akatsuki’s eyes started sparkling.

Bashful… adorable…


「That’s right!! Miki passed Aya-kyo with the top grades, and was recommended for the student council! She declined because there are other things she wanted to do, but she’s fluent in English, German, French, and Chinese. She’s currently cultivating her manners!! Moreover, she’s a gentle child who cooks and makes sweets for me on my day offs!!」


Father and I were both taken aback by President Akatsuki’s fervent speech. Her bright red, embarrassed face tickled my heart.


「I’m sorry, Father is…」


「No, no, I’m envious of his prided daughter」


Father smiles at her apologetic words, and I also smile at her, so smiled back in relief. Seriously cute.


After that, we talked for a bit and separated, but I felt uneasy.

I get irritated when other men approach her and feel relieved when they get away. When it repeats, Father lightly poked at me.


「Cut it out. First, you fall in love at first sight and now you selfishly feel jealous… are you a stalker or something…」


I was able to see my objective clearly after being told by my tired Father, and then I snapped back.


「If she’s on your mind that much, you should call out to her. You are good at that, right?」


「… I have never called out to someone by myself」


「Are you boasting of your popularity? Or rather, are you saying that you don’t know how to call out to a girl? Just how much incompetent are you? This stupid son」




「Listen up, okay? That girl is beautiful and smart. She’s a young lady preciously raised by the doting President Akatsuki. She will be easily stolen from you by other man」


「… I’m off」


It was uncool being pushed on my back to start moving by Father, but I understand that I will regret if I don’t move now. It’s my first time falling in love at first sight, and I have never been obsessed with a woman like that before. I didn’t think that I would fall in love with a girl that is nearly ten years younger than me, but I can’t endure thinking that she will be stolen by another man.


「Umm, Miki-san. Won’t you associate with me with the premise of marriage?」


Thinking about it again, proposing at our first meeting is idiotic, but those words were the only thing I could think of at this time.

I waited for an answer while she was staring in surprise and President Akatsuki became confused.


「Umm… may we start as friends?」


I hugged her with all my might because I was feeling happy that she didn’t reject me, causing President Akatsuki to shriek, but I don’t have any regrets.

I Love Her Too Much.

I Love Her Too Much.

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
A workaholic man falls in love at first sight with a girl nearly ten years younger than him.


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