I Just Acted for My Future with Him. chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

My fiance is Leon-sama.

A fire red hair color and a smile that fascinates people.

A person who is kind and gentle to everyone.

Such a perfect fiance as Leon-sama, a bad insect recently stuck to him.


“Oh, Aria, what?”

The commoner, Aria.

A woman who can use the same light magic as me.

When it comes down to it, a saint candidate who’ll be my strongest competitor.

“Today, I baked some sweets during home economics time… so I want Leon-sama to eat them.”

“Woah… Aria’s baked sweets, huh. Then should I eat one?”

“Waaa… Thank you very much, Leon-sama!”

“Saying 「waaa」, such an exaggeration, Aria”

Looking like they’re on good terms, Leon-sama is eating the sweets made by that woman.

The two were meeting in a corridor with less people.

“Ah, Lumia. I just got sweets from Aria, why don’t we eat them together? They’re delicious, you know?”

“Lumia-sama, please also have some!”

I also happened to be in the hallway where the two met.

It doesn’t mean that since Leon-sama has been acting strange these days, I’m following him.


“What? Does Lumia hate sweets?”

“Is that so, Lumia-sama?”

They looked at my face mysteriously.

I wondered why.

How can you stay so normal?

Meeting another woman in front of his fiancee,… and with that woman who’s also fighting against me for the saint position… How can you be on good terms with such a commoner woman?

“Maybe you’re on a diet? Lumia is already so thin, you don’t need to diet. I’ll put one in your mouth.”


“That’s not good, Leon-sama! Doing such a rough thing to a girl!”

“Huh? Is that right? I was just imitating what Aria’s always doing to me…”

“T-that’s… because Leon-sama is a man!”

“Is that so… I did something wrong, Lumia”

What is this…?

Am I having a bad dream?

But the sweetness in my mouth tells me that this is reality.

“Sorry, Leon-sama…I remember needing to do something urgent, so excuse me.”

“Hey, Lumia”

I headed to the bathroom to escape.

In the background, I heard, “Huuh it’s because Leon-sama was being forceful…” and “Lumia is always like that, you know?”

“Goho, Ugu, Geho2… The taste of that woman’s garbage still remains.”

I flushed the trash in my mouth in the bathroom.

Drool drips from the corner of my mouth, but now I have to spit out the trash or I will be contaminated by that woman.

Even if this trash is purified by light magic, it is so troublesome that it will still not disappear.

I pierced my throat with my finger and forced myself to vomit.

“Nghh3…! Ah, I feel sick. Ah… I really feel very sick.”

Leon-sama who makes good friends with a common woman.

I doubted Leon-sama’s sanity.

Leon-sama who makes friends with another woman in front of his fiancee.

Then I doubted the sanity of that woman.

That commoner woman who makes friends with man who has a fiancee.

Ton…ton4… and the door of the stall was knocked on.

“Uhm… are you okay?”

I hear that woman’s voice.

That woman is in front of the door of this stall.

The taste of the garbage that should have been vomited revives… My stomach cramps and I feel nauseous.

“I’m fine…”

“Really…? Was there something wrong in my sweets…? Don’t force yourself.”

Isn’t this woman forgetting that I’m her rival for “saint candidate”?

The light magic wielder me can purify poisons.

I wiped my mouth with a handkerchief.

“You and I are saint candidates. Of course I’m okay because I can use light magic.”

“T-that’s right, huh? Then… why?”

Perhaps she wants to ask why I was vomiting.

Rather, I want to ask that woman who’s the root of all this!

If I won’t do something about this, Leon-sama will be poisoned by this woman…

“Isn’t it normal that I can’t eat the sweets of some commoner woman.”


If I keep this woman from being in this school… Leon-sama should be sane.

I’m sure that if I drive out this commoner woman, become the saint, and be connected with Leon-sama, I’m sure things will go back to normal again.

“Can you not wander around my fiance Leon-sama? You’re being cheeky despite being a commoner, you know?”

1 sound of something being forced into the mouth
2 coughing sounds
3 vomiting
4 knocking sounds

I Just Acted for My Future with Him.

I Just Acted for My Future with Him.

Watashi wa Kare to no Shōrai no tame ni, Kōdō shita dakedesu wa. 私は彼との将来のために、行動しただけですわ。
Score 4.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
The male fiance seemed to be on good terms with another woman so the female fiancee decided to get rid of the bad insect.


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