I Hypnotised the Cool Female Clerk chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

(I can’t wear this short skirt……why did such a short skirt……)

23:00 on a certain day. Nosaka Iori was holding her head in the corner of the bedroom she lived alone in.

Before Iori’s eyes was the uniform provided by and worn at today’s part-time job.

She noticed that the hem of the uniform’s skirt was shortened by 5cm, and so wasn’t able to be calm.

(Did someone……? But, this receipt……)

I suspect that this was someone else’s handiwork. On the other hand, though, when my eyes stopped on the receipt of the shop on the second floor of the shopping centre that I stopped by on my way home from my part-time job today, I couldn’t help but think that I had unconsciously raised the hem myself.

(T-There’s no way! ……that’s right, I should have a spare……)

Iori tried to get it out from the closet, but it wasn’t on the shelf that it was supposed to be on, nor could she find it after searching the other shelves.

It was at that time that she found some clothes and underwear that were not to her taste, and so chucked them out into the trash can.

(Aargh, even though this isn’t the time to be getting rid of the clutter……)

Iori’s hands did not stop trying to fill up the trash can.

(This…and this, it’s filled with things I don’t need……why is it only filled with these low-exposure clothes and plain underwear……)


Eventually, she took out the bag of combustible garbage and threw things into it until it was ready to burst.

(-wait, the uniform!? ……ah, come to think of it-)

When she turned her feet to the living room as though suddenly remembering something, the article that Iori was searching for could be seen folded and placed on top of a table in the kitchen.

(……why is it here? ……furthermore, it’s the same……)

The uniform skirt and the previous skirt–both had been shortened.

(Why…why are they all shortened? ……I can’t work decently like this……)

It was natural to think such. It was prudent to assume that wearing the shortened skirt before her eyes would hinder her work.

(If it’s like this…then my underwear will be seen if I bend just a little bit……)

How did this happen……with no answers amongst the traces of my memory no matter how much I pondered, I scratched my head due to the irritation of not finding an answer, left with no choice but to accept this reality.

There was no way that I, who placed such importance in efficiency when working, could stand in front of customers while wearing this skirt.

Treat customers with a smile. Putting the fact that I had this sole deficiency aside, there was no way that I could work with such a skirt.

Iori, who held a substantial amount of pride in herself who could work, didn’t smile. She thought that she could cover for this fact by just putting a little mascara and eyeliner on her originally well-arranged facial features, but this inability was something like a shackle to her.

(Why? Why? Even though this is unbelievable……do I have no choice but to wear this tomorrow? ……no way? But, this is something that…that I wanted, so I did it? That…that shouldn’t be, but……)

For the 21 years since her birth, Iori had never struggled with something like this. And her glossy light brown hair, which she usually bundled behind her during her part time job so as to not get distracted by things other than work, was currently let down, swaying in front of her chest as she scratched her head. In doing so……


(Eh!? ……did I get turned on from my hair just now? …there’s no way that……)

Iori was not surprised by the fact that she was not wearing any clothes at present.

She was surprised at the pleasure induced from her hair touching the tips of her breasts, the source of her stiff shoulders which have gotten big and heavy of their own accord.

And then, while simultaneously looking at her own nipples, she saw that they were engorged to an extent that she had never seen before, protruding outwards so much that she could tell how hard and pointy they were even without touching them.

(There’s…no way……)

Her fearful hands moved towards the tips of her chest, her fingers touching the nipples as though tracing around them.

“Agguh! No way!! Just from a touch……!? Even though I’m not touching the piercings……”

(……!!? This is!!)

“Nn, aahn……”

As soon as her fingers brushed against her nipples, Iori, who experienced a pleasure that made her throw her head back, perceived the abnormality of her own body.

Immediately diverting her hair to her back, Iori moved in front of her bedroom’s full-length mirror.

She saw fake nails on both her hands and feet, and two sparkling piercings on her nipples, which seemed to be where the problematic region lay. Iori examined her abdomen which she had just freshly shaved earlier, the 3 egg rotors inside of her pussy, her thigh’s black lace band that was dripping wet with love juice, and even the remote controllers affixed to it. All three of the controllers were shown to be on their MAX setting, the ceaselessly dripping love juice reaching the back of both her legs and leaving her footprints on the flooring from when she was running about in confusion earlier.

“Hah…thank goodness……”

Iori confirmed that there was nothing strange in the mirror. What caught her eye was the sensitivity of those nipples only.

(It’s strange how it’s just the nipples……if I were to walk around in a bra like this……)

Even when she showed her back to the mirror to check, all she saw was the tip of an anal pearl crammed into her anus, and……

On her right butt cheek: 【Pussy 正丅】. On her left butt cheek: 【Anus 正丅】. And the words 【Piledriver Cowgirl ◎ Boobjob ○ Blowjob × Gap-Moe ◎】 were on her back. She felt no sense of incongruity whatsoever from the fact that these had been scribbled all over her in permanent marker.

(TL Note:
正 is an asian tally meaning 5. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E6%AD%A3
丅 is 2.
◎ denotes “Very Good” https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E2%97%8E.
○ denotes “Good” https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E2%97%8B
× denotes “Bad” https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%C3%97)

There’s something weird with my nipples……why is the hem of my skirt……? While displaying a troubled face due to such things, Iori’s very own face in the mirror had become a little red, her usually cold eyes that her coworkers were afraid of and her mouth that wouldn’t open for unnecessary things having gone off somewhere.

The corner of Iori’s eyes drooped as though seeking something, her half-open mouth sucking on her finger as though seducing men that would give flickering glances at her nipples.

(It’s night time in my bedroom, just like usual…..but what a terrible face. I can’t show this face to anyone……if someone were to see it, then……e-eh? If they were to see it……?)

It was then that, for some reason, Iori became aware of the presence of the man who was looking at her while lying on the bed in the centre of the room……and, without changing her expression, she sucked her finger while locking eyes with the man.

“Ah, aaaahh……”

(If this face is seen, then……then I can’t help but feel that, no matter what I do, I need to be impregnated……)

“……please make me pregnant. Today isn’t my ovulation day, but……I want to be impregnated.”

The man on the bed snickered while twirling a permanent marker in one hand.

“I beg of you……please impregnate me……”

Iori kneeled down on the ground just below the bed and in front of the unanswering man as she directed her hips towards the mirror.

“Hafuh!! Aahn……”

The vibrations of the piercings that brushed against the flooring abruptly flowed towards the nipples, causing her voice to leak out.

“I will be your partner as many times as you want. For now, anyways…” he laughed as he responded to Iori’s plea with a *nihihi*…

“But, well, there’s also tomorrow. We’ll have some creampie pleading sex while thinking about tomorrow, ok? Of course, with princess-pistoning.” –the man continued while lying on his back.

(TL Note: Princess-pistoning. https://sexpositions.club/positions/271.html)

(What is he saying? Tomorrow? I can’t think about tomorrow……right now, I can only think about receiving dick milk with my pussy.)

“Ah, yess. Please…then……right away! Nnnh……haaahn, uh, uguuuuh♪”

Iori moved as though she had determined she would do things as such once she obtained consent.

Upon thrusting her hips forward with bowed legs after having the anal beads pulled out from her anus when she stood up from her prostration, the three rotors buried in Iori’s pussy were pulled out all at once and buried into her anus just like that. At the same time, Iori got on top of the bed that the man was on and straddled herself atop the man’s waist. And then……

“Oops, wait.”

The man made Iori wait just as she was on the verge of insertion. She had to wait as the stiff, erect dick rubbed against her from below.

“Eh, ah, yes……”

(W-What!? I want to put it in quickly. Even though I want to quickly have semen dumped deep inside of me and be impregnated……)

In the face of the bewildered Iori, whose face was filled with so much longing that her moist eyes were on the verge of shedding tears…

“Did you forget? Iori-chan. We can’t do it unless you properly say ‘that’, you know?”

(…ah, that’s right. Even though he’s been graciously acting as my partner ever since I came back from my part-time job today, how could I have forgotten. If I don’t do that, then won’t I cum and faint the moment his dick enters inside me!?)

“S-Sorry……I unconsciously rushed……”

“You properly remember the additions, yes? Only I am willing to be the Perverted Pachinko Clerk Iori-chan’s partner, so you need to properly think about and say it yourself, right?”

“……that’s right. ……I will say it. ……yes. I will say it. I, who posed as a capable woman and treated customers with a cold attitude, will live as a Shaved Masochist Pervert Woman. From tomorrow, I will serve customers while wearing a short skirt and work while cumming with my nipples with perverted piercings. I-In…in addition, before going to work, I will wear rope instead of the underwear I received from Master and occasionally show them to customers, respond with a [Oink] once every 5 times, and always give service with a smile while dripping lewd juices. I am this kind of woman, so please impregnate me……I beg of you!”

When Iori thought about and recalled the hypnotic suggestions cast upon her which altered her thoughts, and put them into words just as the man said, she wondered what were the troubles and conflicts she had from just a while ago as she stared at the man’s eyes.

Towards that gaze, the man returned an okay while shaking his head vertically with snickering eyes and a ‘yup, yup’.

“Haah♪ Thank you very much……ahaahn, it’s heaaaah! Master’s dick is comi……iiiiiiiiiiiiiigggghh!!! M-Make it, squeeeelllcccchh–aaaaah! So deeeeep…!! Cumming! Just from insertion, I’m cummmiiiiiiing!!”

With a *throb*, even as Iori swung her hips while swallowing the man’s dick to the base and immediately tasted climax, her pussy continued to be nailed countless times until the man ejaculated.

“Nn *smack*…hamu…Master’s saliva…daeh…!? Haeh!! Nnggggghhhh……”

Iori, who was kissing the man while swinging her hips, became cross-eyed when she swallowed the man’s saliva as her tongue slovenly swayed while still poking out.

Due to swallowing the man’s saliva, the pleasure caused by the rotors that were inside of her pussy just a while ago, and the pleasure of them being currently inside of her anus was revived. Iori, who tasted that at the same time as the repeated insertion and removal of the anal beads, melted to an extent that one couldn’t even imagine her originally cool face could, receiving pleasure without slowing her hips.

“Hipnoshis ish da bessht…hipno, shis…da besht……ooohhh♪ Ai!! Ai keehp cahhmmiiing♪ Yuu cahn ejahculahte whenebah yuu waaahnt toooo♪ Haffh, ha, haauh……ihiiih!!”

20 minutes later……

“Haaah, haah, haah, haaaah……”

By the time Iori’s princess-pistoning finished, the man had fired off 5 ejaculations without pulling out. With her four limbs spread out atop of the bed like a frog, Iori, whose buried face wasn’t able to adjust her breathing, happily raised the corner of her mouth as her eyes were clouded.

There, when the man’s dick, which had not lost its strength, approached……

“……nnhaah!! Hamu, nn *smack*, mm *slurp*……”

Her mouth vigorously drew closer and swallowed it as though it were a conditioned reflex. At the same time, when she slightly raised her body that was powerlessly lying down, she rubbed the man’s dick with her left hand, and ran her right hand several times through the semen that dripped down to her inner thighs before inserting 3 turbid-white fingers into her pussy, shaking her hips while using her own fingers to stimulate the entrance of her womb with a *squelch*.

______*squeak*, *squiggle*……

The man once again wrote on Iori’s left butt cheek and back with the permanent marker.

【Pussy 正正】

【Blowjob ×→ Passable】

And then, when the man ejaculated into Iori’s mouth after a while, Iori did not swallow the sperm, running it around her right hand that was extracted from her pussy before once again burying that hand back into her pussy. Repeating that three times was the present Iori’s common sense.


Conditional misalignment of sensations and memory differences were also something caused by the man’s hypnosis, but the man who had acquired and was able to demonstrate the versatility of this hypnotic ability was pulling his punches and simply enjoyed himself.

Enjoying himself with the irregularity and the individuality of his victims.

The unexpected fully naked prostration, as well as the words that she thought of herself while under hypnosis, was Iori’s individuality. The absurd manner of transferring semen to her pussy was also different from others.

The small-breasted girl who posed as a model that the man partnered with a little earlier pleaded by dancing with two vibrators stuck in her pussy and admitting that she was a sow. That was also a product born from her individuality of choosing to be impregnated by her own will.

Even though it was originally something caused by that man’s hypnosis……


In the morning, Iori woke up with the memories of last night, as well as the man’s dick that was constantly held in her mouth up until morning, even as she slept.

Having been hypnotised and had perverted things done to her, as well as being urged to do such things and making a choice. This whole series of events was as normal to her as washing her hands and gargling after coming home. It was unavoidable in order for her to be impregnated.

However, this was not something that I should talk about to others on my own. I am a shameful woman—a Shaved Masochistic Perverted Woman, after all.

I will take a shower and practice giving boob jobs, practice washing Master’s body with my boobs, and have a new hypnosis cast on me. Even if all of this is something I desire because of hypnosis, I believe that it cannot be helped if I want to be impregnated.

Even if I wasn’t like that yesterday–even though the current me is being manipulated by hypnosis, I am happy.

I will now be tied with rope♪

Please impregnate me until you get bored. To that end, I can do anything.

And then, please hypnotise me until you get tired of it.

“*Oink*! Ah, cert…nnffgh, certain…nn……lyyy, haahn!”

I Hypnotised the Cool Female Clerk

I Hypnotised the Cool Female Clerk

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese


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