I Have Reincarnated into「Welcome to the ○○ Town!」Townsperson A, But the Last Dungeon Was Right Around the Corner chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Just before reincarnating, I was told「I will grant you three wishes」by the God.

What I wished for first was to reincarnate in the world of the game I loved since young,『Dragoon・Quest』.

After that,『High communication power』and『Job as the town’s guide』.

Since I had the opportunity, I might have considered cheats or a harem, but wishes beyond my disposition would bring me only troubles in the future.

For me who wasn’t good at socializing from a young age and who had friends only in the game, there’s nothing more I wish than having a work that could use the knowledge I gained in the game.

Thus, just as I wished, I have reincarnated into Townsperson A.

I wouldn’t call myself ikemen, but I have reincarnated into a youth with a very favorable impression.

The cause of my communication disorder was mostly because of my appearances complex, so I’m sure this will cancel out the communication disorder.

Just as I wished, my job is to greet travelers「Welcome to the ○○ town!」and guide them around the town.

The travelers and everyone in the town are also grateful to me, it’s a wonderful job.

…… Well, so far so good.

I think that God has answered my wishes sufficiently.

It’s just……

It’s just that.

The last dungeon is right in front of this town of『Hellhermit』!

In other words,「The last town」Hero-sama’s party is going to visit!

Therefore, it’s only natural saying that it’s natural, but――――

――――There are no travelers coming here!

「Haa…… so boring……」

I was waiting by the town’s entrance today as well.

「T, thank you for your hard work!」

I call out to the weapon’s shop uncle.

「New weapons have arrived, would you try them out for me?」

「Yes, I don’t mind」

I lightly grab the sword uncle has handed me.

Simultaneously, I confirm my status.


Name: Townsperson A

Job: Town’s Guide

Level: 17

Max HP: 874

Max MP: 730

Strength: 185

Endurance: 141

Agility: 163

Magical Power: 225

Luck: 17


E: Farthest Sword

Body: Townsperson’s clothes

Shield: None

Helmet: None

Offensive Ability: 755

Defensive Power: 141



The hell is this Farthest Sword!

It adds 570 offensive power!

Such weapon didn’t exist when I was playing the game.

It appears that this world is arranged differently from the game.

「I think of making it our new signature article. If you’d like, try using it」

Just what kind of fellow would buy this flagship?

The price is 850,000 Gold, you could buy three houses with that.

「Well then, do your best! Everyone is grateful for your work!」

Gahahaha, the weapon’s shop uncle leaves while laughing heartily.

Incidentally, uncle’s status is like this.


Name: Emile

Job: Weapon Shop Uncle

Level: 45

Max HP: 999

Max MP: 0

Strength: 255

Endurance: 255

Agility: 30

Magical Power: 0

Luck: 150


E: None

Body: Townsperson’s clothes

Shield: None

Helmet: None

Offensive Ability: 255

Defensive Power: 260


As expected, he has muscles for brains.

As you can see, the status of everyone in this town is abnormal.

I thought it was a bug at first, but after thinking about it, this is the last step town. Powerful monsters are loitering around.

In order to lead an ordinary life in such circumstances, I think that townspeople should have at least statuses like that.

Much less the「Townsperson A」me, who is standing at the entrance of the town has the duty of holding back the monster’s assault first.

For that reason, I was assigned an overwhelmingly high status even among the townspeople.

Suddenly, I felt a presence by the town’s entrance.

「Hey human, you will be my first victim today!」

What appeared is『Succubus・Lord』.

Snow-white skin and golden hair.

The characteristically exposed Succubus・Lord will seduce the adventurers and absorb their life energy.

Monsters of the highest rank like her who is succubus attack this town on a regular basis.

「Oi, what is that sword?」

「Eh? Ah, the weapon’s shop uncle lend it to me a short while ago」

I try swinging the Farthest Sword.

It shines and draws a line of light in the air.

「Ah, I’m weak against that, probably a poor attribute. Change to the usual『Dull Saber』」

「Are you stupid? Why do I have to answer demands of a monster?」

「I mean, aren’t you too strong?」

The succubus pouts and complains.

I have defeated all monsters that have come attacking the town, but I’m hesitant to finish off humanoid monsters no matter what.

Because of overlooking her for several times, this succubus has become overly familiar.

…… Right, this was my daily life.

Travelers who should have come, but didn’t and monsters I didn’t ask for that keep appearing.

Well, certainly, my communication power increased as I wished for.

Nowadays, I’m able to normally greet everyone in the town.

I’m doing the work of a guide in the world of『Dragoon・Quest』I have loved since young.


But, you see!

「Fufun, well then, it’s duel, human! …… tte, calling you『human』all the time is somewhat inconvenient. That being the case, i, it’s about time you tell me your name――」

「――――This is wrooooーーーーーーng!!!!」


Because I suddenly raised my voice, the succubus toppled over, and her white panties were in a full view.

「W, what is it human, do you have any troubles? If you are troubled about sex, I can give you advice? Although I say that, I’m still inexperienced, but――」

「That’s not it! W・h・y are you the last boss! Certainly, I’m grateful, but I’m not the town’s guide like this, but rather a gatekeeper! Usually, wouldn’t at least one visitor come?!」

「C, calm down, if you feel ill, I will withdraw for today――」

「Be quiet! Especially you, you keep coming back to the town day after day!」

「I, It’s really not because I fell in love with you or anything, okay!」

「Tsundere!? Rather you, if you lust for humans that much, go to the hero and invade the castle at once! Aren’t there only slimes and goblins around that town! That’s unfair no matter how you think about it! Aren’t there only dangerous sounding monsters like Meteora Dragon and Giga Mosquito around my town!」

I didn’t wish for a cheat-like ability.

I just wanted to peacefully live as『Affable Oniisan at the ○○ town’s entrance』.

The succubus strokes my head who is half-crying.

「Umm, what, it was my fault. I will make sure not to come that often from now on, so」

「…… No, that would be lonely」


It’s the fault of the God who has reincarnated me that things became like this.

As a customer, I would like to complain and start over, but the God has not appeared once since I reincarnated.

「Then, will you become my partner?」

The Succubus said while fidgeting.

「E, even though I said partner, I didn’t mean ecchi partner, okay! Don’t misunderstand, alright!?」

「As if, baka」

As thanks for turning a blind eye several times, the Succubus will perform the role of a traveler as thanks.

「Look, if it’s only appearances, I look human-ish, wouldn’t I be enough for a practice partner?」

「Fumu, I see」

「E, even though I said practice, I didn’t mean ecchi practice, okay! Don’t misunderstand, alright!?」

「That’s enough」

「What, are you saying you don’t need practice! You are experienced even though you have such obedient face? Fine, if you take the lead gently, I don’t mind giving you my first――」

「You are talking about guiding you around the town, right?」

That being the case, the next day in the afternoon, I have been waiting on the succubus who raised the tension with「On the occasion, please tell me what clothes you like」.

It’s different from my imagination, but my wish has finally come true.

(Welcome to the town of Hellhermit!)

(Welcome to the town of Hellhermit!)

I practice many times in my head.

Umu, it’s perfect. Come at me whenever.

I defeat the monsters that assaulted the village with the『Farthest Sword』, look into a hand-mirror and fix my hair.

The first impression of the town, that is me.

Which hero would stay in the town with an unpleasant Townsperson A?

My responsibility is serious.

「…… Yosh!」

While enthusiastic, my clothes get pulled on.

「U, umm……」

When I turn towards the shy voice, an extraordinary beauty was standing there.

White one-piece dress and star hat, while inappropriate appearances for the last step area, the attractive bulge swelling in her chest area is far from innocent.

「I have…… arrived?」

I thought she was made up girl of my dreams with a cheat ability, but I have finally noticed that it was the succubus.

「…… Ah, un, it suits you」

「T, that’s not it right, your lines, the lines!」

The succubus averts her gaze while turning bright red.

…… My lines?

Ah, I see, that’s so.

I have forgotten the essential sentence.

「No, I have just arrived too」

「Date!? Is this the rendezvous for a date!」

The succubus inserts a sharp tsukkomi while swaying her big breasts.

「Mou! Have you forgotten my role?」

「Ah, no, that’s not the case, but……」

I usually felt a strange feeling when I saw my classmates whom I usually see in uniforms outside in the casual clothes.

It definitely wasn’t love at first sight. It shouldn’t be.

OK, OK, I’m fine now.

I’m a nameless Townsperson A.

There’s only one thing I should do.

「W, welcome! This is Hellham――――!?」

I bit myself.

I have bitten myself.

Even though I have practiced so much.

Even though the succubus has expressly cooperated.

「Uu…… gusu…… I’m no good after all! Even though I have reincarnated and my appearances changed, I still can’t communicate!」

「Here, here, don’t mind it. Everyone is bad at the beginning…… let’s try it one more time? Let’s do our best together. Look, do your best, do your best!」

The succubus comforts me while stroking my head.

From this angle, her breasts cover 2/3 of my sight.

「Err, then, I will come from around there again」

The succubus retreats a bit and approaches again.

…… Haa, she’s a good girl, this child.

Somehow, she’s worrying about me, she’s super kawaii, she has super big boobs.

…… Oops, I have thought something unnecessary, I will fail again.

I concentrate and lightly call to her who arrived at the town’s gate.

「Welcome to the town of Hellhermit! Please, marry me!」

「Eh…… eeh!? Ah, yes…… if you are okay with someone like me!」

I have confessed while greeting her and received OK.

Is this fine?

That a little house with a red roof was built at the Hellhermit’s entrance is a story of little later.

I Have Reincarnated into「Welcome to the ○○ Town!」Townsperson A, But the Last Dungeon Was Right Around the Corner

I Have Reincarnated into「Welcome to the ○○ Town!」Townsperson A, But the Last Dungeon Was Right Around the Corner

The Man Who Dreamed of Saying Welcome to ________ Village, 異世界転生して「ようこそ○○の町へ!」という町人Aになれたけど、ラストダンジョンがすぐ目の前にあった件
Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
A story about a man who reincarnated in a town before the last dungeon and his quest to say the famous line「Welcome to the ○○ town!」


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