I Got Tired of Trying to Make the Prince Hate Me chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Did I make a mistake?

Nice to meet you. My name is Solange Lance. Even though I’m like this, I’m actually the daughter of a Duke. And I am a so-called villainess.

As for what I mean, I was living a nerdy life but I suddenly died one day of a heart attack because of a kyun moment in an otome game. Yes, when I was playing an otome game. Yes, literally dead. My heart was throbbing and fluttering when I was playing. I think I had a happy death.

Well, right. When I woke up, I was on a bed with a canopy. And when I looked in the mirror, there was the villain, Solange Lance, one of the characters in the otome game that caused me to die. However, it looked younger than the Solange that appeared in the game… And at that moment, Solange’s memory ran through my head. And then I became Solange.

So my second life started… but it suddenly stopped. Because, on any route, Solange will be guilty of harassing the protagonist and will be sent to the monastery, and in the worst case, will be guilty of death. …No, of course, I’m not thinking of bullying the protagonist, but there is a possibility that the so-called coercive force will work.

So, I. I think I will reject the original cause. Yes, Crown Prince Philbert Rois Nova… No, the first prince for now. I’ll block my engagement with him! That way I don’t have to be a villain! I’m sorry for the girl who might instead become his fiancee and become a villain, but this is the only way!

… Honestly, Philbert is the cause of my kyun death, that is, he was my favorite strike, but it can’t be helped.

With that, now I’ll live with my 「making him hate me」 strategy!

First of all, the tea party where I first met Philbert. At this seat, the Queen will like me and I will be made into Philbert’s fiancee. Philbert-sama avoided Solange because he was annoyed with her as she sold herself to him, even though they had just met. That was how he came to hate Solange who became his fiancee.

So I first sat in the corner quietly and unobtrusively so that the Queen wouldn’t like it, and never approached Philbert.

However, when the Queen, who had no favorite daughter, asked if Philbert had any, Philibert-sama knelt in front of me and said

“Will you get engaged with me?”

… Did I make a mistake?

I heard a scream from nearby. It is the cry of another daughter. Originally, there is no option to decline here. No matter how much you dislike it, a royal marriage was requested. If you decline, it could bring a big uproar involving your house. Moreover, Philbert is my favorite strike.

But, I

“I politely refuse!”

I declared reflexively and cheerfully out of place.

I did it!

“Pu… hahahahaha! Yes, that’s why! I like you because you are that kind of person!”

“Eh? Eh? Eh?”

“Ho ho ho. You don’t need to worry about it.”

I feel like the story is progressing before I know it!

“Oh, that…”

“Don’t worry, I will not force you to get engaged with me.”


“However, I will approach you with all my might and make you turn around.”


“Be prepared!”

Philbert dropped a kiss on my cheek. I didn’t mean for this, but why did this happen! ?

Ten years have passed since then. I have been trying hard to be disliked by Philbert. If you can’t pull from him, try the pushing strategy, so I tried pushing him in the opposite direction, trying to contradict him, presenting him snakes, rats, earthworms, and other creatures that are likely to be disliked, or bringing Philbert food that he hates.

However, Philbert-sama was happy, and he loved and cherished the gifts and creatures that I gave to him, and he ate the food I gave him without changing his face or complexion. He was not fazed at all.

Moreover, even though I have not yet become his fiancee, now I’m the first candidate for his real fiance! Exactly!

The otome game is about to begin!

You see, even now the transfer student heroine, Suzette-chan, is about to fall… huh?

Originally, Philbert would be the one to hug Suzette-chan to catch her, but he does not lend a hand at all. Instead, Paul from his entourage did the hugging.




Well, oh well. Eventually, Philbert’s interest will eventually shift to Suzette-chan.

It’s been another year since then. Yes, I have graduated from school. In the end, Suzette-chan became the fiance of Victor, the leader of the Knights. Fortunately, Victor is the only one who has no fiancee among the capture targets. She didn’t have any trouble. On the contrary, Suzette-chan has become a school favorite with her adorable character. No bullying happened.

So, there is no reason to push Philbert away.

“Solange. Isn’t it about time for you to agree to be my fiancee?”

“Yes, Philbert-sama.”

“… Eh”

Philbert-sama made a look like he saw something incredible for a moment.

“Lang Lang! I love you!”

Even though we’re in public, he declared very happily and hugged me with a smile.

“I’ve also always loved you, Phil-sama.”

When I called him by his nickname, his smile became deeper and he gave me a gentle kiss.

Yeah, in public.

The venue for the graduation party became festive when the two of us finally got together.

Suzette-chan, whom I became friends with over the past year, also celebrated with a smile.

“With this, you’ve clearly become mine. I will never let you go, so be prepared.”

“Yes. I’ve always known you, after all. I am fully prepared now.”

It’s completely different from the future forecast that I drew, but I think I can be happy!

I Got Tired of Trying to Make the Prince Hate Me

I Got Tired of Trying to Make the Prince Hate Me

Ganbatte Ouji kara Kirawareyou to shitara Nanka Suka re teta, 頑張って王子から嫌われようとしたらなんか好かれてた
Score 7
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
The story when I tried to keep the prince away to survive but ended up getting tired of it instead.


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