I Got Confessed to by the Prince, but He Came Back as a Hottie After I Turned Him Down chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“How impudent!”


The maid who served beside me looked at me in shock because I was so straightforward.


“You want me to accept you as you are? What is that? That’s an excuse for someone who didn’t try to make an effort. Don’t you think? …Honestly, it’s a big mistake if you think you can aim any higher!”


Was she surprised by what I said?


Or was it my piercing tone when I usually used a soft one? But even if I realized it was both, I couldn’t restrain my emotions.


‘As I am.’


I felt like I was denied all the efforts I had made up to now with just one phrase, so I couldn’t help vomiting the feeling that was squeezing my heart.


“Uh, uh … that, …well.”


Perhaps his throat was dry and he couldn’t utter a sound as he tried to desperately answer me, but no words would’ve reached me anyway.


He was out of breath, trembling all over, and his eyes looked everywhere at once.


I was sure I’d get a similar answer if it wasn’t him, but someone else. So I didn’t blame him for his response. Anyway ———


“… I’m sorry. It was a bit of a nasty question, but I couldn’t get over your excuse without you putting an ounce of effort. If it were anyone else, I wouldn’t be so upset, but you are a prince who will one day support this country… I am at a loss for words.”


Actually, although I refused his proposal and actively humiliated him, I still gave him a chance, but that was it. It was merely consolation.


“The only time you can use those words is when you have done everything you can first. If you love me as much as you had just claimed, isn’t it polite to make a reasonable effort before proposing?”


Let’s rewind to a few hours ago.


It was nearing the end of a party hosted by my Duchal household, Calendula, when a young man approached me.


He was Joshua Fyberg.


With such a well-known figure in front of me for the first time, the entire hall was rippled with clamor.


Fyberg was a surname only used for royalty, and Joshua Fyberg was the son of the current king. As soon as I wondered what he wanted from me while abandoning his escorts, he knelt before me on one knee.


Thus began his confession of love to me.


He started by praising my appearance, then for the next 10 minutes he started talking about my personality, my attitude towards the Duchy, and so on to the point that I felt he was stalking me.


With a high-pitched voice that echoed the halls, he asked,


‘I want you to support me as the closest person by my side. I want you to see me as I am. I want you to accept me. Will you please take my hand?’


He was completely brazen.


The onlookers all gazed at us with sparkling eyes. Cheerful screams were around us, but I only stared at the man reaching out towards me without being swept away by the atmosphere.


Joshua Fyberg.


He was the second prince of the Kingdom of Fyberg, and had a generally mild personality. The prince, who was loved by the people, was not known for his martial arts, but for his excellence in politics.


Although he was a gentle prince who did not seem to have any flaws, if there was one flaw I would dare say…


He was ugly.


That was all.


Perhaps it was because he was a prince and no one wanted to point it out, so he never realized it. As a result of an unhealthy diet and a lack of care, he had a bulging gut and acne-ridden skin.


To be frank, he was just hideous.


The country’s current rulers, his father and mother, were people who were renowned for their beauty.


The base material was better than anything else, so his unsightly appearance can only be due to his indifference to his looks.


Appearances weren’t the only thing I valued in a person, but your appearance is the first thing that gets judged during first impressions. Because of that belief, I myself have made many efforts to care for my appearance. Therefore, the phrase, ‘as I am’ was hard to swallow.


‘Why me, if I may ask? I heard that you have received a marriage offer from a princess in another country…’


This was a famous topic.


The fact that Prince Joshua had received a marriage offer was not only talked about by society, but made known in the palace. So I couldn’t help but wonder.


Why me?


‘I am only interested in you.’


He responded without hesitation.


I thought that was overkill, and at the same time, I thought it was frightening.


My opponent was a prince, therefore, I should just nod here.


My parents would be happy as a connection with the Royal Family will be made. All I needed to do was take his hand.


But I couldn’t feel happy no matter what.


All it took was one glance in my direction for him to fall in love with me. Hearing that did make me happy and I was impressed that he could be such a romantic.


Now that was all well and good but…


He was given a marriage offer from a princess of another country, but ended up falling in love with me at first sight. From that day on, he couldn’t suppress the growing desire to know more about me and always chased after me with his eyes.


‘Oh my, wow! What an amazing story.’


The onlookers were eating this story up.


But my thoughts grew cold. I hate to say this, but I’m not that easy.


‘I’m in love with her.’


‘I want to know more about her.’


He claimed those words had echoed in his mind. Those feelings increased more and more until he couldn’t control himself and ran to me alone like this.


I understood how he got to this point, but… I don’t like him. I don’t doubt his words, but I still can’t accept him.


Did he expect me to accept him just because he was a prince? I hate to rain on your parade, but I was never interested in status.


I was grateful that he could love me so purely, but he never made an effort to court me after falling in love with me. I couldn’t help but consider this as his arrogance.


On one side was a prince of the country.


On the other was a duke’s daughter.


I understood that I was in no position to question him, but does he really like me? Once I started doubting him, I couldn’t stop. Only unfavorable emotions swelled within me.


They swirled, and swirled, and swirled until I exploded.


Everyone will blame me after this.


My parents will be furious.


However, my response has already been decided, and once I decided on something, there was no going back. Anything else was impossible.


“一I’m sorry.”




It had been a year since I one-sidedly humiliated Prince Joshua. That night, I had been severely scolded and was condemned to stay single for the rest of my life so I wouldn’t humiliate the Prince anymore. Since then, my marriage offers have stopped and I had a refreshing year.


I am the only daughter of Duke Calendula. I have two older brothers and one younger brother, but I had often been worried about noblemen approaching me for power and embroiling my family in a power struggle.


It was actually better to stay single than to be harassed by those men, so I didn’t feel upset at all.


Although my marriage offers were all gone, I still took great care of myself. I left my makeup to my servants, but oversaw my figure and beauty so no one would complain that I was being sloppy. That was honestly my number one reason.


“It’s so nice taking things easy.”


I muttered while standing in a corner at another party hosted by our household.


Next to me was my maid who had complained about my response to the Prince. She agreed with me with a bitter smile on her face.


I suppose she was bothered. Not a single man approached me and groups of men avoided me like Moses’ great parting of the sea. Men would even avoid meeting my eyes and pretend not to know me. If this wasn’t nice, then what was?


But although I don’t regret my current situation, I still felt incredibly guilty for how I acted towards Prince Joshua.


Not about my refusal of course.


I simply regretted not phrasing my words better. I’ve heard that Prince Joshua had refused to appear in society after my complete rejection. I don’t know the details, but it was without a doubt related to me.


“But I couldn’t think of any other answer.”


That incident… I wonder if it happened exactly a year ago. Suddenly, I felt very sentimental.


“Well, it’s all in the past, so there’s no use thinking about it now.”


As I was reminiscing, I noticed a man walking towards me, who was treated like a social pariah. I dismissed him, thinking he was approaching someone else. I don’t believe anyone would be willing to talk to a walking bomb, though I did deserve it.


Despite that, I decided to observe this man because I had nothing better to do.


Was he about 180cm tall?


His golden hair flowed carelessly behind his ears, and combined with the air he emitted, gave him a sexy charm. Not only that, his tanned skin gave an impression of an energetic, young man.


There wasn’t anything special about his clothes and I couldn’t help but think it would be nice if he at least wore simple formal wear.


I realized I was staring 5 seconds more than I should have because our eyes met. I never expected him to look back at me, so I quickly averted my gaze.


He didn’t look like any aristocrat I ever met.


While I was thinking such thoughts, his footsteps grew louder for some odd reason. Although I was looking elsewhere, I could still see him from the corner of my eye. I honestly felt like laughing.


Would I see who he was looking for if I kept observing him?


He had nothing to do with me, but I was interested in him to kill time. I wondered what kind of person he was looking for?




I looked towards the direction he was walking.


…It was a wall.


Oh yeah. I forgot I was standing in a corner. Soon, I heard a voice call for me.


“Miss Sophie.”


It was a husky voice. A voice you would often hear from a boy who became a man. It was strangely soothing…


…Wait, did he just say call me Sophie? I fully turned to face him. I don’t remember meeting him at all.


“…This is rather rude of me, but who are you?”


At my words, he nodded in relief and muttered a “Thank God,” with a smile.


He looked so happy that I couldn’t remember him, whereas I became disgruntled. He said without hesitation,


“一Of course I would be happy if you noticed me at a glance, but I’m much more happy that you didn’t recognize me.”


I became more suspicious of him as I wondered what he meant.


Shortly thereafter, the young man knelt down on one knee and extended one hand.


“It’s me.”


I suddenly had a severe sense of deja vu.


The clamor around me was also similar to that day.


I had wondered who he was, but not anymore. Not after reproducing this scene. When I carefully examined his face, I recognized some of his features.


No, no hold on!


This was strange. More importantly, didn’t I reject him? Didn’t he give up? Was he that serious!? I desperately tried to deny the only answer that came to my mind.


In the first place, what kind of magical plastic surgery did he undergo to change him so much? He looked nowhere near this a year ago.


But even if I tried to deny it, the reality didn’t change.


“一Last year… I was insane.”


Thus began his monologue.


He spoke about his foolishness, then he somehow brought me up in his tale. He spoke of how wonderful I am and how he needed to become a man who could match me.


Ugh, there was no doubt about it.


This feeling, this conversation, and his sorry appearance.


Everything was coming together now.


“I’ve been polishing myself for the past year to become a man who can stand next to you.”


I could see how hard he tried because his drastic change made me believe it was magic. It was so strange that I couldn’t help thinking that.


I was more aware than anyone else that I behaved awfully.


“I was foolish, could you give me another chance?”


He had that same brazen look a year ago.


His husky voice echoed in my ears.


“Miss Sophie, will you accept my hand?”


……Why did this happen?


The End.

I Got Confessed to by the Prince, but He Came Back as a Hottie After I Turned Him Down

I Got Confessed to by the Prince, but He Came Back as a Hottie After I Turned Him Down

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
‘I want you to accept me as I am.’ It was the renowned prince who requested such a thing to Sophie Calendula, a duke’s daughter. But as a result of a poor diet and lack of care, he had a bulging gut and acne-ridden skin. She was somewhat reluctant to have such a person as her partner, despite his status as a prince. With that in mind, she did the most logical thing and rejected him. However, one year later, somewhat unexpected happens to Sophie–!?


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