I Discovered That I Liked My Buddy chapter 2

Chapter 2

Hello everyone, I am his buddy. Seeing that many netizens, including him, are all very curious why I would agree to date him, I’ve come to clear things up.

First of all, I liked him first. You’re very surprised, aren’t you?

Second of all, he actually said that I was a “super straight male”? He was clearly the one who was a super, super straight male. Otherwise, how could he not notice that I liked him?! Furthermore, he is also male god-level. There are also many people who send him love letters. As for why I look at girls, that’s because they are all potential love rivals. To think that when I was guarding against love rivals, I was misunderstood as a super straight male.

Finally, I had planned on confessing that day. Who would have thought that he did it before me?

Where should I begin? Actually, my parents and his parents are very good friends. They even wanted to make a childhood engagement for us. In the end, we were both boys, so that matter was left unsettled.

So, I had been conflicted for a very long period of time after I developed feelings for him. After all, we were too familiar with one another. Perhaps I had mixed up friendship with romantic love.

Besides, once these feelings were mishandled, not only would we be unable to be buddies, our parents might also be affected. Hence, I never told him.

That time during the graduation trip, I had wanted to test how he saw me. So I deliberately went into the bathroom without bringing a towel. Who would have thought that that door was actually transparent? It worked out for my plan. I told him to help me grab my towel. He came in, threw the towel on me, and left like that. It was so infuriating. And then, at night, I deliberately pretended to be asleep and hugged him. He ruthlessly suppressed me, so I could only obediently sleep.

Afterwards, I made many more attempts; they all ended in failure. At that time, I was very disheartened. Later on, I found out that he wasn’t completely unaffected.

Then, we were in university. A female upperclassman kept pursuing me. I was very sad at the time, but I didn’t agree to date the female upperclassman—both because I didn’t want to betray him, nor did I want to hold the female upperclassman up for nothing.

Yet, the female upperclassman found out about me liking him in a happenstance. So, she suggested being a fake couple to see how he reacted.

I don’t know what came over me; I agreed. I didn’t know whether he had been upset or not (it has been proven that he was), but I was even more certain of my feelings. Thus, I talked about it properly with the female upperclassman, and ended our fake relationship.

After that, I finally mustered up my courage, intending to confess on his birthday. I had prepared for it for a very long time, but I hadn’t expected him to do it ahead of me. The moment he said that he wanted a kiss for his birthday present, I was stunned. Could it be that he liked me too? At the time, I was muddle-headed. When he kissed me, I was still a little out of it, to say nothing of the confession afterwards.

Just like that, we got together. If I’d known earlier that he liked me too, wouldn’t we have been able to be together earlier? Although, I’m already very satisfied now.

This post might really end here. Thanks for everyone’s attention and support, and may love find its way for every pair of lovers out there.

Those who want to see our daily interactions can continue to keep an eye on this post. Who knows? It might update from time to time.


The author has something to say: 

This is a finished short story that will probably, maybe, most likely not have a continuation. The author is someone whose headcanon is super big, but whose hands aren’t able to keep up with their headcanon. So I’ve started many stories that even want to know how it continues OTL. I’ve posted this to find cuties who like this kind of thing as well, as well as making sure that I fill the pit (finish the story) haha. Cuties who like this story, please favorite this story or leave a comment below the story (in JJWXC). Hearts.

I Discovered That I Liked My Buddy

I Discovered That I Liked My Buddy

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
Little sweet bedtime storyOne sentence introduction: a story of two straight men who made each other gay and who are together


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