I Discovered That I Liked My Buddy chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Your friend has sent a window jitter1

What are you doing?! I’m playing a game!

Hurry up and look at this post! There’s some super shocking news!

Link: #forum post I discovered that I liked my buddy#2

Comment 1: Ever since I can remember, my buddy and I have been hanging out together. But recently, I discovered that I seem to like him.

Comment 2: for Baidu Shou3

Just…I’d be unhappy if I saw other girls approach him. My mind is full of thoughts about hugging and kissing him. I don’t even know if this is “like” or not, since it’s the first time I’ve felt like this about someone.

The first time that I truly realized that I liked him might be around the time of our high school graduation. We went on a graduation trip together, traveling across the greater half of China.

During the trip, there was an inn that had a transparent bathroom. And then, on that night, I had a dream with my buddy in it. From that day on, I started being weird. The physical contact that I used to think was very normal would make my face redden and my heartbeat quicken. Yet the other person in question wasn’t even aware of it. He would provoke me all day.

My buddy is a super straight male. This isn’t to say that his tastes are awful, or that he’s a male chauvinist. On the contrary, he’s absolutely male god level. Since we were kids, he’s always been school hunk-level. Moreover, he’s incredibly gentlemanly and incredibly respectful to girls. But, since we were kids, he particularly liked girls. And he’s a sucker for good looks. He was the type of person who looked at an attractive lady a few more times whenever he saw one, and was especially gentle to attractive girls. I think that my chances are super slim.

But my buddy has a weakness that only I know, and that’s that he’s super clingy once he enters a certain state. For example, when he’s drunk, or sick, and etcetera. Although, his clinginess was different when he was drunk and when he was sick. After he’s drunk, he would become super mischievous, playing pranks on you. However, once you get angry after being messed around with, he would act coquettish to you. He was all sorts of clingy, making you unable to be angry.

On the other hand, when he’s sick, he’s like a kitty that had its whisker(s) plucked: wan. He might be the most obedient when he’s sick. He doesn’t hate drinking medicine, but he must eat candy after drinking medicine. So now, I basically tend to keep some candy in my pockets and cram one in his mouth whenever.

My buddy and I both don’t smoke, because he really hates the smell of smoke. And then he also prohibited me from smoking. Every time I smoked, he would get angry with me. His eyes were full of his denunciation. But he didn’t know that every time I saw that expression of his, I couldn’t resist wanting to do some bad things to him.

Pardon me, I seem to have digressed. Once I start writing about him, I can’t help myself. Before I knew it, I’d already written so much.

I think I might have liked him since a long time ago. In high school, we were split into the humanities and the sciences tracks. He was in the humanities track; I was in the sciences track. It was the first time that we were separated. Later on, we talked about what university we would test for. He said that he wanted to test for b university. He was always that kind of person who was ambitious, and who would put his plans into action. So, I knew that he could definitely get into b university. Then he asked me where I wanted to test for. For some unknown reason, I also said b university. To be honest, there’s a bunch of people who pursued my buddy. But he rejected them all by saying he wanted to focus on his studies. He also said that he wouldn’t date anyone if he didn’t get into b university. I was inexplicably very happy at the time. Maybe I had already liked him then.

OP has come to give an update. This post might end here. He…has a girlfriend. She’s from the same school as him. She’s very good-looking and has a very sweet smile. Perhaps, this kind of ending is the correct one. Thank you everyone for your attention all this time. Till we meet again.


Your friend has sent numerous window jitters

You’re dead, why did you have to let me see this?! Wtf4, how can they NOT be together?!

Hehe, cuz I have to share the ‘good fortune’~ yeah, they weren’t together. I’m so miserable5555

Several months later

#forum post my buddy and I are now dating#

That’s right, I am that OP from several months ago. Hahahahaha, thanks for everyone’s concern all this time.

Just a couple days ago, he broke up with his girlfriend. I finally made up my mind to confess. After all, he’s so popular. I certainly won’t be able to bear it if he was snatched away again.

That day was my birthday. When he asked me what I wanted for my birthday present, I blurted out, “kiss.” And then…And then, he really did kiss me. But he only kissed my face. Then I got excited, turning my head and kissing him.

You guys don’t know. His reaction at the time was really super interesting. Just, he was very astonished. His eyes were opened super wide, full of doubt.

And then, I confessed.

I’m not a cowardly person, but at the time, I really wanted to run away after I confessed. I was really afraid to hear his rejection, even though it was most likely that he would reject me and we wouldn’t even be able to stay friends.

But he said, “Sure.”

I was stunned for a moment. Then he kissed me, this time on the mouth.

Wahhh, they’re finally together!


It’s not like you’re the one getting married, why are you so excited for?

But, it’s great that they are finally together. I hope that they can be together for a very long time


  1. In QQ (a Chinese messaging platform), when your friend sends a “jittering session window”, it moves the chat window to the front of the other party’s screen. This allows for chat to be brought to the other party’s attention in instances such as when they might have the notification sound turned off. Baidu link 1 and link 2.
  2. In the raw, it says “brother” (兄弟). They’re not biological brothers in this case, but really good friends
  3. Not sure about this one (2楼给度受), but I found this on Baidu.
  4. Raw: 阿西吧. Baidu link here
  5. 555 is slang for crying sounds “wuwuwu”

I Discovered That I Liked My Buddy

I Discovered That I Liked My Buddy

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
Little sweet bedtime storyOne sentence introduction: a story of two straight men who made each other gay and who are together


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