I Can’t Convey It in Words chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“Love, I love you.”

Every time we meet, I hug you,

Placing my lips close to your ears,

Repeatedly whispering.

The usual words.

Is it already like a greeting

These feelings I want to convey.

With a sigh, because it disturbs your reading, I let go.

Then, I move my line of sight and became absorbed in books again.

Saying I’m a nuisance,

Don’t drive me out of here.

Even though he’s in the middle of reading a book, he gazes at me for an instant.

I love that you.

This is the world of an otome game.

You are a capture target.

I’m just a mob with no name.

Oh, I wonder if we’re just a little after the confession scene?

You may have said, “I have a fiancee that my parents decided, but that doesn’t matter.”

… Such sad words.

There are two types of schools in this world where men and women of all ages attend

A school where nobles without magic can attend

And a magic school where even ordinary people can attend if they have magical powers.

Of course, the stage of the otome game is the Magic Academy.

And where I go to is… the aristocratic school.

Yes, a mob such as I can’t appear on stage.

Since I have no magic powers, I don’t even have the qualification to stand on it.

Even though I’m your fiance, how sad it is that I can’t even be a villain who prevents you and the heroine from having a happy ending.

Hey? Have you met the heroine?

Isn’t she a cute girl with golden hair and green eyes?

Fufu, you’ll say 「like an angel」 soon.

… Are you already fascinated?

I still have a lot to ask.

I still have a lot to say.

But I’m stupid.

I just don’t know how to explain to an intelligent person like you.

Only the same words always appear.

“… I love you.”

It seems that the words that naturally came out overflowing did not reach you this time.

Reading books in a closed space.

The two of us can share our time like this.

I wonder how much longer can we go on like this.

With only my clumsy words, I can’t fully convey to you my feelings.

It may even have the opposite effect.

Please let me stay by your side even just a little.

I can repeat it as many times as you like.

“I love you.”


Recently, a girl with golden hair, which is rare for a commoner at school, is wandering around me.

Well, I’m not her only target, though.

Just that, she’s annoying, can’t read the atmosphere, and always trying to interfere with my important reading time.

I always tune her out, but I do remember the words she said the moment I finished reading my book.

“In truth, you don’t really like reading books, right? Something like, you only use the excuse of reading books to avoid contact with people, don’t you? Then that’s not good. Don’t you just enjoy talking with me?”

Certainly, I’m not good at dealing with people.

And it’s true I often use reading as an excuse because people around me don’t speak to me if I read a book.

It’s not something a woman I barely know should say, and besides, I also came to like this reading time

— Especially in that space and time I have with my fiancee.

“… You’re so annoying. I want you to never appear before me again.”

She has visited many times since my parents introduced her as my fiancee.

With no magical powers, she enrolled in a general noble school this year.

She says she’s ordinary, but due to her very lovely features, her sweet and soft healing voice, and above all, her honest and gentle character, she seems to be already popular with the other nobles in her school.

No other people than me have skinships with her, right?

That her also whispers words of love to me today.

If I look at her, she will look back and smile gently.

I can’t even return her nifty words, and leaving it at that, I turn my eyes back to my reading.

Time flows gently and slowly.


Her words are faintly heard.

I can’t hear it clearly,

But they’re most probably her usual words.

The words of love that she whispers.

But the voice that weaves her words.

It’s slender and barely audible.

I suddenly felt anxious.

I’m very clumsy.

I don’t have a way to gently listen to it.

Unlike her who tells things straightforwardly, thinking that I might hurt her with my words, I could not say anything.


I can’t tell you in words.

I close my book

Go to your side and pat your head.

Will my feelings reach a little?

I Can’t Convey It in Words

I Can’t Convey It in Words

Kotobade shika Tsutae rarenai, Kotoba de shika Tsutaerarenai, 言葉でしか伝えられない
Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
I was reincarnated inside an otome game, but I’m just a nameless mob. Because I can’t appear on stage, I just whisper words of love to my beloved fiance.


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