I can see my HP and MP, so I went to the hospital chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

— Since yesterday, I’ve been able to see English and numbers on top of people’s heads.



I tried blinking so many times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, but I couldn’t feel it getting any better at all, so I decided to go to the hospital.


I looked for a nearby optometrist on my computer, and tried to schedule an appointment in the morning.


However, I stopped just as I was about to press the enter button.


Was this condition that came out from me, really a condition that optometrists can handle? Was the thought that came into my head.




No, they would probably, without a doubt, think that I’m crazy.


Because of that, I gave up on going to the optometrist.


However, because I recalled the words of my classmate from middle school, ‘If you never go to the hospital then it’ll never heal’, I thought that I obviously have to get some sort of treatment.


Naturally, having thought up that there, I had already decided what kind of hospital to go to.


Psychosomatic treatment.


If it was this then, even if they thought that I was crazy, they would probably incomparably emotionally happier in contrast to the optometrist.


Well of course, since it’s treating an illness of the mind, it should also fall right into the strike zone of the doctors.


Well, the most basic question is, what sickness is this? Was the thought that crossed my mind, but it seems there are a variety of diseases within this world so something like my sickness too,




Would most likely, quietly exist.


No, if it doesn’t then it would be quite troubling.


Thus, I book a psychosomatic appointment and headed to the hospital.


TLDR, the disease called AUSM, doesn’t exist.


Well I mean, this was a disease I made up, so it didn’t exist in the first place, and I would be lucky if it did.


No, I guess that, it’s unlucky that it doesn’t exist.


In any case, an incredible truth was revealed.


If I had to say, it was that, I was able to see HP and MP on top of people’s heads.


The reason I know this is because, I was asked by the doctor what I could see, and after some careful observation atop the doctor’s head, I was able to make out the display showing his HP and MP.


What the hell.


I should have been more careful at the level of something before entering the hospital.


There has to be a limit to how embarrassing something is.


However, when I tell that to the doctor, he suddenly wanted to know his MP value.


He was a pure gamer, long before he was considering the strike zone etc, of his patient’s condition.


Well, when I answered “It’s 0”, and saw him instantly mess up on his diagnosis, I thought it was quite amusing.


However, the doctor was unable to specify the name of my disease.


He just simply said that, I was probably tired.


The next day, I immediately headed towards the station once I woke up.


I pass through the ticket barrier using the region specific IC card, called 『ikeyo』, and bought a bottle of coke before jumping on the train.


Even if I say that though, it wasn’t like I had any destination in mind.


Then why did you ride the train, you may ask. I wanted to try look at a lot of people using these eyes that could see HP and MP.


Especially, the people who had MP.


I had understood that no matter who they are, HP was a value that they would definitely have.


A small child would have around 500, and the value would grow as they approach adulthood.


A man around 20 years old would have around 5500 average.


However, once they pass the age of 30, it would gradually lower.


A granny around 80 years old would have around 1000, I guess?


Well, a person’s HP moves in a parabolic curve like this.


However, MP isn’t like that.


Most people have a value of 0.


This ‘most’ does not mean that I saw a person with MP amongst countless others, but rather that, there may be one that appears.


Basically, I’ve not seen a single person with MP.


Which meant that, I, who was enjoying my fill of the highly recommended ‘no destination train ride’, but that journey suddenly arrived at a destination.


It wasn’t because I had wanted to go to the toilet, nor was it because I thought that I should go buy more drinks, now that I’ve run out, but I got off the train.


If you were to ask me why I got off the train, I think that “The door seemed to open as if it wanted me to get off” might be the most valid answer.


Basically, I just felt like it. You could also say that I got bored.


In any case, the station that I got off at, was a cozy little station without a manned ticket barrier.


Naturally, I thought that I was the only person who would laze around, and sit on a bench at an unmanned station in the middle of a day, on a weekday.


However, there was someone else.


A straw hat, and a white one piece. Glossy long hair, and thinly framed glasses.


It was a girl who filled my head with nothing but the words pure, and neat.


That girl was waiting right in front of the bench that I was sitting on.


Wait what, since when was this person here? I tilted my head, puzzled.


However, I thought of more questions. Such as, why was this person, standing right in front of me, in such a wide, and empty train station.


I tilted my head so far, it almost reached the ground.


Well, if I think that this is merely convenient for where the exit is for the next station, then it’s pretty simple, but my thoughts couldn’t help but go wild due to her tidy appearance.


I wonder if she’s interested in me?


No no, there’s no way she would be. I’m a man who would laze around on a bench in the middle of the day, on a weekday. Even if I gave myself a one hundred step forward advantage, there would be no way.


However, it isn’t good to decide this on my own.


Maybe she was also, someone like me. A person who would laze around in the middle of the day, on a weekday.


I took a glance at the girl from behind.


From her white, slender ankles to her delicate waist. Her black hair, passing by her small back, covering up her nape. Her straw hat was really adorable.


Then, I noticed something.


“No HP.”


I let out my voice without a thought.


And at the same time, I heard the announcement that an express train would be passing by.


No no no. Wait a second. It has to be a mistake.


This is really weird.


I take another look.


No good. She definitely has no HP.


In exchange, for some reason, her MP value was showing as -37435.


Minus? What does this mean? I couldn’t sit still any longer, and decided to call out to the girl.


“Um, excuse me….”


It was instantaneous.


The same moment I called out to her, she jumped out onto the passing express train.


This was my first time experiencing this, but I couldn’t make out a sound.


An exploding person.


A part of her scattered about like a puppet. In such a manner that I was thinking whether or not this could actually be possible outside a fantasy world.


Because of her splattering blood sticking to my face, I felt like I was moving from one nightmare to the next.


However, this was without a doubt reality.


To so simply accept the sight in front of me, was difficult.


However, I noticed a certain unmistakable piece of truth.


“Why did the train keep going?”


Even though a person had jumped, that express train very easily went passed the unstaffed station.


Was it because they didn’t see her?


No, there’s no way that they didn’t see that thing which had collided right in front of the driver’s seat.


This is some sort of mistake, I think.


I mean, even now, she was still scattered about like this.


What if, in the astronomical chances that, the driver actually didn’t notice her suicide?


If that’s the case then, wouldn’t I have to report this to the police as the first person who found out about this?


No, maybe an ambulance?


That probably won’t be necessary even if she had a million to one odds.


Because, I’ve never seen a person who could live without a single one of their limbs.


I timidly looked over at her body parts.




Nothing. There’s nothing there.


Even though she had been so clearly scattered out like that, and had her red liquid scatter about in all directions, there was nothing.


I thought it was an optical illusion.


However, this wasn’t a dream.


There’s no way I saw wrong.


Even though not everything had ruptured, what I saw jump with these eyes, were gone.


In exchange, I found a certain white ankle that was in my memories.


Of course, it wasn’t just a part of her. It was a complete, proper combination.




As expected, even I was surprised by this.


The woman that had brilliantly dispersed in front of my eyes, was standing there, looking like she had before she scattered, as if nothing had happened.


Ankles, waist, back. Etc. All attached.


Black hair, head, hat, etc. Not ruptured.


What. What exactly was this woman?


Was I really watching a dream?


I kept answering my own questions, but no matter how I thought about it, I couldn’t think of what happened earlier as a dream.


Even now when I touch my cheek, I could vividly recall the sensation of the warm blood of that moment.


There’s no other explanation. Right now, the girl in front of me, as well as the girl who had jumped in front of the train earlier, were both unmistakably real.


Changing nothing. Shying away from nothing. She was standing there.


No, wait a second. It’s different. It’s changed.


There was something that had definitely changed compared to before.


It was her MP.


Currently, her MP was at -37434.


It had increased, by 1.


The number was increasing.


The moment I realised that, I once again heard the announcement for the express train.


I felt an uncomfortable premonition, and resolutely left that place.


As I do so, my uncomfortable premonition realised itself in the worst possible manner.


Yes, with the timing of the express train passing by, she once again jumped out.


The surroundings had her scattered pieces and red liquid. The train that passes without an incident.


Wasn’t this Deja vu.


Something that had definitely happened in reality, was repeating itself.


I close my eyes once, take in a deep breath, and breathe out.


The next instant after opening my eyes, what entered my eyes was…. A white ankle.




I didn’t learn my lesson, and went looking for a skilled hospital on the internet.


Naturally, I was all too aware that there would not be a doctor who was capable of curing my disease.


However, if I was to continue searching day after day then, someone would appear, right? I think that as my convenient hopes moved my finger.


The girl in the white one piece from the other day. It seems that she had jumped off from that unstaffed station a few days before and committed suicide.


I hadn’t noticed it at that time, but underneath the bench that I had been sitting on, was a bouquet that had yet to wither.


Without even knowing that, how dare I actually unreservedly come in and sit down like that.


Not knowing is not an excuse. That sort of thinking was not necessarily wrong.


I managed to learn this lesson through my own experiences before I head out into society, so I’m sure I should be able to become a full-fledged member of society who could do his work properly.


Even if that was the case, that MP matter still, as expected, had many mysteries.


The number that increases every time that woman repeated suicide.


Just what on earth, would happen if it reached 0, I wonder.


No, that’s not it.


I think I want to that girl to come back to life.


The MP of living people were all without exception, 0, so it didn’t necessarily mean that it was impossible.


It was an honest feeling, to want to live happily in a next life, after experiencing something so terrible, that it drove her to the point of suicide.


However, committing suicide was, as expected, a sinful matter, I think.


Even if, for the sake of argument, she could revive, that girl would have to continue dying another 37434 times after all.

I can see my HP and MP, so I went to the hospital

I can see my HP and MP, so I went to the hospital

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
A strange story of a boy who was one day able to see HP and MP on top of people’s heads.


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