I Became Involved With the Crown Prince’s Status Deprivation Plan but Before I Knew It, I Was Being Loved chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Nice to meet you. This is Meltyana. I am an orphan and a commoner, so I have no last name. Even today, I graduated from Uratna Gakuen, the most prestigious school in this country, through the scholarship system. It is a prestigious school where nobles attend and is said to secure your future. After graduating from here, my dream was to be a servant of a nice nobleman and give back to the orphanage. Yes, it was a dream. That is also a dream that will never come true. Yes, because of His Highness, Prince Agna.

“Mikuria Alcott! I’m going to break my engagement with you! And then, I’ll get engaged with my beloved Meltyana!”

“That! Your Highness! Please think again! What is so good about that commoner!”

“It’s exactly because she’s a commoner that she’s great! Mikuria! I’ll return the dowry I got from your house! In addition, I’ll give you double that amount as a reward!”

“I don’t need that! Just please choose me instead!”

“Still not enough, huh. Then, I’ll also give you some of the rights for brands under the direct control of the royal family!!”


The grim daughter of the Marquis, Mikuria-sama, had her eyes shine.

“One more thing!”

“I’ll also give you half of my pocket money!”

“I’m in!”

“Now, son of Duke Smadartson. You’re a priest apprentice, right?. Accept our engagement.”


In this way, the engagement between Prince Agna and the daughter of the Marquis Mikuria was abolished. And then…

“Meltyana and my engagement… No, please accept our marriage registration.”


I should just keep shutting my mouth… shutting my mouth. Because it’s that kind of contract.

“Now, I’m only a man who broke up his engagement with the royal daughter-in-law, marrying a commoner. I’m not a man worthy to be here, let alone being part of the Royal Family. Isn’t that right, Your Majesty!”

His Majesty, who was astounded by the exchanges being made until now, finally opened his mouth.

“This idiot son… Do you hate inheriting the throne that much!”

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

“Then fine! Let’s make the excellent Second Prince be the Crown Prince! You will be deprived of you position as Crown Prince and as a member of the royal family! Do as you like!”

“Thank you… Father”

His Majesty, who was called father, reacted slightly, but he no longer looks at the former Prince Agna.

“Now let’s go, Meltyana”

“Yes, Agna-sama”

With this, we have successfully completed all the events of graduation, abolition of engagement, engagement, and deprivation of princehood and royalty.


“We’re already close, right? Call me Agna.”

“Agna, with this, our contract’s finished, right?”

“Oh, as promised, I’ll repay all your debt to your orphanage from my pocket money.”


Yes, exactly because of this condition that I went along with this farce that risked my future.

“In addition”


“What if I said I would donate double the debt you have to your orphanage where you grew up?”

…I can only hope for something like that!

“I’d love to!”

“Then sign a new contract with me”

“Tell me anything!”

Now I can even pick up chestnuts out of the fire!1

“I want you to be my real wife.”


“Live next to me as my real wife, not just in writing.”

“… Whaaaaaattt!?”

How did it come to that!?

“Is it really that surprising? I’ve always been honestly expressing my feelings until now.”

“Wasn’t it just an act!?”

“Oh, is that so. Did you misunderstand because of the contract? I’m sorry. I really like you.”

“A-Agna-sama! Are you serious!?”

“Yes. Thinking of your orphanage… I fell in love with your beautiful heart that was always thinking about your family. Please”

Saying that, Agna-sama kneeled in front of me and asked me to marry him. Oh, enough already!

“Can you make me happy by loving me and the things I value?”

“Of course”

“… Well then, please take care of me from now on.”

When I said that, Agna-sama hugged me happily. I’ve been liked by a troublesome person, but I think I can be happy.

I Became Involved With the Crown Prince’s Status Deprivation Plan but Before I Knew It, I Was Being Loved

I Became Involved With the Crown Prince’s Status Deprivation Plan but Before I Knew It, I Was Being Loved

Outaishi no Mibun Henjou Sakusen ni Makikoma retara Itsunomanika Aisa retemashita, 王太子の身分返上作戦に巻き込まれたらいつのまにか愛されてました
Score 6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
It would be great if we could cooperate with the prince for money.


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