Hypnotising a Female Knight and Playing With Her chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Zofia, who was strolling through the town, stopped as she was called out to by a man.

“What is it?”

“Um, I’ve got a little something to talk to you about, but-“

“I’ll say this outright, but please abstain from talks that aren’t related to work. I’m in the midst of patrolling, so if it’s not an urgent matter, then please report it to the guardroom.”

The man did not display any panicked behaviour in particular. Rather, an expression akin to a strange grin surfaced on his face.

Don’t tell me it’s another type of strange invitation again……geez, are men creatures who can’t think of anything other than their ulterior motives……?

“Are you a virgin?”

“? I am, but what of it?”


“Aah, as I thought, you really are one~ It seems like it’s properly working on you.”

What? I thought he would speak of nonsense such as going to go have a meal together, but……

What does it matter if he’s asking me whether or not I’m a virgin?

“So this body’s a virgin, huh~?”

What’s with this guy……suddenly starting to touch my body……he’s even taking off my bra……

Just what in the world is he thinking? His hand is even reaching down to my crotch……even though my breasts and crotch have never been touched by a man before……


“Aah, my apologies. By the way, what’s your name?”

“It’s Zophia・Livest. More importantly, what is the meaning of this?”

“Ah, about that. Because Zophia-san entered my field of view, I became sexually aroused, see. And, well, thinking simply, I wouldn’t have gotten sexually aroused if you weren’t around. So, paradoxically, this is your fault so you should properly take responsibility for this.”

“Hm, I see.”

To sum it up, this person was a man who was weird in the head, who got aroused by my body and told me to take responsibility for it.

Geez, even though all of the girls in this country right now have become this man’s sexual relief toilets, to think he was a fool who bothered to ask such a thing.

“Are you an idiot? Even though you’re going to use a toilet, why is there a need for you to ask the toilet for permission to use them?”

“Nah, well, my apologies. At any rate, since I just finished putting the mental control on you earlier, I was worried as to whether it was working properly.”

“Mental control……? Oi, what did you say right now?”

“Ah, do you know of it? Pretty sure it should be one of those magic types, right?

It can remodel the insides of a person’s head any way the user wants, or something. Zophia-san, even though you look like a knight, do you know of it?”

“Oi……don’t tell me it’s that thing that the Runebeckle Nation of Reason restricted?

Certainly, uses against humans for any reason should’ve been banned……”

“Ah, is that so? Is that perhaps something bad?”

“It’s not a matter of just ‘something bad’! You bastard……don’t tell me you used a prohibited technique!?”

A skill to remodel the insides of a person’s head. Such a skill was used on me……?

Certainly, at that time, if there was a case where someone used it, there surely was a law that stated the user of the technique had to be eliminated.

……I’ll do it, I have to do it! If I don’t hurry, then this country will end up all messed up!!

“…………in the name of Runebeckle Nation of Reason’s 66th act, I will eliminate you.”

After muttering minimal words of comfort, I placed my hand on the rapier at my waist.


As soon as the man turned his hand this way, a sensation akin to the insides of my head stirring flooded into me.

This is……mental control……huh? Kuh, endure it……don’t lose sight of yourself……don’t be led astray by the skill……

I am……I am-!!

“I am Zophia・Livest! My entire body is a sex-sleeve toilet! My designation is to devote my entire being to obey your orders and live as an absolutely obedient meat doll! My virgin pussy and asshole only serve to extract your semen, and are existences beneath even trash cans! That’s who I am! I will never succumb to your mental control!”

Ok, it’s the same me as always! I did it, I overcame the skill!

“Well, how about it? Did you think you would be able to easily put me under your mental control?

It’s too bad, huh!? My appearance of having been simply defeated with the insides of my head having been completely remodelled!?”

For some reason, when I wondered what kind of despaired face he would show, the man burst into laughter.

Perhaps he came face-to-face with his own defeated figure and went crazy?

Hypnotising a Female Knight and Playing With Her

Hypnotising a Female Knight and Playing With Her

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