Husband Bursting My Chrysanthemum Is Painful Enough To Die! chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

25th November 2013 was the most miserable, heart-rending day in this big sister’s life. Big sis made the worst decision of her life that day, because this sis couldn’t tolerate my husband’s constant harassment any longer. He said he really, really craves to burst my chrysanthemum, try something new, and in the end, the heat of the moment resulted in big sis’ eternal sorrow.

Just by looking at my husband’s eyes full of hidden bitterness, my heart softened. If you really want to burst it, then go ahead and do it ah – and so, big sis’ virgin chrysanthemum was thus stolen by my husband, just like that. Bursting a chrysanthemum, it’s really painful beyond compare!

Anyway, big sis’ lil chrysanthemum was tight and powerful from the very beginning. But under the effects of foreplay, with the chrysanthemum that was originally not moist at all, TMD[1], my husband kept having a taste repeatedly, assaulting it, my poor chrysanthemum became dry and tender, raw and prolapsed, simply painful! How in the world did gay couples have a happy time, enduring such pain, this is simply unbelievable!

And so, my husband suggested that we spread scented oils around the area to act as a lubricant so that entering won’t be as painful anymore. Y’all can imagine what happens next, right? By bursting big sis’ chrysanthemum once more, the husband’s crotch and the wife’s butt were completely slicked with scented oils, and yet only a centimeter in big sis’ chrysanthemum already felt like it was about to split open. It felt like some bowel movement was about to occur as if a large piece of sh*t was going to burst out of that area soon. And so, big sis quickly called her husband to pull out, but after pulling out, that bowel movement just disappeared ah. However, a gut feeling appeared – if something goes in, I, this old lady will be constipated and unable to restrain letting it go. Also, that disgusting smell is really a turn off ah. This big sis really doesn’t understand how those girls in pōrn films can burst their chrysanthemum without any leakage of the brown stuff. Ah, why can’t big sis here be like that?

After experimenting countless of times… (and hence saving 1k words), big sis’s butt was inflamed and swollen red for three whole days, any bowel movement was also really painful ah, it was impossible to push, almost as if it would become prolapsed at any moment. Every step of the way I must clench my chrysanthemum tightly, and blood drops even appeared on my panties near that area.

Husband previously said that the experience will be unfamiliar at first, but I’ll get accustomed to it, so after bursting the chrysanthemum a couple more times big sis here would adapt properly. ***k,big sis ran to the kitchen to grab a cucûmber before removing his pants. Soon, big sis here is gonna push it in and burst his chrysanthemum, let’s give him have a taste of his chrysanthemum being burst open, meanwhile saving myself a few words. No matter the chrysanthemum, or even how carefully you burst it open, it will always be painful!


[1]TMD = Too Many Details

Husband Bursting My Chrysanthemum Is Painful Enough To Die!

Husband Bursting My Chrysanthemum Is Painful Enough To Die!

Score 6.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: Chinese
A diary excerpt of a certain loyal wife. May she rest in peace.


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