How to Wake Up a Sleeping Princess chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

It was four months ago that she Lizerotte, a female knight, finally agreed to my relationship with her best friend and childhood friend,.

Lizerotte, who grew up in the same orphanage and had no other relatives was lonely, and so she was that important to her.

Lizerotte was by far the strongest of the few female knights, and she had thoughts of 「I just can’t give her away to a man who can’t even win against me」.

As one of the knights, I’m also impressed Lizerotte’s strength, but in order to get her, I had no choice but to fight against Lizerotte, and for the time being I won.

Even so, when I look at Lizerotte, it seemed like she was humiliated that her knight’s role was taken away from her.

With that Lizelotte, it seems that she was weak only to her, after all.

“Liz… I’m sorry. I like Glenn-sama. Even if Liz doesn’t forgive me, I want to live with Glenn-sama…”

“Fiana… it’s fine. I just didn’t want to be robbed of you by someone weaker than me… I know that I can entrust you to Glenn-sama… but even so, I wasn’t convinced and so I dueled many times. If Fiana is happy, then it’s fine. “

“Liz… Liz… I…”

“You shouldn’t cry. You should have Glen make you happy. If he ever makes you cry, I’ll kill him even if my life’s the price.”

Such a scary dialogue is not likely to be a lie.

But I can assure you that I would never make her cry.

That’s how much I love her.

After such an event, we became an official couple, but I still had worries.

That is… she is very weak in the morning.

I wondered if I adored her so much at night that she couldn’t keep up and got her tired so bad… but apparently that’s not all.

Apparently, she didn’t like getting up early in the morning.

As a member of the Knights, I often go out early in the morning for training.

She always says she wants to see me off, so I try to always wake her up… but this doesn’t happen easily.

When I went out without waking her up before, she sulked.

The sulking her is cute too, so I don’t want to force her to wake her up, but since we’re a couple, it’s my wife’s privilege to see me off in the morning ..

“Well… what should I do? I don’t want to wake up a sleeping princess who sleeps so comfortably… Sleeping princess? …Ah, a sleeping princess. Hehe…”

I came up with one good thing.

How to wake up a sleeping princess… It has been fixed from even before to be a prince’s kiss.

Well, actually, my sleeping princess (wife)’s other person is the kiss of me (husband) who is a knight…

“My dear sleeping princess… can you please wake up?”

When I whispered at her ear, she moved her head lightly, but did not seem to wake up.

And so I put my left hand behind her neck, lifted her head lightly, closed in deeply with her glossy lips and my own, and pinched her nose with my right hand.

After a while, because of suffocation, she moved with a flap and strucked my chest with both hands.

At that time, I was released the hand that was holding her nose.

“Hmm… Hah… Grun…”

After committing to her mouth for a while and thoroughly enjoying her lips, I was happy to let go.

The her who was just awake, breathing heavily and her face red, had a glamorous look that made me urge to bite her neck.

“I wonder if you woke up, wife.”

“What… just what a thing to do to wake someone up!”

“Hehehe… No, I just thought it’s a prince’s kiss that can wake up a sleeping princess.”

After being dazed for a while, she returned to me and she seemed unhappy with how I waked her up.

However, her angry face is so cute that I’m just happy.

“It wasn’t even a kiss at all! It was just making me not breathe!”

“Is that right? Then, with a proper kiss, can you see me off?”

She smiled angrily but that’s just fine, and I took her lips again quickly.


Enjoying her lips again, I was in a good mood and went for morning training.

“Glenn-sama’s an idiot!!!”


How to Wake Up a Sleeping Princess

How to Wake Up a Sleeping Princess

Nemurihime no Okoshikata, 眠り姫の起こし方
Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
A knight’s plain flirting with his wife.


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