How Do I Dominate the World? chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)


A long long time ago, there was a pirate captain. The pirate captain had a principle that he would only rob pirates. Since pirates do all kinds of bad things anyway, it was not wrong to rob them.

But there were not a lot of pirates, so the pirate captain who only rob pirates often have no work to do. Thus they could not get rich. They were poor and kept on drifting on the sea all year round.

Although he was good-looking, he was also a single dog for thousands of years. The young pirates under him were very anxious that they especially wanted to find a wife for their captain.

One day, the poor pirate captain kept watch for other pirate ships out in the sea to look for an opportunity. While his subordinates fished with nets for dinner. Because the pirate ship can’t open the pot…

At this time, a little pirate exclaimed, “I caught a mermaid!”

The pirates rushed and gather around, and even the pirate captain went to take a look.



It was a real mermaid, with an utterly beautiful facial features and an excellent upper body figure. As for its lower body part, it can only be described as ample and lovely.

However, the little pirates immediately rushed to the cabin and took out a bunch of props. All sorts of awkward things were obviously prepared for their captain. Waiting for the day the captain would get rid of his virginity.

The pirate captain was extremely moved, but he did not find any holes.

The beautiful mermaid seemed to see through the pirate’s mind at that time, and said, “I can change into a human.”

The pirate captain was obviously happy: “Quickly change.”

Mermaid: OK.

The pirate captain earnestly and politely asked, “I would like to do it with you later, you see if it’s suitable? It’s fine if it’s not okay. I don’t force anyone.”

The Mermaid nodded generously, “All right.”

The pirate captain was moved to tears.



The Mermaid then turned into a man. With two long slender legs, fair and straight, just like those of humans.

The pirate captain excitedly rubbed his hands. “Come on.”

It was in this moment that the merman snapped his fingers and a group of iron-backed sharks emerged instantly from the sea.

Iron-backed shark, as its name implies, has a hard back like iron and a sharp knife. It can cut through the bottom of the ship with its body and go mad at the smell of blood.

The Merman stared coldly at the pirate captain, “Take off your trousers and lean against the deck rail with your back to me.”

Pirate Head: “No, you misunderstood. What I meant was that I was on top of you…”

Mermaid: “Do as I say, or none of you would leave this sea alive.”

The next second, the pirate captain was pinned by a fish on the pirate ship fence.

That night, the ship’s taffrail, which had been in disrepair due to lack of money, broke.

All the props his subordinates brought out were used by the pirate captain himself.



The pirate captain cried, lying on the deck paralyzed. He dared not resist the merman, after all, the sea was full of iron-backed sharks.

The Merman took out some tobacco from the pirate captain’s clothes that were scattered on the deck. Afterwards, he lit a cigarette, took a leisurely puff, and patted the pirate captain on his shoulder saying, “I’ll be responsible for you.”

The pirate captain looked angrily at the fish.

The Merman sneered: “Look at how poor you are, you can’t even afford to repair the deck rail when it’s broken.”

The pirate captain could not refute. Following that, the mermaid jumped into the sea and rose again after a while.

The iron-backed sharks, like obedient grandsons, hid away from the merman because the merman could shatter their nerve centers by singing.

The Merman rushed into the sea and waved, “Get me up.” Looking at the iron-backed sharks, he had no choice but to respectfully fish the merman.

The Merman came out of the net, let go, and dropped all the gold and silver jewelry on the deck. “They were all picked from a broken ship at the bottom of the sea.”

Pirate captain: “…”

Merman: “I will raise you later. Don’t cry.”

The pirate frowned: “But I’m not just after money.”

The Merman wondered, “What else?”

The pirate captain’s eyes sparkled, “I want to be the best pirate in the world.”

The Merman thumped his chest and said, ”Leave it to me.”



After that, the merman came to the helmsman and said, “Turn around and sail northwest.”

Pirate Chief: “Why?”

The bad fish holding his cigarette dragged him and said, “According to the iron-backed sharks, the most powerful pirates in the North Sea are there.”

The pirate captain’s face turned beet red, “I… can’t beat… The overlord of the North Sea is my idol. It’s terrible. It’s just too cruel.”

Mermaid: “There’s me, baby.”

Pirate Chief: “What? What did you call me?”



So the pirate captain’s small broken pirate ship and the titanic ship of the North Sea overlord came into an unavoidable confrontation.

Without saying a word, the Merman snapped his fingers, and the iron-backed sharks began puncturing the North Sea overlord’s ship hull.

Halfway through completely destroying the hull, the overlord of the North Sea ran out of his cabin, “What the fuck! Stop it!”

The Merman who was riding majestically on an iron-ridged shark and pointed to the pacing pirate captain on the boat. “No, unless you give him the position of the overlord in the North Sea including the gold and silver jewelry on your ship.”

The pirate captain waved weakly to his idol, “Hey…”

North Sea overlord: “Over my dead body!”

The Mermaid waved, “Continue.”

The ridge shark punctured the ship’s hull creaking at once. A minute later, the overlord of the North Sea was defeated. All the golds and silver treasures on board, the ship itself and the flag of the hegemony of the North Sea now belonged to the pirate captain.

The pirate captain robbed his idol so inexplicably.

The Merman took a cigarette, hooked the pirate’s chin and asked, “Are you satisfied with what you see, baby?”

The pirate captain nodded wildly: “Satisfied, thank you.”

The rogue Merman look at the pirate captain three ways up and three ways down, “How would you thank me?”


The deck rails of the hegemonic ship in the North Sea were very strong, thus was not broken.



Because of the iron-backed shark army, the pirate captain successively defeated the overlords of the East Sea, the West Sea and the South Sea. They succeeded in achieving the goal of dominating the whole world, becoming the most powerful pirates, and smoothly tidied up other pirate forces.

In the end, there were no other pirates in the sea except for the pirate captain.

How many unfulfilled dreams did the pirate captain accomplished?

He was the only pirate in the four seas who did not burn, kill and loot. He focused on collecting treasures from sunken ships on the seabed, passing through poverty-stricken islands along the way distributing goods, and became a well-known maritime charity.

The Merman would swim with the pirate captain everyday. Whenever he was tired of swimming, he would let the pirate captain get off the net and catch himself. He would then lay down on the pirate captain for a rest. From then on, the mermaid and the pirate captain lived happily ever after.

How Do I Dominate the World?

How Do I Dominate the World?

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Pirate captain: “…”Merman: “I will raise you later. Don’t cry.”The pirate frowned: “But I’m not just after money.”The Merman wondered, “What else?”The pirate captain’s eyes sparkled, “I want to be the best pirate in the world.”The Merman thumped his chest and said, ”Leave it to me.”


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