Holy Night chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“We sure did a lot of shopping today, right~?”

“Yeah, we did… …I’m scared of weighing myself tomorrow.”


It’s Christmas Eve today. Yumi and I splurged and ended up buying a feast.

What we can’t carry on our own, we carry together as we hurry our feet towards our home.

Just as I’m starting to feel a bit of sweat where our hands are joined together, we finally arrive home.


“Welcome home, Risa.”


Saying so, Yumi smiles. She went through the door before me and turned her gaze towards mine.


“Jeez, even though we just got home Yumi?”

“Eh~? Isn’t it fine…”


Yumi pouts. What it is she wants to do, I already know.


“Hehe, it’s fine……”


I’m home, Yumi.

I say, presenting my lips to her, meeting her own in a touch.

After separating, our eyes meet, and a smile naturally forms on my lips.


“Should we get in the bath first?”


While we’re taking our coats off, I try asking her that. Since it’s Christmas Eve today, being affectionate and loving each other as lovers is just about right.


“Hmm… …but, if we go in together, then we won’t be able to eat our food?”

“That’s true…”


Today’s a special day, and it’s also Sunday tomorrow, so I don’t know when my switch will get flipped.

Even now, Yumi is being so cute, and I’m holding back my desire to just push her down.


“Then, should we eat first? We’ll be fine even without bathing, but we really can’t go without food, right?”

“Yeah. Then, I’ll heat up the chicken, okay?”

“I’ll help!”


It feels like we might end up doing it until morning if I’m careless and yet, not eating is just unreasonable.

I put the cake in the fridge, grab a drink and glasses, and set them up.

In the meantime, Yumi makes a simple salad from the vegetables that were in the vegetable compartment.


When we first started living together, my cooking ability didn’t really change that much. And now, Yumi is much better than me.


Just as Yumi finished arranging our plates and serving our food, the microwave oven’s beep rang out.

Even without words, we are perfectly in sync. I mean, we’ve already been living together for more than a year after all.


“Okay then, let’s eat.”


I open the wine bottle and pour the two of us half a glass each.

We sit side by side on the sofa and take the wine glasses into our hands.


“”Merry Christmas!””


We raise a cheer, our glasses clinking together. Feeling ticklish within my chest, I fix my eyes on Yumi. Our gazes overlap and, before we become aware of it, the distance between us has shortened… the sound of our lips overlapping, resounds in the space between us.

Together, we stuff our cheeks with roast chicken, it’s delicious, right? we say, smiling and laughing together.

Even though it feels the same as always, it’s just a little bit different. Because it’s a special night, Yumi is closer than usual.


“If Santa comes, what should we ask for?”


Suddenly, Yumi asks such an adorable thing. ‘Is she already drunk?’ I wonder and look at her glass, but it’s still only decreased a little.

With the way this is going, we won’t be able to eat our cake in the end. But, that might be good in its own way… because Yumi seems a lot sweeter and delicious.


“Risa, what do you want to ask for?”


The things I thought of were way too embarrassing, so after holding them down with wine, I slowly opened my mouth.


“…Rings, I want matching ones, for the two of us.”


A short while after the two of us began our life together, Yumi went and bought us matching wristwatches. Since then, our time has become one and the same.

But, …I’ve started wanting proof, that we’re connected by an even deeper, more special relationship.


“What will you ask for, Yumi?”

“…That, we can be together forever.”


Yumi’s face is already red. Is it because she’s drunk from the alcohol, or is it because of her own words? Is she embarrassed, I wonder.


“Wow… it’s almost like a wish for Tanabata.”

“It’s fine, right? Don’t tease me, jeez…”


She lightly struck my shoulder, but her feelings of love were transmitted through my body.

‘Ah, she’s cute’, my feelings will overflow from within my chest.


“I’m, reaally happy… …Do you think I should also make the same wish?”

“But, I really do want rings for us too…”


Embracing, I feel the heat from the both of us.

It’s warm since I turned on the air conditioner, but I want to feel Yumi’s warmth.

I’m drawn in by Yumi’s eyes as she moves closer, our lips touching once again.

I think I might be a little drunk too, just a little. While thinking about things like that, the distance between us disappears in the blink of an eye.


“We really need to eat our food before it gets cold, right?”

“Yeah, you’re right… and there’s also the cake.”


As if to persuade myself as well, I bring us back from our little world.

Unusually, Yumi finishes eating before me and rests her head against me.

I also hurriedly finish eating, and softly brush Yumi’s hair, who was acting spoiled.


“I’m gonna go cut the cake, so wait a bit, okay?”



I gently drop a kiss on Yumi who was making a lonely face and head to the kitchen.

Since I’m not staggering, it doesn’t seem like the alcohol has set in that much yet.

I cut out half of our tiny cake and put it on a plate along with 2 forks before carrying it back.

Since I’m left-handed and Yumi is right-handed, eating from a single plate isn’t that much of a problem and, more importantly, we can stay close to each other.

When she sees it, she grins broadly and laughs, like she’s realized what I’m thinking.

And when I sit down, she gets close enough that our shoulders are touching.


“Well then, let’s eat.”



Jeez, even Yumi is pretty drunk now. I pour about two cupfuls into our glasses and with that, almost half has already disappeared.

‘We won’t be able to get into the bath after all’ I think, sighing in my mind. Well, doing it in our everyday clothes, since Yumi’s fragrance is stronger, and because the time I spend stripping her is long, it’s heart-throbbing, so I really do like it.

Well, should I drink until I can’t see anything besides Yumi? We empty our two cupfuls, and I continue pouring whatever remains in the wine bottle until it’s empty.


The moment I stick my fork into the cake, it collides with Yumi’s, making a metallic clink.

I bring it to my mouth as it is, feeling like the taste is somehow different.

To have something like an indirect kiss even now, the insides of my cheeks are becoming hot. This is definitely because of my drunkenness.

But, if my heart starts throbbing any more than this, I seriously won’t be able to see anything besides Yumi.


I eat the cake, taking care so that my timing doesn’t match Yumi’s, washing down both the sweet taste and my emotions with bittersweet wine.


“It’s all gone, huh.”


I only become aware of it due to her words.


“Yumi, you have cream on you.”

“Eh, really?”


An unnaturally large blob of cream is stuck next to her mouth. I remove it with my lips.


“Hnn… …There, I got it?”

“Thanks… ah, you have some on you too, Risa?”


Yumi’s lips touch the corner of my mouth.


“Yup, I got it, ok?”

“Thanks, Yumi.”


Yumi stares at me with upturned eyes, and I just can’t hold back any longer.


“Then, for my reward, kiss me?”

“……okay, Yumi.”


Saying something like that, it’s cheating.

I won’t be able to stop anymore. And it’s all Yumi’s fault, okay?


…chu, chupu, pichu, reryu……


Deep, intense, a kiss sweeter than cake.

Our feelings mix together, the voices escaping us painfully sweet.

Within the gap created by our lips instinctively separating from our painful breaths, Yumi’s words hang onto me.


“Hnn… …Risa, you’re being forcefulll…”

“……I can’t?”

“It’s not like you can’t… …so, give me more?”


Says Yumi, tightly holding onto my clothes with both of her hands, pleading. And I try speaking to whatever tiny bit of reason remains in her.


“Let’s move to the bed? …If we do it here, the sofa’s going to get soaked?”

“Okay… …hurry? …I, can’t take it anyymore……”


Taking off her glasses, with unsteady feet, Yumi advances towards the bed.

Supporting her body, I make her sit on the bed and, except for the light from a single miniature bulb, I turn off the lights.

I sit down so that we’re facing each other, and until our eyes become accustomed to the dark, we exchange passionate kisses.


“What should we do? Do it until morning?”

“Yeah… it doesn’t matter… so, hurry……”


The thumping inside my chest has already become completely unbearable.

From now on, it’s our most special time, for just the two of us. Going along with our bodies’ desires, Yumi and I make love to one another.

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Holy Night

Holy Night

Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese
A short story of a pair of lover on a holiday night in their room.


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