Hello. I am the Daughter of a Count, but My Fiance was Stolen, so I’ll Get Engaged to the Third Prince Instead. Yahoo! chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

At least on the surface, I have to look sad. Right.

Nice to meet you. My name is Berlina Pfannkuchen, the daughter to a Count. Something very nice is happening right now.

“Sorry, Bell. I’ve had loved somebody else.”

That was said by my son-to-a-Marquis fiance, Gefüllter Hefezopf-sama. Ufufu. I already know. Rather, I was waiting for when you will cut our engagement.

“Well… that… Did I, do something wrong…?”

I said with a sad expression. Füllt-sama shook his head quietly.

“You have no fault at all. I just loved her.”

“By her, you mean…”

“… Miss Foret Noir, the daughter to a Marquis”

“Well… then, I can’t help it, huh. Foret-sama is a beautiful and benevolent woman, and a daughter to a Marquis. I have no place to win.”

“That thing… I just felt destined for her. You yourself are a lovely lady too.”

“Still, your heart is not with me… It doesn’t make sense.”


I then sadly said. Please accept it as if it was a loser’s howl.

“Goodbye, Füllt-sama”

“Oh… goodbye, Bell.”

In this way, Füllt-sama and I have went on separate ways.

That meaning, I’m finally free! Yahoo!

Since the beginning, I didn’t really like Füllt-sama that way. Well, I had a vague idea that I would marry him someday, and I felt like a bond between us childhood friends is more like plain family love. I don’t want you to think that you are the only one who wants to live with your true love. However, the me who’s “disheartened by the loss of my fiance” cannot suddenly find a new one. It takes a while to find a good person. I also have to thank Foret-sama for taking him in the meantime! With that said, I started preparing my thank you! Ufufu!

“Bell-sama… I heard about it. Are you okay?”

“Yes, it’s sad, but it can’t be helped. The other person is Foret-sama, after all. I am no match for her.”


“Oh, isn’t that… Foret-sama?”

“Oh, it’s true… Huh?”

It was a school day today, so I was being rumored. Therefore, at this time when people are rarely seen in the backyard, I was being comforted by some of my close friends. However, from now on, you will be the subject of rumors instead, Foret-sama.

“Why is Foret-sama walking with someone else other than Gefüllter-sama? It was being said that Gefüllter-sama was taken away from Bell-sama, but she immediately gets close to other people…! Also in this kind of secluded place…!

“Well… maybe the rumors were true…?”


“Uhm, yeah… something like, Foret-sama has… the hobby to take away the person who already has someone else…”

“Oh dear!”

“There was such a rumor!?”

“Then Gefüllter-sama, too!?”

“Bell-sama! It may be hard for you, so let’s leave this place!”

Ufufu. Foret-sama. I came to know your hobbies and tastes from recent observations, you know. It’s the rust that came out of your own. I hope you do your best to reflect.

Since then. After all, Füllt-sama… No, Gefüllter-sama and Foret-sama broke up. The cause is Foret-sama’s cheating. Gefüllter-sama, who heard the bad rumors on Foret-sama, did his investigation and found out what was black and white clearly. After that, it seems that Foret-sama was not only dumped by Gefüllter-sama, but also had been expelled from the school because of her problematic lifestyle, and she was even thrown out to the streets after being disinherited at home.

Gefüllter-sama wanted to be re-engaged with me, but my parents were angry and refused. Well, that’s only natural.

Instead, I fell in love with the third prince of this country, His Highness Apfel Streusel! Our Count family can also connect with the Royal family, and that’s all good! Fel-sama is the third prince, so it is decided that he will be independent but with a proper title and territory, and even I, a daughter of the Count, could become his fiancee! Ufufu, I’m so happy! I’m glad I was dumped by Gefüllter-sama!

Of course, I spent my time properly and got very close to Fel-sama.

“You also had it rough, huh. Being the fiancee of such an unfaithful man.”

“Oh! That’s not the case. After all, thanks to that, I became Fel-sama’s fiancee.”

“Don’t say such cute things. Also think about the feelings of a man who has to hold back until marriage.”

Fel-sama kissed my hair while saying such a thing. He’s so cool.

“I love you. I’ll make you happy for the rest of my life.”

“I’m happy already”

“…Really a cute person”

He kissed my cheek this time. Ufufu. I’m really happy! Thank you very much, Gefüllter-sama and Foret-sama! May you also be happy at best!

Hello. I am the Daughter of a Count, but My Fiance was Stolen, so I’ll Get Engaged to the Third Prince Instead. Yahoo!

Hello. I am the Daughter of a Count, but My Fiance was Stolen, so I’ll Get Engaged to the Third Prince Instead. Yahoo!

Dōmo. Hakushaku Reijōdesuga, Kōshaku Reijō ni Fianse o tora retanode Dai san Ouji to Kon'yaku shimasu. Hyahhou!
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
The story when I became happy after my fiance was stolen.


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