Happening On The Return To Home chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

It happened on the way back from school.

When I was walking with my boyfriend, I was called out to by a disgusting old man.

Upon reluctantly listening to his story, it seemed that the old man preyed on female high school and university students like me, and collected their socks and underwear.

And so, he called out to me because this time he would take my underwear.

As far as his story goes, the stuff this old man collected was only used personally by him, and so they weren’t abused.

For me, I don’t really mind giving him the shorts I’m wearing, and there’s no problem since I have other underwear at home.


My boyfriend also said “Isn’t it fine to give it to him?”, and was in agreement to giving my underwear to the old man.

As such, I gave the old man the OK, but upon hearing it, he got aroused and started going ‘haahaa’, breathing heavily.

I wonder just what’s so arousing about getting freshly undressed underwear and socks from a high school girl you’ve never met before?

I heard this when I was taking off my underwear, but apparently the old man received such articles from lots of people, such as the people who sat next to me in class, the seniors and juniors of my club, and even from my friends.

All of them were beauties and cute girls, so I wonder if that means I’m also a beauty since the old man chose me?–wondering this, I became a little happy.

I also noticed it when I handed them over to the old man, but my socks were slightly moist because we had P.E today, and my shorts also had sweat and pee marks on it.

When I apologised to the old man about that, he laughed and forgave me, saying “You don’t have to worry about that”.

What an open-minded person.

Although the old man sniffed and spread the items given to him as though to check their condition, he placed them into the bag with great care, seemingly satisfied.

As for me, although I was so embarrassed at how they were so intensely appraised that my ears became red, I was slightly angry that my boyfriend was grinning while looking at me in such a state.

Finally, the old man took a picture of my Student ID card, my face, my whole body, my crotch, and my anus.

Apparently it was necessary for when he would use and preserve it.

Afterwards, the old man told me “I’ll contact you when I want more”, so I got his Line ID.

Since he also told me to send a picture if I felt like it, I think that I’ll send him a photo of my fully nude body fresh out of the bath and a mid-masturbation photo as soon as it becomes night.

After parting with the old man, I once again started walking with my boyfriend, but since this was the first time I was going commando, I was a little nervous.

Happening On The Return To Home

Happening On The Return To Home

Kaerimichi de no Dekigoto, 帰り道での出来事
Score 5.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese
So basically an NTR hypnotism story before the actual cucking takes place.


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