Hana ni wa Mitsu ga Arimasu chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

My favorite things are flowers, sweets, beautiful clothes, sparkling gems, and rumors that people talk about. Also, the second prince of this country, Shira-sama, my fiance.

I put half of my golden hair up while letting the other half flow down freely. When I was worrying about the dress I should wear today with my maid, my father called on me.

When I decided on a light yellow and white fluffy dress, I immediately changed into it and hurried to the room my father is waiting in.

“My Mary. You’re beautiful today too.”

My father kissed me on the cheek. I returned it and smiled.

“Father is also wonderful.”

Though not as tall as Shira-sama, my father is handsome with a beard that is neatly arranged.

His hair with a little gray in it is arranged in all back style.

My father laughed and said, “Is that so, is that so.”

“I’m thinking of taking you to a party in the neighboring country two months later.”

“Oh dear.”

The party two months later will probably be the birthday party of the first prince in the neighboring country.

“I think Shira-sama is also invited. What do you think?”

I smiled and nodded at father’s words.

“Yes. Please take me, Father.”


During the preparations for the party, the mansion became busy, as various people come and go to fit and make me my party dress.

While I had lots of things to wear, take off and measure, I also used the time to find out things about the neighboring country.

In doing so, the time for the party came close, and the days passed by very quickly.


The neighboring country is smaller compared to our country and depend on us for resources, but it is a country that can be expected to grow in the future.

The festival had already begun when I, my father, my mother, my little sister, and my little brother arrived.

The road was crowded and though we only arrived the day before the party, one day is enough time to prepare.

「Your father is special so you can stay in the castle.」 When I was told that, I refused it.

I didn’t want to worry about being alone in a castle of another country.

I was told it was special, but I think it was perhaps because of my position as Shira-sama’s fiancé.

I would not have declined if it was staying together with Shira-sama, but it does not seem to be the case so I declined it.

The next night, looking at everyone that is ready to go, father nodded with satisfaction.

Before leaving, father placed his hand on my shoulder and reminded me to say words of congratulations to the prince.

Of course to those words, I nodded.


Tonight’s dress is a blue dress that matches my eyes.

My dress have glitter and gems woven in places, and plenty of lace was used.

My hair is intricately braided and I wore pearls.

I really do feel like a princess tonight.


It seems that the other women are the same, as beautiful and fleeting as I am.

I looked around the venue lightly, but I could not find Shira-sama.

I couldn’t possibly overlook his tall stature and attractive presence, so he must be absent tonight.

My mood suddenly dropped.

The party is held for two days, and the first day is the eve of the festival, so attendance is free.

Shira-sama is the type of person who doesn’t like flashy things, so I thought he wouldn’t participate on the first day. That sad thought, I seemed to have got it right.

「Haa.」 When I sighed, I was suddenly called.

“Beautiful miss. May I ask you the reason for your sigh?”

When I turned around, I saw the first prince of this country.

Red hair and golden eyes. A sweet face that is slightly lean.

At that moment, I gathered the eyes of the women around me.

I held my dress and positioned for a bow.

“Good evening and congratulations, Berula-sama. My name is Mary Shea Begonia. I’m sorry to have shown you such an unsightly scene.”

The prince raised his eyebrows a little.

“So you are Miss Mary, Shira’s fiancee?”

“Yes. You seem to have heard about me. Thank you.”

When I said thank you with a smile, Berula-sama’s cheeks turned red.

“Yeah, and you’re not only known as Shira’s fiancé, you’re famous. As one of the three flowers of Ivy country.”

Ah, it certainly is a thankful thing that other people used the analogy of flowers.

“I take it as an honor.”

I am proud to think that this is one of the results of my efforts to be suitable for Shira-sama.

As I am being gazed upon, my cheeks gradually turned redder and I found it hard to think what to say next.

“U-uhm… you being here, does it mean you’re staying in the castle? A-as a candidate for my marriage partner… No… you’re the fiancée of Shira, so no way. “

I was stumped.

What is Berula-sama talking about?

“I am not staying in the castle. Fiancé candidate? As I am Shira-sama’s fiancé, so of course not. Ufufu.”

When Berula-sama heard my words, he was instantly disappointed.

「Is that so. I said something rude.」 Berula-sama said so and left a light greeting.

He unsteadily moved to another place while women also moved to follow.

Well, the purpose of sending congratulatory words has been achieved. After that, let’s just do as we like.

Sitting on a chair by the orchestra, placing delicious sweets on my plate and drinking juice with a pretty color, I spent time watching people dance happily as if they were in a dream.


When I returned to the hotel where we’re staying, father asked how my night was and I suddenly recalled and told the beautiful things I saw today.

“Shira-sama seemed to be absent tonight. That’s the only disappointment.”

「Fuu」 I sighed. Father cleared his throat.

It is my father’s habit when he has things that are hard to say.

“Mary, listen. Shira-sama wouldn’t attend this party. The royal representative of our country is the first prince. It was my misunderstanding. I’m sorry, Mary.”

I blinked my eyes and looked at father who looks apologetic.

“Father. Shira-sama will come.”


My father raised his eyebrow and looked at me, silently asking me questions.

“I was very busy preparing for this party. When the days we couldn’t meet were continuing, Shira-sama became worried. I got a letter from him. 「Are you sick?」 he asked.”

Dad touched his beard and raised his eyebrows even more.

I wonder if I did something wrong.

I felt a little guilty, but I continued telling him the story.

“I said I was preparing for the party. I asked if Shira-sama isn’t busy with the preparation. Then I received a reply saying he remembered that he would join, because of Mary. So I think Shira-sama is also participating in this party.”

At the end of the story, father was groaning.

“Father. Did I do something wrong?”

I looked at father who was having a troubled look. Father stroked my head.

What a relief. I don’t know what wrong it is I have done, but it seems father is not that angry.

Father sighed and smiled when he said, “Well, fine.”

“You’re an honest and good child.”

It seems that father’s mood has recovered. What a relief.



The next day’s afternoon.

I heard rumors that Shira-sama and the knights of this country will have a little match.

I had two maids accompany me and secretly sat down in the corner of the audience.

But maybe I didn’t have to hide sitting down.

There were many glittering women in dresses sitting in the special seats where you could see the fighting right in front, and they were cheering loudly.

I asked my maid if I could do the same.

She showed me a scary face so I gave up the idea.

Well it’s fine.

From my shaded seat, even though the fighters were very small and wearing helmets, I could quickly see where Shira-sama is.

I wonder if this is the power of love.

When I was laughing 「Ufufu」, I saw a woman talk to Shira-sama.

I wondered if the woman was also a knight as she was holding a helmet in her arm.

Long red hair.

The prince I met yesterday had the same hair color.

Probably she’s the princess of this country.

My heart was pounding at the sight of them talking.

I was also collecting information about this country during the party preparation period, and there was something very interesting in it.

That is, the princes and princesses of this country are very close to the princes and princesses of our country and have been playmates since childhood.

This is a woman’s feeling, but it seems that Shira-sama’s first love is Aralia-sama, the princess of this country.

As evidence of this, they have begun to have a friendly fight with the sword.

Perhaps because they started the game, they all wore helmets, but the atmosphere of fun is transmitted way up to here.

I who can’t even hold a sword can’t do what they’re doing.

I should have been able to endure sighing but a sound of a sigh was heard from behind.


When I looked back at the person who was sighing, there was a thin, fair man wearing glasses.

My maids raised their eyebrows but I knew right away!

“It is a maiden in love.”

「Eh.」 My maids reaction to what I said. But there seems to be a bigger reaction from the man behind.

“Eh?! Y-you’re wrong! Huh… maiden?”

The man had a bright red face and looked at my direction.

“Yes. Everybody who is in love becomes a maiden!”

I made a fist and said it seriously.

“This! Love!”

The man’s face was so bright red that he might be in danger if it became even brighter than this.

Finally, I held his face with both hands as I couldn’t help it.

What a very cute reaction. As I expected, I was not mistaken with the expression of a maiden.

“I wonder if your person is in the audience. Who is it? I’ll cooperate with you.”

Because we have the same love depression, I somehow thought of us being comrades and helping him.

No. If they’re not in love with each other, then I am this maiden’s ally!

The man wandered his eyes to the fighting knights.

“I don’t know from here.”

He muttered.

“Well! I can find it even if Shira-sama wears a helmet, in the crowd or anywhere. You also look carefully, come on.”

The man looked at me absurdly.

“That is not normal, you know.”

“Is that so.”

I tilted my head.

The man took a step back. My maids were one step ahead of me.

Apparently, they were staring at the man.

“Ojou-sama. If you will not continue to be a spectator, let us go home immediately.”

“Yes. Let us prepare for tonight.”

Oh yes, that’s right. I have to go back to the hotel immediately right now to do some packs, massages, and other things to beat my childhood friend’s first love partner.



The person sighing in front of me, I can’t just leave such a troubled maiden!

I am already involved, after all.

“You. Are you going to attend tonight’s party?”

Even though he looks tacky, his clothes look expensive and he seems to have the ability to enter the palace of the royal family.

“Yes. Well.”

I smiled and laughed.

“Then, I’ll show you magic as your fairy godmother.”

The man tilted his head.

The fairy godmother who appears in fairy tales has a big role in connecting the princess to the prince.

“Come on, bring me the clothes you are going to wear tonight.”

When I smiled, the man pointed at his clothes.

Apparently, he will be attending the party with the clothes he is wearing right now.

Without planning it, the maids and I simultaneously shouted 「Eeehh?!」 accidentally.

「Excuse me a little.」 Said my maid, and brushed the man’s hair back.

Oh. Surprisingly organized features.

Then my other maid removed the man’s jacket.

Then, the tackiness disappeared all at once.

Apparently, he wore a jacket that didn’t fit.

「Buying made-to-order products now will not be ready in time, so I’ll go buy a commercially available product. One that suits your body.」

With that said, the man nodded quietly. It seems that he got carried away with our momentum.

It’s fascinating that just by wearing his hair to an all back style suits him that much.

Perhaps it was for the best, he suddenly looks like a noble man.

His body is thin, but the glasses have an intelligent appeal. Yeah, good.

Well now, if I say a party, this is definitely it.

“Please put out your hand.”


“For now, can you perhaps dance one song?”

When I thought he will be perplexed, unexpectedly, he took my hand smoothly and moved according to the clapping beat of the maid.


Even better than Shira-sama, no, maybe even better than a dance teacher.

When I smiled, the man up close made a slightly surprised look.

“You were a beautiful person, huh.”

“Well, saying this is already late, though.”

As I was giggling, my maid hurriedly interrupted.

I was told that Shira-sama would get angry.


I wonder why Shira-sama would get angry.

But since the maid said so, that’ll probably be the case.

Besides, it’s already enough.

“I think you already have confidence. It will definitely work out.”

The man lowered his eyebrows, 「Will it really be so?」 he muttered.


I then returned and apologized to my father who was a little angry asking where I had been.

I immediately started changing clothes.


Then night came.

The number of people and the luxury are different from yesterday’s.

Probably because the royal family will be gathered.

As Shira-sama was supposed to be here, I wandered around looking a little and found him immediately.

He definitely is cool. I admired him for a while.

His outfit is a dark gray formal wear.

Tall height, short black hair and beautiful green eyes. There is no way one could not like him.

Surely my eyes are heart marks right now.

I want to run to his side immediately but now I’m not acting as his fiance.

Since I am participating as father’s daughter, I will only get in the way if I get close.

When I was thinking of enjoying this time by myself, as I was reaching out for a plate, there was a commotion in the venue.

Looking at the second-floor door that everyone is facing, the royal family of this country appeared.

The King and Queen, Prince Berula and Princess Aralia.

Everyone had red hair and golden eyes except the queen. Their clothes were also based on red.

It is a rose-like royal family.

Maybe she’s new to the dress, Aralia-sama seems to be shy and Berula-sama was smiling. Heading there for greetings was Shira-sama.

Enchanted by the glamorous scene, I remembered the man from earlier who sighed depressingly.

I’m sure he’s going to be the center of attention, but I’ve looked around and I still can’t find him.

Well, I don’t think I can find him as easy as I can Shira-sama, so let’s search slowly.

Not here.

It’s weird that I have been searching for an hour and I still couldn’t find him.

I looked through the window to see if he’s in the garden, but no one seemed to be there.

I wondered if he was sighing in a place I couldn’t see, so I decided to go out into the hallway and in the middle of the corridor, I found the person I was searching for.


I sat down with him on one of the chairs in the hallway.

“Are you perhaps not feeling well?”

When I spoke softly, the man slowly looked up.

He looked at me and I smiled at him.

“As expected, it’s impossible for me.”


“Why? You have become very nice, you know. Please be more confident.”

“The other person was more beautiful than me. The moment I saw him, I realized that it really is impossible for me.”

Oh oh oh.

This is hard. When a maiden in love’s spirits get down, it’s not easy to lift up.

I wonder how do I persuade him.

First, take him inside the venue … and eat! But he does not seem to be the kind of person who loves food.

Then, music! That’s it, dance!

“The dance will start soon. If you dance, the other person will definitely be hooked. Let’s go.”

I wonder if this is effective. The man seems to be contemplating.

If this doesn’t work, I wonder what I should do.

When I tried to take the man’s hand, I was tapped in the shoulder and my name 「Mary」 was called.

Though it’s a lower voice than usual, but I can’t be wrong.

I looked back with a big smile.


Perhaps my reaction was unexpected, Shira-sama raised his eyebrows a little.

However, he immediately reverted back and looked at me and the man alternately.

“Can you explain it to me, huh? No, no excuse.”

Excuse? I tilted my head. But I can explain it. Now I can’t take this person to the venue alone, so let’s make Shira-sama help.


I pulled Shira-sama’s arm and explained everything that happened up to this point.

Although Shira-sama made a ‘I’m not convinced’ face halfway, it seems that he had thought of something and promptly looked at the other man’s face.

When I finished talking about everything and was thinking 「I’m thirsty」, Shira-sama with his long legs walked to the man, grabbed his arm, and dragged, no, lifted him to the venue.

As expected of Shira-sama!

I kept on thinking how to convince the man but I wasn’t able to move the rock-like him but Shira-sama was able to carry him so easily.

When Shira-sama arrived at the venue, he let go of the man’s arm and walked somewhere else.

The released man seems to be staring on the spot dumbly and not having his head attached.

I was drinking water from a nearby waiter.

When I drank about half of the water in the glass, my throat finally settled down.

And, it seems that Shira-sama came back.

With Aralia-sama’s arm in hand.

The man suddenly sucked in a breath.

Ah I see. I understand.

The person this man thinks about.

Aralia-sama turned red while looking at the man, and goes behind Shira-sama to hide herself.

Ah, even though it’s my position.

Then, Shira-sama grabbed Aralia-sama’s collar like a cat and let her stand in front of the man.

Oh, it seems there’re two innocent people.


As I was staring at the two with interest, I didn’t immediately realize that Shira-sama was already near me until he grabbed my hand and kept me away from the crowd.

The orchestra was just in front of me, so when I smiled, the men with musical instruments understood and started playing light music.

“May I have this dance, Shira-sama?”

I raised my neck and held out my hand, which was then squeezed tightly and Shira-sama’s face came closer.

“If you swear you won’t cheat anymore.”


“Berula seemed to have you in his mind, and that man from earlier was just about to fall in love with Mary.”


“Berula-sama? The man from earlier? No way. It’s Shira-sama’s misunderstanding.”

When I laughed, Shira-sama sighed.

“I want to stop it quickly. Your father is pretty tough. If I don’t cherish you carefully and keep my eye on you, he’ll let you attract insects by showing you off. A terrible person. “

I know my father has a lot of plans.

I’m sure father will respect my will at the end, so I don’t think that matters much.

The problem is Shira-sama’s female relationships.

Let’s follow the music, dance a little, and casually ask Shira-sama.

“Did Shira-sama’s first love end?”

Aralia-sama seems to have liked another man, and Shira-sama should also be thinking about it.

“No. It’s ongoing.”

He placed his forehead to mine and stared deeply at me.

To say such a cheating statement blatantly! Well, that straightforward attitude is what I like about him too.

“What about Mary?”

Even if you don’t ask such a thing, you know.

I stared at Shira-sama’s eyes and said

“It’s ongoing.”


Dance with Shira-sama is not classified as good or bad.

It just makes me feel happy, fun, and want to dance more.

That I can also chat with him up close is also nice.

I wish Shira-sama would think so too.

“Is it fun?”

I just suddenly blurted it out.

Shira-sama grinned.

“As long as Mary doesn’t cheat, it’s always fun.”

What a thing to say.

Even though the one who’s having an affair is you, Shira-sama.

When I bulged my cheeks thinking about it, Shira-sama kissed me on the cheek.

As my cheeks turned red by the unexpected kiss, Shira-sama laughed softly.

I was defeated …

After all, Shira-sama is really wonderful.

I won’t lose.

I will definitely make this first love bloom, so be prepared!

Hana ni wa Mitsu ga Arimasu

Hana ni wa Mitsu ga Arimasu

Flowers have Honey, 花には蜜があります
Score 7
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2011 Native Language: Japanese
My fiancé is the second Prince, Shira-sama. Towards that cool Shira-sama, sometimes there will be unknown woman aiming for him. It is brave of you to challenge me! Misunderstood lady, this is the story of Mary and the people around her.Sequel to Hana ni wa Toge ga Arimasu


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