Grasshopper chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Looking out of the shaking window of a train, I can see the belly of a reddish brown grasshopper at the tip of my nose.


Oh, I do not feel like getting along with you. Would you mind going away? I try to threaten it away, but it looks very confident.


Okay. I will overlook this. I’ll let you drive free of charge.

However, the ride is quite long.


You took a strong gust of wind inside the tunnel, where are you heading that makes you try so hard?


Mind you, you have gone on a big journey.

Remember, you cannot return to your hometown with your own power.

You will not see your family anymore.

I will not mourn your death.

That’s you. It’s a very sad thing.


Oh, you. If one looks closely, you’re missing a leg.

Have you been hanging on so long with your legs like that?


I look behind you. There tend to be more lights in the city at night.

Well, it looks like this is the last stop.

I will get off now.

… Hmmm, about that.

I’m not trying to be friends with you or anything, but I think that this is a city that you can live in.

Surely, you’ll like it.



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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
A man and a grasshopper in a train.


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