Girl, Your April Has Peach Blossoms chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Jiang Lingzi, who had always been single, would forever remember what the fortune teller said to her:


“In April 2018, you will meet your soulmate.”


With such a beautiful fortune to look forward to, Jiang Lingzi managed to endure until April.

After a disappointing early spring, she pulled herself together again and carefully dressed up in her best outfit to go out. Every day, she was dressed more exquisitely1 than the peach trees on campus.


On the first day of the month, an upperclassman who she had known for a long time but seldom contacted suddenly sent a message to her on Wechat.

It said:


[I like you.]


“Ah—” Jiang Lingzi abruptly sprang up from the bed.

After a loud bang, she fell back into her pillow. She covered her head as she screamed.


She slept on the top bunk and the bump was not light.

It was to the point where she alarmed her roommate that was below her. She was extremely shocked. “What are you doing?”

Jiang Lingzi rubbed her head and sat up. She waved her cell phone and showed it off. “My upperclassman confessed to me!”

The roommate leaned forward and looked at it carefully. Then, she shook her head, as if she was pitying her.

Her reaction puzzled Jiang Lingzi. She pulled her roommate out from the bunk bed and asked, “Can’t you be empathetic and be happy for me?”

Her roommate rolled her eyes and flashed her cell phone in front of her. “I got one too.”

“???? What?” Jiang Lingzi read it several times in disbelief.

Her roommate sighed. “It’s clearly a mass message sent as an April Fool’s Day prank.”

Today’s April Fool’s Day? Oh, that’s right… Discouraged, Jiang Lingzi instantly went stiff and fell back straight down into her bed.


On April 2, Jiang Lingzi was followed by a male dog that was in the heat for three miles.

She was inherently afraid of dogs, so she ran wildly all the way back to her dormitory.

The roommate clicked her tongue in astonishment, “This is also considered a peach blossom, right? Your fortune teller is a little awesome.”

Jiang Lingzi brushed her disheveled hair and she was full of anger as she retorted, “Who the f*** wants this kind of peach blossom?!”


On April 3, Jiang Lingzi, who was fully on guard this time and had her hands in her pockets, was much more vigilant when she went out.

It was a charming, bright spring and the smell of flowers was floating in the air.

At the end of the semester, everything was normal and there was nothing that appeared out of the ordinary.

Maybe the fortune teller’s prediction isn’t true? She held onto her roommate’s arm and they returned to the dormitory. Jiang Lingzi couldn’t help but feel disappointed.


On April 4th, they did not have class.

Jiang Lingzi packed her bags and prepared to go home for the Qingming Festival2.

When everything was packed, she began to draw in her eyebrows and put on her makeup in front of the mirror.

Her roommate passed by with an ugh. “Why are you pretending to be a monster when all you’re doing is going home?”

Jiang Lingzi patted the blush into her cheeks with her fingers. “What if I meet a handsome Xiao Gege3  on the train?!”

Her roommate nodded. “Oh, that’s true.”


In the afternoon, Jiang Lingzi arrived at the station ahead of time. After going through security, she carried her bag on her back as she walked to the waiting area. There was a crowd of people weaving around her. Between the short holiday rush and stuffy spring weather, she was a little out of breath.


She had a hard time as waited for the train. Once she got on and found a seat, she stuffed the ticket she was holding with a firm grip into her pocket and checked to see if there were any handsome members of the opposite sex nearby.

The result: there was naturally none.


She lowered her eyes, and plomp, sat back down in her seat. She swung her bag around to her lap without a care. She looked out of the window and the sky was so clear without any clouds.

The sun was so dazzling that Jiang Lingzi could not help but be in a daze.

And while in that daze, she was suddenly tapped on the right shoulder.


Jiang Lingzi was surprised and looked back. However, she only saw a pair of long legs. Then, she looked up and saw clearly the person who tapped her on the shoulder.

A guy wearing a t-shirt and long pants was looking down at her. Without much of an expression, he only asked, “Classmate, are you sitting in the wrong seat?”

Jiang Lingzi’s face became hot. She didn’t know if she felt hot because the guy’s face was too pure and handsome, or because she had been in the sun for too long.

In her fluster, she pulled out the ticket in her pocket and accidentally pulled out some money that had just been exchanged at the barbecue shop outside.

Jiang Lingzi’s face was burning even more. She stuffed the messy money back into her pocket and looked up seriously at the seat number to compare.


Oh my gosh…

Sure enough, she was wrong. She should be in the middle seat.


Feeling endlessly embarrassed, Jiang Lingzi stood up and quietly apologized, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t see the seat number clearly.”

The guy smiled slightly and said, “It’s all right.”

The kinder his attitude was, the more embarrassed Jiang Lingzi was. She had to glance at him carefully and ask, “Then I… will switch to the middle?”

What she meant was that she needed to go out for a moment to let him in.


The guy still stood in the same place and only asked, “Do you like sitting by the window?”

Jiang Lingzi was surprised for a moment. “It’s okay.”

The guy said, “Let’s not switch. You can just sit there.”

“Excuse me.” With that, his long legs bent down and he sat in the seat that should have belonged to Jiang Lingzi.

Jiang Lingzi blinked, but she was still a little embarrassed. “Is this all right?”

The guy raised his eyes and replied, “Yes.”

Jiang Lingzi nodded and sat back down obediently.


He’s so beautiful!

The fortune teller really didn’t deceive me! 


The second after Jiang Lingzi put her butt back down on the seat, there were a thousand waves rippling in her heart.

After the train was running for a while, she was at the end of her patience and had to open Wechat and go straight to the dormitory group chat.



Bunny Has No Tail: No picture, no proof.

Spirit Sauce: Picture? It doesn’t exist. I just want to savor it alone and not share.

Bunny Has No Tail: 8866.


Spirit Sauce: Hey! Don’t go! I don’t want to miss out on my Xiao Gege! Teach me! Teach me how to hit on him! I’m begging you with my family, elders, and villagers!

Bunny Has No Tail: Get down on your knees.

Spirit Sauce: (rotate 360 degrees and kneel.jpg).

Bunny Has No Tail: You have to make sure your Xiao Gege does not have a girlfriend.

Spirit Sauce: Wouldn’t he go home with his girlfriend if he had one?

Bunny Has No Tail: What if he’s in a long-distance relationship? Or what if his girlfriend is staying in the dorms over the holiday?

Spirit Sauce: Right, how can I be sure?

Bunny Has No Tail: Look at him. See if he is always looking at his Wechat. Usually if they are traveling separately during the holiday, they will continuously talk once they get on or off the train. He will definitely report to his girlfriend that he is safe.

Spirit Sauce: O98K7.


Jiang Lingzi put down the phone and sat up straighter. From time to time, she would glance at him from the corner of her eyes.

The guy was leaning in his seat. She didn’t know when he had put on his earphones. His head was slightly down, like he was scrolling through a website and not endlessly talking on his phone. He had a tall, straight nose, which seemed to be a stroke of ingenious craftsmanship.

He’s so freaking cute! Jiang Lingzi covered her chest in her mind and even began to imagine that one day she would boop his nose with hers.

With this kind daydream, she returned to the WeChat group again.


Spirit Sauce: THERE’S NO CHATTING!!!!!!!

Bunny Has No Tail: So there’s only a 10% chance of him having a girlfriend.

Spirit Sauce: But why doesn’t he have a girlfriend when he is so handsome?

Bunny Has No Tail: Oh, it’s in order to meet you.

Spirit Sauce was immediately beaming with a smile: Hehehe.

Bunny Has No Tail: WTF are you laughing at? Can’t you be more serious when you’re chasing after him?

Spirit Sauce tightened her lips: Oh, I’ll stop laughing.


Spirit Sauce: What should I do next? He’s wearing earphones! He looks cut off from the rest of the world!

Bunny Has No Tail: Wearing earphones? Looks like he doesn’t want to be bothered by you.

Spirit Sauce: But he gave me the seat by the window! This was supposed to be his seat!

Bunny Has No Tail: Maybe he’s just afraid of trouble.

Jiang Lingzi recalled this Xiao Gege’s words just now. It seems to be like that, sigh. 


Jiang Lingzi’s disappointment reached an all time low. She breathed in and continued to peep at the guy next to her, only to find that he had taken off his earphones. He was leaning against the back of his chair with his eyes closed.


She proceeded with the live broadcast in the group: His earphones are gone!

Bunny Has No Tail: May the heavens help you!

Spirit Sauce: But he started sleeping!

Bunny Has No Tail: …


Not knowing what to do, Jiang Lingzi felt desperate and considered not making a move until he woke up.

Jiang Lingzi kept peeking at the guy, and realized that the sun was shining directly on his face. Will this affect his rest? Thinking like this, Jiang Lingzi raised her hand and leaned against the window to quietly pull down the curtains.


The guy was not asleep, and the noise made him slightly open his eyes and squint to the left.

At the same time, Jiang Lingzi had also turned around and happened to meet his clear eyes.

Jiang Lingzi: “…”

She was suddenly tongue tied. “I… I saw that you were asleep.”


He smiled. His teeth were very white, and he had a dimple. “Oh, thank you.”

In addition to “sweet beauty”, there should be another word created called “sweet stud” to describe this Xiao Gege. It was just right and very clever8.

Without thinking, Jiang Lingzi’s chin pointed down. “No problem.”


Instead of closing his eyes, the guy asked her, “Do you go to C University?”

Jiang Lingzi was surprised. “Yeah, do you?”

The guy’s gaze was still on her. His pupils were reflecting the light, like clear water. He nodded serenely.

Jiang Lingzi’s heart was pounding wildly and she asked, “How old are you?”

The guy sat up straight and seemed to be in the mood to talk. “I’m a sophomore.”

Jiang Lingzi’s heart sank. Game over. She was a junior, an old youtiao9. Thus, she pretended to be deaf and did not respond.

In the end, the guy was completely engaged in the pleasant surprise of meeting a schoolmate and followed up with the question, “What about you?”

Jiang Lingzi wanted to lie and say she was a and say she was a freshman, but her face displayed that she had “lived through the difficulty and changes of life” and was “caked with heavy makeup”. She did not look like a girl with noodles in clear soup10 in her first year of primary school, so she had to reply in a whisper, “Junior.”

“I can’t see it.” The guy was still smiling, with a charming dimple next to his lips.

Jiang Lingzi blushed and said thanks to him. She was quite embarrassed and giggled.


Meanwhile, the train entered a tunnel without any warning. The darkness rushed in and the train’s lights came on instantly. It was pure white everywhere.


Like a fateful flash, everything came into focus in front of her in a split second. Jiang Lingzi froze at once.

She immediately decided that she must seize the moment and stop hesitating.


Once the train was out of the tunnel, everything in the universe returned to a soft, radiant spring.

Unripe wheat fields, yu choi flowers11—a sea of green and yellow12 sprouted into her eyes, fluttering and swaying gently.


Jiang Lingzi put away her cell phone and didn’t want to rely on her friends for advice. She clenched her hands and looked back again to talk to him about something else.

The guy also responded each time. Aside from being schoolmates, they had similar hobbies, so they had a lot of common interests to talk about.

She asked for his name, and the guy replied, “My last name is Jiang.”

Jiang Lingzi was shocked. “My last name is Jiang, too!”

The guy smiled. “Is it ‘Jiang’ in ‘rivers and seas’?”

Jiang Lingzi: “…Er, no, it’s the ‘Jiang’ in ‘fresh ginger’13.”

The guy let out a “haha”. “We can barely regard ourselves as a family.”

Jiang Lingzi laughed as well.


They talked about everything and anything under the sun, unaware of how fleeting was fleeting.


The train arrived at the first stop—Qingcheng.

The female announcer kept repeating the announcement to remind passengers to get off the train.


The guy didn’t move, and neither did Jiang Lingzi.

Truthfully, Jiang Lingzi got off here. However, she saw that the guy did not move, so she decided to be brazen and stay. She was reluctant to give up on how far they had gone, and she had not yet asked for his contact information yet. She still wanted to talk to him a few more times.


The next stop was Yucheng, which was not far from here. Worse comes to worse, I can take a taxi home.

She was indifferent to the new passengers coming in. Worse comes to worse, I can leave him.


The guy asked her, “Where are you getting off?”

Jiang Lingzi summoned up her courage and lied, “Yucheng.”

The guy’s lips curved and he had a somewhat subtle expression.


After a moment, an old man and woman came to their seating area and checked the seat numbers. They looked at them, a little confused.

Jiang Lingzi looked at them with a stiff smile. She was weeping painfully at the bottom of her heart. It’s over, I have to get off the train.

She squeezed her bag straps in her hands, and at that very moment, the guy suddenly got up and pulled her up with him.


Jiang Lingzi looked at him in surprise.

He raised an eyebrow. “I saw your ticket.”

Jiang Lingzi blushed at once from her cheeks to her ears. She stammered, “W-what about you?”

The guy rubbed his nose and smiled sheepishly. “Oh, me? I don’t want to sit until the next stop.”


They got off the train one after another.

As they walked towards the exit, Jiang Lingzi’s face was bright red. She was in shock and did not dare to look back. She could only sense Underclassman Jiang’s shadows dominating over herself.


Back in the swarming crowd of people in the station, Jiang Lingzi put her bag on her back and looked up again. She did not know when Underclassman Jiang had come to her side and was walking with her.

She carefully glanced at his well-defined hand and was secretly delighted. She became relaxed after a short moment and asked, “Are you from Qingcheng, too?”

Underclassman Jiang glanced at her. “Yeah.”

It seems like we are not only schoolmates, but also from the same hometown. Jiang Lingzi pursed her lips and continued to ask questions. “Then why don’t you get off the train?l

The corners of Underclassman Jiang’s lips rose. “I was looking at you and wondering why you didn’t get off.”

Jiang Lingzi: “I…” She wanted to say something, but hesitated. It was because she sort of had an unspeakable goal in her heart.


She picked out a random excuse. “I forgot while we were talking.”

“Oh…” Underclassman Jiang’s tone did not hide his doubts.

Jiang Lingzi’s ears were hot again.


They were almost at the exit—where going their separate ways was just around the corner.

I haven’t gotten his contact information! Jiang Lingzi began to panic and increased her efforts. She bluntly tried to get him to say it.  “Which side of Qingcheng do you live in?”

Underclassman Jiang responded, “South side of the city.”

Jiang Lingzi’s hope was instantly extinguished. She lived in the north part of the city, so it would be difficult to share a taxi.


They returned to being under the sun again. There was a whole row of taxis waiting at the intersection.

Parting was imminent, Jiang Lingzi nervously twisted her hands. Hundreds of millions of cells in her body were urging her and crying, We want his Wechat! Go and get his Wechat!

However, the mother and child had been alone14 for many years. That kind of societal fear and timid trait of hers penetrated deeply into the bone. Like an invisible barrier, it trapped her hand that she desperately wanted to put forth.


Ask! Ask!

Jiang Lingzi! After passing through this village, there won’t be this shop again15!


She glanced nervously at Underclassman Jiang. He had his head down in a phone call, like he had no desire to continue talking anymore.

Jiang Lingzi looked away and cleared her throat. She contemplated the best way to say it, and was ready to go straight towards her goal.

But two seconds later, his cell phone was handed to her. “I have to go, can I add you on  Wechat?”

Jiang Lingzi looked up. It was Underclassman Jiang’s face with a slightly raised brow.


“O-oh, okay,” She was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do besides scan the code.

Above her head, the guy’s voice was like the wind rustling through bamboo leaves. “You can just note it as Jiang Sheng, with sheng from voice16.”

“Okay.” Jiang Lingzi nodded her head like a sewing machine.

Underclassman Jiang took his phone back and glanced at her screen name. “What about you?”

Jiang Lingzi’s brain was confused. “Huh?”

“Spirit Sauce.” His smile became deeper. “What’s your name?”

Her face was burning so much that Jiang Lingzi swallowed her saliva, “Jiang Lingzi.”

Her name was a little unusual, and Underclassman Jiang’s interest suddenly rose. “Is it the same Jiangzi in Spirit Sauce?”

“Yeah, isn’t it a bit like a Japanese name17?” Jiang Lingzi brushed her bangs.

“No,” Underclassman Jiang commented, “It’s a Chinese name.”

Jiang Lingzi’s lips secretly rose.


After calling a taxi for Jiang Lingzi and seeing her get in the car, Underclassman Jiang left.


On the way home, everything was infused with a glowing brilliance. The wind was pouring in through the window, gently fluttering through people’s eyelashes.

Jiang Lingzi tucked her hair behind her ears and felt like falling into a dream. Everything was so incredible.


She even opened Wechat and went to find her roommate with her serious suspicions.


Spirit Sauce: What’s the date today? Wake me up! I’m going to be late for class!

Bunny Has No Tail: ???

Spirit Sauce: I’m afraid it’s a dream, QAQ.

Bunny Has No Tail: What’s wrong?

Spirit Sauce: I added my Xiao Gege Wechat! He’s from our school! Sophomore! Studying civil engineering!

Bunny Has No Tail: Check his moments to see if he has a selfie and send it to us sisters to see.

Spirit Sauce: Wait a minute.


Jiang Lingzi switched screens and headed towards Underclassman Jiang’s Wechat.

In the chat box, there was a large empty space with only a notification that a friend had been successfully added.


After staring at the system’s notification for a while, her heart suddenly softened.

She didn’t want to be preoccupied with digging through his Moments and just wanted to send him a message.


Spirit Sauce: Are you home yet?


Underclassman Jiang replied back quickly.


Underclassman Jiang: Not yet. How about you?


Spirit Sauce: Not yet either.


Underclassman Jiang: What a beautiful day.


Spirit Sauce: Oh, yes.


Unexpectedly, he sent a photo. It was the scenery of the road he was on. There were clusters of flowers and trees like embroidery, and white pigeons dotting the horizon.


Jiang Lingzi put both hands around her cheeks. Her eyes bent like the moon, and she was uncontrollably happy.

She felt that she had fallen into the river of love and was about to drown, even if it was just the beginning.




During the three day holiday, Jiang Lingzi would chat with him every day.

Underclassman Jiang was entertaining and talkative. He never gave the conversations with her any chances to turn into awkward silences.

As a result, she learned more about him. He liked basketball, playing PUBG and eating claypot rice18 on the second floor of the North Courtyard’s dining hall.


Jiang Lingzi also began to understand that there really was willpower in the world to hold a cell phone and chat until three o’clock.

His every message was like a star that lit up her boring holiday. They twinkled on her pillow in the middle of the night as she tossed and turned.



On the day before she had to return to school, she received a little dress that she had been waiting a long time for. It was in light gray tulle style and wearing it was like an airy wonderland.

She couldn’t help but ask Underclassman Jiang:


“Are you going back to school tomorrow?”


She wanted to put on this dress and see him again.


Underclassman Jiang replied: Yes.


Jiang Lingzi’s eyes lit up: What time is your train?

Underclassman Jiang: Four o’clock in the afternoon.

Jiang Lingzi immediately opened the ticket purchasing app and then weakly closed it. The train was so full that even the tickets for standing were sold out.

She was not cautious enough to book the ticket as soon as possible.


Jiang Lingzi was infinitely disappointed and could reply with regret: Then we are not in the same row.

She tried to console herself on the inside. I can still see him when I go back to school. 


Underclassman Jiang replied with a smiley face. “I’ll book it for you next time.”

Jiang Lingzi cheered up swifty: Okay.




At the end of the holiday, Jiang Lingzi went back to school.

Her roommates surrounded her, and interrogated and tortured her for a picture of Underclassman Jiang.

Unfortunately, Underclassman Jiang’s Moments showed an unusually straight guy19. He did not have any selfies, so she could only shake her head and put her hands up.


That night, Jiang Lingzi hid under the blanket and sent him a message.


Spirit Sauce: Are you asleep?

Underclassman Jiang: No.

Spirit Sauce: Me neither.

Underclassman Jiang: Do you have a class tomorrow?

Spirit Sauce: Yes, why?

Underclassman Jiang: Would you like to get dinner at night?


On the top bunk bed, a big “chrysalis” with a glimmer of light quivered. Out of fear of waking up her roommates, Jiang Lingzi covered her mouth and giggled.


Spirit Sauce: What should we eat? The claypot rice that you love?

Underclassman Jiang: Do you want to eat that?

Spirit Sauce: I’ve had it before.

Underclassman Jiang: What do you like to eat?

Spirit Sauce: I’m not picky, I’m easy to feed.

Underclassman Jiang: How about going out to eat?

Spirit Sauce: I want to eat claypot rice.

Underclassman Jiang: Okay, no problem.


The next day, Jiang Lingzi rummaged to pull out the long dress at the bottom of her suitcase to ready herself. She stood in front of the full-body mirror and flipped her hair flirtatiously.

The roommate sensed something unusual. “Yo, what are you doing?”

Jiang Lingzi put her finger to her lips. “Shh—Buddha said to say not20.”


A hundred claws scratched her heart21 until the evening. Jiang Lingzi arranged her hair and was completely focused on heading towards the North Courtyard’s dining hall.

At the appointed place—she held her hands behind her back and was scuffing her foot back and forth in front of the steps on the first floor as she waited for a moment.

She suddenly heard someone calling her name. “Jiang Lingzi.”


Like a ray of light slicing into the sunset, Jiang Lingzi looked up and saw three guys standing close by. They were all looking at her, making jokes and shoving each other. Underclassman Jiang was also among them..

His eyes were curved under his bright smile.

He waved to her a few times and said goodbye to his roommates. Then, he jogged over.


“Sorry I’m late,” he said, and then explained himself. “My roommates wanted to see you.”

Jiang Lingzi could not control the corner of her lip from curving and did not dare to look at him. She only nodded like she was minding her own business and said, “Oh, it’s fine.”


They went to the second floor.

There was a sort of awkward sweetness in the air, like being caught off guard as they were drenched with honey water all over their head.


Underclassman Jiang asked, “Are you sure you want to eat claypot rice?”

Jiang Lingzi bursted out laughing. “What’s the matter? It’s not like I haven’t eaten it before.”

Underclassman Jiang replied, “Since it’s the first time that I’ve invited you to dinner, I thought it was too simple.”

Jiang Lingzi played with her bangs and said, “It’s not. I would be eating green vegetable millet congee22 in the dormitory if you didn’t invite me.”

She had no idea where to put her hands.


“Really?” Her joke caught Underclassman Jiang by surprise.

I can’t believe he bought it. He’s so cute. Jiang Lingzi glanced at him. “I lied to you and you believe it.”

Underclassman Jiang chuckled. “Who let you be so thin, hm?”


After finding some empty seats, Underclassman Jiang went to order food.

When he came back, he held two bottles of drinks in one hand and put them back on the table. One bottle of Coke and one bottle of Sprite.


“What do you want to drink?” he asked.

Jiang Lingzi answered, “Coke.”

He put a straw in and handed over the bottle of Coke.


Just as he was about to sit down, someone called out to him out of the blue, “Jiang Sheng!”

Jiang Lingzi followed the voice and saw several smiling girls looking at them curiously. They should be his classmates.

Underclassman Jiang said hello to them with a grin.


Jiang Lingzi curled her lips. She knew that he did not belong to her, but she was still jealous

When he sat down, she could not restrain herself from saying his full name: “Jiang Sheng.”

The guy looked up and his eyes sparkled. “Hmm?”

Jiang Lingzi sucked in a mouthful of cold Coke to bury her feelings. “Just… saying your name.”

Just now, those sophomore girls said your name like that, sigh.


He chuckled clearly again. “Oh, it’s not the first time you’ve heard my name, right?”

Jiang Lingzi shook her head. “No, but I didn’t note your real name on Wechat.”

He raised his eyebrow and asked, “What did you put?”

Jiang Lingzi: “Underclassman Jiang.”

Underclassman Jiang frowned. “Is that name better than Jiang Sheng?”

Jiang Lingzi: “Maybe. But I just heard them call you Jiang Sheng, and I think Jiang Sheng is also very nice.”

Underclassman Jiang nodded. “Okay.” And then looked at her solemnly. “Jiang Lingzi.”

Jiang Lingzi froze, her heart started beating wildly. How can he say my name with undivided attention and be so touching?

Underclassman Jiang was still looking at her, smiling. “My name is Jiang Sheng, not Underclassman Jiang. Remember it.”

“Okay… I will change it when I go back.” She lowered her red face  at once and her voice was as weak as a mosquito’s voice.




In the following two weeks, they made an appointment for dinner from time to time.

Occasionally, they would run into each other in the school buildings. Jiang Sheng would smile and wave at her in the crowd of people. Jiang Lingzi would be roasting from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet, and had to accept the teasing of her roommates the entire time.


“I’m begging you two to please hurry up and get together!”

“If you have good meat23, then hurry up and eat it! Don’t let him be taken away by another she-wolf!”

“Stop chatting about things all day without clarifying the relationship!”

“I’m sorry for the other underclassmen. Why are you pretending to be a pure and innocent maiden?”

Every night when they would talk in the dorms, the roommates were outspoken in their complaints about the ambiguity that still covered the paper window24.


Although she was getting restless, Jiang Lingzi had her own agenda.

She was thinking, when I find the right time, I will make my thoughts clear to Jiang Sheng.


When it was almost the Labor Day holiday on May 1st, Jiang Lingzi learned her lesson from last time and watched out for tickets to buy ahead of time on the app.

Of course, she had to ask Jiang Sheng for his plans first. It would depend on whether he decided to stay in the dorms and not go home.


After Jiang Lingzi chose a night to ask Jiang Sheng this question, she sent a Wechat message to him as usual.


Spirit Sauce: Are you going back for the Labor Day holiday?

Jiang Sheng quickly replied: I’m going back by train with my girlfriend.


Jiang Lingzi’s heart sank, what’s going on…

How come, out of nowhere, he has a girlfriend?

We’ve been chatting so much these days, so what went wrong?

Her mood hit rock bottom, and the abrupt bad news made every part of her a little confused.


But she still needed to pretend to be strong and reply indifferently: Okay.


One more message was sent from over there.


Jiang Sheng: So yes?


Spirit Sauce: What?


Her eyes blinked in confusion, but in the next moment, her eyes widened. An overwhelming delight surged in. She was both angry and happy because of the two new messages that appeared on the screen from Jiang Sheng:


[Is it convenient to tell me your ID number?]

[In case my girlfriend gets confused again, I’m going to book the tickets for us together.]


  1. 花枝招展 (huā​zhī​zhāo​zhǎn) – literally it means a lovely scene with blooming florals swaying in the breeze, figuratively it means a gorgeously dressed woman
  2. 清明 (Qīng​míng) – also known as Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day. It occurs in early April where you go sweep the tombs of your ancestors and commemorate them
  3. 小哥哥 (xiǎo gēgē) – form of address used for good-looking boys by females and they do not have any familial ties.
  4. 灵子酱 (língzǐjiàng) – her username is a play on her real name. Her name is Jiang Lingzi(姜灵子), with Jiang(姜) meaning ginger and Lingzi(灵子) meaning spirit. Her username character uses the same character as her first name while Jiang sounds similar but is a different character that means sauce.
  5. 帅炸天际 (shuàizhàtiānjì) – means more like he’s so handsome it’s indescribable and no one else on earth can compare
  6. 886 means bye-bye since it sounds close that in Chinese 八八六 (bābāliù)
  7. O98K means okay. It’s usually used in PUBG.
  8. Clever indeed~ so in sweet beauty or “甜美”, the 美 is usually for describing females, but in sweet stud (sweet handsome for a more literal translation) or “甜帅”, the 帅 is usually for describing males
  9. 老油条 (lǎoyóutiáo) – a youtiao is a fried strip of dough and an old one is a cunning old person
  10. 清汤挂面 (qīngtāng guàmiàn) – used to describe a woman who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and doesn’t care about dressing up
  11. Pic
  12. Pic
  13. His Jiang is the character 江 (jiāng) in 江海 (jiānghǎi or rivers and seas), while her Jiang is the character 姜 (​jiāng) in 生姜 (shēng​jiāng or fresh ginger). Both are pronounced the same way, but are different characters with different meanings.
  14. 母胎单身 (mǔ​tāi​dān​shēn) – means never been in a romantic relationship
  15. 过了这村可没这店啦 (guòle zhè cūn kě méi zhè diàn la) – it means if you miss this opportunity, then you will not encounter the same opportunity again
  16. 声 (shēng) means sound and is a part of the word 声音 (shēng​yīn or voice)
  17. Lingzi is Reiko in Japanese. Some female Japanese names end with the 子 character, which is pronounced as ‘ko’ or ‘shi’ in Japanese like Haruko or Aiko
  18. Pic
  19. Referring to how straight guys don’t really take selfies, but when they do it’s terrible and with unflattering angles like showing a double chin.
  20. It means that there will be some things that you will know when you understand it and if you don’t understand it, then it will be useless for others to talk to you about it.
  21. 百爪挠心 (bǎi zhǎo náo xīn) – it means she feels anxious
  22. Pic
  23. Referring to him as a handsome young guy. They’re usually called little fresh meat (小鲜肉).
  24. So there’s a metaphor (捅破窗户纸) that means to pierce the paper window or to expose the problem or situation. Here, the ambiguity covers things up and things can’t be exposed.

Girl, Your April Has Peach Blossoms

Girl, Your April Has Peach Blossoms

Young Lady, You Have Peach Blossoms In April, 姑娘你四月有桃花
Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Spring. Day. Short. Sweet. Text.


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