Gendou o Oboete Kudasai! chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

「 Your Majesty! 」

At a certain king’s office, there was someone who pushed opened the door and entered.
Who was it? It was this country’s queen.

「What’s wrong? For you to be in such a hurry.」

The one responsible for the queen’s impolite and agitate state was the king himself.

「There’s nothing wrong!! What was that!? My room was completely buried in flowers!!」

From behind the queen, the flustered court ladies that serve her came along to the king’s office, and waited by the wall with curious faces.

Incidentally, in the royal palace, the queen charging into the king’s office like this, has been a everyday occurrence since her time as the princess consort*.

(TN: 王太子妃 – wife to the Crown Prince; so before they became king and queen)

And because of such, towards the queen’s actions, anyone who serve by her would become flustered.

The court ladies came along as soon as they could hastily, as they should not be late to serve the queen.

「What is it, was today’s presents not to your liking?」

「I like them, with all due respect I didn’t mean any disrespect!! I don’t know how many times I’ve told your Majesty to please remember things like limits! To be in a bed of flowers, I’m not a butterfly!」

It seems that was the reason for the queen’s anger . . . the king had gifted the queen a large amount flower because he did not want to seem half-hearted.

「Fumu* . . .but, Mariana」
(TN: that’s the sound he made so you get the idea)

Calling out the queen’s name, the king got up from his desk and went before her, embracing her waist, he pulled the queen, who was glaring at him from below, closer to him.

Around that time, all the court ladies and officials had already understandingly left the room and closed the doors.

「I can’t have a peace of mind if my beloved butterfly, still seems to fly away to somewhere even if I give flowers like that.」

「I’m not going anywhere. Whether it be the past, present or from now on I will always stay by your Majesty’s side. The place where your Majesty is at is where I will belong 」

「When it’s just the two of us, call me by my name, Mariana」


The moment the queen called him by the name that only she was allowed to call him by, the corner of his lips curled into a smile as he kissed her.

Ravishing the queen’s beautiful lips over and over again, he embraced her onto the sofa as her breathing became rough and she lost the strength in her body.

And while lovingly playing with her hair he said to her with a worried look.

「If flowers aren’t to your liking, then this time how about jewelry . . .
or how about I send for unusual confectionery from various places…」

「That’s why . . . Didn’t I say that I don’t need anything as a present!!」

Despite being completely exhausted, the queen protested the king’s words.

「Not matter how many times I say it why can’t you understand. As long as I have Rizban-sama, I’m satisfied.」

「However, didn’t I say there would be lot’s of whispers of love.」

「More than anything there’s something called a limit!
Without regards to the place, that kind of thing . . . hearing such embarrassing words…」

Recalling such events, while the queen’s face turned red from embarrassment as she hesitated to continue, the king brought his lips close to her ear and whispered.

「My beloved Mariana.
Only when you’re here, I’m happy.
I don’t need anything else.
If you’re not here, then I can’t see the future.
I don’t want to live a life without you.
I love you more than anyone, more than anything.」

Hearing such words, the queen heated up in surprise and turned red.

「Ah. . .d-don’t whisper close to the ear, plea-」

「What don’t you like, won’t you teach me?
My beloved queen.
Even when you have a child, your beauty still does not wither.
You have not changed since we first met, you are just as lovely.
How much must your existence toy with my heart…」

The king who was whispering in her ear, this time faced the queen and whispered, while gently caressing her cheek.

Hearing that, the queen with a teary expression, told the king.

「I decided that because it’s embarrassing! My heart can’t calm down! !」

「Then what should I do to prove my love to you.
Whispers of love are no good, presents are no good
…..ahh, that’s it.」

As if an ingenious idea came to mind, the corner of the king’s lips once again curled into a smile.
And as for the queen she couldn’t help but to have an unpleasant premonition.

「Now then, why don’t I show you with my action.」

Saying that, he carried the queen in his arms out from the office and arrived in front of their shared bedroom.

And just like that, for more than 10 days the king did not come out from the bedroom.
(TN: holy shit that’s intense. . .I had a double take to make sure I read that right. . .)

Furthermore, the queen who was too tired and unable to get up, did not come out for another 2 days.

「That’s why. . . More than anything . . . Didn’t I say to please remember your limits aahhhhh ! ! !」

The queen’s cries echoed through out the palace. Just how many times did the queen do it. . .

Shortly thereafter, news that the queen was pregnant with the 5th child, spread throughout the country.


Gendou o Oboete Kudasai!

Gendou o Oboete Kudasai!

Please remember your limits!, Remember the limits!, 限度を覚えてください!
Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
A Queen complains to her husband for being too embarrassingly loving. And the King decides it’s best to prove his love with his action. A short fluffy oneshot.


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