From Junior (Kouhai) to Girlfriend chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

「Senpa~i♪ I’ve come to play♪」


「So you’re here again….」




Haaa……” I sighed,  put down the pen from my hand onto the desk, and rotated my chair sideways, after which I tapped on my lap.


「It’s only for today, okay?」


「Su~re♪ Ehehe, I love how kind senpai is!」


「Yeah, yeah. I love you too.」


Our usual greeting. I brushed the hair of the girl who sat on my lap.


「Mou, senpai! I am serious, you know!?」




「I’ll show you the proof of how much I like you.」


「………? Go ahead?」


I leaned my head as I watched over her.

Then, when I thought she would get off from my lap, “kyuu~n♪” (hugging sfx) she embraced me from the front, and “chuu~” she put her lips over mine.

When she was on my lap, there were times where I hugged her in the past, but being hugged by her is a first. Of course, the kiss is also a first.

I hardened up due to the unexpected event, and then she attacked my ears with a whisper.


「I love you.」


As she separated from my ear with red cheeks, an embarrassed grin surfaced on my face.


「………Me too, I love you too.」


You’re such a lovely girl.


From Junior (Kouhai) to Girlfriend

From Junior (Kouhai) to Girlfriend

Kouhai kara Kanojo e, 後輩から彼女へ
Score 6.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
What happens when the cute kouhai of a girl wants to more than just sit on her lap?A very short shoujo ai story which is for all ages!


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