Fairy Tale of the Demon Princess chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Short Story

The powerful Dwarf nation is a very peaceful and lovely country. Today as well, the men are hard at work in the fields, and the women use their skillful fingers to meticulously craft delicate wares. On the way home from farming, a young man comes across a maiden, who is making beautiful jewelry from strips of mithril ingot that were torn apart with her bare fingertips.

“Uho, uhoho.” The young farmer calls out to her.

“… Uho? Uho!” At the man’s playful sexual harassment, the red faced young woman flung mithril ore at the man’s face in embarrassment. People that say such things should suffer the consequences, after all.

The young man was struck in the face by 30 kilograms of ore. The force sent him flying over ten meters away, and as a result, he didn’t wake up until it was already morning.

In this peaceful dwarf country, what will occur today?



In the Dwarf Kingdom, there resided three beautiful princesses. The first princess was known as the “Mithril Princess” Julietta. The second princess was “Giantess (Stone Princess)” Emily. The third princess was “Tetsuki (Iron Princess)” Françoise.

In particular, even among the dwarves with an average height of over two meters, the eldest daughter Julietta was two meters tall at the age of 17. After five meters of height, her beautiful steely hair monopolized the gazes of men all across the country.

However, that very same Julietta seems to have worries of late.

“Uhoo, uho uho-!!”

Two kilometers away, the handmaids anxiously watched over the princess as she sighed despondently. Worried about her elder sister, the younger sister Emily unfastened the door and entered Julietta’s room.


The 14 year old Emily loves her sister very much, as does Julietta love Emily. As such, Julietta dotes on her short, two meter tall and two meter wide little sister.

“Uho hoh!”


In the moment that passed, the two confirm their sisterly love with face punch skinship.

Emily, who was sent flying from the fist of love to her face, felt that a man would like to at least once be smothered by her sister’s invulnerable and voluptuous body. Emily immediately stood back up, blood still flowing from her nose, as she grinned adorably at her elder sister, who returned the smile.

“Uhoho, uho, uhoh!” Julietta then talks to Emily about her thoughts.

“uhoh, ubo ubo.” Emily nodded in agreement.


«Hey Emily… Recently, don’t you think that girl has been full of herself just because she’s a little cute?»

«She isn’t nearly as beautiful as you are, however… it certainly does look like she’s become carried away with herself.”

Iron Princess Françoise, the youngest of the three sisters, was over two meters tall despite being no more than four years old, and her beauty had begun to be rumored in the Dwarf Kingdom.

Lustrous and beautiful black hair, as though it were minted casting. A sweet stone-like visage, as though it had passed through countless battlefields. Before her keen pair of eyes filled with compassion, even wild elephants and rhinoceri would make a path for her. Fingers, like delicate and tidy logs…. Though Françoise was still a young and budding beauty, Julietta was afraid that if Françoise continued to mature as she had been, she would eventually surpass the beauty of her elder sisters.

At that moment, Françoise was playing with small animals in the forest.


Seeing a small tiger of around four meters in length approaching looking like it wanted to play, she embraced its neck with all her strength and scratched its coat of fur pleasantly. The tiger happily got up and waved its claws around, however, Françoise’s beautiful skin was not even scratched. This forest was a playground for Françoise, and, until the age of three, tigers and packs of cute demonic wolves would come to play. Since then, however, that number had decreased considerably, and Françoise was feeling lonely.


Françoise, who was stroking the now cloudy eyed and frothing tiger that had become completely submissive, found another little animal in the forest. It seems that Mr. Tiger was pursuing this creature. Françoise threw the tiger to the side, sending it hurtling far away, and slowly approached the small creature that was only a few months old.


The animal Françoise found was an elephant child of only 200 kilograms. Unfortunately, it seemed the elephant had lost its parents. Feeling sorry for it, Françoise decided to take the baby elephant home with her. Elephants, alongside hippos, were popular indoor pets in the Dwarf Kingdom. If it grows up, it can be used as a mount, so if left alone, it may be captured by some bad people.

Hugging the elephant, she took it back to the castle. After feeding it milk and caring for it, it seemed that the once afraid elephant had finally begun to trust Françoise. Taking care of animals has a positive impact on emotional maturation. Thanks to this, Françoise has become gentler and the attendants and their weapons were now able to approach her from 500 meters.

Then one day, Françoise’s beautiful elder sisters came to meet her.


“Uho, uhoho.”





Françoise was warned by her beloved elder sisters to be careful how she speaks. Françoise, who was only four years old, heard how her beautiful elder sisters spoke as Dwarf princesses.

(I’ll… do my best…. No, I will do my best!) Françoise decided in her heart.

TLN: In the previous statement, the first sentence is said informally, while the second is more formal in how the protagonist is referred to and ends sentences.

However, the two princesses had not come to Françoise for such idle talk.

“Ubo, uboo.”

“Uho uho, uhoh.”


The forest animals had been decreasing unnaturally. It was occurring since Françoise had been going to the forest, as such, Françoise was surely to blame. The elephant that was found recently may also have been abducted by Françoise.

“Uhoh!? Uho!” Françoise appealed to her sisters.

Françoise was indeed playing with animals in the forest, however… She tried to put it into words and explain her innocence at the unexpected slander against her. Despite this, her sisters had already decided what the truth was, and refused to hear her out.

“Uho, uho uhoh!” And so, Julietta said this to Françoise: “You are to be exiled from the country. For you, the Demon King’s territory would be fitting, I do believe.”

“Uhoh…” Françoise stood in shock. Even if she possessed the public’s favor, Françoise was still just four years old. In the Dwarf Kingdom, the elder princesses, her sisters, were still more popular among the general masses. If this continued, Françoise would surely be exiled to the Demon King’s territory. However, at that moment, an unexpected incident occurred.

“Uhoh!” One of the princess’s handmaidens rushed over from two kilometers away to report, saying that a Demon had appeared in the city….

The demon originated from the Holy Kingdom’s [Second Great Demon Summoning Incident]. Several members of the nobility abducted the Prince and the daughter of the Duke, but were crushed by the Holy Knights who rushed over. Although the incident was suppressed, the Greater Demons who ran away at that time gained recourse and drifted to the Dwarf Kingdom.

Attacks without magical power, as well as weak magic, will not affect Greater Demons. As a result, the city was in chaos from no more than a few Greater Demons, and many dwarves were crying from the pain of several bruises and sprains.

“Uhohh.” A young dwarf boy was crying from the cold, as a Greater Demon hailed dozens of ice arrows on him. It was a major disaster. If he suffered any more ice magic, he might even catch a cold.

At that moment.


The Greater Demon was struck in the face, and a beautiful black haired girl appeared.

Iron Princess Françoise.

In less than a minute of running, she ran from several kilometers away to the castle, and hit the demon. She patted the crying boy’s head and  laughed fearlessly, and the boy unintentionally blushed at her sweetness.


The senior demon Greater Demon, who appeared to have fallen, got up as if nothing had happened. Normal attacks will not reach the Demon. Things would be different if she was wielding a magic weapon, but Françoise who was still only a young girl, had only her fists.

“….. Uho.”

Françoise was worried. How could she defeat the Demon?

Dwarves do possess magic, yet lacking the ability to pronounce spells, are unable to actually use the magic. But at that moment, Françoise remembered a Dwarf fairytale that she read in a picture book.

In the distant past, Dwarf Princess Kongō put ‘emotion’ into the Dwarf language, and, using it to produce magic, made many beautiful ‘flowers’ bloom…. Words with emotions in them will surely become ‘power’. Thinking of this, Françoise clenched her fist until it resembled a basketball.



With a single blow, Françoise’s fist imbued with emotions knocked the Greater Demon into the wall. The excessive force caused the Demon to burst and splatter its blood and flesh across the wall’s face, producing a beautiful ‘flower’. With Françoise’s Dwarf magic, every single demon was defeated.

As a result, Françoise, the hero of the Dwarf Kingdom, could not be exiled, ruining her sisters’ plots. That being said, her sisters might always attempt to try something again in the future. There, Françoise was allowed to enter a Magic Academy in the Holy Kingdom, and studied spellcraft there at 7 years old so she could perfectly master Dwarf Magic.

And then… Françoise, who entered the Academy of Magic at the age of seven, encountered a blonde noble girl, a daughter of a Duke, who later became her best friend. Together, these two would go on to confront the evil of the world.

Fairy Tale of the Demon Princess

Fairy Tale of the Demon Princess

悪魔公女の童話 【 マ法幼女 モチプルン 】
Score 5.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
Short story depicting the backstory of the dwarf princess Françoise, who would eventually encounter and befriend Yurushia, the golden devil princess.


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