Exiled From the Brave Party, I Save the World as a Rare Occupation “Holy Water Messenger” chapter 2

Chapter 2

“Shinobu. I’ve been waiting for the day when I got permission to kill you? Gahahaha!”

Without a moment’s notice, two knives attacked Shinobu.

Shinobu hardened the cannon between his legs and blocked all of the knives’ attacks.

As a result, the knives had their blades dulled and became useless, but Shinobu’s cannon had not lost its steel hardness.

However, because of ethical problems, Shinobu remembered the spin-off manga of “Yamikin Ushiji-kun” and tried to calm the situation.

‘”Namerikawa is a manga of flesh … It’s just a hero …”

Thus Shinobu’s steel cannon returned to its original flesh and skin.

A man with a face that looked like a mass of killing intent stood in front of me.

‘”Hey, Shinobu. Do you remember me? I’m sure you had forgotten with a personality like yours. I’ve always hated you. From the day I met you, you were really cool and an Ikemen. By comparison, I was unilaterally close to you because I was an assassin. ”

“Gilbert … Did you hate me so much? I was banished from the party and spent days just smouldering in the countryside. You mean … you’re thin.”

“It seems that you were willing to let a lot of people drink your pee, but in the meantime, we had a hard time fighting the demons and the demon king. I also want to drink your pee. Give me a drink! And … Thank you for replying to my New Year’s card every year. Michael’s guy can’t even contact me if he hits the stamp sheet. ”

Shinobu handed a PET bottle containing urine to Jill Belt.

I intended to take it to the hospital and sell it as a healthy drink.

Gilbert mood changed as he opened the PET bottle for a drink.

A strong scent like consomme soup drifts from inside.

Gilbert swallowed a plastic bottle all at once, screaming.

“Yeah, it’s the first time I’ve had such a delicious juice! By the way, what’s the secret ingredient you’re using? My tongue is tingling and my consciousness is stunned.”

“It’s an extract of poisonous mushrooms and poisonous frogs. I think it’s about time to die, but is there anything left to say?”

“Nothing in particular. Oh, I want to be a black gal in the afterlife and follow you. See you.”


Gilbert died of bleeding from a hole in his body.

In this way, Shinobu eradicated the revenge targets Ash and Gilbert, and was surely approaching Michael, who is the revenge target of this Chan.

Even if the soul falls into the darkness, there is no way to stop the burning spirit of revenge.

Gilbert reincarnated into a black gal and signed a slave contract with Shinobu.

“Shinobu. You have appeared in front of me. I’ll have you die soon.”

After defeating Gilbert

Regina, the villain of the fake hero Michael’s lover and Shinobu’s former fiancé, appeared in front of the corps of justice hero Shinobu heading for the throne room.

Regina was actually 28 years old, but she had been drinking Shinobu’s pee since she was a teenager, so she looked like she was 17 years old.

“Regina. I didn’t want to see you like this …”

“Don’t immerse yourself in warm memories forever. I’ll be the wife of the brave Michael and get everything. Just leave the pee in front of me and disappear.”

Regina hit the ground with a whip.

The place where the whip hit was destroyed.

Shinobu immediately evacuated Ash (a beautiful girl with big breasts) and Gilbert (a black gal) and readied his big sword. ( BRUH )

“Remember Regina. The days with me which were filled with love. You aren’t this kind of woman. You are a kind person who eats Mitarashi Dango with soy sauce!”

Shinobu swung up his big sword and caused a whirlwind.

Regina puts a flame on her whip and blows off the whirlwind that is approaching with tremendous force.

The abilities of both seemed to be in evenly matched. However, Shinobu held a PET bottle containing tea.

Shinobu drank tea flowers all at once and charged his bladder with pee, with a smile on his mouth.

“Regina. I and you can’t pull back in this case. I’m sorry, but this decides the victor. It’s my pee attack, Hyper Mystery Illusion Attack!”

Shinobu lowered his cannon.

AUTHOR NOTE: Regina is too good for Shinobu (* I write it and it becomes empty) I try to shoot it with a state-of-the-art mobile phone to see it, which is suitable for the word gem, but it’s a shame! This is a designated version for all ages, so it has a mosaic.

Feeling despair, Regina Surrendered

“I’m sorry, Shinobu. I’m sorry. I don’t care about Michael anymore, so please use the holes above and below me as you like. I beg of you!”

Regina becomes naked and sits down on the ground.

(Is this the noble Regina? Michael, what kind of training, did Regina go through? I was excited in some other way.)

Shinobu gently stroked Regina’s head with his flesh cannon.

Regina, who was in estrus, tried to suck on his meat cannon but was taken over by the zookeeper and taken to the zoo as it was. ( WTF AUTHOR IDK how to put this lol )

Shinobu poured golden water into an empty PET bottle of tea flowers and handed it to Regina.

“Regina. Think of this as me … In the distant future, if you ever come out of the cage, then you’ll remain someone else. You’re sure to find a good partner.”

Regina opened the lid of the plastic bottle and drank the contents.


Don’t forget to burp.

She was a noble lady.

“Shinobu. Be careful. Michael is much stronger than he you know. Before this, I forgot to say” without wasabi “at” Nagoyakatei “and ordered a squid grip. Wow … It doesn’t matter, but that store has a very large rice part. ”

Shinobu rubbed Regina’s right breast once and handed it over to the keeper.

After defeating the witch Regina, the Shinobu army headed for the throne room.

Waiting for them among the thrones are the brave Michael, who expelled Shinobu from the brave party, and King Muscle Power Armstrong III.

The two had hatred for Shinobu, and they regarded him as a dangerous person.

“Why does Michael and the King hate Mr. Shinobu?”

Ash, who turned into a beautiful girl, asks Shinobu.

Shinobu just shook his head.

The King and Michael probably think it’s the one who spread the information about phimosis surgery, but that’s not the case.

Shinobu only identified the owner by applying necromancy to the foreskin purged from them.

“I don’t really know. I just want to ask Michael why he imitated the party. I’m not going to do any harm.”

Gilbert, who became a black gal, appeared and squeezed in between Ash and Shinobu.

The pods of love have already begun.

“Then what would you do if you met Michael, Darling?”

Shinobu replied to Gilbert with a troubled face.

Gilbert’s own knowledge of gals was so old that he looked like a sukeban with a razor in his mask.

Ash had two-sided up and pink hair.

Perhaps they are aware of the needs of the times when only one of them is made of blue ash.

“I hit you. And I pull out the dick and feed it …” (…….) ignore and move on

Eventually, Shinobu arrived at a large door to the throne room.

(Michael and the King are in there …)

Shinobu put his hand on the door and opened it all at once.


The inside of the room was dyed red by the blood of the guards, the minister, Michael, and the king.

And there are five figures standing in the center of the room. Its true identity was the Demon King, who stands at the top of the Demon Army, and the four top executives.

“Michael! King! Are you okay!”


Michael and the King are lying near the throne. The two had weapons but were severely damaged.

Shinobu punched the faces of the King and Michael one by one and tried to lower his pants.

At that time, Demon King Hagen stops Shinobu.

“It was late, Shinobu. I didn’t kill your best friends until you came. Do you understand why? First, I and the four people beat you and got stuck. At that point I came up with the cruelest execution method in the world to kill my best friend. Come on, Shinobu. It’s coming! ”

The Demon King flips his cloak and beckons towards Shinobu.

The four people were black and unclear, but I could only understand that they were laughing.

When Michael and the King noticed that Shinobu had arrived, they clung to Shinobu.

“Shinobu. It hurts!”

“Shinobu. Help me.”


Shinobu peeed directly on the two lying down.

The two who were bathed in golden water quickly regained their vitality and returned to the front.

Michael turns the tip of the holy sword Super Michael, which cuts well, towards the Demon King.

The king took off his tattered cloak and bumped it up to about three times its size.

And Shinobu was thinking about getting rid of these two people after the extermination of the Demon King was over.

“I’ll show you. Demon King Hagen. If all three of me and the King are together, there’s nothing scary!”

Michael was awakening the true power of the Holy Sword Super Michael.

The power was as horrifying as eating fresh takoyaki without fooling around.

Michael put steaming takoyaki in his mouth one after another.

The four people have lost their fighting spirit when they see the terrifying appearance of the brave Michael, who does not seem to belong to this world.

Eventually, Michael ordered “Refill!” After eating 16 hot takoyaki.

The four people were overwhelmed by Michael’s first time, and fainted …

“Let’s show you the secret technique that is handed down to the royal family!”

The king inflated the muscles of the whole body and became huge.

As a result, it looks like the final form of the Toguro brothers’ younger brother, but Hagen, the Demon King, does not move to that figure.

Demon King Hagen took out a paper carton with acerola drink from an empty space and drank it all at once.

Then lower the trouser chuck and put the pee in the PET bottle.

The color of the pee that came out of the poorly bent straw was bloody … red.

“Devil Hagen, are you sure you don’t need to go to the urology department”

“Stupid. This is just the colour of the acerola drink on my pee, not hematuria. And Shinobu, thank you for worrying about me.”

Hagen bukkaked the blood and urine in a plastic bottle against four fainted people.

The four people are resurrected one after another with their bodies turned red.

“Shinobu, you were never a companion to me. I am the one who puts out the legendary crimson pee that appears at the end of the world, and you are the golden pee that appears to save the devastated world. Sadly, according to the legend, when the two meet, one of them is destined to fall down. Which is more suitable as the savior of the world as a holy water messenger? ”

The four people who were resurrected in the red holy water of the Demon King attacked Michael and the King with an expression of agony.

Michael and the King try hard with courage, friendship and muscle power to resist, but the acerola drink odor emitted from the Demon King’s pee is so strong that he couldn’t move as he wished.

The Demon King bukkake with hematuria in order to further power up the four people.

“Goooooo, it’s harder than I expected, this!”

The Demon King was raising his cannon with tears in his eyes.

The four people, who were exposed to hematuria and had an even stronger acerola drink odor, were holding down Michael and others with devilish superhuman strength.

“Stop, Hagen. You can’t use pee for fighting like that. Pee is just pee after all. There is absolutely no way pee can save the world. Wake up, Hagen!”

“Don’t say stupid things. Nobu, after all, it’s better to have a stronger pee in the world. If you want to stop my ambitions, you should have powerful pee too.”

Hagen dropped his pants for the final match.

Shinobu also drank the tea leaves all at once and took off his pants.

And the hopes of the times chosen by God draw crimson and golden arches.

Hagen’s crimson holy water succumbed to the clear and vibrant stream of Shinobu’s golden holy water, and the battle for the fate of the world is now in the hands of those who love peace and hope.

There is no regret for the two who have finished the game with all their might, and Hagen just hangs his head and lies down.

Shinobu took Hagen’s hand and promised only eternal prosperity to the demon world and the earth.

“Shinobu, can I ask you at the end? Why don’t you drink the golden holy water you gave?”

So shinobu has never drank pee during the work.


It’s good for you no matter what you think.

The biggest mystery of this work is now revealed …

“No. I don’t drink pee normally. Everyone drinks normally, but I don’t know that I’m hungry.”

That’s right.

Exiled From the Brave Party, I Save the World as a Rare Occupation “Holy Water Messenger”

Exiled From the Brave Party, I Save the World as a Rare Occupation “Holy Water Messenger”

Score 3.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
This is a nonsensical parody about a kid who is paid to leave his party for no understandable reason, after which he pisses in a bucket and offers it to people to drink before continuing on…his journey?


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